15 Wrestlers Who Got It On With A Co-Worker's Relative

WWE is a huge place. There are producers and executives as well as all of the on-air talent. Sometimes relationships become very complex backstage when wrestlers begin dating other wrestlers and they have family members in the company.

It must have been awkward for Tyson Kidd dating Natalya while always knowing that her uncle Bret would be looking over his shoulder and knowing that the Hart Family trained him for the business.

Families in WWE never go down very well. But despite this, the following list of 15 stars still decided to test the boundaries. Even though some of these relationships ended abruptly and on bad terms, there are are a number of them that are still together to this day.

15 Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella (Nikki Bella)


Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were once part of a WWE storyline where Brie and her sister Nikki were actually fighting over him and who would actually be the one who got to date him. Luckily, that storyline ended and Daniel and Brie then began dating in real life, which means that technically, Brie won.

The duo have since played a huge role in making Total Divas and later Total Bellas as successful as they were alongside fellow main cast members John Cena and Nikki Bella. But it must have been hard for Bryan to choose which twin he actually wanted to date after being part of a storyline with both sisters. Bryan and Brie have since married and earlier this year they welcomed their first daughter together called Birdie Jo.

14 JoJo And Bray Wyatt (Bo Dallas)


Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda have been happily married for a number of years. They have two children together. The couple seemed like the perfect family, until earlier this year when it was revealed that Samantha was filing for divorce from Bray because he was having an affair.

It was also revealed that WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman was the woman that had been part of the affair with Bray, and it is thought that the couple still remains close now, with images of them arriving at WWE show together surfacing online. Bray Wyatt is the brother of Miztourage member Bo Dallas and it is thought that his brother could not have been happy with his extra marital activities over the past few months. But he can keep an eye on him now they are both on Raw together.

13 Big E And Jenni (Natalya)


Bie E has never been a guy who wanted a relationship with any of the women that he works with. He instead had a cameo appearance on Total Divas a few years ago, when Natalya managed to set him up on a date with her sister Jenni.

Nattie felt bad that her sister was hanging around her house so much and thought that someone like Big E might take her mind off things and encourage her to go out. Obviously, this wasn't the case as it cause many more problems for Natalya. Needless to say, their fling or fake fling for the TV cameras didn't last very long and Jenni was then back to her old self. It's sad, Big E would have been a great addition to the Hart Family.

12 Lita And Matt Hardy (Jeff Hardy)


Matt Hardy And Lita were once considered to be one of the most perfect couples in WWE. They were both young, worked well together, and even seemed happy when they were together. But the ending to this fairytale is far from a happy one.

Lita also worked alongside Matt's brother Jeff and the trio made up the original Team Extreme. Something that has never been recreated. Their chemistry was the main reason that the trio worked well together. When Lita cheated on Matt with Edge, it can only be assumed that she would have had to face an angry Jeff as well as an angry Matt, since the duo are very close, to the extent where they have followed each other around professionally for more than a decade.

11 Terri Runnels And Goldust (Dusty Rhodes)


Terri Runnels and Goldust were a perfect couple on WWE TV when Terri was known as Marlena. She and Goldust were two of the strangest stars of WWE's Attitude Era. That was until Marlena was moved on to valet Shawn Stasiak instead.

Goldust's father Dusty Rhodes caused a lot of problems throughout their relationship and even managed to fill Goldust's head with lies about how Terri was just a gold digger and that she didn't really want to be in a relationship with him. That she he was just using him until someone better came along. This put a lot of strain on their marriage and ended up forcing a divorce a few years later. The couple have a daughter together, so they managed to remain friends.

10 John Cena And Nikki Bella (Brie Bella)


John Cena and Nikki Bella are considered to be a power couple in WWE. Since she is a former Divas Champion and he is a former 16-time World Champion. Even though they don't seem to have the same beliefs and interests when it comes to their personal lives on Total Divas, they still manage to settle their differences in a positive way.

John and Nikki recently became engaged at WrestleMania 33 and Nikki hasn't been seen on WWE TV since. John appears alongside Nikki's sister Brie on Total Divas and the duo get along quite well. John has also been seen to be good friends with Nikki's brother Jay and her mother Cathy. Daniel Bryan and John Cena will also become brothers-in-law when Cena finally marries Nikki, which will definitely ensure their children have a stable family upbringing.

9 Naomi And Jimmy Uso (Jey Uso, Tamina Snuka, Roman Reigns, and Nia Jax)


Jimmy Uso and Naomi have been dating now since they met back in the early FCW days before Naomi was brought up to the main roster. The couple have been featured on Total Divas and even had their wedding filmed as part of the series. But shockingly Jimmy's brother Jey rarely makes any appearances alongside his brother.

Along with his brother Jey, Jimmy is also related to Tamina Snuka, Roman Reigns, and Nia Jax who are all working alongside Naomi in WWE right now. Meaning that she is definitely aware that she has married into an incredible wrestling family. The couple have been much luckier than most who are currently on WWE TV and have been able to both remain together despite the Draft and Superstar Shake-Up on SmackDown Live

8 Stacy Keibler And David Flair (Ric Flair)


Stacy Keibler was once considered to be one of the most attractive female wrestler on WWE TV. And while she has gone on to date George Clooney following her spell with the company it is her time with another promotion hat puts her on this list.

While David Flair was part of WCW a number of years ago, he and Stacy Keibler were reported to have had a brief relationship, something that his father 16-time World Champion Ric Flair would obviously have been happy about. David never made it to WWE like his girlfriend Stacy and his father Ric. But but his sister has been able to show that wrestling is definitely in the Flair family blood after she has played a huge role in the Women's Revolution over the past few months.

7 Triple H And Stephanie McMahon (Vince, Shane, and Linda McMahon)


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon didn't get off to the best start in their relationship since Triple H's ex Chyna didn't take the news of their affair very well. It is reported that Stephanie's father and the Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon was also not very impressed that her daughter was dating a wrestler. Something that he has told her was off limits.

As well as her father Vince, Triple H also had to work with Stephanie's brother Shane McMahon and to an extent, her mother Linda. Vince, Shane, and Stephanie were part of a huge storyline in WWE for a number of years back in the Attitude Era and this managed to bond them together since all four stars are still part of WWE. Triple H and Stephanie are married with three daughters.

6 The British Bulldog And Diana Hart (Bret and Owen Hart)


Diana Hart is part of the famous Hart Family as the youngest daughter of Stu and the sister of WWE legends Bret and Owen. Diana met Davey Boy Smith when they were just 17 years old and the couple were married a few years later.

The British Bulldog worked alongside Diana's brother Bret a number of times and this included the duo main eventing SummerSlam at Wembley back in 1992 together. Bret was aware of many of the problems that Davey was going through in his career and tried to help his sister and her husband. Bulldog and Diana decided to split back in 2000 and it was recently revealed that Davey and Sunny did have an affair during their time working together for WWE.

5 John Laurinaitis And Kathy Colace (Nikki and Brie Bella)


John Laurinaitis has been known on WWE TV as both Johnny Ace and as a General Manager of Monday Night Raw, but he has been around both the company and the wrestling business for a number of years and still remains quite close to Vince McMahon backstage in WWE.

John obviously met Kathy Colace through The Bella Twins whilst they were both part of WWE TV and the couple managed to hit it off and even married last year after dating for a number of years. This means that John Laurinaitis is Nikki and Brie's father-in-law as well as Daniel Bryan's and he will soon be John Cena's as well. John and Kathy's wedding was featured on the first season of Total Bellas where fans were finally able to see the couple outside of WWE.

4 Eden Stiles and Cody Rhodes (Dusty Rhodes and Goldust)


Cody and Brandi Rhodes were once considered to be one of WWE's cutest couple. Brandi, working as Eden Stiles even made the decision to leave WWE when her husband decided to terminate his own contract.

Brandi and Cody began dating when she was in FCW under the watchful eye of Cody's father Dusty Rhodes. Brandi and Dusty were very close and they spent a lot of time together at the WWE Performance Center. She would eventually work with his brother Goldust on the main roster as well. Cody and Brandi have been quite successful outside of WWE over the past year and it is still unknown as to why WWE decided that Brandi should be a ring announcer and not a wrestler when she has proved that she has a lot of natural ability while working alongside her husband on the Indy scene.

3 Tyson Kidd And Natalya (Bret Hart)


Tyson Kidd and Natalya are without a doubt the kind of couple that fairy tale books are written about. Natalya revealed on an episode of Total Divas that she has never dated anyone other than Tyson and that the couple have been together since she was a teenager.

Tyson trained with the Hart Family and has had to work as part of WWE while Bret Hart has been contracted with the company, which would have been quite awkward for the duo. Tyson has also appeared alongside Natalya's family on Total Divas over the past few years and he seems to be in favor with many of her family members. It can't have been easy for Tyson to be dating the only female graduate of the Hart Family dungeon, knowing that she was surrounded by a lot of legendary wrestlers.

2 Edge And Alannah Morley (Val Venis)


Edge may not have a very good relationship history. He has been married three times, divorced twice, and was involved in one of WWE's biggest cheating scandals. But back in 1998 when Edge met Val Venis' sister Alannah, he seemed like a stand up wrestler and the couple married in 2001.

Their marriage only lasted three years when they announced their divorce in 2004. It is unknown why the couple decided to divorce, but Edge managed to quickly move on and married his second wife Lisa Ortiz at the beginning of 2005. Edge and Lisa's relationship was even shorter as Edge's personal life was not considered to be very healthy until he met Beth Phoenix, who he then married back in October 2016.

1 Alberto Del Rio and Charlotte (Ric Flair)

Alberto Del Rio hasn't made a very good name for himself after being embroiled in a lot of problems with his fiance WWE star Paige over the past few months outside of WWE, but before Del Rio was dating Paige, he was in a secret relationship with former WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte who only divorced her second husband Bram back in October 2015.

Charlotte herself has already been married and divorced twice, so she doesn't have a great record when it comes to her personal life. Del Rio was also still married at the time when he and Charlotte are said to have been dating. Ric Flair would have to be happy about the fact that it was Paige and not his daughter who has been involved in a number of scandals over the past few months.

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