15 Wrestlers Who Wish They Never Got Married

Sustaining a happy and healthy marriage as a wrestler is never easy. Life on the road makes it exceptionally difficult for wrestlers as the temptations of groupies on the road can become overwhelming. Moreover, to refuse advances time in and time out is something that 99.9% of wrestlers have been unable to shake. In addition to being plagued by groupies, wrestlers also have the distance between themselves and their significant others working against them.

As a result, it isn't difficult to see why it's hard for wrestlers to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. But, not only is it difficult to maintain a happy and healthy marriage; it is hard enough to maintain a marriage, period. Nonetheless, marriage is something that majority of wrestlers decide to get into, and for some it works out, while for others, it does not. Here, we take a look at fifteen wrestlers that wish they never got married.

15 Charlotte Flair

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Spearheading the "Women's Revolution", Charlotte Flair has enjoyed unprecedented success since stepping foot on WWE's main roster. Flair not just served as WWE's final Divas Champion, but also holds the current record of most WWE Raw Women's Championship reigns with four. In the ring, Flair's accomplishments are nothing short of impressive, and as time goes on will only begin to become even more impressive. However, outside of the squared circle, her love life isn't as successful. At just thirty-one, Flair has already been married and divorced twice. Her first marriage was to a man named Riki Johnson which lasted from 2010-2013. In the same calendar year of her divorce with Johnson, Flair married professional wrestler Thomas Lattimer, better known as TNA's Bram. Their marriage came to an end in 2015. If Flair does indeed end up tying the not a third time, here's hoping that "third time's a charm".

14 Nikki Bella

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At WrestleMania 33, John Cena followed up his win (along with girlfriend Nikki Bella) over The Miz and Maryse by getting down on one knee and proposing to Bella. Many are aware of the fact that Cena has been vocal with Bella that he had no intention of not only never having children, but not getting married for a second time. To see Cena flip the script has got to have Bella absolutely thrilled and when Bella and Cena do eventually say "I do," it won't just be a second marriage for Cena, but a second marriage for Bella as well. Bella had secretly married her high school sweetheart at the age of twenty and the two were divorced by twenty-three. But, the story doesn't end there. Bella kept the marriage a secret from her family for ten years! Fortunately, Bella's family will not be blindsided by marriage (and God forbid) divorce this time around.

13 Kevin Sullivan

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Imagine for a second that you're trying to put together a wrestling angle in which you're just trying to do your job to the best of your ability as a booker and it all backfires on you. In his role as a booker with WCW, Kevin Sullivan thought it would be a good idea to have his then-wife Nancy Sullivan travel with fellow WCW talent Chris Benoit. As a result, it was Sullivan's hope that by Benoit and Nancy spending frequent time together on the road and in hotels, it would lead to better chemistry on screen for the feud the parties were engaged in. Sullivan was right about one thing; it did lead to better chemistry; it led to better chemistry between Benoit and Nancy. Nancy and Sullivan divorced in 1997 and Nancy married Benoit in 2000.

12 Ric Flair

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Charlotte Flair may have had two unsuccessful marriages, but her track record pales in comparison to that of her father's, Ric. The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has been married four times and has gone through four divorces as well. Flair's first marriage lasted a respectable dozen years from 1971-1983. His second marriage almost doubled that, as he was married to a woman named Elizabeth Harrell for twenty-three years. His third and shortest marriage lasted from 2006-2009. His fourth marriage came to a conclusion in 2014 after five years. Despite all the divorces, Flair hasn't shied away from the dating scene, as he is currently dating a woman named Wendy Barlow. With Flair's track record it wouldn't be a shocker to see him tie the knot a fifth time and possibly even after that.

11 Kurt Angle

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Having recently returned to WWE and now occupying the role of Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle has been showered with love and admiration via the chant of "you suck," as paradoxical as that may seem. Angle's first marriage was to a woman named Karen Smedley which lasted for twelve years. However, what made Angle's divorce with Smedley particularly troubling was the fact that she had left him for his coworker, Jeff Jarrett. If that wasn't hard enough of a pill to swallow, Angle was also put in an storyline with the newlyweds, which surely made for intriguing television, but couldn't have been easy to partake in for the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle has since remarried actress Giovanna Yannotti and the two have been together since 2012.

10 Bret Hart

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He may be the self-proclaimed "best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be", but even Bret Hart himself will tell you that the forenamed moniker doesn't apply to his marriages. Hart's been married a total of three times and has divorced twice. His first marriage lasted twenty-two years with a woman named Julie Smadu, whereas his second marriage was considerably shorter at just three years with a woman named Cinzia Rota. To Hart's credit, he openly admits that the marriage to Smadu was his fault as the temptations of life on the road had gotten to him on a number of occasions. That's Hart's side of the story and it's further detailed in his autobiography, Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling. Smadu also has told her side of the story in her own autobiography, Hart Strings: My Life with Bret and the Hart Family.

9 Steve Austin

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Tying the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair in the marriage department at four, Steve Austin has thankfully not joined Flair in the divorce department with four. Austin's first marriage lasted from 1990-1992 to a woman named Kathryn Burrhus. His second marriage was considerably longer from 1992-1999 to a woman named Jeannie Clark, best known to wrestling fans as Lady Blossom. Austin's third marriage was to Debra Marshall from 2000-2003, and it ended in ugly fashion. In 2002, Marshall had alleged to police that Austin had struck her, and that this wasn't the first occasion. Austin was arrested for the incident and filed for divorce less than a month after the incident. The two were divorced the following year in 2003. Austin has been married to Kristin Feres since 2009.

8 Batista

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"The Animal" Batista has been married a total of three times and is currently married to a competitive pole dancer by the name of Sara Jade. Batista's first marriage was from 1990 to 1998 to a woman named Glenda. His second marriage also lasted eight years, with the more renowned of his ex-wives, Angie. Batista's marriage with Angie was as tumultuous as can be, considering Angie battled cancer during their marriage and Batista failed to remain faithful to her during his time in the WWE. Batista claims the two are much closer to this day as opposed to when the divorce took place, but that's one side of it. Regardless of Batista's relationship with Angie today, if he has an ounce of compassion, it has to eat at him considering what he put her through as she battled cancer.

7 Edge

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Today, all indications are that Edge is happily married to Beth Phoenix and is a proud and loving father to two beautiful little girls. But while this is the Edge of today, there was a darker side, or should we say, an edge to the man known as Adam Copeland in real life. Edge was first married to Alana Morley, the sister of everyone's favorite adult film gimmick-playing wrestler, Val Venis, from 2001 to 2004. He then had a much shorter marriage with a woman named Lisa Ortiz from 2004 to 2005. In this relationship, Edge not just destroyed his marriage as a result of being unfaithful by sleeping with Lita, but he was partly responsible for destroying the relationship Lita had going with Matt Hardy. Edge has only been married to Phoenix since 2016, but hopefully fatherhood propels him to a successful marriage in his third stint, unlike his first two.

6 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton's first marriage to Samantha Speno came to an end after six years in 2013. Orton has since remarried to a woman named Kim Kessler whom he has been with since 2015. Orton walked away with the bulk of the couple's assets in his divorce with Speno, but as the breadwinner of the two, he still lost a considerable amount of material things, as well as money from his pocket. Speno walked away with a house, a bank account that the two shared that is only described as "large" (without a dollar amount) and her jewelry. In addition, Orton will be paying child support for the couple's daughter as Speno has full custody (perhaps the most important thing in the divorce for Speno) while Orton maintains visitation rights.

5 The Undertaker

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One of the unwritten rules of getting a tattoo is to not ink the name of your lover on your skin, as it is believed to be such bad luck that it leads to the eventual downfall of the relationship. Apparently, the Undertaker didn't get the memo when he chose to ink "Sara" on his neck as a tribute to his second wife, Sara Frank. If you believe the unwritten rule of not inking your lover's name, The Undertaker's divorce to Frank should come as no surprise. The two were married in 2000 and were divorced by 2007, making it Taker's second divorce, with the first coming in 1999. Now 52, The Undertaker has been married to former WWE women's wrestler Michelle McCool since 2010. For those wondering, no, Taker has not marked himself with McCool's name.

4 Debra Marshall

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Steve Austin's divorce with Debra Marshall (who was previously married herself to Steve "Mongo" McMichael) made for bad publicity as he was one of the company's poster boys (if not the poster boy) during the time of their divorce. However, while Austin had his problems with publicity, Marshall faced an even bigger problem. While it was Austin who filed the papers for divorce, it was Marshall who made the allegations that Austin had been abusive to her in not just year two of their marriage (2002), but that "Stone Cold" had been abusive to her in the past as well. As one who had been affected by domestic violence, Marshall remains active to this day with the organization Safe Place. Safe Place assists victims of domestic abuse with a multitude of issues. It's clear that the marriage to Austin took its toll on Marshall.

3 John Cena

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While Nikki Bella unbelievably has a ring on her ring finger of her left hand, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not Bella and John Cena do indeed eventually end up getting married. Cena's reluctance to get married again likely stems from his failed first marriage with his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. The two were married from 2009 to 2012 and Cena served his former lover with divorce papers at the age of thirty-five. Huberdeau had suspected Cena had cheated on her a number of times while on the road with WWE, but was mainly shocked by being served divorce papers in the first place. The two eventually ended up settling the divorce amicably, but it's clear as day that Cena's first marriage affected his opinion on marriage later down the road.

2 Chris Benoit

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Chris Benoit's marriage to Nancy Toffoloni was an unconventional one right off the bat. For one, Benoit was married when he coveted Nancy. Secondly, Nancy was married when she and Benoit began to become involved in a relationship that was no longer strictly platonic. Finally, Benoit had caused his fellow wrestler, Kevin Sullivan, and Nancy to get divorced. Benoit's life not only came to an end via suicide on June 24th, 2007, but he also took the lives of his wife Nancy, as well as his 7-year-old son, Daniel. Benoit's marriage to Nancy was on the ropes in 2003 when Nancy filed for divorce citing irrevocable differences, and sadly, had the divorce not been pulled and gone through in 2003, she may still be living today.

1 Hulk Hogan

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Coming out on the short end of the stick in his divorce with first wife Linda Claridge, Hulk Hogan lost the lion's share of the couple's liquid assets which were spread out through multiple bank accounts. "The Hulkster" walked away with $2.97 million of the $10.41 million in the couple's bank accounts, while Claridge netted an enviable $7.44 million. Hogan allegedly received the majority of the couple's vehicles, but Claridge still walked away with a Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Corvette, an unnamed Mercedes Benz model and an unnamed Rolls Royce model. Hogan also had to fork over another $3 million to Claridge as a result of a property settlement. And to put the icing on the cake, Claridge received an estimated forty percent ownership across multiple of Hogan's unnamed companies. Claridge 1, Hogan 0.

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