15 Wrestlers Who Have Worked With Their Ex

Relationships in pro wrestling are very common, whether in or outside of the ring. Many marriages and long relationships have taken place in different wrestling companies. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon began to date because they were an item on-screen. The Bella Twins fought over Daniel Bryan and Brie ended up marrying him. Carmella managed Enzo and Big Cass then started dating the latter–same with Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy.

But what happens on the other side of the spectrum? What happens with relationships that fail to work out? Many wrestlers have been divorced, such Steve Austin and Debra, but they never worked with each other again. There have been some cases where they have worked together in the same company despite a relationship ending. In rare cases, they have brought up breakups and made stories out of them, which is too personal for my taste but wrestling writers will do anything for a pop in ratings.

Here are 15 cases where wrestlers worked with their ex in the same promotion.

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15 Randy Savage and Gorgeous George 

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This relationship may be considered as one of the lesser-known relationships. Macho Man had a career renaissance in WCW when he switched to a new look. He moved away from the flashy colors and instead wore all black and mesh shirts. Along with the career renaissance came new valets. Gone was Miss Elizabeth and in came Madusa, Miss Madness, and Gorgeous George. Gorgeous George turned out to be Savage's real-life girlfriend at the time.

Macho Man had some success with the character change, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Title once in 1999 in true WCW fashion–a tag team match. Savage would semi-retire until his last professional wrestling stint in TNA not too long afterwards. The two broke up while Gorgeous George still managed Savage and was released not too shortly after the breakup.

14 Goldust and Terri

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Terri Runnels and Goldust were an entertaining wrestler and valet combination during the mid-to-late 90s. Unlike most similiar combinations, they were actually married. They began to show some edginess with their characters. Goldust was portrayed as a homosexual while the commentators would refer to Terri, or Marlena, as his wife. Just when everything seemed to be on the up-and-up for the two everything came to a screeching halt late 1997.

Their real-life marital issues were played out on television thanks to head booker Vince Russo. They feuded with each other until their actual divorce in 1999. Things seemed to be crashing down for Goldust, as he lost his job and his woman in the same year. He left for a forgettable run in WCW, but was able to bounce back an rejoin the WWE.

13 Drew Galloway and Taryn Terrell 

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This relationship is lesser known compared to the others on the list. Taryn Terrell was the assistant to Teddy Long in ECW. She usually was just a yes-woman to Teddy and hardly had any character. She wrestled a few matches and was released. Meanwhile, she was engaged to then WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. She was arrested for domestically abusing McIntyre and the two split up.

McIntyre ended up suffering as a result of the incident, as his push was completely halted. Terrell was much more successful in TNA and proved she was a very good wrestler, as seen in her bout with Gail Kim. Galloway joined Terrell in TNA and began to resurrect his career, winning his first World Title. The two remain cordial to each other and there appears to be no awkwardness backstage.

12 CM Punk and Beth Phoenix

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CM Punk has dated a plethora of women wrestlers in his day, including Daffney, Maria Kanellis, Lita, Tracy Brooks, and the woman who he is currently married to AJ Lee. Another wrestler who CM Punk dated was the "Glamazon" Beth Phoenix. Phoenix is now happily married with a child to WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

The breakup was not pleasant at all. Punk called Phoenix many unpleasant terms such as "douche-bag" and a "fake". They were given a cool spot during the 2010 Royal Rumble where Phoenix was the second woman to ever enter. Punk proceeded to give her a GTS and sent her packing.

11 Shawn Michaels and Sunny

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Shawn Michaels, as most people know, was a complete jerk in the 90s. His enemies such as Shane Douglas and Jim Cornette will certainly let you know that, as well as his closest friends from Kevin Nash to X-Pac. His drug use as well as his unprofessional behavior has led to many of his peers hating him. One of the worst decisions he made was having relations with Sunny.

The two had a very strange interaction at the British pay-per-view, One Night Only, where the two were hugging and getting really close to each other. The main issue is that Sunny was with Chris Candido. They had an affair for nine months without Chris knowing.

10 Kevin Sullivan and Woman

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One of the saddest entries on the list comes in at number 9. Woman, also known as Nancy Benoit, was a valet for Kevin Sullivan in both ECW and WCW. She managed him up from the mid-to-late 90s, but then she cheated on him with Chris Benoit. According to Kevin Nash, he once saw Woman and Chris Benoit kissing in a storage closet.

The two had a feud that brought in real-life issues to the ring. Sullivan brought in Jacqueline to help take out Woman. The feud ended with Benoit winning a loser leaves WCW match, while Sullivan remained a booker for WCW. We are all aware of how the relationship of Woman and Chris Benoit ended.

9 Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox

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Total Divas is WWE's attempt at reality television. This show completely contradicts what WWE is trying to do with their current Women division, but I digress. Wade Barrett was under-utilized in WWE and failed to win a World Championship when he clearly should have.

On Total Divas, Barrett made an appearance when his ex-girlfriend, Alicia Fox, didn't want to see him at all. Although many of the storylines on Total Divas are scripted, Barrett and Fox used to date. Alicia Fox was devastated by the breakup and tried to get back together with Barrett, who refused.

8 John Cena and Mickie James

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John Cena might seem like the most genuine face inside-and-outside of the wrestling but some will argue that he's not. The act that he committed here is the most heel-ish of them all. Kenny Dykstra, who had been dating Mickie James at the time, made it known to the world that John Cena took her from him, while he was still married to his ex-wife!

Both James and Cena have not commented on this rumor and have moved on to new relationships. Mickie James is with Magnus and has a child. John Cena, as most people know, is with Nikki Bella. According to Dykstra, James was devastated when Cena dumped her. Both are on the Smackdown roster and will more than likely never have any contact with each other.

7 Edge and Lita 

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Lita was the manager for the Hardy Boyz, Kane, and even the lesser -known Essa Rios. After she ended her on-screen relationship with Kane, she went on to manage Edge. While managing Edge, she cheated on her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, with the Rated-R Superstar. What came from this was a feud between the two in which Matt Hardy got hardly any revenge and looked worse coming out of it.

Edge and Lita didn't stay together off-screen for long but remained together on-screen until Lita's retirement in late 2006. During her retirement match, she went out in the most embarrassing way possible. She lost and then Cryme Tyme auctioned off her stuff, which included a vibrator. Ouch.

6 John Morrison and Melina

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Melina wasn't very well-liked by most people. From the Divas' locker room, to the guys', and even the upper management, Melina found a way to make herself unlikable. She dated Johnny Nitro of MNM, also known as John Morrison. Back when Nitro was a member of the underrated team MNM, Melina cheated on Nitro with then World Heavyweight Champion Batista, while they were feuding.

Somehow, someway, Melina stayed with Nitro and continued to manage him until she became a full-time wrestler. Recently, she managed him for a match in Lucha Underground,  but then ranted about him on social media. These two define relationship goals!

5 Chris Candido and Sunny

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Sunny and her legal troubles that she is having nowadays are rather saddening. Her relationship with Chris Candido is even sadder. Chris Candido was a phenomenal talent that usually is never mentioned with the underrated performers. The two were in a life-long relationship but never got married.

According to many wrestlers and Sunny herself, she cheated on him on multiple occasions with multiple people. the list includes Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, and even Dolph Ziggler. Candido was either oblivious or had a "heart of gold". In 2005, when Candido was in TNA, he suffered a severe broken leg, an injury that would sadly lead to his death.

4 Triple H and Chyna

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Chyna was brought into the WWE by Triple H and began dating him shortly after. They formed D-Generation X with Shawn Michaels, and later X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws. Her popularity skyrocketed from that moment. She was put in matches with male Superstars and and won the Intercontinental Championship. She left Triple H and began doing her own thing.

Triple H was paired with Stephanie McMahon and began to see her while still dating Chyna. WWE told Chyna to stay home in 2001 and they chose not to re-sign her, confirming the relationship between Triple H and McMahon. This led to Chyna's decline in her personal life, unfortunately. She dated X-Pac and had an ugly breakup with him as well.

3 Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

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Randy Savage's second appearance on this list is a heartbreaker. Miss Elizabeth managed Savage for almost his entire career until his final stint on WCW. They married in 1984, and on-screen in 1991. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1992 and Miss Elizabeth was gone from the WWE.

However, this did not stop WCW from pairing the two together once again and failing to mention anything about a divorce. They were together until 1999 where Elizabeth began to manage Lex Luger her real-life boyfriend. Sadly, their relationship ended tragically as Miss Elizabeth was found dead after what many believed to be a combination of alcohol and painkillers.

2 Kurt Angle and Karen Jarrett

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This entire situation goes to prove how strong-willed Kurt Angle is. Along with overcoming pill addiction, alcohol addiction, and winning a gold medal with a broken neck, Kurt Angle's story of redemption is up there with one of the best. Kurt Angle was married to a woman named Karen, who had made several appearances. She appeared in WWE when he won the title in 2001.

She also appeared as Kurt Angle's manager in TNA until their divorce. She married TNA owner, Jeff Jarrett, and the two had a feud with real-life tension. They had a total of five matches with Jarrett winning the first three and Angle winning the last two, including a mixed tag match featuring Chyna and Angle versus the Jarretts. The two aren't on great terms.

1 Matt Hardy and Lita

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No separation has played out more on TV than the Matt Hardy and Lita saga. Matt Hardy and Lita were members of Team Xtreme, and they dated for six years until 2005. Hardy was released from WWE, as Lita started managing, and then dating Edge. Their on-screen relationship turned into a real-life thing when Lita cheated on Matt Hardy.

WWE signed Matt Hardy back and we were expected to have a riveting rivalry. Sadly, we weren't given the feud we deserved. Hardy lost the feud and never got any comeuppance against Edge. The lowest part of Lita's career is never brought up, as she is looked at positively in the wrestling world.

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