15 Wrestlers Who Got Super Freaky In Their Personal Lives

For years, lust was one of the main appeals in wrestling as WWE and WCW exploited the appeal of their performers with risqué storylines and gimmicks. It assisted in creating many Superstars who would lead the way at a time when wrestling was extremely popular with fans of all ages.

Who could forget the likes of Val Venis and Sable during the Attitude Era? They portrayed characters that were so convincing to the points we thought it was their real life persona. But it wasn't. Many of these wrestlers were the exact opposite of their gimmick, some were even married. Meanwhile, some wrestlers such as Bret Hart had a positive image on-screen, but they were doing the unthinkable behind closed doors.

This goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover, not everything we see on our TV screens is a true reflection of their personality; these wrestlers are sports entertainers after all. Over the years, there have been plenty of scandals involving Superstars and Divas, from leaked texts to nudes, and even video tapes. You also have those who kiss and tell, giving interviews to the media about explicit details.

While some wrestlers may be private when it comes to personal matters, not everyone cares about what information is out there. Some have gone as far as to release explicit stories in their autobiographies, which has definitely helped compile this list. Today, we look at 15 wrestlers who got super freaky in their personal lives, when the cameras weren't rolling.


15 Lita


There are so many urban legends about Lita that we could write an entire list about it. Some fans may dismiss them, but remember this: When there is smoke, there is fire. Several people in the wrestling industry have confirmed some of these freaky stories.

According to one tale, Lita was on the receiving end of many experimental acts. Prior to her WWE days, she allegedly offered "services" in exchange to wrestling training, so Lita truly started from the bottom. She had a reputation of being easy to hook up with, especially during her time in ECW.

That doesn't seem far fetched when looking at her history in the WWE, she was involved in cheating scandals and dated several Superstars in the span of years. Not to mention all the segments she was a part of, which only an open minded person would've agreed to.

14 Shawn Michaels


This list could be renamed after Shawn Michaels for his actions in the 90, back when he was hooking up with anything that walks. His lengthy history is well-documented, he slept with everyone from Divas to fans. You could tell Michaels was getting super freaky in real life; he reminded us weekly on Raw.

One of the few wrestlers out there who wasn't just portraying a gimmick, it's been confirmed that Michaels was The Showstopper in the bedroom. Don't believe us? Just ask Sunny! She openly spoke about their relationship and how Michaels used to get down. One of the most well-known urban legends claims that HBK once invited some groupies to his hotel room, and what followed will tell you plenty.

Much to the surprise of the heartbroken gals, Michaels reportedly didn't always bring them in the room for traditional pleasures. It seems like that was just another day in the life of a young Shawn Michaels.

13 Melina


While Melina and John Morrison were an on-screen couple, everyone knew they were also dating in real life. Their relationship wasn't the average type either, there was plenty of craziness happening and it was all happening between the sheets. Melina wasn't committed to the relationship and had several affairs, most notably Batista.

The worst of it all is that Morrison knew about it; he was aware that Melina was sleeping around and he didn't exactly mind. It's been rumored that he was no longer pushed for that very same reason, as Superstars and management lost all respect for him.

While there isn't anything wrong with sleeping around, it's definitely unorthodox to do so while being in a serious relationship with your partner approving the situation. Many Superstars have called her names that aren't so respectable, while others have claimed that she slept around to climb the ladder in the company

12 Ric Flair


For decades, Ric Flair got on the mic to do what he does best - bragging about his lifestyle and accomplishments, letting all of us know how great he has it. While multiple wrestlers have done that over the years, not many were speaking based on real life experiences. With Ric Flair, it was far from a gimmick.

The Nature Boy claims to have slept with approximately 10,000 women, an impressive record that only Wilt Chamberlain has surpassed. Some fans have gone out of their way to prove that it's impossible, going as far as doing all the math to discredit Flair, but we are willing to take his word for it.

There are so many stories about Flair from wrestlers and fans that confirm what we already know about him. Even if Flair is exaggerating the number, it's probably still in the thousands which is more than freaky enough to be on this list.

11 Hulk Hogan


Forget everything personal you know about Hulk Hogan for a minute. The marriage and bitter divorce, the creepy photos with his daughter. Forget all the stories about his cheating and hook ups. There is one event that clearly sticks out like a sore thumb, his involvement in the leaked tape of with his good friend's wife, Heather Clem. Bubba the Love Sponge had been friends with Hogan for years, and he was more than fine with what was going on.

In fact, he enjoyed watching and filming his wife with other men. Now, we're not judging him - everyone has their thing, but we're surprised that The Hulkster would agree to participate.

If he was willing to be apart of this, we can only speculate on what else he has done. His ex-wife had even accused him of cheating with several women throughout their marriage. I guess you could say he was truly running wild behind the scenes.

10 Sunny


It now seems like a different lifetime when Sunny was the hottest thing in the wrestling industry. Those days are long gone, and she has done everything in her power to tarnish her legacy. Despite being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame years ago, Sunny went on to pull more controversial stunts than she did in her prime years.

When it comes to many wrestlers, we can only speculate about their personal life but Sunny is an open book and her history is well-documented. She has admitted to sleeping with Chris Candido, Shawn Michaels, The British Bulldog, Dolph Ziggler and Chris Masters, but she's been linked with many more names.

In 2015, Sunny signed a deal with an adult film company which releases celebrity tapes. She has traded her wrestling career to a cam girl, charging fans for Skype sessions anywhere between $50 to $100, depending on how much you would like to see of Sunny.

9 Paige


We might as well rename this list after Paige who made plenty of headlines this past year following a scandal of leaked photos and videos, involving her engagement in some intimate activities with Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods. When you're tag teamed by two of your co-workers, it's safe to say that you got super freaky in her personal life.

One specific photo showed Paige holding her NXT Women's Championship after having performed an inappropriate act on the belt. That's an entirely new level of freaky and makes you wonder what else she has done, as well as what's been involved after seeing all those tapes. Despite the extensive coverage that we get of WWE Superstars, we'll never come close to knowing what goes on behind the scenes, as proven by the Paige scandal.

We already know she's slept with a couple of Superstars in her short time with the company, so you can expect more dirt to come out over the coming years, especially in regards to her relationship with Alberto Del Rio.


8 John Cena


For the past 15 years, John Cena has been a great role model on TV where he's portrayed a face for most of his career. We also know about how many wishes he's granted to kids and his great work in the community.

Although he constantly preaches loyalty, Cena was a womanizer and has gotten freaky with multiple Divas, including Mickie James and Victoria. Nothing wrong with that except for the fact he was married at the time - years prior to his engagement to Nikki Bella.

He also loved having fun on the road. Cena has previously admitted to sleeping around during his single days. He told a story about him going back to his hotel room with six groupies that had attended a WWE show that same night. Maybe they call him Super Cena because of his acts behind closed doors, rather than in the ring.

7 Kelly Kelly


When WWE brought back ECW as a brand in 2006, there were only two reasons to watch the show. The first one being some ECW originals who didn't last very long and the second was Kelly's Expose. If you aren't familiar with the later, it was a weekly segment where Kelly Kelly got pretty freaky to say the least, putting on a show for the fans by stripping. You could tell she had plenty of experience in that regard and could tease a crowd like no one else.

Her character was a reflection of her real life persona it seems, as she's been accused of getting around by many wrestlers including Randy Orton and Maria Kanellis. During her time with the company, she boasted an impressive dating resume of Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Batista, and Justin Gabriel. Those are just names that have been confirmed but there were five more wrestlers who hooked up with Kelly, if you believe Orton. While we aren't shaming her as some wrestlers did, she does warrant a spot on a freaky list.

6 Seth Rollins


If you only knew Seth Rollins from his WWE appearances, you wouldn't expect him to be on this list. He doesn't give the vibe that he is a freak but rather comes off as someone who is probably committed and serious. But that's not the case and far away from the truth.

The fact that he has sent racy photos of himself on a regular basis, as well as his history with women, earns him a place on this list. Over the past few years, he's been involved in many scandals with different women, some of which have slightly affected his reputation among fans.

When Rollins wasn't involved in cheating scandals, he was getting caught trying to hook up with a groupie from Canada. That's just one story that's been verified with screenshots and photos. There have plenty of other stories that can be found on Tumblr and Reddit about his hook ups and wild adventures.

5 Batista


When you're nicknamed "The Animal," what else would you expect? A nickname has never been more fitting, Batista has developed a reputation for his non-wrestling activities. These days, he's making a name for himself in Hollywood after leaving wrestling. But in his prime years with the WWE, he was truly on top of the wrestling world.

He had plenty of groupies who admired his looks, style and physique. They got to witness Batista bombs outside of the ring, sometimes more than one at a time! It wasn't only happening in the bedroom but anywhere else you can think of, from public places to arenas hosting WWE events. Of course, this is all according to groupie tales and internet gossip.

As previously stated, he was also involved in an affair with Melina while she was dating John Morrison. The entire locker room knew about it but that's not all, Batista was hooking up with several other Divas.

4 Ashley Massaro


If you don't remember Ashley Massaro, we don't necessarily blame you. Winner of the 2005 WWE Diva Search, she came up in an era where women's wrestling consisted mostly of Bra & Panties matches, as well as raunchy segments. Like many other Divas from that time, her wrestling skills left plenty to be desired and she's mostly remembered for posing for Playboy.

She never got over with the fans and will probably never be mentioned again on WWE broadcast. During her short time with the company, she was involved in two relationships between Matt Hardy and Paul London, which caused severe tensions between the two wrestlers. Cheating scandals are nothing new to WWE but poor Matt Hardy always finds himself in the middle of one.

But what really lands her here is her past before WWE. Playboy wasn't Ashley's first escapade into that world, as she had been involved in several more before. It's also been rumored that she was an escort with a booking fee of $25,000, according to Sunny, and an advertisement that existed with her name and information during the mid 2000s.

3 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler has been having an identity crisis as of late, but when it comes to his personal life, the man knows what he wants. He's not a relationship type of guy, at least not according to the women he has previously dated. Ziggler is all about having fun, and what's more fun than this kind of action?

With an impressive dating history, that alone would have earned him a spot on this list. From Nikki Bella, Amy Schumer, to Trisha Paytas, Ziggler's taste is something to admire. But you have stories from these women to tell us all about his freaky side. In fact, it was that very reason as to why Schumer ended their relationship, claiming that Ziggler was too freaky and athletic as a lover.

The Showoff is apparently not a fan of common positions between the sheets, preferring the freakier ones that most of us could never do.

2 Kevin Nash


While Ric Flair's record of 10,000 lovers seems unreachable, Kevin Nash has an impressive one of his own, claiming to have hooked up with approximately 2,000 during his time in the wrestling industry. It wouldn't surprise us either since Nash came up in the 90s and was one of the major players of that era, especially in WCW where he had major influence.

Nash has been credited to introducing many talents to the roster and not by scouting their wrestling talents.

Nash was also apart of The Kliq, who were having all the fun in the world in the mid 90s. They weren't shy to hook up with groupies at a time when they existed in large numbers, so it's safe to say that Nash was truly "Big Daddy Cool" in his heyday.

1 Chyna


Throughout her time with WWE, Chyna continuously made history by breaking records and attaining new levels of success. She's one of the most influential stars from the Attitude Era and her impact is still felt today. The first woman to participate in a Royal Rumble match and win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, she also was first to release private tapes.

A pioneer in the women's division, Chyna also had an impressive dating resume and was involved with several Superstars, many of whom are close associates such as Triple H and X-Pac. We can only wonder what went on between D-Generation X when the cameras weren't rolling, possibly even more than what Paige's tapes had shown.

Chyna released not only one but six adult tapes, one of which was privately made with her ex-boyfriend X-Pac, while the remaining five were professionally shot with experienced performers.


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