15 Wrestlers Who Were Dumped In The Worst Way

There have been a lot of reports concerning the number of real-life couples in WWE at the current moment. But many of these couples have been formed after other couples were broken up.

While the number of couples may be much higher than it used to be, there are also a number of wrestlers who have been dumped over the past few years and sometimes they are in the harshest of ways.

Not only that, but many of the stars on this list were then forced to turn up and see their former spouse the next day because they made the mistake of dating someone that they have to work with.

Breakups happen all the time and perhaps this is why WWE doesn't like creative talent dating any performers because that would get a little messy. But the company has no problem with the talent dating each other, hence why there are so many couples right now.

The following list looks at 15 wrestlers who were dumped in the worst ways. Some of these Superstars are still able to work together after this as well, which makes them much bigger people than they were ever given the credit for.

15 Emma: Zack Ryder Had Eyes For Another Woman

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Zack Ryder and Emma were seen as one of the cutest couples that WWE had been able to push together. The duo met while they were both down in NXT trying to climb up to the main roster, after Zack was sent back down to the developmental roster to team with Mojo Rawley and create The Hype Bros.

The couple were seen together in Instagram posts and even Tweeted each other occasionally until earlier this year when it was reported to be over between the duo. There was no official word made on why the couple broke up, but it is thought that being on opposite brands was hard for them following the WWE Draft and Ryder had already started dating Tough Enough contestant and current Impact superstar Chelsea Green.

14 Alicia Fox: Was Told There Was No Future With Her

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Alicia Fox is now considered to be a veteran in WWE after being with the company for more than a decade. She has been seen in a relationship with former Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett.

Alicia and Wade were inseparable for a number of years before the news was leaked that the couple had gone their separate ways. But it wasn't a mutual decision. Alicia was seen avoiding Wade on Total Divas before she was finally able to talk to him face to face and ask him what she did wrong and why he broke up with her. Wade explained to Alicia that he just didn't see a future with her in it for him. Ouch. That can't have been nice for her to hear, no wonder she's been single ever since.

13 Chyna: Was Fired After She Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating

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Chyna's story is perhaps one of the saddest that comes out of WWE. The former Women's Champion was in a relationship with Triple H when she was first signed to the company and aligned to her boyfriend as his bodyguard. This went on for a number of years until Triple H was then put into a storyline with Stephanie McMahon and the couple began their own personal relationship.

Chyna found out about it and didn't take it too well, which was expected, what woman would? Not only did Chyna lose her boyfriend that day, but Stephanie then used all the power that she had in the company at that time to have Chyna fired as well which then began an epic downward spiral for the first ever female Intercontinental Champion.

12 Seth Rollins: Personal Photos Were Leaked Online

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One of the most public breakups of WWE's modern era saw former WWE World Champion Seth Rollins caught up in his own personal drama back in February 2015 when hackers shared private pictures of NXT star Zahra Schreiber on Rollins Twitter page. This  saw his fiance Leighla Shultz react in a unique way, by releasing personal pictures of Rollins as well.

Rollins' images were made public and he was then forced to apologize for the breach of his privacy. That was when his fiance found out about his affair it was over between them. A few months later Rollins was seen out in public with Zahra. Leighla got the last laugh though since his relationship with Zahra only lasted a few months in the end.

11 Goldust: Terri Walked Out One Day And Never Returned

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Goldust and Marlena were one of the biggest parts of WWE's Attitude Era and tested the boundaries a number of times. But the fact that they were a real life couple backstage meant that they already had fantastic chemistry.

Their relationship worked for a while until Terri began having problems with Goldust's father and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who was convincing Goldust that Terri was just a golddigger. After another of their infamous arguments, Terri was reported to have left the house one morning and just never come back. The couple have a child together so even though there have been years where they have been unable to communicate properly as parents, they are said to have a much better relationship now for their child's sake.

10 Bray Wyatt: His Wife Made His Affair Public

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Affairs are always rife in WWE. But one of the most shocking affairs that has ever come to light in WWE was when former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt's wife Samantha Rotunda made it public knowledge that she was filing for divorce because her husband was having an affair with WWE Ring Announcer JoJo Offerman.

It was a huge shock to the WWE Universe who had seen Bray Wyatt as a family man and a good father to his two children over the past few years. It was sad that his private life was made public in that kind of way because none of the WWE Universe had any idea that the duo had been having an affair until Samantha filed for divorce and was forced to make her reasons why public knowledge.

9 Randy Orton: Wife Filed For Divorce

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Randy Orton was married to his wife Samantha Speno from 2007 until 2013, when Samantha was the one who filed for divorce when it was made obvious that Orton had been cheating on his wife. Orton was said to have been romantically linked to the likes of JoJo Offerman and Kelly Kelly and the WWE Universe were well aware of them. So it shouldn't have really come as that much of a surprise that Sam realised her husband was a cheat too.

Orton obviously wasn't happy about it but he has since been able to move on with his life. The couple had an amicable divorce and are able to remain civil because they have a daughter together. Orton has since remarried and welcomed his first child with his new wife Kim Kessler in recent years.

8 Kenny Dykstra: Was Fired From WWE

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Kenny Dykstra's most famous run in WWE was when he was part of The Spirit Squad and used in the build up to the Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels feud back in 2006. Kenny was the breakout member of the group and was used a lot on WWE TV on his own while he was engaged to Mickie James.

Mickie was later revealed to have been having an affair with former WWE Champion John Cena. She was one of a number of women who cheated with Cena while he was still married. But instead of Cena being in trouble for this, John went to backstage officials and got Dykstra fired from the company so he couldn't cause him any problems. Kenny still holds a grudge with Cena and his wife and blames the former Champion for costing him his career.

7 John Morrison: His Prescription Was Leaked Online

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John Morrison and Melina met when they were both part of Tough Enough, before they were moved up to the SmackDown roster as part of MNM. The couple dated for a number of years before Melina became part of Batista's public divorce when it was revealed that she had cheated on Morrison with the former World Champion.

Somehow Melina and Morrison got past her infidelity and continued to date up until late 2015 when Melina went on to Twitter and revealed that Morrison needed a prescription for drugs to help with his erectile dysfunction. That was seemingly the final straw for the couple and Morrison is now said to have moved on and is now in a relationship with fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie, whilst Melina is still reportedly single.

6 Mickie James: Transferred To The SmackDown Roster

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Mickie James was once engaged to Kenny Dykstra when she was part of her first spell in WWE, before she was then entangled in an affair with John Cena. The likes of Maria, Victoria and Kelly Kelly were also reported to have had affairs with Cena, but it was Mickie who became attached to him and actually believed that she could make a relationship out of their fling even though Cena was married.

Cena didn't want anything to do with it and after the fuss that Dykstra caused when he found out, Cena decided that the best thing to do was to move Mickie over to the SmackDown roster which was far enough away from him that he didn't have to deal with her anymore and she was then later released from the company after the horrible 'Piggy James' storyline.

5 Steve Austin: Divorced After Altercation

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Stone Cold Steve Austin may be one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the history of the company, but he hasn't had the same kind of success in his personal life. Austin married former WWE Diva Debra when she was still part of the company and the pair even appeared on WWE TV together for a while.

Their marriage didn't work out the way that they had hoped though after it was reported that Steve and Debra had an altercation that turned physical and the police were then called and Austin was arrested. It was then revealed that this wasn't the first time the couple had come to physical blows, and Debra then filed for divorce after this was made public. She has since moved on to helping other women who have been victims of domestic violence.

4 Kurt Angle: His Wife Moved On To Jeff Jarrett

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Kurt Angle has recently returned to WWE as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. But it is hard to forget the position he was in when he left WWE back in 2006. Angle was going through some addiction issues and he wasn't a nice person to be around at that time so when his wife did leave him, it wasn't that much of a shock.

Karen had been able to seek solace in the arms of Jeff Jarrett and Angle was then happy to turn his real life personal problems into a TNA storyline, to help the company stay afloat. It was a horrible time for Kurt who later managed to remarry and have three more kids with his new wife, who has been supportive of his life ever since and helped him overcome his addiction and finally make a return to WWE.

3 Matt Hardy: Lita's Cheating Was Made Public

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Matt Hardy was one of the most popular Tag Team wrestlers that WWE had back in the early 2000s. So when it was revealed that Lita and Edge had been having an affair while Matt was out injured, Lita became public enemy number one.

Edge was also married at the time and his wife then filed for divorce, while Matt himself was fired from WWE because he had such a problem with Hardy and the duo was unable to work together anymore. Luckily the WWE Universe protested and Matt was then given his job back but was forced to make his personal life into a WWE storyline because it was now a publicly known affair. Luckily both Matt and Lita have moved on since 2005 and are not considered to be quite happy.

2 Charlotte: Found Out Publicly

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The apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Charlotte taking after her father Ric Flair. Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice and has recently been involved in an affair with Alberto Del Rio who at the time was still married to his first wife Angie.

Charlotte and Del Rio had an agreement that they followed for a number of months and were never actually an official couple but Charlotte was just as shocked as everyone else when she read about the fact that Del Rio and Paige had become a couple. Charlotte and Paige had legitimate real life heat then for a while until Paige was suspended from WWE and has been away now for more than a year, which has allowed Charlotte to move on from her personal problems.

1 Dolph Ziggler: Via Text

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Dolph Ziggler was once in a relationship with Nikki Bella. But The Show Off moved on to a relationship with comedian Amy Schumer and it was perhaps one of the biggest mistakes he ever made.

Amy broke up with Dolph Ziggler after just a few months of dating because she said that sex with him was "too athletic" and rather than telling him about the breakup face to face Amy decided to break up with the former World Champion via text message. She said that this was when she realized that Dolph was actually quite a nice guy because he didn't take the break up very well. Luckily Dolph and Amy have since moved on with their lives after each other, even though Sunny has continued to release more personal details about Dolph's personal life.

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