15 Wrestlers Who Loved Working For WWE And 15 Who Hated It

There are plenty of careers in this world today that don't involve having a steel chair crushed against your skull, a gigantic man Choke Slam you through a table, 45,000 screaming fans booing you out of the arena, or the amount of pressure to perform at your best each and every single day like in professional wrestling.

The sport might be fake but the hits are real. When a grown man jumps from the top of a steel cage, 20 feet down onto another wrestler, there is nothing fake about it. He is going to land differently every single time and it could end up causing some of the worst injuries anyone can imagine.

Yet, every week there are hundreds of wrestlers performing death defying moves for our entertainment alone. Just about every single one of them loves what they do, they just hated working for a specific promotion while others love what they do and love where they work.

But when it comes down to who loves to work for the WWE and who hates to work for the WWE, or hated, then the choices are obviously the following 30 wrestlers.

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30 Love: Dolph Ziggler

via phoenixnewtimes.com

Since he was only five years old, Dolph Ziggler has been a fan of wrestling and even has a brother (Ryan) that was a former NXT wrestler named Briley Pierce.

Anytime a fan of professional wrestling or a family of fans start to work in the industry, you are going to get the best results possible because they carry so much love and respect for the industry that making it to the top means that they have to continue the traditions passed down onto them from the legends before. It is a heavy thing to read but Dolph Ziggler is a guy that loves wrestling in the WWE and has always said yes when asked to do something.

He is proof that it's not always just about who you know and rather about the talent you possess. He worked his way to the top of the brand and is getting close to a decision on his future which hopefully includes staying with the WWE.

29 Hated: Ryback

via business2community.com

Ryback is one of the few WWE haters that blames them along with one other specific wrestler and moment for his departure from the sport, which was quite abrupt seeing as he made it onto the main roster in 2010. He blames CM Punk's comments during a shoot interview where CM spoke about how terrible of a wrestler Ryback was and that he hated having to compete against him because it was just plain not safe.

That interview turned everything upside down and within a year of winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship, he was out of a job. The CM Punk fans have quite the following and they turned on Ryback, nearly turning him into a wrestler no one cared to watch anymore.

But it wasn't that the fans hated him, that is part of the sport, it was simply that the WWE did not stand behind him and support him following those detrimental comments and a phone conversation he had with Vince McMahon right before he was let go from the WWE. Vince told him, "You're the hardest working guy that I have here. But hard work doesn't always pay off here."

28 Love: Randy Orton

via inquisitr.com

As is the case with many other professional wrestlers on this list, Randy Orton loves the WWE because he has no reason not to. He is a third generation professional wrestler that started with the company in 2000, when he was just 20 years old. He has spent the next 16 years slowly moving his way up the main roster and eventually becoming a 12-time World Champion.

He is rarely a fan favorite but he thrives as a heel. He is at his best when the crowd is hating him every week. He has the ability to do what a lot of wrestlers cannot, be great at being bad. Sure, almost all wrestlers enjoy playing the heel role from time to time but they aren't as good as Randy Orton has been for most of his career. He just seems to find a way to make people want to hate him.

27 Hated: Jeff Jarrett

via wwe.com

The hate that Jeff Jarrett has for the WWE isn't half as bad as the hate Vince McMahon has towards Double J apparently. This heat all arises from one situation that occurred back in 1999 when Jeff Jarrett was still in the WWE as the Intercontinental Champion.

According to various professional wrestling news sources, Jeff Jarrett's WWE contract was about to expire and he was getting offers from the WCW to return. Of course, since WCW was offering guaranteed contracts, the offer was much more lucrative than anything Vince McMahon could offer him so Jeff decided to hold the WWE Intercontinental title belt hostage. He allegedly threatened to take the belt with him to WCW if Vince did not pay him $300,000 in exchange for dropping the title belt to Chyna, who later confirmed the story to be true.

On top of that, Double J still blames Vince McMahon for Owen Hart's death in one way shape or form.

26 Love: The Miz

via wrestlingmedia.org

The Miz had one of the most awkward paths to the WWE. He actually got his start on MTV when he was a member of the 2001 season of Real World. From there, he started showing up in several spin-off series until he decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling when he landed a role in the Ultimate Pro Wrestling federation back in 2003.

He was built for this stuff and when he got his chance, he nailed it. He ended up finishing second in the fourth season of Tough Enough which exposed his character to the wrestling community and they were so impressed that he still landed a contract even after losing in the final round.

By 2006, he was a part of the WWE's main roster and he started showing up on SmackDown! He has so many reasons to love the WWE but the only one he really needs is that he met Maryse Ouellet, his wife, while working for the WWE.

25 Hated: Sunny

via wrestlingnews.co

Sunny has become a walking sideshow that everyone makes fun of but they still go see her when she is around. That's because she is a legend in the world of professional wrestling, even if she was a cancer in the locker room that caused many fights between other wrestlers. She was also the very first Diva.

So it comes as no surprise that when she talks to someone during an interview and she is asked about the WWE, her answers can change from time to time, depending on her mood. She most recently had a moment during one of her live Skype shows where she explained to her audience that the WWE cannot complain about her lifestyle simply because they are not paying her bills.

She might just love starting stuff between the company and herself, just for the headlines, but she is very clear about not watching the WWE anymore, especially the Women's Division.

24 Love: Mark Henry

via wwe.com

Mark Henry understands that he is getting old and the talent in the WWE just keeps getting younger, faster, stronger...well, not stronger than Mark Henry, that would be crazy to think, but you get the idea.

He was very clear that his current contract will be his last for that reason. When asked about it back in 2015, he said, "I won't be signing any more contracts. I'm an elder statesman. This is a young guy business and I'm 100% for it. I love the marketing process. I love the international marketing. I love the talent development..."

So even with Mark Henry's career coming to an end, he plans on sticking around to work for the WWE on the other side of the curtains.

23 Hated: Josh Mathews

via wwe.com

Some people just cannot get past the idea that not everyone likes them. Josh Mathews is a great example of what happens to a man when he works his entire life to become a professional wrestler in the WWE and when he finally got there, he was fired before he even had time to change his trunks.

That bitterness has become a part of his social media daily marketing campaign to get everyone to hate the WWE as he spends a lot of his time dogging the company.

Besides being a solid worker for TNA, Josh was just not good enough for the WWE. He wasn't that liked by the crowd, which is a huge part of your success in the business. If they don't like you, no one will because you will not sell tickets.

22 Love: The Rock

via youtube.com

How many shocking returns do we need to see before people start to realize that The Rock is one of the most loved WWE Superstars of all time. He, himself, loves the WWE, if not for simply being the reason he has become an international celebrity.

The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, has become one of the most successful celebrities to ever come out of WWE since Hulk Hogan. He is the only one that has had the amount of success as he has had in Hollywood with movies like The Fast and Furious series, San Andreas, Get Smart, and Central Intelligence. He has had nine movies surpass the $100 million box office mark with three of them reach as high as $209 million or more.

On top of all of that success, he is one of the few WWE Superstars that could sellout an arena if the rumor of his return starts spreading.

21 Hate: New Jack

via grantland.com

If anyone was ever considered crazy in professional wrestling, it would not be New Jack. No sir, he is 100% nuts. There is no discussing it. Remember when he openly admitted to trying to kill a guy from 40 feet up high after throwing him off the rafters onto the tables stacked below? He has said that he was not aiming for the tables and was trying to push him past the tables and onto the ground below in retaliation for an injury that wrestler was the cause of for New Jack.

So when we read about how much he hates Jerry Lawler and the WWE, we also remember that New Jack has a tendency to feed into the reputation he has built over the years. Whether he truly hates the WWE or not something no one will ever truly know.

20 Love: JBL

via hdwwewallpapers4u.blogspot.com

Since 2009, JBL, or Bradshaw as he was known for most of his career, has turned to commentating and has become one of the more exciting former wrestlers turned announcers that the WWE has ever had. He has been on both Raw and SmackDown and is currently a member of the three man team on the latter (although the third man: David Otunga is not needed).

He has been such a joy to listen to for the last few years that he has leveraged that into a job as a color commentator for his alma mater, Abilene Christian University where he was an offensive lineman for two years. His first appearance was just recently, during the ACU game against University of Central Arkansas that was on the American Sports Network.

19 Hated: Rene Dupree

via youtube.com

If you stopped watching wrestling around 2003, then you missed out on Rene Dupree's debut with the WWE as a member of the tag team, La Resistance. He even won the WWE World Tag Team Champion in June of 2003, about a month after his debut, from Kane and Rob Van Dam during the Bad Blood PPV.

He spent another four years in the company before finally asking for his release in 2007.

Rene has since been asked about his hatred towards the WWE, specifically Triple H, and he has no shortage of stories to tell. He told about this time he was walking around backstage and a few seamstresses approached him for measurements. When they finished, they realized he was a few inches bigger than Triple H so they intentionally made his measurements a few inches less to help Triple H remain on top. This is all according to Rene Dupree so take it as you want.

18 Love: Big Show

via cahesideseats.com

It is shocking to hear that the Big Show has wrestled in the WWE since 1999 and has been in 2,166 matches, which is the second most matches in WWE history. At seven foot tall, 450 pounds, the Big Show is one of the largest wrestles in the companies history and somehow, he has stayed healthy for so long that he has been able to wrestle in more matches than John Cena, Chris Jericho, or Hulk Hogan.

As a 15-year veteran of the WWE, the Big Show remains one of companies biggest fans. He loves so much about the WWE and the business that he has not retired yet but plans on doing do in 2017. So he is trying to enjoy his final appearances and his last few matches as a WWE superstar before it ends next year.

17 Hated: Gail Kim

via richestcelebrities.org

For some reason, the WWE treated Gail Kim as though she wasn't pretty enough to be a main face in the Women's Division. At least, that is what Gail Kim-Irvine has said about her time with the WWE.

She appeared on Wrestling With Rosenberg back in 2014, with host Peter Rosenberg, and opened up about her experience with the WWE. She was asked about whether she felt she was beautiful enough to be in the WWE or not and she said, "They made it known that I wasn't one of those beautiful people. They were very transparent about that..." She continued, "They would position the girls exactly where the cameras would go (for their matches). The girls that they felt weren't "The Pretty Ones" they would move them to the side."

She left the WWE after realizing just how little they cared about her by eliminating herself during a Battle Royale match, walking into the back, and quitting.

16 Love: Chris Jericho

via wrestlingrumors.net

Before the fall of WCW, Chris Jericho was becoming one of their biggest stars. However, because of the nWo and Hulk Hogan's creative control for the company, along with Eric Bischoff's terrible decision making skills, Y2J was being used wrong and he left for the WWE just in the nick of time.

The love with the WWE began the moment he was turned into a Superstar after Vince McMahon told him he was not good enough, according to Jericho. That was the motivation he needed to become the star wrestler he is today.

He is also responsible for one of the greatest and most shocking debuts in WWE history when a countdown clock began showing up on Raw each week without any explanation or description. It was prior to the year 2000 so a lot of people assumed it was a countdown to that, however it did not match up. So when it reached zero, and he arrived, the pop the crowd gave was one of the loudest in Raw's history.

15 Hated: Paul London

via wrestlingnews.co

If you need proof that Paul London hates the WWE, just Google the names Paul London and Triple H then just kick back and watch the hate spew from his lips.

For being such a small guy, Paul London has had a pretty distinguished wrestling career, even if he hasn't been in the WWE since 2008. He was released in November of that year and has since spent his time working the Independent Circuits and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He plans on retiring in 2017 which should give him plenty of time to get on Twitter and continue his hatred towards the WWE.

If Vince McMahon was smart enough to see what he has here, he would bag his ego and offer this man a secret contract and bring him in, carrying all that hatred with him.

14 Love: The Undertaker

via thegolfnewsnet.com

By now you have seen that a lot of these wrestlers love the WWE simply because they have worked for them for all of these years. And that is actually the case for them, otherwise why would they continue to work for a company if they hated it? Sure, a lot of people complain about their jobs but have you ever met anyone that has worked somewhere they hated for 26 years?

That's how long The Undertaker has been a part of the WWE. He had his first match on November 19, 1990 during an episode of WWE Superstars. He was the exact same character he is today, all those years back, something that is very rare in this business. But The Undertaker knew how to make things work and how to get others over.

Shawn Michaels was a true talent in-ring but he would not be where he is today without the help of The Undertaker. For as long as he has been in the WWE, The Undertaker has only won the World Heavyweight Championship four times. Compare him to all of the other wrestlers and then maybe you will understand what we are talking about.

13 Hated: Shane Douglas

via wwe.com

Shane Douglas has many things to complain about from his time with the WWE but it all stems from the moment he was handed the Intercontinental Championship belt from Shawn Michaels.

During an interview with Brian Soscia from BeneathTheMat.com in 2012, Shane opened up about his experience with the WWE and that title belt. When talking to Vince about Shawn Michaels kayfabe concussion problems and having to vacate the title belt, he said, "I told Vince that this is the worst thing you can do. We always go out and say, I'll kill for this belt. I'll spill my blood for this belt. Unless I get a knock on that head, then I'll just hand it to you."

He was not always the most popular person in the industry but Shane Douglas was one of the better wrestlers that had good ideas about how to win over an audience but just never could get over with Vince McMahon.

12 Love: Mick Foley

via wwe.com

Becoming the General Manager of Raw might help keep you happy but that is not the only reason Mick Foley loves the WWE. He has been around so long that it is almost difficult to imagine the world of professional wrestling without him.

But he wasn't always in love with the WWE. Just a couple years back he went on a tirade on his Facebook page that might have been a big part in the new era of the industry. On his rant, he talked about how he went to Orlando, Florida with his son, about a 12-hour drive from Eastern Tennessee for NXT TakeOver where they watched Becky Lynch against Sasha Banks, and in his words, it was, "...the greatest women's matches of all time."

But then they got to the main roster and instead of being treated with respect, they were given a quick four-minute match that was nothing compared to the battle they endured in NXT.

Mick demanded change from the WWE or they would lose him as a fan forever because he was tired of being disappointed from things like that. Turns out, not only did they change things around, the WWE decided to name him the GM of Raw earlier this year.

11 Hated: Bret Hart

via wwe.com

On any given night, Bret Hart could love or hate the WWE and Vince McMahon. Money usually plays a role in his temperament and that is not said as an insult to him, only as an understanding to why he returned to the company following the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

For those of you who aren't aware, the Montreal Screwjob was during the 1997 Survivor Series when Bret Hart was supposed to retain his World Championship belt against Shawn Michaels but Vince McMahon covertly and secretly worked with several other people, Shawn Michaels included, to change that outcome and force him to lose the belt in front of his home crowd in Canada. Bret was leaving for the WCW and was going to lose the belt the next night on Raw but Vince decided to change that without Bret's knowledge.

This was also the moment Vince McMahon turned into a character in the WWE and became known as an "evil boss".

10 Loved: Stone Cold Steve Austin

via wwe.com

What's not to love about the company that helped create one of the most iconic professional wrestlers of all time?

Steve Austin had some identity issues when he first began wrestling and it caused him to struggle for many years before finally finding himself as Stone Cold. His character turned into an icon when he began feuding with the WWE's owner, Vince McMahon, which was something the industry really hasn't done before. You would never see an owner of such a large company step in a take bumps and be hated like Vince McMahon did during his Austin vs. McMahon feud.

He loves the WWE or he would have left a long time ago. He is friends in real life with Vince McMahon and Jim Ross, the former commentator, and has found himself spending an entire career with one company, and one company alone.

9 Hated: Raven

via wwe.com

Surprisingly, Raven, whose real name is Scott Levy, is actually one of the smartest persons in the professional wrestling industry. He was a major contributor to the rise of ECW, along with Paul Heyman. He had ideas that were original and interesting that caused some great storylines and characters for himself and many of the other ECW wrestlers. But things changed when he left for WCW and eventually landed in WWE.

This is a man that sued the WWE because they don't provide healthcare to their wrestlers because the wrestlers are considered independent contractors. He simply wanted the company to change for the better and give their employees health benefits. He ended up losing the case because he couldn't get enough support for the class action lawsuit and it sank.

He has said numerous times that Vince McMahon has disrespected him and never thought of him as a talented wrestler so he was held back.

8 Love: John Cena

via wwe.com

After 1,243 matches as a professional wrestler with the WWE, John Cena remains one of the most popular characters of all time. He showed up just after the Stone Cold Steve Austin popularity ran its course and we thought that we would never see another wrestler come anywhere close to that level of popularity, and became an even bigger star.

It wasn't easy for him but the WWE rewarded the hardworking John Cena by giving him every chance in the book to make it and he took advantage each and every time, slowly working his way up the popularity charts until he exploded in the mid-2000s and helped propel the WWE into a new era. That period would become known as the Ruthless Aggression Era, the era John Cena helped propel.

7 Hated: Batista

via mindofcarnage.com

If you haven't noticed by now, working in Hollywood is much less dangerous than professional wrestling. So for Batista, what does he have left to prove in the WWE? Nothing. He has already won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship four times, has been half of the World Tag Team Champions three times, and has won two Royal Rumbles on top of a few other belts he has won at least once.

He was also the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Wrestler of the Year in 2005. If he wasn't a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he might have a good reason to come back to the WWE and earn that paper but since he earned a cool $1.5 million for the first Guardians of the Galaxy, why risk injury and wrestle for a company that makes you work almost every day of the year while having to travel from city to city?

6 Love: Jerry Lawler

via wwe.com

For the first 20 years of his wrestling career Jerry "The King" Lawler bounced around the various wrestling promotions throughout the entire United States. He spent time in the NWA, AWA, GCW, UWF, CWA, CWC, and even headed overseas to wrestle in the highly regarded All Japan Pro Wrestling before finally landing the best job of his career with the WWE, winning between 150 and 175 championships along the way.

The one time Jerry Lawler left the WWE was after they fired his wife at the time, Stacy "The Kat" Carter. But he did not leave from hatred, he left out of protest. He believed that they had no good reason to fire her and wanted to show his support for his family. That was in 2001. He left the company but returned the same year and until he suffered a heart attack in 2012, has remained an active and happy employee of the brand.

5 Hated: Scott Steiner

via wwe.com

In the mind of Scott Steiner, the world is against him, even his employer. That was exactly the reason he did not make it in the WWE after the fall of WCW. In the final days with WCW, Scott was one of the last wrestlers to hold the WCW World Heavyweight Championship so his stock should have been a little higher than it was when he got to the WWE shortly after.

However, it was not. He then started to blame anyone that had a voice in the company, from Triple H to the backstage politics that have crippled the industry, Scott Steiner blames them all.

During a wrestling shoot with HighSpots.com, Scott launched into a tirade about how the real talent in wrestling no longer makes it anymore because it isn't about talent, it is only about who you know.

4 Love: Kane

via fansided.com

Going all the way back to the Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant days of WWE, who would you guess owns the WWE record for most total appearances through matches throughout an entire career?

If you did not say Kane, you know very little about professional wrestling. He has had 1,620 matches since he first started to appear on WWE Monday Night Raw back in 1995, the most all-time by almost 240 matches. (Big Show is second with 1,394 matches.)

Kane is one of the longest tenured wrestlers in the WWE that continues to wrestle to this day having been there for over 21 years now. He has had many opportunities to leave the company but he doesn't. He shows up week after week, giving his all, and earning the respect of millions of fans worldwide along the way.

3 Hated: Jim Cornette

via wwe.com

This is the most obvious choice for hating WWE as Jim Cornette hates just about everything about the industry today, and for good reasons. But his biggest hatred still happens to be Vince Russo, who he will forever shoot about as the main contributor to the downfall of professional wrestling. Just go to one of Jim's next events and ask him about it, he has never shied away from giving out his opinion on any subject let alone Vince Russo.

That hatred carries over to the WWE, which has taken what Vince Russo started in the early part of the '00s and ran with it. They have used some of the worst ideas in professional wrestling history, like when Mae Young gave birth to Mark Henry's child. Seriously, that was a thing!

He might also be holding onto some animosity from when he had to shut down Smoky Mountain Wrestling and take a job working for Vince McMahon and the WWE after the WWE skimmed his roster for their idea of talented wrestlers while leaving out some of the guys that made the industry what it was back in the day.

2 Love: Triple H

via wrestlingrumors.net

After realizing that he wouldn't reach his potential with WCW, Triple H left them after one year and signed with WWE in 1995. He never once looked back and would go on to become one of the WWE's greatest wrestlers and ambassadors for the professional wrestling industry.

Triple H ended up winning the World Heavyweight Championship five times throughout his WWE career along with the WWE World Championship nine times. His career accolades continue and include countless awards and championships but they all come back to the WWE where he met his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

No, he isn't in love with the WWE because his father-in-law is Vince McMahon, the man has a true appreciation for the company and even founded the NXT brand for up-and-coming wrestling prospects to hone their professional skills a little before making it to the main roster.

As of today, he is the Executive Vice-president of Talent, Live Events, and Creative.

1 Hated: CM Punk

via wwe.com

How much time do you have? Because CM Punk has a list about a mile long of reasons why he left and would never return to the WWE and it all starts with the lack of respect that Vince McMahon and his creative team has towards the companies hardworking elite talent.

During an interview in 2014, right after CM Punk left the WWE, he talked about Ryback and how he was taken straight to the top without the training and experience that a majority of the companies top talent possessed. He said, "There was a time he kicked me in the stomach as hard as he could and he broke my ribs right at the tail end."

That was one of the many reasons CM Punk was fed up with Vince McMahon and the WWE's lack of respect for the wrestling aspect of it all. Nowadays it is all about ratings and growing the fan base but that has resulted in more guys being sent to the top without the proper training or care.

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