15 Wrestlers Who Were Responsible For Getting Someone Fired

The wrestling business obviously has a hierarchy. This means that many of the stars who are on the mid-card are always at risk of being fired if they annoy someone who is higher up on the card.

Some wrestlers have a lot of pull. The likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Hulk Hogan, and even The Bella Twins have been given a lot of power over WWE in the past few decades, and sadly this power has been abused by all of them.

WWE creative will always do what's best for their product. So when it comes to having to take sides with someone higher up in the company then they will definitely take their side if they are considered a bigger draw.

This may sound petty and could be grounds for "unfair dismissal" for the victim, but this has gone on in wrestling for a number of years. The following list will prove that some of your favorite stars are actually much more powerful backstage in the wrestling business than you ever thought.

Here are 15 wrestling stars who are responsible for getting a fellow member of their roster fired.

15 Judas Devlin Gets Bill DeMott Fired

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Judas Devlin was part of the NXT set-up back in 2013. He was the victim of a lot of physical abuse from former NXT Head Trainer Bill DeMott. Judas wasn't the only one who was a victim of DeMott and he wrote a letter to WWE about the abuse that he was subjected to, but the company did nothing about it until the letter was released online in 2015.

Devlin was then backed up by many members of the NXT locker room. WWE finally investigated and found a lengthy history of abuse from a man they had left in a position of power for a number of years. DeMott was fired from the company in disgrace and the stories about the former trainer are still being leaked by the former stars who worked with him.

14 Alberto Del Rio Gets Backstage Employee Fired

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Alberto Del Rio's first run in WWE when he became World Champion was arguably much better than his second when he made his return to win the United States Championship. Del Rio's first run with the company came to an end when he slapped a WWE employee backstage for making a racist joke.

Del Rio and the unnamed member of WWE's backstage staff were both given their marching orders from the company when they came to blows. Del Rio was given a second chance with the company and could now be the one who is held responsible for the inevitable release of Paige, whose behavior over the past few months has stemmed from her fiance's release from WWE. This has seen her break a number of the company's rules, including attending TNA's recent Slammiversary event.

13 Seth Rollins (Inadvertently) Gets Zahra Schreiber Fired

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When it comes to the story between Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber, it could be argued that Zahra and her Instagram page were the reason she was eventually fired. But if Zahra didn't draw attention to herself by being part of a cheating scandal with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins then the comments may never have been found.

The WWE Universe turned on Zahra when she caused Rollins and his fiance Leighla Shultz to part ways and then went on a mission to ensure that she was fired from the company. If she was never part of the very public scandal with Rollins then she would probably be working her way up through the NXT roster right now, instead of working as a merch girl for Chris Jericho's band Fozzy.

12 Alexa Bliss Gets Anonymous NXT Superstar Fired

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Alexa Bliss is a former SmackDown Women's Champion and the current Raw Women's Champion. But when she was down in NXT a few short years ago, she caused a few problems for a mystery person, which this led to them being fired.

This anonymous person then went on to rant online about Alexa Bliss and how entitled she was because she was sleeping with members of the locker room as a way to get to the top within the company. These rumors have followed Alexa throughout her career. She must really have annoyed whoever it was because this rumor will be there now until Alexa retires and the WWE Universe will always think that she is being pushed in WWE because of something more than her talent.

11 Agreeing With Ryback Gets Cameron Fired

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Ryback walked away from WWE of his own accord and decided to publically vent his frustrations about the company's pay grade on Instagram while he was still contracted. This obviously then lead to his release.

Many people in WWE supported everything that Ryback said but didn't want to be vocal about it because they knew that it would put their job on the line. Of course, Cameron wasn't as smart as other WWE employees and agreed with Ryback's comments on Twitter. She stated that she knew she was in trouble the minute she posted the tweet and was released the following day. Just goes to show, there isn't always strength in numbers. But Cameron was released with a number of other stars, so WWE could have been planning to release her anyway.

10 Tom Phillips Gets Rich Brennan Fired

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Tom Phillips has been in hot water in WWE himself recently after certain messages were leaked onto Instagram. But Tom has much bigger problems than his personal life. Former WWE commentator Rich Brennan's wife has ranted many times on Twitter about how Tom basically buried Rich and got him fired so he could take his place.

Brennan was a decent commentator on SmackDown but WWE wanted to push Tom into his spot and Phillips was OK with this. Brennan's wife stated that in WWE it's not about how well you can do the job but more about who you are willing to bury on your way to the top.  Brennan's still hold a grudge when it comes to Tom Phillips.

9 Melina Gets John Morrison Fired

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Melina is a former WWE Divas and Women's Champion and was regarded by many female wrestling fans as a role model when she was at the peak of her career a good few years ago. But Melina has been less than role model worthy in the years since then. Melina was released from the company along with a number of other talents back in 2011, but this wasn't enough to keep the former champion away.

Melina was still dating John Morrison at the time and decided to accompany him to Raw Live events while still hanging around backstage even though she no longer worked there. Melina had to be barred from entering backstage at one point and given that Morrison seemingly cared more about Melina than his career, WWE decided to cut their losses.

8 Eric Young Gets Mr. Anderson Fired

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The current NXT Superstar had a lengthy spell in TNA before he made the switch to become a member of Sanity. During his time at Impact Wrestling, Young was put in a match with Mr, Kennedy, who was known as Mr Anderson in TNA.

Back in 2016, the duo fought and the match was then cut short after it was deemed that Mr. Anderson was under the influence of something because he was stumbling all over the ring and looked out of it. Young was said to have been livid and stormed backstage shouting so loud that some fans in the arena could actually hear him. Anderson was drug tested and when he failed the test following the match he was released from the company, something Young would probably have been happy about.

7 Aiden English Gets Simon Gotch Fired

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Aiden English and Simon Gotch were once NXT Tag Team Champions as The Vaudevillians. But ever since they were promoted to the main roster and used on the SmackDown brand, WWE failed to make any decent plans for the throwback team.

This led to animosity between the two when it was reported that Gotch was actually dangerous in the ring. This then reportedly led to a fight between both Gotch and English at WrestleMania. Gotch had been seen as bad news for a while and it was decided by WWE that this was the best time for them to fire him from the company. Gotch had previously had a backstage fight with Sin Cara and WWE just thought he had gone a step too far this time.

6 Ric Flair Gets Jim Ross Fired

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The entire WWE Universe were shocked and saddened when it was announced that the company had fired the legendary Jim Ross back in 2013. They decided to call it a retirement, and it took a while for the real facts to be brought to light.

Apparently, Ross was actually fired from the company because he was put in charge of Ric Flair at a symposium and he failed to keep Ric in line, allowing him to then get drunk and start talking about the recent death of his son. Ross didn't talk publicly about this and seemingly just moved on to work for other companies. Ross did return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 to call what it thought to have been The Undertaker's final WWE match back in March.

5 Justin Roberts (Inadvertently) Gets Daniel Bryan Fired

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The former WWE ring announcer will hardly be remembered by the WWE Universe at this point, but back in 2010, he was part of a huge storyline in WWE.

The Nexus made their debut on Monday Night Raw and destroyed everything in their way, including John Cena. Justin Roberts was at ringside at the time and he was attacked as well by Daniel Bryan who choked him with his tie. WWE looked back at the footage and decided that it wasn't PG so they fired Bryan for his actions. Obviously, Bryan didn't stay away from the company for long and made his return at SummerSlam before going on to become a World Champion a number of times. But it will always be in his history that he was fired for attempting to choke a defenceless ring announcer.

4 Brock Lesnar Gets Mr. Perfect Fired

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Brock Lesnar is the current Universal Champion and the highest earner in WWE, which would definitely give him the power to go to WWE creative and have someone fired. But his reason for being on this list happened way back in 2002.

The infamous "plane ride from Hell" saw Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar exchange insults before a brawl then broke out on the plane and almost opened the emergency door. This brawl went on to cost Mr. Perfect his job in WWE after it was decided that he should be released because of this and Brock faced his own punishment as well. Hennig's comeback was obviously cut short by this moment in WWE history and he sadly passed away merely weeks after his release from the company.

3 Reby Sky Gets Awesome Kong Fired

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Reby Sky is the wife of WWE Star Matt Hardy. The couple worked together as part of TNA for a number of years, but Reby managed to make herself a few enemies. Back in January 2016, it was announced that Awesome Kong had been released from the company because of an incident between Reby Sky and the large athlete.

Kong apparently assaulted Sky while her son Maxel was present, which seemed to work against the former Knockout when TNA officials looked at what had happened between the two women. The problem stemmed from the fact that Sky had decided to change with all other TNA Knockouts that night, something that she doesn't usually do. Kong didn't want her in the dressing room, so she threw her belongings outside.

2 Randy Orton Gets Mr. Kennedy Fired

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Randy Orton may be a well-liked member of the WWE roster right now as he battles to win the WWE Championship back from Jinder Mahal, but Orton definitely has a past and has been hated by a lot of former WWE Superstars over the years.

Orton faced Mr. Kennedy in a multi-person Tag match and when Kennedy hit Orton with a back suplex, Orton seemed quite annoyed about the move. The Viper later went backstage and told backstage officials how dangerous Kennedy was, given that he had apparently done something like this to Cena as well. Because Orton was the WWE Champion at the time, Kennedy was fired. Of course, Kennedy went on to have a great career in TNA, so maybe Orton did him a favour in the long run?

1 John Cena Gets Kenny Dykstra And (Eventually) Mickie James Fired

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John Cena is the face of WWE and when he has a problem with someone, it usually means that WWE has to solve it. This happened back in 2012 when it was revealed that John Cena had been having an affair with Kenny Dykstra's fiance Mickie James.

Kenny obviously had a problem with this, and the fact that Cena himself was married at the time, Dykstra kicked up a fuss. But he was fired from the company in favor of Cena, while Mickie was also moved over to SmackDown so she was out of the Champ's way. Cena stated that it was just a fling but Mickie wanted to turn it into a relationship and Cena wasn't interested. In the end Cena and Mickie's affair cost Mickie her job as well because she was never able to climb back up the ranks and was released not long afterwards.

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