15 Wrestlers Who Look Better In The Mirror Than They Do In The Ring

When the WWE launched into the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon decided to bring in more females on the roster. But even though they were classified as "Divas" and "wrestlers," most of them were simply brought in just for their looks. But some of the most gorgeous divas ever, such as Trish Stratus, Victoria and Lita, were responsible for launching the female division of professional wrestling. They actually had great talent in the ring and put on remarkable matches.

The WWE has since moved away (for the most part), in bringing in females who are supposed to be eye candy only. They're now more focused on bringing in females who can actually put on high quality matches -- like Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

But there remain some women throughout history who look great in the mirror...but were/aren't anything to enjoy as actual wrestlers. Here is a look at 15 WWE female stars who look better in the mirror than they do in the ring.

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15 Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox has been on the WWE roster since 2008, and it's amazing to believe she's lasted this long. For what it's worth, she's already had a longer tenure as a female wrestler than the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria and Lita. Just think about that for a moment or two. Fox, despite her lengthy time in the WWE, hasn't won championship gold with the company -- and probably never will.

There's no doubting she has the great looks to attract fans, but she really can't carry a match; she has to be carried by her opponent.  Wrestling Observer Newsletter named her feud (as part of Team B.A.D.) with Team PCB as the worst of the year in 2015.

Fox has been loyal to WWE and vice versa, but she's not the shining example of what a female wrestler should be doing in the ring.

14 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres undoubtedly has some tremendous athletic ability, as she is an experienced martial artist who runs self-defence classes for women. But we didn't see much of her athletic ability in the ring during her time with the WWE.

Torres, undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous female wrestlers of her generation, seemed to flaunt her looks more than her wrestling moves in the ring. She couldn't perform any of the thrilling moves that wrestlers like Trish Stratus, Lita, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Bayley could do.

If she was able to somehow tie in her legitimate martial arts moves in the ring, then Torres really could have put on great matches. But she was just one of the many females of the PG Era that was hired for her looks -- not for her extremely limited talents in the ring.

13 Brie Bella

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Brie Bella is one of the most beloved female Superstars of her era. Her and twin sister Nikki were able to get over with the crowd since they're basically both jaw-dropping in looks. But Brie hasn't been all that great of an actual wrestler. At the beginning of her career, she was barely used as a wrestler and more so as someone just to admire for her looks. Her and Nikki appeared in backstage segments without having to say all that much. That was it. They barely wrestled.

And because she managed her now real life husband, Daniel Bryan, Brie earned countless love from the fans. That'll happen when your husband is probably the most beloved star of the PG Era. Perhaps Brie was barely used as a wrestler because WWE quickly realized she wasn't much of a...wrestler.

12 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall definitely worked out well as a top-notch heel for the company. She was one of those characters you just loved to hate, and let's be honest -- she was pretty hilarious. Hall wasn't much of a wrestler and simply appeared on television just so the Raw celebrity guest hosts and faces could pick on her.

Remember when she would sing in that loud annoying voice, and the time when Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne made fun of it and the latter slapped her? Or when D-Generation X reformed and they dumped a garbage can on her? Hall really was good for business, but as a wrestler? Nah. She was just a character used to be the stereotypical self-centered high school girl who demanded attention. She had entertaining segments, but she really couldn't wrestle at all.

WWE was smart in using her for mainly promos and not for matches.

11 Natalya


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This is a tough entry, as Natalya is one of my favourite female Superstars (I'm Canadian and idolize the Hart Family to this day). Natalya isn't a terrible wrestler in the ring by any means, but there are a couple of things that have certainly hyped her up more.

She is part of the legendary Hart Family. Bret is her uncle, Stu is her grandfather and she's married to Tyson Kidd -- part of The Hart Dynasty tag team. Being in the Hart family instantly makes any wrestler that much more special. Good, now we have that part out of the way.

Secondly, Natalya is among the most beautiful females to ever grace a ring. She has that girl-next-door persona and attracts attention with those looks. Natalya's wrestling abilities are a solid 6 or 7...but her looks are out of this world. That makes her eligible for the list.

10 Nikki Bella

It's easy to get over when you're a twin who happens to be gorgeous, engaged to John Cena (the top Superstar of his era), and did we mention gorgeous? Nikki Bella has been super popular with the crowd since her and Brie first appeared on WWE programming in 2008. Let me make it clear that I love Nikki Bella. I admire how hard she worked to get back into the ring after neck surgery, and she is a great inspiration of how a superstar should act outside of the ring.

But Nikki (like her sister), really doesn't have all that much to offer in the ring. She's been on television for eye candy, not so much to help revolutionize the female division, and wrestling historians agree.

Nikki and Brie's 2014 feud was ranked the worst of the year by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. They also named the feud between Team PCB vs. Team B.A.D. worst of the year (as mentioned earlier). Nikki may be extremely beloved by fans, but she really isn't anything special as a wrestler.

9 Layla

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After winning the 2006 WWE Diva Search, Layla was to embark on a journey that would make her one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in the company's history. Considering she was a cheerleader for the Miami Heat of the NBA, one had to think she'd be flexible and therefore athletic and talented in the ring. Well, Layla wasn't able to carry herself enough. Her legacy will always be teaming up with Michelle McCool to form Team LayCool.

Ah yes, and why not have a woman who won four championships (McCool), carry you? Layla was able to get over as a top heel because of Michelle, but she really didn't prove her ability to wrestle well in the ring. Layla may have held two championships during her time with WWE, but she earned her contract because of her looks. Nothing more.

8 Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool won two Diva's Championships and two Women's Championships. She is married to The Undertaker. She spent seven years with the WWE and feuded with some of the top stars like Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Trish, Victoria and others. On paper, she looked like she was one of the greatest female superstars of her era. But when you review film of her matches, you can see why she appeared on the List of Alex.

Tall, thin and blonde (while also portraying a naughty teacher character), McCool did everything possible to get over with her looks. McCool also had great mic skills to build up her character even more, but there was really nothing to like about her wrestling abilities. She definitely had the looks, but she didn't have the ring work to be an actual true female superstar.

7 Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro had a lot of expectations to live up to after winning the 2005 Raw Diva's Search, but like the previous winner (Christy Hemme), Massaro only won that contest because of her looks. If anybody had seen her previous work in the ring, they would have realized that she wasn't worthy of winning it.

Even appearing on Survivor wasn't enough for Massaro to get over with the crowd. Someone at the very top of the WWE (take a guess), was obviously intrigued enough with her looks to give her the shot. Massaro was professionally trained by Trish Stratus and Ricky Steamboat, and got to face some of the top females like Mickey James and Melina.

But that wasn't enough to help her in the ring. Massaro never held a championship in WWE, and we give credit to the creative team for knowing she wouldn't have been suitable to be a title holder.

6 Eva Marie

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Just when we thought Vince McMahon was past hiring female solely for their looks in the PG Era, he decided to bring in Eva Marie. She's a brunette now, but Marie somewhat got over in the WWE as a very attractive redhead. With those looks, she was able to earn attention for the crowd.

But not only was Marie simply a mediocre wrestler -- she truly had absolutely no moves whatsoever.  She hasn't been on WWE television in a year and was suspended last August for violating the company's wellness policy. We're guessing the creative team finally realized she isn't capable of putting on a half-decent match, hence why she may not appear in the WWE anymore.

But for Marie, she's probably happy enough just for getting the chance to work with WWE.

5 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly may have the most gorgeous smile in WWE history, and she really pulled off the girl next door character. But as lovable as Kelly Kelly was, she definitely wasn't much of a wrestler inside the ring. Just don't tell that to her husband Sheldon Souray, as I'd be afraid of dealing with his massive 6-foot-4, 237-pound frame.

Kelly Kelly was one of the top diva faces as the WWE transitioned into the Attitude Era, and she did have one reign as the Divas Champion. However, Kelly Kelly couldn't be called upon to actually perform in the ring as a true wrestler.

Everyone loved Kelly Kelly as a character, but when you look back at her highlights in the WWE, you don't see much of a wrestler. You see a beautiful woman who seemed lost in a job she seemed forced into doing.

4 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson was one of the main divas that helped the WWF launch into The Attitude Era. She was used in many sexual and rather disturbing storylines (remember when Dawn Marie married her father on-screen)? Wilson was often used to seduce other wrestlers and entertain the male audience, too.

Wilson's legacy in WWE is her constant feuding with Dawn Marie, which saw the pair face off in lingerie and bikini contests. But Wilson (and Marie, for that matter), weren't actually capable of putting on a top-quality match. Wilson never held WWE championship gold, either -- further evidence that the creative team basically valued her for her looks only.

Though many of the fans fell in love with the beautiful blonde, Wilson wasn't actually much of a wrestler. She looks great and all, but her athleticism in the ring just wasn't there.

3 Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Maria was signed by WWE shortly after her participation in the 2004 Raw Diva's Search. Though hands-down one of the most beautiful divas to ever grace a WWE ring, Maria was never that great of a wrestler, let's be honest.

Did Vince McMahon value her as a top wrestler? Well, she never won a championship in the WWE, but she sure got her chances to round out the diva's division, because of how many people were attracted to her good looks. Maria and real-life husband Mike Bennett worked on TNA together for a year, and she became the Knockouts Division Commissioner there.

But Maria wasn't able to improve her in-ring career that much in TNA, either. Her looks and relationship with Bennett make her extremely popular and all, but she doesn't have that Trish Stratus or Lita legacy as a true star in the ring.

2 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme won the 2004 Raw Diva Search, and her unbelievably gorgeous looks got her over with the crowd pretty quickly. Hemme was fortunate in wrestling during The Ruthless Aggression era, when many of the divas were used more as eye candy than actual wrestlers themselves.

Hemme posed nude for Playboy, did bikini contests and other segments for the "entertaining" portion of the show. But as a wrestler? She wasn't able to put on any quality matches, whatsoever.

Even though Hemme got to face Trish Status at WrestleMania 21, it did nothing to help the redhead beauty. Everyone eventually caught on that Hemme wasn't actually much of a performer in the ring. WWE sent her back to Ohio to train and improve her wrestling abilities, but she was released shortly thereafter.

1 Stacy Keibler

Without a doubt, Keibler's looks are as close to perfection as they come. But if you look up any of her most memorable moments in the WWF/E, almost all of them involve segments where she seduced Mr. McMahon or other wrestlers. Keibler was known for her long legs that helped her win over some fans. But let's be honest, Keibler really wasn't able to wrestle a half-decent match. Mr. McMahon liked looks more than the quality of matches back then.

Keibler never won a championship in the WWF, nor did she earn many championship opportunities. WWF used her primarily as a valet for tag teams like Hurricane and Rosey, The Dudley Boyz and others. She sure has the incredible looks, but it didn't seem like she ever had to train hard as an actual "wrestler".

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