15 Wrestlers Who Recently Became Parents

Ask any professional wrestler and they will tell you the worst part about their job is the schedule. The top stars are working up to 300 days a year with no offseason. When they give more details about why the schedule is so bad, the number one answer you will hear is because it takes time away from their families.

Some wrestlers have it easier than others. PWG guys aren’t going to stray too far from California, NJPW doesn’t tour outside of Japan much and even those in NXT don’t have to travel too far from Orlando, yet there are some in the WWE who are away from home more often than not. This brutal schedule and the time away from family might prevent some wrestlers for wanting to have kids of their own.

Then again, this isn’t always the case.

Some of the most famous wrestlers in history are all part of the same family. The famous Anoa'i family boasts Rikishi’s twin sons (The Usos), the Flair dynasty is alive and well with Charlotte, and one of the hottest angles right now features the offsprings of IRS (Bo Dallas) and Mr. Perfect (Curtis Axel).

Despite all the heavy travel, wrestlers aren’t going to stop having kids.. And for as good as the current generation of wrestlers are, the next generation could be even better. Whether the wrestler is becoming a parent for the first time, or if they’re adding another member to their stable, these 15 wrestlers are ensuring that the sport isn’t going to be dying any time soon.

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15 Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

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Perhaps the most widely known new-parent in the business today, Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella gave birth to their daughter Birdie Jo Danielson in mid 2017. This is the first child for both of the wrestlers, and her birth was anything but conventional.

Birdie Jo’s entire pregnancy was shown for the world through the Bellas’ two reality shows “Total Divas” and “Total Bellas”. Not only that, but her actual birth was portrayed on TV. Time will only tell if Birdie Jo is going to grow up to be the trailblazer her mom is, or as proficient in the ring as her dad, but either way, the girl has a set of parents we can all be jealous of. If the Bellas continue to share their lives through reality shows, we may see Birdie Joe grow up before our eyes!

14 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy’s new son, Wolfgang, isn’t his first child, as he already has a son named Maxel, but Wolfgang could be just as important to the family. Matt and his brother Jeff are two of the most famous and Hall-of-Fame-worthy performers wrestling has ever seen. Their daredevil antics are legendary and well-documented. However, part of what made the Hardys so famous is the fact they are related.

Maxel is already halfway there.. Well, kind of. Despite being a toddler, he already has his first victory by gaining a pinfall on Rockstar Spud in TNA. With the right guidance from his wrestler parents (Matt’s wife, Reby, was a wrestler as well) Maxel and Wolfgang Hardy could be the a tag team sometime in the 2040s.

13 The Miz And Maryse

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One can make an argument that The Miz is one of the greatest heels in WWE history. His ability to talk fits him right in line with some of the best talkers in the industry like Ric Flair and Paul Heyman. Those speaking skills might come in handy as he and his wrestler wife Maryse announced they are having a little girl in 2018.

They haven’t announced a name for the new addition to the family, but you can believe that any lectures she gets will be given with intensity and with just a bit of an edge. It also leads you to wonder if Miz will let his daughter get into the spotlight the same way he did: through reality TV.

This will be the first child for both The Miz and Maryse, so félicitations to the happy couple!

12 Randy Orton

Randy Orton is no stranger to wrestling nepotism as both his father and grandfather are wrestling legends in their own right. He is also on his way to continuing this dynasty by the recent birth of his second child. His second daughter, Brooklyn, recently came into this world and give The Viper another snake to add to his brood. He married his second wife, Kimberly Kessler about two years ago and it wasn't long before she got pregnant and gave birth to Orton's second child, with him already having one from his first marriage to Samantha Speno. Kessler also has three children from a previous relationship.

So far, the Orton dynasty has always been made up of competitors in the men’s division, however, if she sees fit, Brooklyn will have quite the tutelage if she decides to be a part of the women’s division in the future. Maybe she can give Birdie Jo an RKO outta nowhere sometime in the next 20 years.

11 Rosa Mendes

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Other than her appearances on Total Divas, Rosa Mendes was a big of an enigma. She was off TV for the longest time and even stopped participating in house shows. The reason for this absence was because she was pregnant with her first child. Rosa’s daughter, Jordan, was born in February of 2016. While she was pregnant, Rosa made brief appearances on Total Divas and after she gave birth she retired from WWE shortly thereafter.

Rosa has since given interviews about her new life as a mom and seems to be excited to take on the challenge of parenthood and doesn’t regret her retirement at all. Even though she was never a star in the company, congratulations are in order to happy new mom Rosa.

10 Mike and Maria Kanellis

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Mike and Maria both wrestled under the TNA brand for a handful of years, but never as the power couple they were portrayed as in WWE. Mike and Maria were dating and got married while they were in TNA, but their latest piece of news happened in WWE. Maria recently announced she is pregnant with hers, and the couple’s, first child.

This is especially good news for the couple because they’ve had a hard time since making the jump to WWE. Mike was rarely featured on television, and jobbing when he was shown due to rumors of him being overweight, and then it was announced he was going into rehab for a substance abuse problem. It’s nice to hear that Mike now has some extra motivation to get clean and get in shape.

9 Konnor

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The Ascension was one of the most dominant tag teams in NXT history. Then, once they were called up to WWE...nothing. They’ve recently had a bit of renaissance by becoming bit players on the popular Fashion Files segments with Tyler Breeze and Fandango, but their potential has been wasted so far. Wasted potential doesn’t always mean bad news, as Konnor recently announced he and his wife are having their first child.

With his recent work on Fashion Files, it’s not looking like Konnor’s End of Days are coming any time soon, and that’s good news with a new child on the way. Once Konnor’s wife does give birth, I wonder if his first words to his new child are going to be “Welcome to the Wasteland!”

8 Apollo Crews

The former Uhaa Nation, and current star member of the Titus Worldwide brand in WWE welcomed a new daughter to the world in June of 2017. The new girl, named Sade, is Crews’ first child and first with his partner Linda.

Crews made a name for himself on the indie scene before coming to NXT in 2015, and rode a pretty impressive undefeated streak before ultimately leaving NXT for WWE without having won a title. Shortly thereafter he made his debut in WWE where he’s done, well, not much.

He’s bounced around the midcard for a while and mostly uses his impressive athleticism and in-ring talent to put over other superstars on their way to the top. But not all hope is lost for Crews. His inclusion in Titus Worldwide is resulting in a bit of a push and some much needed TV time.

7 Wesley Blake and Sara Lee

The most recent season of Tough Enough looked like it had some potential superstars in it, especially from the women’s side. The eventual winner, Sara Lee, was a bit of a controversial choice at the time, and was even more of one in the following months. Before her wrestling career could even started, she announced she was pregnant with a daughter with former NXT Tag Team Champ Wesley Blake.

Because she wasn’t featured on NXT TV, and because of the pregnancy, Sara was released from her WWE contract so that she could have her child. Earlier in 2017 Sara and Blake welcomed baby Piper into this world.

Blake hasn’t made it back to TV yet (only doing Live Events here and there) but Sara is working hard to continue her wrestling career. She recently went back to training at a dojo in Orlando. Maybe the door isn’t closed for her NXT debut yet!

6 Mickie James

Mickie James’s recent run in the WWE has been a revelation for the women’s division. Alexa Bliss may make fun of her for being old, but proving that a woman can wrestle high quality matches at an older age shouldn’t go unnoticed. It might lead someone to wonder where Mickie has been all this time.

One of the major reasons for her absence from wrestling is the birth of her son with fellow wrestler Magnus. This is the couple's first child together.

Other than being a trailblazer for women of an advanced age continuing to wrestle, Mickie is also a testament to the drive it takes for a women to come back to wrestling after having a child. It definitely is good news that Mickie's great genes will be passed along!

5 Christy Hemme

Christy might not be a household name to modern wrestling fans, but fans of WWE and TNAs past will recognize the former contest winner. Her biggest claim to fame is winning the first-ever Divas Search contest in 2004, but she might have a newer claim now. Christy recently announced she’s pregnant, but not just with one or two babies, she is having quadruplets!

Raising one child is hard enough on a new mom, but raising four of them at the same time has to be a nightmare. Christy does have one thing going for her, she’s already raising her first daughter who she had in early 2015.

If her kids decide to all go into the business for themselves, we won’t only have new tag champs on our hands, we’ll have an entire stable.

4 R-Truth

My daughters first day of dance class

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Ron Killings’ life is almost as crazy and improbable as his wrestling character on screen. He got his start in the WWE and bounced between it and TNA for a while, finally settling in on his role in the WWE as a mid card comedy staple. Before wrestling he has been very open about his troubled youth and jail time. R-Truth now has a little more motivation for continuing to work hard as a wrestler as his new wife gave birth to the couple’s new daughter just a little while ago. It is the couple’s first daughter together.

Word is still out if she came into this world with a mic in her hand, freestyle rapping and asking the doctor to say “What’s Up”.

3 AJ Styles

Wrestlers are as known for their tattoos almost as much as they are for their in-ring work. What’s Randy Orton without his skulls? Or CM Punk without his Pepsi? The same can be said about AJ Styles and the giant initials he has tattooed on his side. Astute viewers will see a few other tattoos under his name, 3 dates. These dates are for the births of his children.

If viewers are really paying attention, they’ll notice a fourth date recently appeared on his side. This is because AJ is the proud father of a daughter to go along with the three sons he already has.

Those with the WWE Network should check out the episode of Superstar Ink to get even more details on AJ’s new baby girl.

2 Roderick Strong

Most of the times, when a wrestler has a new kid, it’s talked about on Instagram or Twitter, maybe it gets a mention on commentary and that’s it. Rarely is the new child actually brought on screen and used in an angle. This wasn’t the case with Roderick Strong in NXT.

NXT used a simple tactic to get fans behind their new pickup: Run a bunch of video packages to give some insight about his life. One of the subjects of this video package was Roddy’s new son Troy. Shortly after Troy became public knowledge, then-NXT champ Bobby Roode used him to rile Roddy up and force him into a match. They went even as far as having Roddy’s wife and kid on screen during a fight.

Now that’s what I call being a tough dad.

1 Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston is having one of, if not the best three year period of his entire career. He isn’t in the position to hold and individual championship belts (although he did recently break the record for longest tag team champs of all time), but he’s the best part of WWE wrestling every week. And for as good as he is in the ring, he’s even better outside of it. WWE Network fans will note how he’s always talking about his kids, the newest of which came late last year.

This isn’t Kofi’s first child, as he and his wife already have a son, but this newest addition to the family rounds the males out to three. Three guys? If only Kofi knew a way to successfully manage three guys working together as one...

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