15 Wrestlers Who Would Make Better Wyatts Than Randy Orton

The Wyatt Family is running out of steam at an alarming rate. The once incredibly promising stable has been running on fumes since their arrival on SmackDown, and they needed something big to shake things up. WWE chose Randy Orton joining the stable as the ace up their sleeves, but so far it hasn’t played out.

Orton just doesn’t fit the vibe of the group in the least. Besides that, he had a lousy feud with Bray Wyatt that was filled with glowing eyes and distorted mirror faces. They had a showdown at No Mercy in one of WWE’s least exciting pay-per-view main events in years, and then WWE booked them to join forces. The problem is that no one is really buying into it. It still feels like Orton is going to turn on his new tag partner at any time, as if this were all a bad rerun from Daniel Bryan’s infamous entry into the stable.

Luckily for WWE, there are plenty of other men and women who could join The Wyatt Family to really try and gain some of that long lost momentum. Some of these names are already on the roster, a few are in NXT and there are a couple in TNA who could potentially be theirs for the taking over the coming months.

If the company wants to get the group back on track, here are 15 wrestlers who would make better Wyatts than Randy Orton.

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15 Big Show

via pl.wwe.com

The Big Show may not seem like a great fit for The Wyatt Family, but there are a few reasons why it may actually work out okay. For starters, he’s always been better as a heel. His happy-go-lucky smiling babyface ways are about as lame as it gets in the world of professional wrestling, and one last turn (of the 75 turns so far) could be a more interesting way for him to go out.

Second of all, he’s set to battle Shaq at WrestleMania 33. Having The Wyatt Family accompany him to ringside would give them a bit of mainstream recognition, and their involvement could lead to a more compelling story than two giants going at it just for the hell of it.

Finally, Show is considered more of a threat than Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are, which would make the group seem more dangerous. It’s a shame that WWE booked the younger wrestlers so poorly, but no one buys into them as serious threats anymore. Having Show join on would give Bray some serious big men having his back, and at least visually create one of the most threatening stables ever assembled.

14 Neville

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If WWE decided to do anything with Neville, it would be better than what they’re doing for him right now, which is nothing. The man has a lot going for him, but he’s not getting a lot of love on the main roster. Currently he’s on Raw jobbing to the likes of Bo Dallas—who in turn jobbed to Sami Zayn. If he “signed” with the SmackDown roster, it would probably be a good career move on his part. It couldn’t get much worse.

He could join up with The Wyatt Family, and finally get some sort of character development. He would be like the Kidman of the group, back when The Flock was running amok on WCW’s mid-card. Basically he’s a silent grungy dude under the control of the stable’s leader who can go against some of the smaller wrestlers on the roster. Let him compete on 205 Live, and The Wyatt Family’s influence could grow across multiple shows.

Really, there’s not much to lose when it comes to Neville. He may be completely lost in the shuffle, but he is absolutely deserving of another opportunity.

13 Kharma

via wwe.com

Perhaps Sister Abigail doesn’t need to be a literal sister of Bray Wyatt.

Kharma’s return to WWE would certainly be a nice surprise, and would help fill in SmackDown’s badly depleted Women’s Division. We haven’t seen her in the company since the 2012 Royal Rumble, which would make her return a pretty cool moment. She would also immediately add more intrigue to The Wyatt Family, as well as give the SmackDown Women's Champion a credible top opponent to work with.

Awesome Kong’s last run in TNA was a bit of a downer, but she was also dealing with some injuries at the time. She last made a cameo at Gail Kim’s Hall of Fame induction, and looked to be in great shape. At 39 years old, she may only have a couple years left in her, but that’s more than enough time for her to make a statement. She deserves another shot in WWE, and there are few other ways for her to make more of an impact than by aligning herself with the Wyatt Family.

12 Curt Hawkins

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It seems that Vince McMahon has already grown tired of Curt Hawkins. After months of vignettes, he was quickly squashed upon his debut by Dolph Ziggler. Then he picked up a victory against Apollo Crews, and then he quickly disappeared. To be fair to Hawkins, he was going to have a tough time getting over with his ridiculous gimmick in the first place, but the man certainly didn’t even get much of a chance.

As we’ve seen over the years, he isn’t bad in the ring at all. He just hasn’t found the right act that would help him catch on with the audience. Perhaps a kidnapping and brainwashing by The Wyatt Family would do the trick. A more serious Hawkins could be a benefit to the company, as he could join forces with Luke Harper to create an interesting tag duo.

It’s either WWE gives him a bit of credibility, or they continue jobbing him out on the bottom of the card until Vince really gets tired of the joke and lets him go.

11 Jack Swagger

via youtube.com

After showing so much initial potential, Jack Swagger is set to have one of the most disappointing WWE careers in recent memory. Few wrestlers have fallen from grace as effectively as he has. Upon his recent move to SmackDown it seemed that the company may finally give him a little something again. Instead he was fed to Baron Corbin, and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

It’s going to be an uphill battle for anyone to buy into him again as a credible act, but considering that he’s only 34, there is still time to make something work. Swagger has the size, and he has the look, but management doesn’t see anything in him. Maybe placing him with The Wyatt Family would finally give him the edge that he’s desperately lacked for so long. He’d be another big man that could possibly team up with Harper, which would give the tag division some much needed depth.

If WWE ever wants to make Swagger a legitimate name again, then they need to do something drastic, and do it fast.

10 Cheerleader Melissa/Mariposa

via breakingwrestlingnews.com

The second possible choice to join The Wyatt Family as Sister Abigail is indy veteran Cheerleader Melissa, who is currently in Lucha Underground as Mariposa, the sister of Marty “The Moth” Martinez. In Lucha, she’s proven that she’s more than capable of playing a creepy character, and she’s also proven to be a good hand in the ring.

She also has a bit of experience in TNA, where she was the underutilized Alissa Flash and Raisha Saeed. What she doesn’t have so far is a run in WWE in any form, which is long overdue. If she signed on, she could immediately make a splash in the Women’s Division, as she’s far more credible in the ring than basically anyone on the SmackDown roster outside of Becky Lynch. The two would likely be able to tear it up in the ring, and together would create a stark contrast to what we’re seeing with the women on Raw.

If Melissa is available anytime in the near future, she would make a great edition to the Blue Brand, and would be one of the best choices to play Bray’s mysterious sister.

9 Luke Gallows

via wrestlingnews.co

The Club is dead. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are also basically dead from a credibility standpoint. You can only lose to The New Day and Enzo and Cass so many times before no one is ever going to buy into you as a threat. While both men still have quite a bit of potential, they just need to get away from each other if they’re ever going to be taken seriously again.

To get Gallows into The Wyatt Family, they would just have to run a 212th match against The New Day, but this time with a loser leaves town stipulation. Send both men to SmackDown, or place Anderson in NXT for a bit to be repackaged, and let Gallows join a stable once more. He played the role of an enforcer well in The Straight Edge Society, and could excel in that position once again.

Pairing Gallows and Harper together at this point would have the potential to make an excellent big man tag team if pushed right. It could help out both of their careers, and give the former Festus a strong start in a new home.

8 Abyss

via wikiwand.com

Abyss had his chance to join WWE years ago, but he turned them down. Perhaps he’s come to regret that decision. At 43 years old, time is quickly running out for him to ever have any sort of run in the company, but he could still add something to the show if given a chance.

For fans who have watched TNA over the years, they’ve come to respect the incredible amount of punishment that Abyss has put his body through. Few other wrestlers have sacrificed so much over these past couple of decades. Because of that abuse, he can’t move like he used to, but he’s certainly not bad in the ring. If he joined on with The Wyatt Family, he would be largely protected as a bodyguard-type figure, or a tag partner for Luke Harper. Either way he’d fit in better than Randy Orton!

As we’ve seen over the past year, the TNA stigma really isn’t as bad as WWE thought it was in the past. A.J. Styles is crazy over in his new home. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young are all doing well for themselves too. It’s time for Abyss to join them for a bit, as there are few wrestlers on the planet better suited to slip right into another creepy stable than he is.

7 Ivelisse

via cagesideseats.com

WWE completely blew it with Ivelisse. They could have had her years ago when she tried out for Tough Enough, but she was overlooked and Andy Leavine (remember him?) was signed instead. Then TNA blew it with Ivelisse as she tried out for Gut Chuck, but Lei’d Tapa (remember her?) was picked instead. Luckily for Ivelisse, and for us, Lucha Underground recognized her talent and has displayed her in a prominent role since joining the young company.

She quickly became one of the most over characters on the show, and has more than held her own against a variety of competitors. If she was able to work that same hard-hitting style on SmackDown, she could become the most compelling woman on the show the moment she arrived. While Naomi, Alexa Bliss, and Nikki Bella feel more like people playing wrestlers, Ivelisse could hurt you badly.

If she becomes available, hopefully WWE doesn’t miss out on her again, and brings her onboard to play the enigmatic Sister Abigail.

6 Tommaso Ciampa

via wwe.com

While Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa make an entertaining pairing in NXT, the real money is having Gargano someday break out on his own and becoming the next great underdog in wrestling. That may leave Ciampa on his own, but he’s so talented he should be able to easily land on his feet.

One of the things WWE could do with him is have him join The Wyatt Family, and become the most vicious wrestler in the Cruiserweight Division (if he were allowed on 205 Live). He already has a look that fits in with the stable, and he has a lot of in-ring credibility that would help make them seem more threatening than they currently are.

The Family badly needs some new blood if they want to keep going, but Orton just isn’t that guy. Management should be thinking younger, hungrier, and less stale. Ciampa would make an immediate impact if he were to join Bray’s side upon his arrival, and could help them get out of the rut they’ve been in for far too long.

5 Trevor Lee

via officialfan.proboards.com

From a pure visual standpoint, there are very few people in all of wrestling who are better suited to join The Wyatt Family right now than Trevor Lee. Besides having the look, he’s also crazy talented, and could be molded into a major player in the industry some day. At only 23 years old, he displays a poise and confidence well beyond his years.

While he’s doing okay for himself in TNA, he’s still vastly underutilized. Despite winning X-Division gold, the company never treated him as a big deal, and have rarely ever let him talk. Over in WWE, if management still wasn’t comfortable with putting a live mic in his hand, then Bray Wyatt could do the talking for him to get him over.

Much like Neville and Ciampa, Lee could be the Cruiserweight-type guy of the group (assuming they let SmackDown talent compete on 205 Live, which seems to make a bit of sense). If they don’t go that route, he could still deliver great matches on the show with the likes of mid-card talent like Kalisto and Apollo Crews. Lee has a bright future in the industry, but right now he’s not being given a lot of love on Impact. A jump to WWE, and a Wyatt Family alliance would give him a big platform to really start making a name for himself.

4 Rosemary

via youtube.com

Abyss already made this list as a better choice to join The Wyatt Family than Randy Orton, but his Decay stablemate would be even better.

The current Knockouts Champion is doing well for herself in TNA, but Impact is watched by far, far less people than SmackDown. Rosemary has proved over the course of her time in the company that she deserves a bigger platform. And much like Mariposa, she’s also shown she’s great at playing a creepy character, which would make her a great fit for The Wyatt Family. 

If you look at the women on the SmackDown roster, none of them have an aura of danger. None of them seem like they’re unhinged. Rosemary would stand out in a positive way if she were able to make the jump to WWE. Having her debut as Sister Abigail and eventually winning the Women’s Championship would be a huge move. To top it off, just imagine the promo work Rosemary could do alongside Bray Wyatt, and there’s a lot to like about her in the role.

3 Bo Dallas

via wwe.fr

Somebody believed in Bo not long ago, but not anymore. After being repackaged and receiving a bit of a push on Raw, his character has gone back to its jobbing ways. If there’s any hope for him in the near future, it’s by the side of his older brother.

No one is going to buy into any variation that Bo Dallas has played over these past few years. He’s just been jobbed out so decisively for so long that the time and television investment needed to make him credible wouldn’t be worth it in his current role. He would need a drastic overhaul in order to make it work. Having him align himself with Bray Wyatt could be the big change he needs to regain everything he’s lost.

WWE wouldn’t need to acknowledge that they’re related in real life, though it may end up giving him a bit of an extra boost. There’s not much to lose here. If it doesn’t work out, then break the duo up and don’t mention it again. It if works out, though, then Bo’s career could be turned around, and The Wyatt Family could pick up some of the intrigue they’ve lost over the past couple years.

2 Bram

via cagesideseats.com

Bram may not be welcome back in any form in WWE due to his run-ins with the law, and his ex-marriage to Charlotte, but if he did return, then there may be no better place for him than in The Wyatt Family.

One of the things Bram has going for him is that he legitimately looks and talks like a crazy person. He’s like a Scott Steiner-type act, in that you believe he could snap at any moment. He doesn’t feel like a character who spouts of cliche lines like a...well, Randy Orton. Now, that may be due to some real life anger and aggression, but it sure works for his character!

Bram is currently in the DCC in TNA, but they’re not doing so hot right now. He could jump back to WWE if available, and immediately become a player in the company by joining up with The Wyatt Family. Besides him already looking like he could be a member of the group, he has a ton of potential as a future breakout star on his own, and he’s still only 30 years old. If he can remain on his best behavior, then he would make a great addition to the roster.

1 Sara Del Ray

via wrestlingforum.com

WWE has a secret weapon under their employment, but they've never bothered to use her in the ring. Sara Del Ray is one of the best women wrestlers on the planet, and is currently used as a coach in WWE. Seems like a promotion is in order. The company could bring her over to SmackDown, call her Sister Abigail and have her dominate the Women’s Division on the show. It would be amazing.

Bray Wyatt and Sara Del Ray together would make quite the pair. While Del Ray isn’t the strongest talker, it wouldn’t matter. Wyatt could do all the talking for her. Having her be silent would actually add to her mystique.

It’s a bit of a shame that she hasn’t had the opportunity to mix it up with the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch, but there’s still time to make that happen. If the company is serious about their Women’s Division, and serious about keeping The Wyatt Family as a legitimate stable, then there may be no better way to capture some of their past buzz by introducing Sara Del Ray as Sister Abigail.

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