15 Wrestlers Who Gave In To Their Cheating Temptations

For these men and women, it is extremely easy to hook up on the road, and the temptation is always right around the corner.

Being a professional wrestler must be one hell of a sweet gig. The first reason behind that claim is that we have little doubt that there is good money to be earned if you manage to get near the top. Secondly, this has to be one of the most entertaining professions in the world. Sure, there is a high possibility that you could suffer a life-changing injury because somebody else messed up, but wrestling is fun, and the upside is tremendous. Then there is the biggest reason of why anyone would want to become a professional wrestler. The fans are insane. Wrestling fans love this sport with such a passion that people who don’t follow wrestling cannot even understand what is going on and why these people are cheering for whatever is happening inside a ring.

With all these factors combined, you can most likely agree with our conclusion that becoming a wrestler is probably one of the best life decisions a lot of these guys and gals ever made. There are, however, some drawbacks to the profession. Now here is where a lot of people will differ in opinions. Some will say that this is clearly an upside, while most folks will agree that it is a factor that can negatively affect a person’s life. What we are talking about is that professional wrestlers get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. And for these men and women, it is extremely easy to hook up on the road, and the temptation is always right around the corner. To prove that point, here are 15 wrestlers who gave into their cheating temptations.

16 Bray Wyatt


Let’s start the list by talking about one of the latest WWE cheating scandals that has very much rocked the promotion. It wasn’t too long ago that Bray Wyatt’s wife filed for divorce and her lawyers gave an excellent reason for her doing so. Apparently, Wyatt was cheating on his wife with none other than the WWE ring announcer, JoJo.

Wyatt was apparently very confident that he could rebut his wife’s statements and even filed legal documents claiming that his ex-wife was lying with the mere purpose of damaging his reputation. It didn’t do him a lot of good because she did not pull back on the accusations and in a response through her lawyers said that she had enough evidence and would prove that her husband was in the wrong.

15 CM Punk


CM Punk was no stranger to getting intimate with the ladies in WWE locker rooms. This guy dated a ton of divas and was never really ashamed of that. Of course, who would be? Either way, it was after some time that CM Punk seemed to have finally found the one for him, the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. That woman was none other than AJ Lee. The two had a stable relationship and eventually got married. And for better or for worse, they seem to be a good couple. There is one problem with their relationship, however.

The word around town is that the relationship that eventually became a marriage started as an affair. Yes, apparently CM Punk was still dating Lita when he and AJ started getting intimate.

14 Edge


Some guys just marry and divorce wives faster than they can finish a pack of cookies. Edge is one of these peculiar fellas. He has been married three times, and each and every single one of them was a marriage to a beautiful woman most guys would die to tie the knot with. His second marriage, however, was the one that became known worldwide for one of the biggest scandals in WWE history.

The story is so ridiculous that it seems like it was scripted, as Edge came out to the world and told everyone that he cheated on his wife with fellow wrestler, Lita (we don’t feel that bad for CM Punk cheating on her anymore, right?)

The revelation would lead to both Edge’s second divorce and the theme of a feud between him and Matt Hardy.

13 Bret Hart


Canada is home to some of the best wrestlers of all time. But it is also home to one of the biggest cheaters of all time. Yes, we are talking about Canadian wrestling legend, Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

This guy was unique in many ways. First, and obviously, he was an amazing and entertaining wrestler, the kind we have seldom seen in the ring ever since. Secondly, he was also an unfaithful husband. But even though he was a serial cheater, it seems like Bret was an honest one if that is even possible. We say that because he came out with an autobiography in which he talked about how hard the life of a professional wrestler could be, and how he was led to cheating on his poor ex-wife, Julie, constantly while out on the road.

12 Enzo Amore


Poor Enzo Amore doesn’t seem like he can catch a break recently. Since his break with Big Cass, it seems like the life of Enzo in the WWE has been nothing more than getting hit with bomb after bomb after bomb. For a while now, common sense led people to believe that Enzo was in a relationship with NXT star Liv Morgan. It doesn’t seem like that is the case anymore. It has been a couple of months now since the two have posted a picture together, and then there is the recent comment Raw commentator, Cory Greaves, made during a six-man tag team match that involved Enzo.

“Enzo cheats on his taxes, cheats on his girlfriend, cheats in a tag match.”

Wow, that’s quite the Monday night accusation to make, but not a surprising one, given that Enzo was recently seen on a “date” with Halle Berry in June, and he also had an alleged encounter with a stripper in July.

Liv doesn’t seem too worried about it, though.

11 Melina


Here is our first female representative on the list. Many of you probably remember how Melina juggled an on-and-off relationship with fellow wrestler John Morrison through most of her career. The two were an interesting couple to watch, and we certainly got to see a good share of that during many WWE events. Nevertheless, she ended up cheating on him in a pretty messed up way.

Every kind of cheating is messed up, but the alleged reasoning behind why Melina cheated on Morrison just made it look so much worse for everyone involved. The other party in the cheating was Batista, and what the community believes the reasoning behind that relationship was that Melina thought it could help her advance her career with the WWE. Bad, this is just bad.

10 Triple H


The marriage between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon has become a cornerstone of today’s WWE. Indeed, they seem to be a good couple who love each other, and they even have three children together. That is not the entire story, though.

It seems that a lot of the relationships that become marriages between wrestlers usually don’t have the most ethical of beginnings. This is another example of how what would later become a happy marriage started with nothing more than a big fat lie. According to the history books, the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie began while he was still dating Chyna.

And the cheating wasn’t even the worst part of it because there are claims that Stephanie McMahon would go on to use her power to have Chyna fired from the promotion. This is just plain evil.

9 Terri Runnels


Terri Runnels is one of those former divas we never really understood why were not used as superstars for too long. As a matter of fact, her career ended up being way less successful than many people first thought it would when she appeared on the scene. But there might be a good reason behind it, and one that is full of karma if we might add. Throughout most of the 90s, Terri was married to fellow wrestler Dustin Runnels, who most of us know as Goldust.

Their relationship was full of problems, many of which came from Dustin following the sad wrestler tendency to start using drugs and alcohol. That seemed to be enough reason for Terri to cheat on her husband with another wrestler. A guy named Shawn Stasiak.

8 Sunny


Seriously, how could we have a list like this without including Sunny? The first WWE Diva was not the kind of woman anyone expected to be a “faithful” partner. There have seldom been female wrestlers as popular with the male audience as Sunny was, and it also seems that she was quite fond of the attention herself.

The first guy to catch Sunny with a solid relationship that we have heard of was Chris Candido. And it seems like Chris trusted her wholeheartedly, which of course turned out to be a huge mistake on his part. While Chris was in love with Sunny and they were in a serious relationship, the first diva was also having a side fling with WWE superstar Shawn Michaels. It is not just rumored either, as she has admitted to cheating on her former beloved several times.

7 John Cena


We have talked about how professional wrestlers usually get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Now just multiply that tenfold when you talk about superstars like John Cena. This guy was the face of wrestling and still is for all intents and purposes. Can you imagine just how much temptation surrounds Cena every single day?

We certainly do not condone what he did during his first marriage to wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, but this guy had to break at some point. It has become industry folklore that what ultimately led to Cena’s divorce was that he cheated on his wife with fellow wrestler Mickie James. And what made this even worse was that James was also engaged to someone else when the affair happened. Thankfully, Cena seems to have recovered from that moment of weakness as he is set to marry Nikki Bella sometime soon.

6 Kurt Angle


Starting an affair is never a good idea nor is it ethical in any way. However, there is one instance in the history of the WWE where we believe one wrestler had a substantial reason for continuing to have an affair with a particular mistress. This has nothing to do with hotness or personality, but with the mere fact that someone’s life might have been at stake. At least, that is what Kurt Angle believed when his affair with a woman who will remain nameless was reaching its breaking point.

Angle was still married to his first wife, Karen Smedley, while having the said affair, which lasted almost two and a half years. The factor that differentiates this case from all the others is that the mistress actually threatened to kill his wife according to Angle.

5 The Million Dollar Man


We know that there are gold-diggers lurking around every corner where professional athletes are making a lot of money. So who would be more of a target for gold-diggers than a guy who was nicknamed “The Million Dollar Man”?

Yes, Ted DiBiase was one of the most entertaining villains in the history of wrestling. This guy had it all. He could work the audience like no one else, and he also had the skills inside the ring to go head-to-head with the best of his generation. But this wrestler turned religious man was someone who became notorious for his infidelity.

According to an interview with The Christian Post, religion was the only thing that saved DiBiase from the dark side of the world of wrestling. Unlike many others, his story is one of redemption since his wife found the strength to forgive him afterward and he now speaks in many places to help people avoid making the mistakes he did.

4 Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan is a man who is no stranger to cheating. This guy has been on both sides of the coin, in that he has cheated on someone and he has helped someone cheat on someone else. Does that make sense?

Let’s break both of the occasions down so everyone can get a quick idea of Hogan’s life of cheating. Wrestling wise, this guy was flawless, one of the best there ever was. But privately, Hogan is not the most ethic of guys. Just ask his ex-wife, Linda. According to her, one of the biggest reasons for their nasty divorce was that Hogan had several affairs.

Now the second Hulk Hogan cheating scandal we would like to talk about was a widely reported one, when he got caught on tape sleeping with his best friend’s wife back in 2007.

3 Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio is one unique wrestler. Not only does he fit the Mexican wrestler trope perfectly, but he is also someone who has proved that he can fight for real. He had a mixed martial arts career that expanded a decade and finished with a 9-5 record. But we’re here to talk about his marital problems.

Alberto married his first wife, Angela Velkei, back in 2012 and the two of them had three children together. The marriage, however, was not the most pleasant one if we are to believe Velkei’s accounts. She claimed that cheating was the main reason behind her separation but also filed a restraining order against the wrestler.

Another interesting point is that, technically, Del Rio himself admitted to cheating since he came public with the news he was dating Paige two weeks before the separation date between him and his wife.

2 Batista


These days we mostly get to watch this former WWE legend on the big screen, playing Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. But while his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one who is constantly talking about how his family was murdered and is obviously one of the most sincere characters ever, who cannot take something figuratively, Batista was quite the liar, at least during his days as a professional wrestler. We mean that in a relationship way. He has two children and is currently in his third marriage, but it was during the second marriage that he became infamous for his extramarital affairs.

Some of the women Batista cheated on his wife Angie with were fellow wrestlers Kelly Kelly, Rosa Mendes, and Melina Perez.


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