15 Wrestlers Who Should Have NEVER Worn Wrestling Trunks

Wrestlers come in all different shapes and sizes. Fans have seen the likes of Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio Jr reach the pinnacle of WWE despite being 210 pounds and 175 pounds respectively. On the contrary, fans have also seen gargantuan athletes such as the Big Show and Yokozuna who were billed as being anywhere between 400 and 500 pounds and between 550 and 650 pounds respectively.

Fans have also seen little people such as El Torito and Hornswoggle who were both under five feet tall step foot in the ring. The wrestling world has shown fans time in and time out that not everyone is built the same. Quite frankly, wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, ever hear the expression "you are what you wear: what your clothes say about you"?

For those wrestlers that are sporting more flab than ab, the first thing they should do is trade in their trunks for some tights. Here, we take a look at fifteen wrestlers that should have never worn trunks.

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15 James Ellsworth

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It's hard to believe that less than two months ago James Ellsworth was not only one of the most over wrestlers on the Smackdown brand but in the WWE as a whole. However, this all changed when Ellsworth switched over to the dark side by pushing his friend at the time, Dean Ambrose, off a ladder. By doing so, Ellsworth helped AJ Styles retain his WWE World Championship. Ellsworth felt he'd be able to knock off Styles considering he had already done it twice before. However, Ellsworth conveniently forgot that the only reason he notched two victories over Styles was because of outside interference from Ambrose. Just like Ellsworth was delusional in thinking he'd beat Styles, he's delusional if he thinks trunks are the proper fit for him. It isn't that Ellsworth sports a pudgy physique; it's that he sports an undefined physique. Tights and a tank top are much better suited for the Baltimore, Maryland born Ellsworth.

14 JBL

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JBL has reminded viewers on constant occasions that he is the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history. Kudos, to the wrestler now turned commentator for that accolade. You know what else JBL constantly reminded fans of? JBL constantly reminded fans that he should've left his track jacket on at all times so he could spare viewers alike of his jiggling gut. JBL's always had a pudgy gut even in the Attitude Era when he was one half of the Acolytes along with Faarooq as simply Bradshaw. But, JBL's gut was clearly way worse when he ditched his black hair and beer drinking ways for blonde hair and limousine driving ways. JBL wasn't just the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history; he was also a WWE Champion who should've never worn trunks.

13 Triple H

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Triple H has graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine on multiple occasions. Triple H has a book dedicated to fitness titled, Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body.  Triple H has a WWE Power Series DVD which details some of his workouts. Surely he has no business being on a list of wrestlers who shouldn't wear trunks and this is merely a typo by a negligent and inconsistent writer. However, in the year 2000, the "Cerebral Assassin" packed on a gang of weight and his chiseled core and colossal pecs were no longer on full display. Instead, fans now saw an out of shape Triple H who looked like the poster boy for the "dad bod". Thankfully, the "King of Kings" ditched that figure rather quickly and hasn't looked back since.

12 Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno

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Better known to the masses as Chris Hero, the former one half of the Kings of Wrestling tag team along with WWE's Cesaro recently returned to NXT with the ring name he had in his first stint, Kassius Ohno. Any idea of why Ohno was given the boot in his first run? Well, Ohno was released because WWE officials weren't too pleased with Ohno not being able to keep the pounds off. In fairness to WWE, they had notified Ohno that they wanted him to shed some weight. In fairness to Ohno, while he may have had a chubby stomach, he was still one of the best performers in NXT during his tenure. In fairness to the fans, the trunks aren't doing anyone any justice, Ohno. Nixay on those, buddy!

11 Dusty Rhodes

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First and foremost, rest in peace to the "American Dream", Dusty Rhodes. While Rhodes was both a phenomenal in ring talent as well as a brilliant mind backstage as evidenced by working with the developmental talents in NXT, his ring gear was to put it nicely, questionable. Rhodes was and still is to this day infamous for his black singlet with large polka dots. This was the usual getup Rhodes would don and to this day remains one of the most iconic and renown pieces of ring gear worn by a wrestler. This was the good. Now, on to the bad and the ugly. Rhodes would also wear black trunks from time to time. Unlike his son Cody Rhodes, he wasn't exactly chiseled. There's not much Dusty did wrong, but sporting trunks was one of the few things he did wrong.

10 Bo Dallas

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For those who have never seen Bo Dallas' wife Sarah Backman, she is absolutely jacked out of her mind. The twenty-five year old Swede is an eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion and a former NXT talent. You'd think with a wife who's in as good shape as she is would propel her husband, Bo Dallas, to strive for the same. Instead, it looks like Dallas' is more interested in striving for seconds at the dinner table. To make matters worse, Dallas' not only wears tights, but he comes to the ring drenched in either oil or water which dictates more attention to his physique. This wouldn't be a bad move if Dallas' was John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler. But, he isn't. Fortunately, it looks like Dallas' has gotten the message as he is now usually seen rocking a singlet.

9 Husky Harris

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Not to be outdone by his younger brother Bo Dallas, Husky Harris also showcased that he and trunks do not go hand in hand. Prior to becoming "the Eater of Worlds" Bray Wyatt, the head of the Wyatt Family appeared in WWE as a member of the new Nexus under the moniker Husky Harris. When the word "husky" appears in your name (and it wasn't unwarranted), you'd think the last thing you'd do is place your jelly rolls on full display for crowds by wearing trunks. Well, that's exactly what Harris did. Thankfully the shift from Harris to Wyatt not only gave fans a much more intriguing character, but one who sported ring gear that better fit his physique as Wyatt rocks a black sleeveless shirt with white pants now.

8 Lord Tensai

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Currently Matt Bloom serves as the head trainer in WWE's NXT. Prior to that, Bloom had a number of runs with WWE as a wrestler under the ring names of Albert, A-Train Lord Tensai, Prince Albert, Sweet T and Tensai. First off, Lord Tensai practically never had ring gear that suited him well, regardless of whether he was wearing trunks or a singlet. While Lord Tensai may have thankfully removed his out of control body hair (particularly his back), the same couldn't be said of him for his early days in WWE when he was Albert and A-Train. Tensai was also billed at as being 331 pounds which doesn't make it hard to fathom that he had more flab then ab. If only Tyler Breeze and Fandango were around during Tensai's run to alert him of his never ending fashion mishaps.

7 "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

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"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is predominantly known by most for being the winner of the WWE's inaugural Royal Rumble in 1988 as well as for shouting his popular "ho" catchphrase while waving his 2x4 in the air. The 2011 WWE Hall of Fame inductee  stood 6'3'' and was billed at as being 270 pounds which didn't make him the largest guy around, but by no means did it mean he was one of the smaller wrestlers on the scene. The fact that Duggan wore vibrant blue trunks did nothing to help him either. With not an ab in sight, Duggan should've ditched the trunks for tights the minute he decided to become a wrestler. To his credit, Duggan did sport shorts in his career as well which were much better suited for his physique.

6 Trevor Murdoch

via wwe.com

Unlike his tag team partner Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch didn't have a respectable and well-defined physique. In an even more ironic twist, it was Murdoch that sported trunks while Cade opted for tights. Despite Murdoch's physique not only looking lackluster next to his tag partner's, the two reached the mountaintop of the tag division on three separate occasions from 2005-2007. Now thirty-six, Murdoch hasn't been seen in the WWE since 2008; however, he still appears on the independent scene. But, wrestling is no longer Murdoch's primary source of income. Instead, Murdoch has entered the world of installing fibre optic cables for an unnamed heavy equipment company. Hopefully, the company doesn't allow him to wear trunks and requires that he also wears a shirt at all times.

5 CM Punk

via nyafuu.org

Is CM Punk skinny? Or is he fat? The question doesn't seem to have a clearcut answer as the argument for both skinny and fat can be made. The answer? Triple H nailed it on the head; CM Punk is "a skinny fat ass"! Now in the world of mixed martial arts competing for the UFC, Punk's ditched the skinny fat ass physique for a more lean one. Punk no longer tips the scales at close to 220 pounds. On the contrary, Punk's dropped just under fifty pounds as he competes in UFC's Welterweight division which features those who weigh in at and between 156 and 170 pounds. While Punk's physique has improved since he departed wrestling for MMA, his wrestling physique was probably better suited for tights, not trunks.

4 Dino Bravo

via peardaily.com

In 1993, Dino Bravo was gruesomely executed while watching hockey at his home. Believed to have been involved in the world of cigarette smuggling, Bravo's demise came as a result of his involvement of easily attracting customers to sell cigarettes to due to being a prominent name based on his career as a wrestler. The Mafia was extremely opposed to any and every one who dabbled in ventures they were involved in and smuggling cigarettes was one of them. Bravo was shot dead as he took seven bullets to the head and ten to the torso. He was only forty-four. Bravo did himself no favors by getting involved in Mafia affairs; he also did himself no favors by wearing trunks as at 265 pounds his stomach looked mighty uncomfortable in a pair of trunks.

3 Eugene

via CAWs.ws

First and foremost, while wearing trunks may have been an issue for Eugene, the bigger issue was why a character with his persona was ever invented in the first place? Playing the role of then Raw GM Eric Bischoff's mentally retarded nephew, Eugene's character had no business being on WWE programming. Moreover, Eugene's character hd no business being involved in the wrestling world as making a mockery of intellectual disabilities is nothing short of cruel and heinous. Eugene didn't always wear trunks; sometimes he opted for a singlet and tights, which his frame was much better suited for. Billed at 226 pounds, Eugene's weight wasn't striking for one who wore trunks. But, his body resembled a "dad bod" more than anything which meant trunks were far from tailor-made for him.

2 Zack Ryder

via Bodybuilding.com

Currently, the "Long Island Iced Z", Zack Ryder has one of the best physiques in the WWE. However, there was a time where it looked like "Long Island Iced Z" opted for a little too many Long Island Iced Teas, as well as extra helpings of food. Perhaps Ryder was in the midst of bulking season? If so, it clearly paid off. However, during this time, Ryder should've taken a page out of his own playbook; he should've discarded the trunks and replaced them with tights that he wore when he was a "Edge head" along with the "Ultimate Opportunist" and former tag team partner, Curt Hawkins. Thankfully, Ryder no longer has a pot belly and seeing him chubby isn't something that is remembered by many.

1 Chris Jericho

via Bodybuilding.com

Throughout his career, Chris Jericho's weight has fluctuated. While Jericho's weight has never been ridiculously out of control, nor as he ever been out of shape for a lengthy period of time, there have been times where he has looked chubby as opposed to chiseled. Jericho has also worn both trunks and tights during his time in the ring. However, it's hard to remember a time where he wore tights and was out of shape. On the other hand, there's been a number of times where he's looked out of shape while wearing trunks. One of those times was in 2010, when Jericho was thirty-nine. Jericho currently seems to have lost most of his abs, but is thankfully nowhere near looking as dismal as he did in 2010.

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