15 Wrestlers Who Prefer To Keep Their Personal Lives Private

As fans, we know all too well that celebrities have a very difficult time keeping their lives out of the public eye. Every day there are dozens of news stories that roll out about these individuals an

As fans, we know all too well that celebrities have a very difficult time keeping their lives out of the public eye. Every day there are dozens of news stories that roll out about these individuals and more often than not, the articles that we read involve some highly personal information. We enjoy reading these stories. A lot of the world even spends a large majority of their own lives debating the personal lives of celebrities that they either love or hate. That's just the way the world works today and thanks to social media and reality shows, it has become a hundred times easier to stalk those individuals every waking moment.

Contrary to a good majority of people who experience fame, wrestlers are on camera and in front of crowds on a very consistent basis. Because of this, it becomes even harder to keep anything in their lives private. No matter how hard they try, it's becoming almost impossible. However, that does not stop a handful of wrestlers from doing whatever they can to keep the world from knowing every single aspect of their existence. Some of them have actively stated that they prefer to keep their personal lives private, while others simply do not allow anyone the chance to pry by avoiding personal posts on social media and dancing around the topics in interviews. Either way, the following 15 wrestlers have made it very clear that they value their privacy and refuse to give fans an open look into the way they live outside of the ring.

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15 Seth Rollins


After what happened between Seth Rollins and his ex-fiancee in February of 2015, we really cannot blame him for wanting to keep his personal life out of the public eye. Before the scandal, Rollins had no problems posting a picture of or talking about his then-fiancee, Leighla Schultz.

After the fact, we barely even knew that Rollins continued his relationship with Zahra Schreiber before it was revealed that the two had "quietly broken up" almost a year after all this happened. Since then, we have not even heard a whisper about what (or who) Rollins has been doing during his limited amount of free time. Maybe that's because he hasn't been seeing anyone. It is a very logical explanation, but the fact that we don't even know if that is true or not just goes to show that Rollins has learned that keeping privacy in his personal life is ideal. Along with that, Rollins also resides in his hometown of Iowa, being one of the few pro wrestlers to live outside of the Florida area.

14 CM Punk


He may not be a professional wrestler anymore, but we could not leave CM Punk off this list. Punk has never been one who has been fond of his personal life being put on blast. Most of the women that he has dated, we did not even know for sure whether or not they were together until after the relationship ended. At the very least, we did not find out until the relationship had been established for a bit.

After Punk and his wife AJ Lee were married, a few of their wedding photos were leaked online. This drove Punk to post a status on Twitter that stated he would block anyone who posted the leaked pictures. Obviously the two of them have become much more comfortable showing off their love and more about their lives at home since Punk started working for the UFC. However, we still don't see quite as much of them as we do other people at their level of fame.

13 Erick Rowan


WhenErick Rowan came into the WWE, he quickly made a name for himself as one of the members of The Wyatt Family. When it comes to the man outside of the ring, the only thing that we know is that he has a wife and two children.

He has a Twitter where he hardly ever posts and never breaks kayfabe, and he does not have any other social media accounts that we're aware of. There has never been any sort of news about Rowan that has ever surfaced, aside from the time he suffered from a shoulder injury. Even the very few rumors surrounding him have always been directly related to wrestling. This is one guy who has somehow managed to stay very far under the radar and we're not exactly sure how. This guy hasn't even been spotted at a grocery store, for crying out loud.

12 Xavier Woods


The New Day's Xavier Woods definitely has a much stronger presence on social media than most of the people on this list, but actively posting on Twitter or Instagram does not necessarily means that we get an inside look into their personal lives. When you look through his social media accounts, Xavier primarily posts about projects for the YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown and WWE. He does occasionally give us a picture of himself that is not directly related to either of those; but as rare as they are, they usually come with some sort of promotion for a contest or an upcoming video that is related to one of them.

Aside from his love for video games, there is not much about Woods' personal life that we know. Nothing about any relationships, his family, or anything else like that. Like Rollins, Xavier lives away from the norm residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

11 Bray Wyatt


As the leader of The Wyatt Family, we assume that the lack of information we have regarding Bray Wyatt's personal life probably has to do with the WWE wanting to be able to sell the gimmick of the insane, cult-like being. That becomes difficult to do if he's too humanized to fans outside of the ring.

What do we know about him? He is married to Samantha Rotunda and has two daughters. We also know that he is Bo Dallas' older brother. What don't we know? Everything else. He does have a Twitter account, but don't bother trying to find any personal posts on there. The posts that can even come close to being considered personal are all said through Bray Wyatt's point of view rather than Windham Rotunda's. He keeps kayfabe alive by keeping his personal life private. You know you're doing something right when the major bio website don't even know where you reside.

10 Kane


While Kane has endured a gimmick much like Bray Wyatt's that only truly works if access to his personal life is limited, that gimmick had died down a bit since he took on the "Corporate" Kane persona. Even with him sort of stepping in and out of the whole "Demon Kane" thing, not much has ever been known about Kane's personal life. He has always been a very private individual.

In fact, the only bits of information he allows us to know that don't involve wrestling are his views in politics. We do know that he's married and has two daughters, but after so many years we still haven't seen anything pertaining to Kane's wife and children. We're not sure how he does it, but one thing is for sure; we're never going to see Kane outside of the ring unless he wants us to. Like others on the list, Kane is living a private life residing out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

9 Tamina Snuka


Tamina Snuka is the first and only female wrestler to make this list and the reason for that is because she is far less open about her personal life than most of her female co-workers, many of whom are on Total Divas, which gives insight into their daily lives. What is known about her is that she's divorced. The divorce happened in 2003 prior to her being signed to the WWE. She also has two daughters.

Everything from her own personal life outside of the WWE to her relationship with her family is kept very private. There are a few pictures that Tamina posted on her Twitter two years ago that showed her enjoying life outside of the ring, but even those were less than revealing. Since then, she has become even more private and as a result, we know almost nothing about her.

8 Enzo Amore


If you go looking for personal information on Enzo Amore, you are going to have one heck of a hunt on your hands. Most of the information you are going to find about him consists of unverified rumors by less than reliable or "unknown" sources. That small amount of information that is reliable is also very unspecific and can barely even pass off as a peek into his personal life.

This particular entry is surprising in itself because most of the people on this list grew up during a time where social media barely even existed, if it existed at all. Enzo is young enough to where social media is something he's very familiar with and uses, but he still manages to somehow keep his life outside of the ring private.

7 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is about as silent about his life outside of WWE as he is when he's in the ring working for the company. We know that he likes to hunt and is married to former WWE Diva Sable. He's also been married and divorced once before, and from both marriages he has a total of four children. His family life is very well hidden, though. We don't get to see pictures of him and his family and he is not spending any of his time talking about what the family does during his time at home.

In terms of his own personal life, the only bits we have seen of him involve an arrest where charges were dropped and another set of charges involving hunting that would not have been brought to our attention if he had any say in it. We have no access to anything prior to that and Lesnar makes sure it stays that way by keeping himself and his family secluded on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.

6 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


We know that a lot of people would argue the fact that these two are on the list because we see their relationship on TV and social media all the time. However, their relationship is only represented on TV in storyline format.

It's very rare that we actually get to see what these two are like as a couple outside of the WWE. Everything we know relates to the business. They have even managed to keep pictures of their children out of the public's hands for the most part. Of course we know that a very large majority of their life revolves around the WWE, but they have worked very hard to make sure the small parts that are not WWE related stay within the family.

5 Shane McMahon


Just like his sister, Shane McMahon obviously values keeping his personal life away from the eyes of the WWE fans. Once again, everything we know about him has been presented to us in previous storylines in the WWE. Outside of that, we know pretty much nothing about Shane O'Mac. He rarely ever even does interviews, but he did do one "tell all" interview with Mick Foley where he touched on his life growing up and being the son of Vince McMahon, his relationship with Stephanie, as well as his reasons for leaving WWE.

That's the deepest look into Shane's personal life that we have ever gotten. It's probably the deepest we'll ever get as well.

4 Vince McMahon


Just like the rest of his family, Vince keeps any and all aspects of his personal life as hidden from the public eye as he possibly can. Any information about him that is not given in the WWE still revolves around the company as a whole and/or lawsuits that he has been involved in. We rarely ever see him out in public and every single "news break" that we get about him lately has to do with his money or the idea of selling the WWE.

For someone who is the most famous person in the world of professional wrestling, it's a bit surprising to know that we know so little about what he does outside of the WWE — especially considering the fact that his presence within the company has declined a bit over the past several years. The again, this is Vince and how many hours a week does he seriously have outside of the company. Three? Ya probably three.

3 Roman Reigns


While Roman has opened up and talked about his daughter and wife before, we don't know much about his life past that. In interviews, he talks about wrestling and his previous football career. We have also seen him talk and post about Call of Duty. However, that's where our look into Roman's life ends.

On one hand, we could sit here and say that his life is nothing but wrestling and Call of Duty. It's believable, especially considering that a large amount of his family were/are professional wrestlers. However, when you look at the wrestlers who are constantly posting everything they're doing and everywhere they are on a daily basis, you realize that Reigns doesn't give us as much as we might think he does. The most we have gotten from him are the times that R-Truth puts him on his Facebook Live broadcasts without asking him first. The guy doesn't even have an Instagram account.

2 The Undertaker


The Undertaker has been one of those wrestlers who has always avoided having his personal life being put out there for everyone to see. He isn't seen on social media and we don't really know too much about his marriage to Michelle McCool or his four children.

The fact that his personal life is kept out of the public eye was likely started for the same reason we assume Bray Wyatt's is — selling the gimmick becomes more difficult if fans are able to humanize him. Regardless of if that's the case or not, the chances of us ever getting an in depth look at his life outside of the ring are very slim. He obviously has no desire to put everything on blast and we can't blame him. Given how popular he is in wrestling, if he opened his private life up to us, he would likely never have any privacy ever again. We applaud Taker for his decades and decades of devotion towards his gimmick making him one of the greatest of all-time.

1 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose has always very clearly expressed the fact that he prefers to keep his personal life private. If it isn't enough that he has absolutely no presence on social media, he has done his best to actively avoided answering personal questions in interviews. Heck, the guy even resides in Vegas, which other wrestlers can you list that live in that area nowadays? Chances are, not many.

From what we've heard, Ambrose has not been happy about being a part of the new season of Total Divas. Even his girlfriend Renee Young has been quoted as saying "he's handling it pretty much the exact way that you would imagine Dean Ambrose would handle it. There's been a lot of loud yelling, not wanting anyone in his face too much, so we will see how that unfolds over time." So it's looking like we're going to get a picture of exactly how much he hates people being in his personal life when he starts making appearances on the show.

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