15 Wrestlers Who Snagged Women Way Hotter Than They Are

Being an acclaimed professional wrestler definitely has its perks, as the fame and money along with the popularity a wrestler gets when he reaches the WWE goes through the roof. A WWE Superstar not on

Being an acclaimed professional wrestler definitely has its perks, as the fame and money along with the popularity a wrestler gets when he reaches the WWE goes through the roof. A WWE Superstar not only gets to show his talents to millions of people watching the product around the world, but obviously attains a lot of attention in his society and is attractive to many girls who definitely want a piece of them because of their fame. The wrestlers obviously use this to their advantage to snag up some hot women who are way out of their league.

Event the ugliest of WWE wrestlers seem to have some sexy wives or girlfriends and they use their fame and money ahead of their looks to gain the attention of attractive women who definitely cannot resist being aligned with a famous person. Some try to hide it with statements like their wives ‘were their childhood love’ or someone they’d been dating before attaining the fame, but the truth of the matter is that they’re ring name and value is probably what attracts some of the women they date or marry. Most of these wrestlers who work on a frantic schedule can’t really give much time to their spouses either, hence the value of ‘love’ in their relationship seems quite questionable.

We’ve seen so many hot wrestling WAGs over the years, but how they manage to get them is something that has been confusing us for so long. It’s probably the money and the status a WWE superstar has, as we’ve seen wrestlers who have married or dated women who are way sexier than they are, and some of the less attractive wrestlers also seem to have some amazing women alongside them. Let’s take a look at 15 wrestlers who were able to snag women who are way hotter than they are.

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15 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens has been acting like he’s on top of the world, like’s he’s superior than every other wrestler in the WWE ever since arriving at the scene. He definitely backs it up in the ring and those who choose to still mock his weight obviously don’t know about his smashing wife Karina whom he loves to gloat about and one can imagine why. The alluring wife of Owens has been in his life ever since he married her and a pillar of encouragement on why he needs to improve and become a more popular superstar. Owens often played the ‘look out for my family’ angle during his early days and one can see why as his wife is this remarkable, as he also has two lovely children in Owen and a daughter Elodie. The Two time Intercontinental Champion doesn’t look like he'll be backing down anytime soon in the WWE, and with a wife like that who would?

14 Billy Kidman


Billy Kidman would see his fortunes light up in the latter years of WCW, when he was paired with Torrie Wilson and they grew close to each other. Kidman would continue to date Wilson throughout their time as an on-screen couple as they moved to the WWE after WCW was bought out. Kidman would unite with his love in WWE as well, as they defeated some tag teams in inter-gender matches. Despite being a lower down the card in WWE, Kidman would see his love life with Wilson bloom as they tied the knot in 2003 and continued to live together in Tampa, Florida. Although not much involved in on-screen storylines, the couple continued to stay together as Kidman would see his wife go on the covers of Playboy and become a sizzling icon on her own. Although they seperated and divorced in 2008, Kidman is one lucky man for getting to marry someone as desirable as Torrie.

13 Rob Van Dam


The amazing athlete that is Rob Van Dam is probably one of the most entertaining wrestlers of the past 20 years and has attained so much popularity during his time at the top. But when it comes to good looks, RVD isn’t anywhere near the top of the chain, but did manage to marry a very desirable lady in Sonya, who like him is of Polish descent. Sonya would be quite encouraging of RVD’s frantic wrestling style, often travelling with him, but RVD’s wild lifestyle did cause headaches for Sonya. Mrs. Van Dam showed geat strength when she stood by RVD despite his drug problems and arrest in 2006. Rob repaid the faith by sticking close to her during her fight with cancer as she made a full recovery. Sonya filed for divorce recently citing no real problems in their marriage and that they’re still on good terms, as it was probably the horrible lifestyle of RVD which pushed this ravishing woman away from him.

12 Charlie Haas

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Known for his time with Shelton Benjamin as part of ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’, Charlie Haas didn’t really have the charisma to make it to the top of the WWE, neither did he have the looks which would propel him on a relevant singles run. But his personal life was going smoothly as he started dating Jackie Gayda, a diva from Tough Enough; the two quickly fell for each other. They got married in 2005 as Haas had found a bombshell in Gayda who also decided to become a family person as the couple had their first child in 2006. Gayda would soon give up her wrestling career to raise her kids, making rare appearances in the independent scene as her husband would also see success in the indy circuit. Haas would eventually retire from wrestling, as the couple now run a nutritional store in Frisco Texas where they happily reside, and Haas should feel blessed to have gotten such a devoted and sexy wife.

11 Booker T


Although he was pretty underrated during his in-ring career, Booker T hit quite the jackpot outside it as the 5-time WCW Champion hit gold both times he got married in his life. Although his first marriage didn’t go exactly as planned with Levestia who was an appealing woman often used in WCW story-lines, he remarried an even hotter woman in Sharmell who would accompany him to the ring as ‘Queen Sharmell’ during his ‘King Booker’ days. Sharmell used to be his manager as the royal couple would try to enlighten audiences during Booker’s most successful days in the WWE where he won the World Heavyweight Championship during this gimmick. Sharmell continued to accompany him in TNA, often appearing at his side as a heel manager and also tried her hand in the women’s division. They welcomed twins in 2010 as they now enjoy a happy married life with Booker retired as a wrestler and focused on raising their children.

10 Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio was probably the ultimate underdog during his WWE days, defying expectations and overcoming all odds against him; he also defied quite a bit of expectations in his personal life to marry a beautiful woman in Angie Gutierrez. The childhood lovers would tie the knot in 1996 as the small, masked man would hit quite the jackpot as the couple would go on to have 2 cute kids as well. Angie often appeared at ringside to cheer on her husband and also appeared in a segment when Rey was feuding with CM Punk, as she not only raised their children but also continued to encourage Rey to climb higher in the wrestling field. When Rey won the big one at WrestleMania, she was there to see their dreams become a reality. Rey should be proud of having such a lovely wife who has been so supportive of the underdog throughout his career.

9 Bray Wyatt


‘The New Face of Fear’ doesn’t exactly have a figure to show off as he’s been criticized for being overweight and has been body-shamed by many WWE fans. But Bray has paid no heed to his critics and married his dream girl in Samantha who’s drop dead gorgeous. Although his ‘Husky Harris’ gimmick and his overweight Bray gimmick might gain mockery from fans, Bray has excelled in his personal life by marrying this beautiful woman who is definitely an upgrade over his mediocre figure and looks. Although ‘The Eater of Worlds’ has been terrorizing so many through his scary antics in the ring, Bray is quite the quiet man outside it and lives a happy married life with Samantha. The couple have two children together as Wyatt has shown that despite not having the best of looks or body figure, being a nice guy with enormous popularity in your society can get you the girl you dream about.

8 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho is someone who seems to be like good wine, considering he gets better as he ages. Jericho not only gets better in the ring, but his looks also seem to be getting more refined as he gets older as he has transitioned from a technical wrestler to a rockstar very well. During his early wrestling career, Jericho wasn’t exactly the most attractive of men but still managed to score a hottie in Jessica Lockhart as the two got married in 2000 with Jericho slowly reaching his peak in the wrestling world. As Jericho got more popular in the wrestling industry, there was more attention on him as some accused him of having an affair with WWE diva Kelly Kelly in 2009, but Jericho is lucky enough to have the trust of his wife who has supported him in his various ventures in their married life. The couple also have 3 children with Jericho now rocking it on WWE TV, as he’s extremely lucky to get a supportive and stunning wife in Jessica.

7 David Otunga


David Otunga didn’t really have a successful wrestling career, piggybacking off of the Nexus’ popularity and then dissolving into irrelevance. The same can’t be said for his love life, as the superstar managed to marry the marvelous Jennifer Hudson after months of dating. Although his popularity is nowhere near the singer's, he does enjoy a great marriage life with Hudson as they also have a son, David Otunga Jr. The Harvard graduate found a very disappointing career in the WWE, becoming the ‘legal advisor’ of the authority figures of WWE TV and would only appear in live events and untelevised shows. As his beautiful wife rose in popularity with her scintillating voice and looks, Otunga would be an irrelevant member of WWE having to be part of the RAW pre-show and then move on to commentating Main Event or Superstars. He should be counting his stars for getting someone wonderful like Jennifer Hudson.

6 Kurt Angle


The Olympic Gold Medalist is not really the most attractive of men, mostly because of the various injuries and bruises he has suffered throughout his life. But he has definitely been very active in his love life, having two marriages with gorgeous women. His first wife was Karen Angle (now Karen Jarrett after marrying Jeff Jarrett) who was definitely hot as the couple enjoyed a 10 year marriage and had two children together. The marriage ended in a rather bitter note. Kurt would need some years to recuperate before he began dating the stunning Giovanna Yannotti as they got married in 2012. Kurt also has two children with the sexy Yannotti who is almost 20 years younger than him. Angle has proved that he is not only one of the best in the wrestling ring, but also an absolute winner outside it as well, having two attractive wives despite not being all that attractive.

5 Jerry "The King" Lawler


Jerry Lawler has deserved the title of ‘The King’ inside the ring, as he’s an icon in the field of wrestling having wrestled for over 30 years in the business. Wrestling seemed to be his everything as he’s been involved with the industry since 1970, but the sneaky Jerry has quite a thing for roping in hot women. He has had 3 marriages, the most recent being with the sizzling Stacy ‘The Kat’ Carter which ended in 2003, but the King has been on the hunt for younger, sexier women ever since his marriages ended in failures. Not only has he been quite the lover of hot women in his rather comical side in the commentary team, but he actually can’t get enough of women despite being so old. His most recent girlfriend is the sultry Lauryn McBride, a woman almost half his age!

4 Christian

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Much like Jericho, Christian also seemed to get more handsome as he aged. He looked quite ugly in his early Edge and Christian days with all that awkward facial hair and his gimmicks didn’t really ‘glow’ him up either. That definitely didn’t deter him from trying to hit on exquisite women, and boy oh boy did he rope in a knockout in Denise Hartmann who was a German model prior to their marriage. Christian apparently met the model while on WWE’s tour of England and he bagged an absolute bombshell in Hartmann who’s a true European wonder. They took their time in settling together as a couple after their marriage in 2001 as Hartmann gave Christian all the support and freedom to try his hand in different wrestling promotions, while trying out her modeling career as well. The couple had their first child in 2013 as Christian should consider himself a very lucky man to bag someone with a body like Denise’s.

3 Jack Swagger


Jack Swagger might be a glorified jobber right now, rarely appearing on shows and never winning a match nowadays, but he’s an extremely happy man outside the ring as he has an amazing wife in Catalina White which shows how lucky some WWE wrestlers tend to be in their love life. White is a professional model with a breathtaking figure who has appeared in many magazines like Maxim, FHM and Complex Magazine. She tried her hand in wrestling and was in the FCW territory of WWE where she eventually met Swagger and married him in 2010. Even an adult tape couldn’t hinder their relationship which is very strong to date as they have a beautiful son and are very happy together. Despite never being pushed and being continuously mistreated by the WWE management and also being mocked for his lisp and poor mic-skills, Swagger can be proud of going home to his magnificent wife who is the stuff of dreams.

2 Rusev


We wrestling fans still can’t figure out how Rusev and Lana are together as it just doesn’t come to one’s understanding of why a beauty like Lana would date someone brawny like Rusev. RuRu not only has had quite a lot of success in the WWE ever since his debut and holding the US title for such a long time, but how he managed to woo someone astonishing like Lana to marry him is something we won’t ever figure out. Rusev and Lana started dating when they were both in WWE’s developmental and as their duo got stronger in WWE TV with Lana as The Bulgarian Brute’s manager, they seemed to get closer in real life as well. It all came together last year when they officially declared to be dating in real life. Vince McMahon tried his best to break up the happy couple, but that plan backfired badly when TMZ reported that Rusev and Lana were engaged, a time when they were having a feud on screen. There has apparently been some ‘backstage heat’ on Lana ever since, but the couple doesn’t seem to be distressed about it as they seem to be madly in love right now. Rusev, you lucky Bulgarian monster!

1 Mick Foley


It’s no big secret that the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley was not the fittest in the ring and had a horrible figure for which he was constantly mocked. Foley silenced all his critics in the ring with his death defying stunts; he also married the stunning Collette Foley who seems above his league. Collete was legitimately sexy unlike good ol Mick, with his fat tummy and broken bones all around his body, and despite making some dangerous career choices Foley always received the encouragement from his wife. He married Collette in 1992 and they’ve grown together to see the popularity Foley has received and have three children as well. One of them is Noelle Foley who like her mother is another breathtaking woman - we all know from whom she got her good looks from. Mick should feel blessed to have met someone divine and strong like Collette who was like a pillar for him throughout his career as the Hardcore Legend.

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