15 Wrestlers Who Were Caught With Their Pants Down

The wide wide world of WWE and pro wrestling can be a pretty dramatic one. Betrayals, love triangles, broken hearts, and I'm not just talking about on screen. With the very nature of being a pro wrestler comes a schedule that's not only hard on you physically, but also emotionally. You're away from your partners and your families for about 70-80% of the time and that's going to take a toll on things. A lot of the time it even ends up with wrestlers seeking the comfort of another while they're still with said partner or spouse, especially when that other may be one of the people you're spending 70-80% of that road time with.

Affairs are sadly very common place in the realm of pro wrestling. WWE forever attempting to blur the lines between what's real and what's not have even taken it upon themselves to take a Superstar's real life emotional turmoil and parade it on television for all to see, as you'll read later on in this article. This list isn't exclusive to those who have been caught with their pants down in the arms of another however. A few of the entries ahead will include those who have quite literally been caught with no pants on at all and had the photo evidence to prove it leaked all over the internet. So without further ado, let's get started.

15 Batista and Melina

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Batista's rise in WWE was pretty quick and pretty meteoric. He had an incredible look and clearly once Vince McMahon caught wind of such a specimen being under his employ he had to push him to the moon. In all fairness it worked out pretty well for both WWE and Batista. However it was some extra curricula activities that landed The Animal in some hot water. Although his in ring career was seeing him win World Championships, behind the scenes Batista got a little too close with fellow WWE Superstar, Melina. Allegedly the two of them hooked up and had an affair with each other while Batista was still married to his then wife. Needless to say the marriage didn't last long after that following his wife discovering Dave's dirty secret.

14 Sunny and Shawn Michaels

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Tammy Sytch, better known as Sunny to most pro wrestling fans, is widely considered as the first ever WWE Diva. She graced WWE television and would spark a trend of women similar to her being hired by the company for years to come. While her time following wrestling has seen Sytch involved in a lot of controversial and troubling acts, while she was still under the WWE banner as Sunny is when she was at the heart of her biggest controversy. Tammy had an affair with then WWE bad boy Shawn Michaels. Shawn wasn't married at the time, but unfortunately Sunny was in a relationship with other WWE Superstar Chris Candido. Chris would try to deny that the allegations against his girlfriend were false but alas, they did turn out to be true.

13 Charlotte Flair

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This article may be dedicated to wrestlers caught with their pants down, but that does not mean it will exclusively include those who were caught having affairs. Sometimes Superstars are caught with their pants down while not necessarily being unfaithful to their other half, something Charlotte Flair demonstrated earlier this year. Unfortunately for Charlotte the four time Women's Champion was yet another victim in the latest spate of celebrities' private photos being leaked. Flair was caught out with more than just her pants down and sadly for her the private pictures leaked showed her with nothing on at all. With all the hacking and all the leaks Superstars and famous people in general will need to be a lot more careful with the photos they take and the ones they choose to keep on their phones and The Cloud.

12 Terri Runnels

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A swift return to WWE Superstars who were caught having affairs now, and we arrive at the door of another former WWE Diva. Terri Runnels began life in WWE as a valet to her real life husband at the time Goldust, hence the surname since the man behind the paint is called Dustin Runnels. While the two were married however Terri would wind up forming a relationship with their co-worker and fellow in-ring performer Shawn Stasiak. By all accounts Goldust is a pretty nice guy according to the majority of his peers, and the realization that his wife had betrayed him and would be leaving him really hit hard. Dustin was already battling a lot of personal demons during the early years of his career and this would have only piled on to everything else he was attempting to deal with.

11 Triple H

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It's pretty much common knowledge in the wrestling universe that before Triple H met, fell in love with, and married Stephanie McMahon to become a part of the family that run the WWE, he was in a relationship with fellow Superstar Chyna. It's a topic that doesn't get talked about often as there was allegedly some overlap between the two relationships. The Game was actually paired with Stephanie for story line purposes and, as is often the case, working together so closely led to the two becoming close in other ways. Eventually Triple H would leave Chyna, marry Stephanie, and of course the rest is history. The messy nature of the alleged overlap led to Chyna pointing fingers and generally getting quite upset, understandably. Not long after that the former Intercontinental Champion was no longer with the company.

10 Ric Flair

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Triple H often cites Ric Flair as being his mentor and his inspiration, both in the ring and behind the scenes. They have both had terrific careers and almost have the same amount of World Championships at this point. One area that Flair is miles ahead of The Game in is divorces and promiscuity. While Hunter is accused of being unfaithful to Chyna, Ric has openly admitted that he would play around during his prime, and beyond his prime in fact. It would probably explain why The Nature Boy has been married and divorced an impressive four times. He is actually now engaged to be married for a fifth time. Let's hope Flair has calmed down a bit and that it's fifth time lucky for Naitch, or rather for his soon-to-be bride.

9 John Cena and Mickie James

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Believe it or not, John Cena and Nikki Bella haven't been together forever, no matter what the latter might like you to think. Before Nikki managed to pin down Big Match John, the sixteen time World Champion had quite a complicated romantic past. The reason Cena was so reluctant to get engaged to Bella in the first place is because John has been married before, and it came to a sticky end. Allegedly while Cena was still married he got involved with fellow WWE Superstar Mickie James. If all this is true, it gets worse. Not only was Cena married, but Mickie was also in a relationship. At the time of the apparent affair James was engaged to Kenny Dykstra, otherwise known as Kenny from the Spirit Squad. Needless to say the whole thing seemed to cause a pretty big mess.

8 Edge

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This one will have a slightly different flavor to the rest of the entries on this list since the particular part we'll be focusing on was a WWE story line. It very much ended up with Edge having his pants down though, in the middle of the ring no less. Lita and Edge were an on screen couple, as well as off screen which we'll go in to more thoroughly during the next entry, and while they were together Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank to win the WWE Championship. Vince McMahon thought the Rated R Superstar should celebrate the following night by having sex with his girlfriend in the middle of the ring. Edge got right down to his underwear, and apparently was told by Vince to go under the covers and get completely naked, before John Cena saved the day and broke up the racy Raw segment.

7 Lita

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The other almost naked party in Edge's live sex show segment was Lita, but that's not what lands her marginally above her ex boyfriend in this list. It's how she ended up with the WWE Hall of Famer that earns her entry into the article. Before Lita was with Edge she was with Matt Hardy. The former Women's Champion was effectively the third member of The Hardy Boyz for quite a while. Eventually though Lita looked elsewhere for love, and she found Edge. Trouble is she was still with Matt at the time. The revelation of her affair caused big problems backstage. WWE saw an opportunity though and actually used Hardy's heart break to fuel a story line between the three of them. The always tactful WWE at it again.

6 Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle

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Speaking of wrestling companies using real life affairs and heart break to further create story lines and hence cash, that brings us to another love triangle between Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett, or Angle depending on when in the time line we're talking about. Karen was married to Kurt while the three of them were all in TNA together. It's common knowledge, since Angle openly talks about it now that he's recovered, that prior to and while he was at TNA the Olympic Hero suffered from a severe addiction to pain killers. The stress of it all drove his wife away and into the arms of fellow TNA star Jeff Jarrett. Despite the awkwardness of it all the three allowed TNA to create a TV story line out of it as I touched upon above.

5 Paige

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One of the most infamous stories so far in 2017 involving a professional wrestler is the leaks of Paige's private photos and videos. The former two time WWE Divas' Champion was very much caught with her pants down, and in all fairness that's probably an under statement. The nude photos leaked from Paige's phone would have been incriminating enough for the poor girl, but some of the content also featured fellow wrestlers, one of which is still under the WWE's employ. The leaks came on the back of a rough year for Paige following on from two suspensions under WWE's wellness policy as well as surgery on her neck. Whether she will ever compete in a WWE ring again following everything that's gone on in the last twelve months remains to be seen.

4 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins has the unique privilege, although I'm not sure that's how he would describe it, of being on this list for both the major reasons that Superstars have landed here. Not only did The Architect seemingly cheat on his fiance Leighla Schultz, but he also had a nude photo of himself wind up online for everyone to see. The scandal began when naked photos of NXT developmental star Zahra Screiber inexplicably appeared on Seth's social media. Evidently it meant the two were engaged in a relationship they shouldn't have been, or at least Rollins shouldn't have been, so Seth's fiance at the time responded in kind by releasing nudes of Seth to the world. An eye for an eye and all that I guess.

3 Bray Wyatt

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The latest entry on this list is one where the details of it have only come to light very recently. Of all the people in WWE you would expect to have their dirty washing aired in public, it's none other than The Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt. Wyatt's wife is currently filing for divorce against the former WWE Champion as it turns out Bray has allegedly been having an affair with WWE ring announcer and Total Divas star Jojo. Bray and his wife have been married for five years and have two children together. According to Wyatt's wife, Samantha Rotunda, Bray actually walked out on him and their two daughters all the way back in March, but it's only very recently that Rotunda's lawyer has made the details of the alleged affair public after speaking to UK newspaper the Daily Mail.

2 Chris Jericho

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There are many myths and urban legends in pro wrestling that people can't be 100% sure are true or not. One of those myths is the alleged affair between WWE veteran Chris Jericho and ex-diva Kelly Kelly. A while back when both were employed at the company, photos surfaced of the two getting particularly close at a party. Worrying enough, add to that the fact that in one of those photos the two of them are kissing then that really doesn't reflect well on Y2J. The self proclaimed Greatest Of All Time has been married to his wife, Jessica Lockheart, since 2000 and the pair have three children together. With a family life like that back home for Jericho it's lucky that his wife either didn't delve deeper into the party photos of him and Kelly Kelly, or she forgave him for any misdeeds that he may have done with the former Diva.

1 Hulk Hogan

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This fifteenth and final entry is one so big that it not only transcended the pro wrestling business, but come the end of the debacle the man caught with his trousers down wound up over $100 million dollars richer. I am of course talking about the immortal Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster was secretly filmed having sex with the wife of one of his closest friends, with the permission of said friend I might add. Hogan was unaware he was being filmed at the time, and of course the ensuing tape was leaked for the world to see. The site that leaked the tape, Gawker, were subsequently sued by Hogan, hence the cool $100 million that I mentioned above. It's not the only scandal The Hulkster has been a part of in recent years, but lucky for him it's the only one that makes this list.

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