15 Wrestlers With Shocking "Bedroom" Confessions

Anyone who follows professional wrestling knows that there are two sides of the business. The things we see on-camera and the things that happen when the wrestlers hope nobody is watching. The first side...well, you probably know about the first side. It’s full of colorful characters, outlandish stories, and unbelievable moves. The other side, however, is filled with colorful characters, outlandish stories, and unbelievable moves. Okay, so that probably sounds pretty similar, but the side or professional wrestling that occurs when the cameras off so happen to also feature the kind of morally questionable escapades that have not been seen in a wrestling ring since the Attitude Era.

However, many of the best wrestling stories happen behind a closed - sometimes - bedroom door. As you might imagine, professional wrestlers' heavy travel schedules, television appearances, and - usually - athletic builds mean that they are afforded many opportunities to get in a little trouble with partners both long-term and temporary. While we’ll never know most of these stories thanks to the privacy of such situations, there are some truly amazing bedroom adventures involving our favorite wrestlers that some people just couldn’t keep to themselves. These are the 15 wrestlers with shocking bedroom confessions.

15 Dean Ambrose Slept With a Girl While Wearing A Bear Costume

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Like many of the stories on this list, this one actually comes from the confession of a third party. In this case, a relatively unknown wrestler by the name of DJ Hyde decided to participate in a YouTube shoot interview. Hyde mostly worked in the CZW promotion where Dean Ambrose, then Jon Moxley, got his big break. According to Hyde, Ambrose was actually a pretty crazy guy who would do such wild things as have sex with a girl in a hotel room while wearing a bear costume.

While Ambrose has never confirmed or denied the story, we do find it slightly telling that he once participated in an on-air segment that saw him dress up as a bear. Given Vince’s love for inside jokes, that kind of lends a little credence to the story.

14 Junkyard Dog Would Charge Women To Spend A Night With Him

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For those who don’t know, The Junkyard Dog was a pretty big deal during the early ‘80s. While he never really became a huge star in WWE, Junkyard Dog was a big name in the southern territories where fans would go absolutely crazy for the guy. As you might imagine, many of those fans were females who were very interested in meeting up with Dog after the show. Now, according to stories of those who worked with him, Junkyard Dog got it into his head that he could start making money off these...private appearances. Yes, he apparently would occasionally charge women for the pleasure of his company. While reports on the exact amounts vary, apparently it wasn’t uncommon for him to request a $100 per night.

13 The Four Horsemen’s Hotel Room 'Group Activity'

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Jim Cornette once said that he doesn’t know if Ric Flair slept with the most women during his prime, but he’s fairly certain he slept with the most attractive women. Ric Flair would contest that he can lay claim to both. In fact, Flair once recalled a time during a show in Baltimore that he got on the microphone and requested that all girls between the age of 18 and 28 should meet them at their Marriott suite after the show. According to Flair, hundreds of women showed up and were invited back into the room. The request was so successful that Flair and The Horsemen decided to repeat it during the rest of the tour. Now, while Flair is probably exaggerating a little, given some of the other stories we’ve heard about him during this time, we’re guessing that this tale is fairly accurate.

12 Klondike Bill Used a Sausage To Pleasure His Lady Friend

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You’ve probably never heard of Klondike Bill before now, but we can assure you that you’re about to remember him forever. During an interview, former announcer Tony Schiavone began telling stories about Bill; a former professional wrestler turned road agent for WCW. According to Schiavone, Bill was a pure animal who would do things like pick up pairs of women’s underwear he found lying in the streets and start chewing on them. Bill also told Schiavone about a time he was with a lady friend in a hotel and decided to grab a kielbasa sausage from the refrigerator to use on...well, you can probably figure that part out. Schiavone asked Bill what he did with the sausage, and Bill informed him that he and the lady cooked it the next morning and served it with some eggs.

11 Kurt Angle Had an Affair With A Stalker Who Offered to Kill His Wife

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So many wrestlers have admitted to cheating on their partners while on the road that it’s hard to keep track of just who did what. Kurt Angle is one of many wrestlers whose affairs have kind of been swept under the rug over the years, but he has admitted to cheating on his former wife during his initial WWE run. While that’s fairly par for the course so far as this business goes, Angle shocked many by also confessing that the woman turned out to be a stalker who also stalked Ric Flair for a time. Apparently, the woman told Angle that she would have no problem with killing his wife if it meant they could be together. Angle wisely decided to get the police involved shortly thereafter and the stalker was arrested

10 C.W. Anderson Nearly Had A Tragic Bedroom Ending

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During a tour of Japan, wrestler C.W. Anderson decided to meet up with a female fan who he’d met during a previous trip. This seemingly normal story becomes a lot more shocking when Anderson’s friend begins to bleed profusely from a very unfortunate place soon after the two have finished their rendezvous. As you might imagine, Anderson was panicked by the sight of this occurrence and called in his good friend Steve Corino to help. Apparently, Anderson felt the best course of action was to hide her body in a suitcase. Corino quite rightfully suggested they do anything but that and decided to start giving the girl orange juice in order to help with the blood loss. While neither man arrived at the logical conclusion of just calling for medical assistance, the girl remained alive and outside of Anderson’s suitcase.

9 Sunny Traded 'Favors' For Substances

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You may notice that this list is pretty male-heavy. While there’s no one reason for that, it likely has something to do with many male wrestlers’ general fondness for telling outlandish bedroom stories whenever they get the chance. However, there are few wrestlers out there - male or female - that can match Sunny in terms of sheer volume of sex stories. Recounting every Sunny story would take a lifetime, but the most popular Sunny tale involves her fondness for trading sex for drugs. Many wrestlers have been linked to this transaction over the years, but the most infamous story involves a supposed backstage encounter with Sabu in which Sunny offered an oral activity in exchange for cocaine. Sabu later stated the story was completely false. He did, however, note that he once traded Sunny some pills in exchange for her taking her shirt off and that many of the other stories involving similar deals are absolutely true.

8 Mick Foley Asked Ron Simmons to Hold his Hand During The Act

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Teddy Long is actually responsible for sharing this story with the world, so you’ll understand/forgive us if some of the finer plot points are replaced with the word “playa.” Anyway, Long stated that Foley actually slept around quite a bit during his original Cactus Jack run in the territories in WCW. Mind you, Foley was single during this time so there was nothing really shocking about that in and of itself. What is shocking is the revelation that Foley once asked Ron Simmons to hold his hand mid-action. Again, Long didn’t go into detail on this one - and it was probably a joke on Foley’s part - but Foley did apparently ask a nearby Ron Simmons to hold his hand while Foley finished his evening activity.

7 Raven Invited A 15-Year-Old Girl Back to His Hotel Room

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This story is pretty well-known even if some of the details tend to change from time to time. However, we do know that sometime during Raven’s ECW run, he decided to invite a few women back to his hotel room. Later that night, the police invaded said room. Why? Well, it turns out that one of those women was actually a 15-year-old girl who would go on to become a professional wrestler/valet named Becky Bayless. Now, even though Becky was sleeping naked in the room when the police arrived, Raven claims that he never actually slept with her. Police were also unable to find any evidence that Raven had actually slept with her. Raven was not formally charged, but his decision to invite a 15-year-old girl back to his hotel room is widely regarded as one of the worst decisions a wrestler has ever made.

6 Perry Saturn Turned Himself Into A Human Rocket With A Fire Extinguisher

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While there’s not a world in which we can defend the last Raven story on this list, we do have to admit that this one is pretty entertaining in a completely ridiculous kind of way. It begins in a hotel where ECW wrestlers Perry Saturn and Raven were feeling bored. Naturally, they decided to call on the services of some prostitutes. This is all pretty standard ECW stuff so far, but where this story goes off the rails is when Perry Saturn decided to set-up a Slip and Slide in the hotel’s hallway. Why? Well, he really wanted to attach a...peripheral to his head, slide down the toy, and engage a waiting prostitute on the other end. When Saturn learned that he couldn’t actually gain enough speed to perform said act, he grabbed a fire extinguisher and propelled himself to presumed victory.

5 Missy Hyatt Wanted to Make a Pro Wrestling Super Baby With Bret Hart

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Technically, this story doesn’t involve something that ended up happening in a bedroom, but it’s too bizarre not to include. As you may know, Bret Hart confessed later in life that he had indeed cheated on his wife during his early career travels. He simply stated that he gave into some temptations that he should have avoided. The one temptation that Bret did avoid was valet Missy Hyatt’s request to donate some of his sperm through any means Bret preferred. It’s important to note that Hyatt wasn’t just talking about offering sex - although that was seemingly on the table - but rather that Hyatt wanted Hart’s sperm so that she could make a professional wrestling super baby that had both of their genes. Hyatt has also claimed that the reveal of this story was the source of Vince McMahon’s “genetic jackhammer” jokes.

4 Jimmy Valiant, An Escort, and The Hotel Room You Never Want to Stay At

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Whether or not you think wrestling was better in the ‘80s is a matter of opinion, but there’s no denying that the world of professional wrestling was way more raunchy during the territorial days. Back then, wrestlers would sleep with an army of fans, do a little cocaine, and still make it to the arena in time for their match. Of all the crazy stories to emerge from that era, this one stands out as one of the most insane. According to The Rock ‘n Roll Express, they decided to walk into their good friend Jimmy Valiant’s hotel room one night and found him in a compromising position. He was...what’s the cleanest way to put this...laying under a glass table that a prostitute was kneeling over while defecating. While this was happening, Mr. Valiant was pleasuring himself.

3 Brian Pillman’s Trademark Gravity Boots Position

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Brian Pillman may be wrestling’s pound for pound greatest sexual deviant. That’s a pretty bold claim, but it’s supported by a bevy of tales involving the late Loose Cannon that involve him engaging in bizarre variations on his favorite activity. For instance, Pillman apparently used to love to call friends every time he was with a woman in order to get them to unknowingly speak on the phone so that the friend could verify that Pillman really did hook up with the woman. However, the most infamous Pillman story may just be one that occurred during the wrestler’s younger days. Apparently, an old roommate of Pillman once walked in on a naked girl pleasuring Pillman while she was wearing gravity boots and hanging upside down from a pull-up bar. He certainly gets points for creativity on that one.

2 John Cena’s Six-Pack Challenge...

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Historically speaking, wrestlers who are presented as the most kid-friendly performers tend to be anything but behind-the-scenes. Hulk Hogan certainly jumps to mind as the most obvious example of this tendency, but current all-star babyface John Cena is actually not too far behind in terms of his real-life acts of debauchery. You probably know about Cena’s affairs with the likes of Mickie James, Victoria, and Maria, but only those who have heard Cena’s interview with Howard Stern in 2006 know about “Big Match John’s” six-way.

No, we don’t mean some multi-man PPV match; we mean that Cena actually brought six women back to his hotel room one time and proceeded to do exactly what you think he might do in such a situation. This story is made all the more entertaining by Cena’s insinuation that these women were all fans who were dying to meet him after the show. Cena also admitted that even he couldn’t quite handle six women at one time.

1 ... And John Cena’s Adventures With A 280 Pound Woman

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During that same Howard Stern interview, John Cena shared a few more stories that conflicted with the super-babyface image he was promoting at the time. Along with the six-way, he also told a pretty fantastic story involving two strippers who apparently gave John the best night of his life. However, the most interesting story involved a time that Cena claimed to have “crossed the 280 mark.” According to Cena, all the other wrestlers dared him to have sex with a woman that weighed around 280 pounds. Cena said that not only would he do it, but he’d enjoy it. John then described a lights-on experience that he fully enjoyed with the larger woman. The moral of the story was that John doesn’t discriminate. Hmmm...maybe he is an all-time great babyface.

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