15 Wrestlers Who Were Arrested For The Most Bizarre Reasons

Professional wrestlers have, over the years, found so many ways to entertain the fans when inside the squared circle, but most of these wrestlers have a dodgy personal lifestyle when they aren't made to work. They love to party hard and at times go a bit over the limit with it, getting too addicted to drugs or their lavish lifestyle to think about the repercussions that could follow afterward.

These wrestlers let their sudden fame get to their heads and make some questionable decisions in their personal lives, and are often made to pay for it. Most of these wrestlers end up having a wrecked personal life because of drugs or problems in their family, which lead to them getting arrested. Most of the arrests are small-time but some of them are quite serious as well. Today, we focus on the wrestlers that were arrested for bizarre reasons.

These wrestlers have to spend some time behind bars for doing the weirdest of crimes which are just as awkward as they are embarrassing for these individuals. So let's have a look at the 15 Wrestlers Who Were Arrested For The Most Bizarre Reasons.

15 Disco Inferno - Gambling Bust

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Disco Inferno was the complete entertainment package of WCW back in the 90s when he was a promising mid-carder because of his moves in the ring. He was a charismatic individual who looked good in the latter years, but after WCW went out of business, he found it difficult to stay relevant. He wrestled for TNA after that for some years, but that apparently wasn't enough for him. Inferno got into gambling and was arrested in 2007 in a gambling bust at the basement of a house in Roswell, Georgia. He was among 27 people arrested, as it was quite the bizarre incident to get arrested for and not one you'd even expect to be put behind bars. Inferno had to undergo much humiliation for this awkward arrest, later deciding to turn his life around and is seemingly doing much better nowadays.

14 Johnny Grunge - Stole WCW Production Van

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Johnny Grunge was a part of a really hard-hitting, famous tag team of the 90s in "The Public Enemy" with Rocco Rock as the two wrestled in infamous promotions like ECW and WCW during that period. But Grunge would give himself a bad reputation in WCW when he was part of one of the weirdest arrests of all time. Grunge was apparently so drunk one night that he decided to do something really bizarre and stole one of WCW's production vans, for which he was later apprehended and arrested by the police. Obviously, he wouldn't survive in the company much longer after that weird arrest, as this tough man who passed away in 2003 due to sleep apnea complications will be remembered for this really one of a kind arrest.

13 Jimmy Uso - Driving The Wrong Way

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Jimmy Uso has been an exciting member of the WWE tag team division for the past few years, as "The Usos" have kept her grip on the WWE and are definitely one of the more compelling tag teams around right now. Jimmy Uso might be this entertaining guy inside the ring, but even he has his guilty pleasures outside and has been arrested for DUI (driving under influence) for a number of times. But his arrest in 2011 was a really bizarre one, as Uso was arrested for driving the wrong way down a one-way street at 3 A.M. He was charged by the police for DUI and this was a really embarrassing situation for the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, who must've been confused as to how his son got arrested for such a weird reason.

12 Billy Joe Travis - Arrested On TV For Not Paying Child Support 

Billy Joe Travis wasn't really remembered for his wrestling career where he spent mostly in the Independent scenes but made the news and history books in an infamous incident in 1997. He was part of United States Wrestling Alliance (USWA) of which Jerry "The King" Lawler was the head booker of, and Travis would be arrested on air while in the promotion. Apparently, Travis did not pay child support and his ex-wife had filed a complaint to the police about it, who decided to take matters into their hands and arrested him while the tapings for an episode were going on. The whole incident was just absolutely bizarre and was caught on camera by the USWA crew, as Travis would make the history books for all the wrong reasons, becoming the 1st and only wrestler to be legitimately arrested on television.

11 Lita - Excessive Speeding And Driving With A Suspended License

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Lita will always be remembered as one of the important women to start the actual "Women's Revolution" in the WWE during the Golden Era of Women's Wrestling, as the former Women's Champion put on a lot of memorable stuff during that time. Despite being a stunning individual in the ring, Lita has some issues outside it and driving just doesn't seem to be her strong suit! Lita was arrested in 2010 for a really awkward reason, as she was put behind bars for some time because of excessive speeding and driving with a suspended or revoked license. She was kept in jail for sometime before being let go, but this was a really bizarre arrest for WWE Hall of Famer who should remember to check the validity of her license before speeding away in her car.

10 William Regal - Relieved Himself On A Stewardess

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William Regal looks like someone who is an actual gentleman in real life, despite being this snarky heel during most of his wrestling career. The former King of the Ring and current NXT General Manager might look like a really decent man, but he wasn't so back when he was in WCW. Regal was badly addicted to drugs and alcohol at the time and would be part of one of the most bizarre arrests of all time. Regal apparently got into a flight and when the stewardess approached him, he apparently urinated on her. Regal claims that he was so drunk that he doesn't even remember the incident and woke up in a prison cell in Alaska. This was definitely a wake-up call for him and he laid down his alcohol obsession, as this unorthodox arrest shows his state at the time and the corresponding humiliation from it helped him become a better man.

9 Tyson Tomko - Robbed A Pharmacist

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Tyson Tomko was one of the more intimidating wrestlers of his time, as he impressed during his time in both WWE and TNA, with him achieving more success in the latter. But Tomko had a severe drug problem in his personal life, which escalated in 2011 when he was arrested for a bizarre, horrible crime. Tomko apparently robbed a pharmacist and escaped with 210 tablets of Oxycodone, later going to a nearby Chilli's restaurant and taking almost 180 of the tablets. He was later arrested by the police and spent some time behind the bars with the bail being set at around $7,500. This was definitely a reality check for Tomko who has been drug-free ever since and even returned to wrestling in 2013, doing some part-time work in the Independent scene.

8 Nick Gage - Robbed A Bank

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Nick Gage is a wrestler who might not be known amongst casual wrestling fans, but he is a legend on the Independent circuit especially one to CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) which is infamous for its violent style of wrestling. Gage wrestled in the promotion for about 11 years before committing a really foolish crime in 2010, as he was arrested for a second-degree robbery that year. Gage had robbed a bank in the New Jersey area where he went to a bank employee and robbed approximately $3,000 from the bank. What he didn't know that the entire thing was recorded on camera, as the police would track him down and arrest him for this bizarre crime considering that he had an income in CZW. He served 5 years in prison and is back to wrestling now, but this shocking, eccentric crime is something one just cannot decipher.

7 Emma - "Stole" An iPad Case

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Emma has been held back in the WWE for the past few years, as creative just doesn't know what to do with her on the main roster. She has been unlucky not only in the WWE, but she was also really unfortunate to be part of a bizarre arrest in 2014. Emma was arrested just days before a RAW for apparently stealing an iPad case from a Walmart store. Apparently, she had used a self-checkout machine to purchase the case for her iPad but had forgotten to actually pay for it, because of which she was arrested. Emma was actually even fired from WWE but rehired when they understood how strange the crime really was. She was later let go by the authorities but made to do community service and do an online course, but the humiliation had already taken place through this awkward arrest.

6 The Big Show - Broke Someone's Jaw

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The Big Show might be one of the more terrifying characters in wrestling because of his size, but he is actually a very friendly giant in and has had the reputation of being a sweetheart in real life. But The Giant was part of some controversy back in 1999 when he was charged with assault by a person, who said that Show had apparently broken his jaw by punching him at the Marriot Hotel and Resort in New York. The Big Show would be in hot water for a few days for this peculiar crime but was cleared by a judge to being not guilty a few days later, but this mugshot would be something which will bring him some embarrassment for a long time by reminding him of this bizarre crime.

5 Ric Flair - Gave Alcohol To A Minor

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Ric Flair is a much-respected individual in the wrestling industry because of his accomplishments and works over the past few decades, but "The Nature Boy" often takes his position for granted. Flair was part of a humiliating, unusual arrest in 1996 when he was arrested for providing alcohol to a minor. To add to that, he also allowed the intoxicated girl to drive his car when they were both apprehended by police. It was noticed that the girl had 0.15 blood alcohol level. He did get out quickly after posting bail, but this was quite the bizarre crime to get arrested for and was one which brought much embarrassment to his name. The Nature Boy might be a legend in the ring but is quite the drunk in real life and this peculiar arrest shows how badly he can regress when under the influence.

4 Kaitlyn - Failing To Pay A Parking Ticket

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Kaitlyn was quite the impressive diva to come up from the season three of NXT, as she would achieve quite a lot of success on the main roster before deciding to retire from wrestling. But she was part of a bizarre arrest in 2012 when she was arrested by the police for failing to pay an old parking ticket. She was arrested just before a RAW show in Michigan, as she was when police turned up with a warrant and apprehended her. Kaitlyn was set free after some time when she paid the $315 bond and wouldn't be fined or fired by the WWE who could also feel just how peculiar this arrest was. Despite it not really affecting her momentum in the WWE, Kaitlyn would have to go through a period of silly embarrassment thanks to this awkward arrest and realized just how important it is to pay parking tickets.

3 Ken Patera - Threw A Boulder At A Restaurant

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Ken Patera was a really hard-hitting, intimidating wrestler back in the 80s when he mostly portrayed a compelling heel but took things far on a day in 1984. Patera and fellow wrestler Masa Saito were denied service after hours at a McDonald's in the Wisconsin area. Angered by this, Patera apparently threw a boulder at the restaurant before leaving with Saito. The both apparently also assaulted the officers who came to arrest them that day, and Patera was finally arrested sixteen months later. He'd have to spend 2 years in prison because of that silly crime which turned shockingly violent later on. This really peculiar arrest goes on to show a number the eccentric crimes wrestlers of the 80s committed, and just how much of a crazy person Patera was back in the day.

2 Sunny - Violating Her Parole

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Sunny was THE Diva of the 90s, who was also responsible for kick-starting the Attitude Era due to her fling with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart resulting in the Montreal Screwjob. Sunny would be a dream girl for everyone because of her amazing looks at the time, but over time she regressed very badly. She looked okay when she got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011, but has gotten worse after that. Sunny was arrested five times in a span of a month in 2012 and numerous time afterward, but the most bizarre one comes from her arrest last September. Sunny was out on probation but was arrested for violating her parole during that time which is another embarrassing one for the WWE Hall of Famer, who has regressed horribly over the years and this awkward arrest goes onto show her condition right now.

1 Jerry "The King" Lawler - Ran Over A Cop's Foot

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Jerry "The King" Lawler might be treated like royalty in the wrestling ring because of his accomplishments over the years, but he's quite the crooked human being in real life and has been part of many controversies in his life. Even though Lawler has been arrested for some shocking crimes in the past, he was also arrested for a really weird one in 1999, when he was at the prime of his commentary career with Jim Ross. Jerry was apparently given a ticket for wrongfully parking at an area, and got really angry at the officer who did so, throwing the ticket at the officer's face and running over his foot. This was quite the embarrassing crime to be arrested for, as Lawler would respect the law after that and definitely stay clear of the police officers.

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