15 Wrestlers Who Got Buried By Kevin Nash

These days, wrestling terms are thrown around among fans like never before. Terms like kayfabe, heat, getting color. Before the popularization of the internet and social media, words and phrases like these weren't really known by the fans, let alone used in day to day conversations about the business. How much the business has been exposed in recent years has changed that though, and one wrestling word that gets thrown around more than any other is buried. If a Superstar or talent is buried, it usually means they've lost a match or a feud in a more demeaning way than they perhaps should have.

Despite the term only coming to prominence among fans recently, with Vince McMahon and Triple H being the main focus of fans' accusations, burials in the wrestling business have been around a lot longer than a few years. Accusations of wrestlers or more commonly promoters burying talent, have been around for decades. One man who has been accused of doing so time and time again is Kevin Nash.

Nash used to win an awful lot regardless of his opponent, particularly during his WCW days. During his time with WCW in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he also had a fair bit of say when it came to booking, so it's no surprise really that Big Sexy is accused of burying a fair few of his peers back then. While this list focuses heavily on that particular period, Nash's burials aren't specific to then. There are a couple of entries coming up where Nash got surprising wins even when he maybe didn't have as much say as he did in WCW.

Here are 15 Superstars Kevin Nash buried, or at least attempted to bury, during his in ring career.

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15 Ric Flair

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When Ric Flair returned to WCW following his first short run in WWE, it's fair to say he didn't have the best of times. The landscape had changed and the order of the day was much different. While Flair was one of the many Superstars that fell foul to Nash and the nWo, that's not the only reason The Nature Boy makes this list. Being one of the best wrestlers of all time has earned Ric the right to be pretty outspoken when it comes to his peers.

Well, the WWE Hall of Famer had some less than flattering things to say about the nWo, branding it the worst faction of all time and an imitation of another group in Japan. Naturally, Nash didn't appreciate that and really tore into Flair during a shoot interview, mocking his age and joking about the 16-time champ having dementia.

14 King Mabel

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The King of the Ring tournament used to be a major stepping stone when it came to launching the next big thing. Triple H, Kurt Angle and most of all Stone Cold Steve Austin. They all went through the tournament to become eventual WWE champions and sit atop the WWE. One name that didn't manage such a feat was Mabel. The man who would later become known as Viscera and Big Daddy V.

Following Mabel's King of the Ring win, he challenged then WWE Champion Diesel to a title match at the upcoming pay-per-view, SummerSlam. It was here that Mabel's push both began and ended. Despite only just becoming king, Mabel lost to Nash and less than a year later was no longer with the company.

13 Booker T

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It definitely will not surprise anybody reading this list that most of these Kevin Nash burials occurred during Big Sexy's time in WCW. Himself, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan were allegedly running the company themselves and basically booking one another to be the top dogs. Less than a year before WCW's run came to an end, at a time when those accusations would have been in full force, Booker T defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the WCW Heavyweight champion.

Less than two months later, Booker found himself across the ring from Nash on Nitro with his title on the line. Naturally, Kevin won the match and became champion. I'm sure Booker was one of many Superstars that were pleased Nash didn't come across to WWE straight away when the company bought WCW in March of 2001.

12 Santino Marella

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While much of Kevin Nash's burying did take place throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, there are a select few that suffered the same fate much later. In 2011, Nash returned to WWE for one final run and in his first Raw match for over eight years, he made an absolute fool of Santino Marella.

Something that took some doing considering Marella normally did a pretty good job of doing that himself. A couple of weeks before their match, Nash laid out Santino for little to no reason at all. Afterwards, when they did eventually meet due to that act, it wasn't much of a spectacle. Santino got in absolutely no offence whatsoever and was defeated by Nash in less than two minutes. He was one of the only men Nash managed to bury during his final run.

11 A.J. Styles

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AJ Styles has of course only been a part of WWE for a little over a year, so The Phenomenal One never crossed paths with Kevin Nash on the big stage. The two did share a locker room in TNA however. For a man like Nash, who speaks so fondly of young talent and clearly has a great wrestling mind, not only would you think he would be a great admirer of AJ's which he may well be, but you'd also think the former WWE and WCW champion would want to help further such a terrific performer's career.

Even in TNA, a win against a much older Nash would have done a lot for Styles. That isn't how it went down though. At Victory Road in 2009, Nash not only beat Styles, but took the TNA Legends title from him in the process. The result of that match is basically everything that went wrong with TNA in a nutshell.

10 Mike Awesome

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Mike Awesome was an awfully big deal while in ECW. Unfortunately, that momentum did not transfer when the ECW champion, who controversially left the company with the title, made the move to WCW. Fair to say that Awesome's timing really could have been better. Mike made the jump to WCW in 2000 when the company was already very much a sinking ship.

The fact that one of his first feuds upon arrival was against Kevin Nash really didn't help. Awesome had three matches against Nash, losing all of them. WCW had managed to negotiate a very big deal in terms of a Superstar who had led the way at another big company, only to ruin him in the space of a couple of months. Their handling of Mike Awesome in 2000 personifies what the company was all about by that time.

9 Curt Hennig

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A multitude of wrestlers made the jump from WWE to WCW during the mid to late 1990s, thinking they were moving on to greener pastures. Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart. All men who are still to this day held in the highest regard but believe me, it's because of their work in WWE, not how they were used in WCW.

Another name that makes that list is Mr Perfect, Curt Hennig. A man who should have been in that World Title picture and winning championships upon arrival in WCW. In 1998, Hennig came up against Kevin Nash. That's a pretty big match, right? Pay-per-view worthy, I would have thought. But no. The match took place on the extremely unsuccessful weekly show Thunder and Curt became just another name to fall to Kevin Nash during his time in the nWo.

8 Rick Steiner

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Brace yourselves for this one. Kevin Nash once won a WCW Tag Tam championship match. Not with a partner, just him. At Spring Stampede of 1997, Rick Steiner had to face Kevin Nash for the WCW Tag Team championships. Rick was supposed to take on both Hall and Nash as they were the champions at the time but Scott didn't show up.

So yes, around 20 years ago, WCW's Tag titles were competed for in a singles match. Plus, Rick Steiner lost of course. Not only that but really The Steiner Brothers should have actually been Tag Champions anyway. Rick and Scott beat The Outsiders for the belts only for Eric Bischoff to strip them of the titles and award them back to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

7 Jeff Jarrett

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The WCW history books read that on May 22nd 2000, Jeff Jarrett got one up on Kevin Nash. On Nitro that night, Double J defeated Nash for the vacant WCW Heavyweight title. What the history books don't tell you about is the ridiculousness that led to that. Jarrett couldn't simply beat Nash, no that would have been too easy. Instead, Vince Russo interfered, making himself the official and refusing to count when Nash covered Jarrett.

After almost ten minutes of hard to watch TV, Jeff picked up the win. The third generation star was Champion for a mere 24 hours though. During the taping of Thunder the next day, Nash got what he wanted and won the gold by defeating Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a triple threat match.

6 Goldberg

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This entry may be the most infamous on this list. Most of you will know that when Goldberg arrived in WCW, he was built as an unstoppable monster, winning his first 173 matches without a single loss. Well, guess who that first loss came against? That's right, Kevin Nash. And it was far from kosher. Goldberg had beaten Hulk Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight title at the Georgia Dome and was defending the prize against Nash.

Despite outside interference, Goldberg was set to beat Nash right up until Scott Hall intervened and used a taser on the champ. Nash delivered a Jackknife on Goldberg to pin him and win the title, ending Bill's epic streak. It's widely regarded as one of the most poorly booked decisions ever in pro wrestling.

5 Chris Jericho

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Kevin Nash and Chris Jericho may never have had a match in WCW, but that doesn't mean Big Sexy didn't do all that he could to bury Y2J. It's been mentioned numerous times already in this article alone, but during the nWo years, Nash and his buddies had a lot of say in who did what.

It came as no shock that one of them almost always had the title and they were always the ones closing Nitro or headlining pay-per-views. Meanwhile, there was a whole host of talent on the undercard being severely neglected. The most outspoken of these unsung heroes, Chris Jericho.

Time and time again, Jericho, as well as so many others, should have been given the spot light but thanks to Nash and his closed circle, it never happened and never would. Eventually Jericho went to WWE and of course flourished, I for one am relieved that he made that choice.

4 Scott Steiner

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One of Kevin Nash's final feuds before WCW met its ultimate demise was against Scott Steiner. During those final months, the company was a real mess, in particular the booking. The World title was being passed around like it meant nothing and when Nash wasn't winning it, he was making sure that if he did lose a match, he didn't lose it clean.

We've already discussed Nash beating both Scott and Jarrett to win the title, but that wasn't all. Near the very end of WCW's existence, Steiner, who was the World champion at the time, found himself caught up in a title bout with Nash. You would have thought Nash losing clean at that point in the company wouldn't have really made much difference, but still it didn't happen.

Steiner needed the help of Ric Flair as well as a lead pipe, and even then, Big Poppa Pump lost by disqualification.

3 Big Show

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Big Show, or The Giant as he was known back then, arrived with a bang in WCW. The seven footer beat Hulk Hogan for the World championship on his first night in the company. Pretty incredible. Naturally, Show won an awful lot of his initial matches as you'd imagine, being the attraction that he was and only lost to Superstars like Hogan, Sting and Lex Luger.

In all those instances though, Big Show also gained pin fall wins over them at some point. One man who defeated The Giant without getting his shoulders pinned to the mat in return was Kevin Nash. At Souled Out 1998, Nash and Show clashed one on one for the first time as Kevin picked up the win. Even though Big Show would gain two victories over Nash in the months that followed, they were both by DQ.

2 Rey Mysterio

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As discussed a few entries ago, Kevin Nash and his buddies in the nWo did a pretty good job of making sure that not many new talent broke through in WCW's heyday. While Chris Jericho never directly felt the wrath of Nash between the ropes, a fellow young talent that was part of WCW's cruiserweight division did.

Rey Mysterio was very early into his career and it can be considered lucky that the man who would later become a World Heavyweight champion would recover from his time in WCW. When Nash and Scott Hall first arrived in WCW, they went on a tear through the roster in an invasion angle. One week on Nitro, Rey fell foul to Nash, as the man formerly known as Diesel, picked him up and launched him into a shutter as if he weighed almost nothing. Nash would unmask and destroy Mysterio.

1 Bob Backlund

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Considering how many of the entries on this list were during Nash's WCW run, it may come as a surprise that the number one spot is occupied by an opponent he clashed with during his first stint with WWE. In November of 1994, WWE legend and former champion Bob Backlund, won the WWE championship.

According to Backlund, he was told by Vince McMahon that this was the start of another long title reign for him. If his claim is true, then he was lied to. Just three days later, on a house show no less, Backlund lost the title to Kevin Nash, under his Diesel gimmick at the time, in an astoundingly short eight seconds.

It's surprising that Backlund would hold the title at all at this point considering the timing and the influx of new talent coming in, but nevertheless, having Bob lose in such embarrassing fashion really wasn't necessary. Especially if the comments about him being promised a long title reign are true.

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