15 Wrestlers Who Live Unconventional Lifestyles

Society has basically dictated to the world over the past few decades what is an acceptable way to live. It seems that despite the things that are considered normal by society, there are still many people in the public eye that don't mind living life to their own beat.

Many wrestlers over the past few years have proved this and have continued to live much more unconventional lifestyles, proving that even though there are people out there that don't agree with the way they live, they don't care.

Different lifestyles include being vegetarian, living on a farm, following a strict vegan diet, raising a pet pig or even a pet goat. Some of these are considered quite strange to many of the WWE Universe who live a life that is accepted by society. But some people prefer to be able to act, dress and live the way they want, not based on any rules that other people have dictated to them.

The following is a list of 15 wrestlers who live unconventional lifestyles and continue to do so, and in turn prove to the WWE Universe that sometimes its good to be different. Most of the time, your similarities are the things that allow you to stand out.

15 Allie

Former TNA Knockout's Champion Allie revealed a few years ago that she has actually been a vegetarian ever since she was 14-years-old. The blonde bombshell has proved to many youngsters that you can still make it in Sports Entertainment or as an athlete without the help of meat based products.

She stated that she had always had a hard time eating meat when she was younger and would spit it out or feed it to her dog. It was later that she decided to make a change to her lifestyle and hasn't eaten meat ever since. Obviously, she allows her body to gain the supplements needs in other ways, but this is proof that meat isn't the only thing that your body needs to build muscle and maintain a healthy diet.

14 Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has quite a background in her life when it comes to her eating habits. After almost dying from anorexia, Alexa made the decision to move into bodybuilding, which forced her to eat and gain a lot of muscle. When she moved into wrestling, she stated that she found it hard because she was being forced to gain weight after years of always remaining inside three pounds of show weight.

Eating and knowing what to eat has always been a problem for Alexa, but it seems that she has finally found a weight that works for her, even though she often talks on Instagram about how she needs to drop more water from her body. It seems that weight will always be something that Alexa finds hard to accept.

13 Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page is a legend in many WWE circles. He is rightfully a WWE Hall of Famer since he has helped many superstars who have been going through rough patches in their life, thanks to DDP Yoga. Page's ex-wife introduced him to yoga many years ago and it seems that it has made a huge difference in his and many other people's lives.

DDP teaches people how to live a much healthier lifestyle through eating right and doing yoga. This has made a big difference for his and his outlook on life ever since. Many people have a lot to thank Page for and Page in return has a lot to thank his ex-wife for because she has given him a new lease on life without even knowing it.

12 Mick Foley

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There was always something a little bit off about Mick Foley. Something that many fans found odd about him. But it wasn't until episodes of Holey Foley began airing on the WWE Network that his secret about his strange lifestyle factor was finally revealed.

Mick has a Christmas room. An entire room in his house that is completely dedicated to all things Christmas and he also has many different Santa Clause outfits that he enjoys dressing up in while sitting and enjoying the room. It seems like an odd way to spend your free time, but Christmas is a time of year that makes Mick happy. So he decided to create a room filled with this spirit so that he could always go inside and make himself feel happy regardless.

11 Mickie James

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Mickie James has never really shared her obsession with the country and horse-riding with the WWE Universe because it isn't a part of the character that she portrays on WWE TV. But it was a huge part of her character when she was in TNA.

"Hardcore Country" was the recognizable theme of Mickie for many years as part of Impact Wrestling as the country lifestyle has been something she has been obsessed with since she was quite young. Mickie's youngest memories are of her riding horses on her grandmother's farm and it seems that Mickie has decided to follow the same tradition and brought her own house in Virginia that has a meadow and a huge amount of land for her to raise her son and continue to breed horses.

10 Aliyah

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Aliyah hasn't yet become a well-known figure with all of the WWE Universe. But the current NXT Superstar has been part of the developmental roster now for almost three years. Aliyah was one of the youngest stars to ever make her debut in WWE when she was just 20-years-old back in 2015.

Aliyah has stated that she has been vegan now for many years and it is a diet that she is proud of. She has stated on her social media account that it is a diet she follows and one that must be hard to maintain while also having to reach certain strength and cardio requirements at WWE's Performance Centre. At just 22-years-old, Aliyah has managed to smash all of her targets and is finally being pushed forward in NXT's Women's Division.

9 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin has always been a slightly strange Superstar. He's the kind of man that fans wouldn't want to go up and ask for an autograph and he's the kind of man who lives on a ranch. The Broken Skull Ranch to give it the full name that Steve gives it.

Austin in the kind of guy who loves to hunt and take care of his ranch away from the public. It's his own private land that he can go back home to where he can't be disturbed. This formula be works for him and his wife. He manages to split his time between California, Marina Del Ray, and Tilden, Texas where his ranch is located and even has a show called The Broken Skull Challenge, but that isn't actually filmed at his ranch.

8 Austin Aries

Austin Aries is one of the best-known wrestlers in the world. And after a lengthy run with TNA, he has finally made his way over to WWE's platform when he was signed to NXT and is performing as part of its Cruiserweight Division.

Aries is one of the best-known vegans in WWE currently and he states that he opted to follow that lifestyle because he gives a damn about animals and the way they are treated. He said that the switch was for health and environmental benefits but also because he researched the situation and wasn't happy with what he found. He decided to continue researching and looking for more information which made his choice quite an easy one.  It was an informed decision and one which he still continues to stand by.

7 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is the kind of character who the WWE Universe would assume doesn't actually like people. It isn't just Lesnar's character that doesn't like people, it comes across that Lesnar in real lifedoesn;t like too many people.

Brock Lesnar lives in a compound off two dirt roads in the middle of what looks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre country. Brock's house can't be found unless he has told you where it is and there is no mail delivered to him. Instead he has to travel to town when he wants to pick it up. He genuinely hates human beings, wants to be left alone all the time, and finds that making contact with them is a chore. So he does everything in his power to avoid humans when he decides to go home and have a few months of rest.

6 Shawn Michaels

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Much like Brock Lesnar and Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels is a huge fan of the outdoor world. He likes to go hunting and has actually appeared in many hunting TV shows. In fact, he lives on a sort of ranch himself with his family in San Antonio.

It seems that many wrestlers when they retire make the decision that they no longer want to be around people. Instead, they move away to a secluded piece of land and decide that they want to live off the land and make money that way. Shawn has obviously returned to wrestling as a Performance Center trainer, but he still has his ranch with his family back in Texas. He loves going hunting whenever the time allows him to because that is the time he needs to himself.

5 Goldberg

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Goldberg is a strange one. He walked away from wrestling a long time ago before making the decision to return for a short stint before he's left again. He does have a family now and one of the strangest facts that could ever be shared about Goldberg is the fact that he has a pet goat.

Goldberg is a huge advocate for animal rights and it could be one of the reasons he decided to adopt the goat. He lives in California with his wife and son where he attempts to pass on his views on animals and the fact that they should not be used for illegal fighting onto his son, so that he can one day be a spokesperson for animals too, because animals can't speak for themselves.

4 Pete Dunne

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The current WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne is one of the most technically gifted wrestlers in the world. But shockingly his admirable strength and agility doesn't come from a regular supply of meat products.

Dunne has stated on many social media platforms throughout his career that he's a proud supporter of veganism and even posts pictures of his meals on a regular basis, stating that they are "guilt free" meals. Not like the ones that many of the WWE Universe consume on a regular basis.  Dunne has begun climbing the ranks in WWE over the past few months, ever since the tournament was held back in January and is currently one of the most recognizable faces from the WWE UK Championship Tournament. He is also the only one currently tipped to make it onto WWE's main roster first.

3 TJ Perkins


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TJ Perkins or TJP as he is now more commonly known was the first ever Cruiserweight Champion. But as well as holding that accolade, he also holds the accolade as having the strangest hobby outside of WWE.

Now, it is a strange thing, to begin with, to decide to have a pig as a pet, but TJ Perkins has become very close to his the animal, to the extent that he dresses her up, has called her cupcake, and often shares videos of her doing tricks that he has taught her to do. TJ has also mentioned that cupcake has a little brother, which is quite cute. Somewhat outside the realms of what is socially acceptable as a pet, but it seems that TJ has somehow made it work and the videos he shares of cupcake are adorable.

2 Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate was the first ever United Kingdom Champion and at just 19-years-old he became just the second youngest champion in WWE history. Bate exploded onto the scene in WWE since then and has had many outstanding matches for the company in the few months that he has been part of the roster.

Bate much like his fellow United Kingdom Championship friend Pete Dunne has also adopted a lifestyle which doesn't include any animal products. Tyler and Pete have only recently made the switch to WWE's Performance Centre and may find it quite hard to maintain the diet when their training reaches its peak. But for now both Tyler and Pete are walking examples of being able to make it in WWE in the most unconventional way.

1 Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan has to be one of the most unconventional Superstars in WWE history. Not only was Bryan once a vegan before Soya allergies forced him to return to eating animal based products, but he currently lives in a home with former WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella, where the couple are attempting to be self-sufficient.

Daniel and Brie pride themselves on being different. On an episode of Total Divas, it was shown that Bryan once brought a toilet that allowed the couple to create their own compost. They like to grow their own food and they like to maintain healthy diets. Now that their first child is finally here as well, it seems that this is a lifestyle that they can teach to Birdie from a young age as well.

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