15 Wrestlers Who Questioned Their Orientation

The following list of people has either hinted or revealed that they are questioning their sexual orientation,

Wrestling is a globally recognizable sport. Which means that Superstars become well-known faces by many of the fans.

This means that in a world that is dominated by Social Media and the internet, nothing remains a secret for very long. Total Divas hasn't helped many Superstars recently when it comes to revealing some of the secrets that should remain personal because it is centred around the drama of the home and the personal life.

People's personal lives or their sexual orientation is usually something that is kept quiet. But in a contact sport like wrestling, it seems as though many secrets are always forced to come out.

Many of the following people have decided to share the fact that they have managed to make it in the wrestling world despite their sexual orientation as a message of hope to many other people out there who are struggling to fit in and need to be shown that this shouldn't affect their life.

The following list of people has either hinted or revealed that they are questioning their sexual orientation, or have come out publicly as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.

15 Mae Young


Mae Young is a WWE Hall of Famer and her legacy has continued long after her passing, as both she and The Fabulous Moolah have inspired many other female wrestlers over the years.

Mae is famous for not giving up wrestling despite her advanced age. But there are also many rumours about the former Women's Champion that could add much more to the story. Mae and Moolah were the best of friends and actually lived together for a large portion of their lives until Moolah passed away in 2007. It seems that many of the WWE Universe think that Moolah and Mae were much closer than just friends and many of their friends have agreed with this speculation since their passing. Mae was reportedly openly gay for many years, and quite proud of her sexuality.

14 Shelly Martinez


Shelly Martinez was known as Ariel in WWE for her short stint in ECW back in 2006. She trained with the likes of Maria, Beth Phoenix, and Mickie James, and had quite an iconic ring entrance as she played the mistress to a vampire named Kevin Thorne.

Even though her stay in WWE was a brief one, Shelly is still a memorable Superstar in the history of WWE and it seems that after she left the company, she began to delve into a career in adult entertainment. Much of this has been questionable since there was always an all-female cast. Although Shelley herself has never publicly stated what her sexual orientation is, the WWE Universe has been speculating about it for a number of years after various professional videos were released.

13 The Fabulous Moolah


The longest reigning Women's Champion in WWE history and a WWE Hall of Famer, The Fabulous Moolah will always be seen as a legend in the eyes of the WWE Universe. But since her passing there have been many stories about Moolah in her younger days that are not very flattering.

Moolah pretty much controlled the wrestling scene for many years, but apparently, this wasn't only because of talent. Tis was also to so with the fact that she became wrapped up in what could be called a sex trafficking circle, which affected the way many of the women in wrestling looked up to her. There are also the above rumours about Mae and Moolah's friendship being not strictly platonic before Jim Ross stated on an interview on The Ross Report that Moolah was infact bisexual.

12 Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle is a former Diva Search contestant who shockingly managed to climb her way through the ranks in WWE to become the Women's Champion before her departure. While Candice is currently happily married with three children, it seems that when she was part of WWE, her interests were a little different.

Candice was part of a stable called Vince's Devils, along with Victoria and Torrie Wilson. The trio would often be referred to as lesbians by the WWE Universe because they would kiss as part of their entrance. Candice was seemingly OK with sexualizing her character in the build up to the release of her Playboy cover but later decided to tone that part down as she became much more serious about her wrestling ability and winning the Women's Championship.

11 Sonny Kiss


Sonny Kiss has become a well-known wrestler on the Independent Circuit over the past few years, after appearing in promotions like Evolve and Warriors of Wrestling.

Sonny's flamboyant character allowed him to stand out and it seems that the wrestling community has taken to him. The first real hints of his real life sexual orientation were when Sonny appeared in an online video with former TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III. The duo had an entertaining "twerk off" before Sonny then kissed Ethan on the lips to end the video. It is reported that Sonny is a proud openly gay man outside of the wrestling ring and plays a character inside of it that allows him to turn his personality up to 100. His Twitter page is also a highly entertaining one to follow.

10 Matt Cage


Matt Cage is another well-known professional wrestler who is working on the Independent Circuit. Matt has made his mark in Chikara and Dragon's Gate USA over the past few years but after Darren Young decided to come out as the first active gay professional wrestler, it seems that it inspired Matt to do the same.

Matt openly came out as gay in 2015 after a battle with depression. Matt detailed this in a heartfelt Facebook post where he declared that he had claimed to be bisexual for the longest time because he feared rejection. He said that he had privately come out to people as bisexual before, but this wasn't who he was anymore and that he while he still found women to be beautiful, he would no longer be pursuing them.

9 Chyna


Chyna was one of the first women to break down the barriers in WWE and prove that female wrestlers could achieve something more than the company realized at the time. The women of today have a lot to thank Chyna for. In her personal life, Chyna also had public relationships with the likes of X-Pac and WWE COO Triple H, before her WWE departure.

After she was shockingly fired from WWE, at perhaps what was the height of her career, Chyna then moved into adult entertainment and this is where many of the rumours about Chyna's sexual orientation come from. Many of the films that Chyna was involved in also included women, and in seems that the former Women's Champion actually identified as bisexual for much of her life.

8 Sonya Deville


Sonya Deville was part of WWE Tough Enough when it returned to the WWE Network back in 2015. While she wasn't one of the winners of the competition, WWE still signed her to a WWE developmental contract after she became the first ever openly gay female performer on the NXT roster. It seems that Darren Young's big reveal sent shockwaves through the sport and gave many other stars the confidence to speak out.

Sonya has since been training in NXT and has made various appearances at house shows, and recently after almost two years in developmental. She made her debut on NXT, in a match against Lacey Evans. With the upcoming Women's Tournament on the Network, it seems like the perfect time to be able to include her in TV tapings.

7 Nicole Bass


Nicole Bass became a well-known figure in Sports Entertainment in the late 1990s when she made her debut in ECW aligning herself with the likes of Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible.

Nicole later came to WWE as Sable's bodyguard and was later able to enter into a feud with Debra. Their feud was later cut short when Nicole abruptly left WWE after she filed a lawsuit against Steve Lombardi, stating that she was sexually assaulted by him. The case was later dismissed from court, but Nicole still continued to wrestle outside of WWE, on the Independent Circuit for many years. Nicole was married to Richard Fuchs from 1985 but it is reported that at the time of her death earlier this year, Nicole was in a relationship with her business partner Kristen Marrone.

6 Chris Kanyon


While Darren Young's story has inspired many sportsmen and women to reveal their sexuality to the world recently, it seems that Chris Kanyon needed someone like Darren at the height of his career. Because his story could have been changed dramatically.

Kanyon struggled with his sexuality throughout his career as well as struggling with injuries and was released by WWE in 2003. Kanyon later stated that he was released by WWE because he was gay, but later took this back, since the wrestling community was unaware of his sexuality until he revealed it. Kanyon later struggled with depression and tragically took his own life in 2010 while he was working on his memoirs about the struggles to make it in the world of professional wrestling and trying to hide his true sexuality.

5 Rosa Mendes


Rosa Mendes was considered a veteran in WWE when she finally decided to retire from the company back in February. Rosa was also part of Total Divas before her departure and this is where she was able to reveal her sexuality to many of the other WWE Divas before stated that she was in a relationship with a man and gave birth to a daughter.

Rosa and Paige became very close during their time on Total Divas together and this allowed Rosa to reveal that she was actually bisexual before she then kissed Paige. Rosa has since used her reveal as a way to help other women who are too scared to come out to their parents or partners as she attempts to help them through the process that she has come through herself.

4 Orlando Jordan


Orlando Jordan was never given the opportunities that he fully deserved in WWE, despite being a former United States Champion. When he left WWE he came out as gay and decided to make the switch to TNA. While he was there the company used his sexuality as part of many of his storylines, which made him quite uncomfortable.

Jordan was part of some of the hardest to watch stalking and harassment angles on TNA TV, so it comes as no surprise that Jordan later decided to leave wrestling as a Superstar and instead open his own wrestling training school and then shockingly got married a woman. So it seems that Orlando Jordan was infact bisexual, or he changed his preference after her decided to walk away from wrestling in the spotlight?

3 Paige


The first ever NXT Women's Champion has been in the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. But while Paige is currently married to former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio, she actually revealed on an episode of Total Divas a few years ago, that she is bisexual, which has often come across in her wrestling anyway.

Paige said that she had been in relationships with girls before and bonded with Rosa when they two decided to share their sexualities publicly for the first time. Rosa did go on to kiss Paige and the former Divas Champion then told her that she didn't see her in that way, but it seems that both stars have since ended up in happy relationships, so it all worked out for the best.

2 Darren Young


Darren Young became the first ever active openly gay WWE superstar back in 2015 when he decided to come out in a video that was taken by TMZ. Young has been happily in a relationship with his boyfriend for a number of years and wasn't impressed when he has blurred out of the Hall of Fame videos a few years ago. Young has remained on the WWE roster ever since, as WWE tried to push him following the release of the video that they were reportedly not very happy about.

Young has spoken out about being the first man to come out while still being part of the WWE Locker room and how hard that was. But thanks to his confidence, many other stars have been able to follow in his footsteps and feel a lot less shame for it.

1 Pat Patterson


The man who is remembered for coming up with the original idea for the Royal Rumble match and one of the longest running employees of WWE. It has been well-known for a number of years that Pat was gay, but he had never publicly revealed it until an episode of Legends House which is streamed exclusively on the WWE Network a few years ago.

Pat sat many of the legends down around a table which included 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart, and Roddy Piper and explained that he was gay in what was an emotional episode of the show that is usually full of comedy moments. It was a groundbreaking moment for Pat as well, who was finally able to get it off his chest after all these years.

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