15 Wrestlers With WAGs Much Younger Than Them

Life on the road, hectic schedules, and living out of a bag for the majority of the year can make it hard to settle down, find the right woman and start a family. Many wrestlers love the fact that they’re free and not tied down and are able to travel the world doing what they do best without having to worry about things back home. Others hate it, are tired of the hook-ups, the promiscuity, the frivolous escapades and want nothing more than to come home to a loving girlfriend or wife at the end of a long tour with their promotion.

For those lucky ones who have managed to find a partner, they’ll probably be the first to testify that it didn’t come easy. Sorting out those women who only want a hook-up – those who may only be interested because of the fame and fortune – can be problematic for these wrestling stars who are in the limelight, so if the right woman comes along, they do their utmost to make the relationship stick. In this instance, age is rarely a consideration; if you’ve found the right woman, you’ve found the right woman – age doesn’t enter into the equation – despite what certain corners of society might think.

These are 15 wrestlers with wives or girlfriends far younger than they are. These wrestlers have defied the odds and managed to make it work with their significantly younger partners and are still happy and thriving despite the age gap.

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21 Shawn Michaels 51 - Rebecca Curci 44 

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Unlike the majority of the others on this list, this relationship isn’t a recent event. Michaels and Curci have actually been together since 1999 – that’s just under two decades together – during which time they’ve seen it all, and have been through thick and thin. It’s a seven-year age difference between the two, but sometimes, Curci’s had to be the mature one of the two – a rock to keep Michaels strong and offer him a shoulder to cry on.

The industry hasn’t always been kind to Michaels – he hasn’t always helped himself either – but with Curci by his side, he’s remained resilient and has come out the other side still fighting. This is one marriage that seems to be rock solid, and they also have a couple of kids together to complete their family.

20 John Cena 39 - Nikki Bella 32 

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John Cena’s probably the only true legend left on the main roster, having been around – and mightily successful – since 2002. His feats inside the ring and personality have propelled him to the top of the industry; you’d think that with this level of fame and fortune, he’d have hooked up with plenty of hot women during this time, but he’s only ever had a few relationships – that we know about anyway.

Cena’s first marriage was to Elizabeth Huberdeau; they tied the knot in 2009 but separated three short years later. It all worked out though because later that same year he began dating Nikki Bella – one half of the Bella Twins – and they’ve been together ever since. Another marriage in the cards? Probably, but at the moment, they’re in no rush.


18 DDP 60 - Brenda Nair 52 

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Motivational speaker and all-round good guy DDP deserves some love in his life. He’s been selfless since creating DDP Yoga, helping others in need, taking them into his home, caring for them, nurturing them until they’re ready to go back into the world as better people; it’s about time someone made a difference in his life. In 1991 – around the time of his wrestling debut – he thought that someone was Kimberly Page; they stuck it out for 14 years before getting divorced.

Last year, DDP got married for the second time to a woman named Brenda Nair. They’d apparently been dating for quite some time before deciding to get hitched, and they eventually married in a small ceremony in Cancún, Mexico. With DDP being retired from wrestling, this marriage should be easier to manage.


16 CM Punk 37 - AJ Lee 29 

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This is another marriage that seems to be indestructible. Punk and AJ Lee have been together since 2014, and they’ve both endured a lot during that period. Married life for the two didn’t get off to the greatest of starts. It was on their actual wedding day that Punk got handed his WWE termination notice – things were sour between Punk and WWE anyway, but this was the final straw. Being the dutiful wife and supporting her hubby, Lee followed suit and left WWE shortly afterwards.

There’s a seven-year age gap between the two, and they actually commute between their homes in Wisconsin and Illinois, but they’ve made it work and at the moment, everything looks rosy between the married couple. Let’s give it some time and see what transpires.


14 Steve Austin 51 - Kristin Feres (Estimated to be 10 years younger)

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Steve Austin’s a legend of the industry and has been in and around the wrestling scene since 1989, and still makes the occasional appearance. During this time, we all know what happened; he cultivated a legacy – a legacy that resulted in that “Stone Cold” add-on to his name.

Austin might be Stone Cold in the ring, and he may have had his fair share of problems away the ring, but there have been plenty of women who have found him irresistible. He's been married four times; unfortunately for Austin, three of them were disasters, but his marriage to Kristin looks to be rock solid. They got hitched in 2009 and are still going strong, They’ve made it work as Austin regularly commutes from California – where Kristin lives – to Texas, where he owns his Broken Skull Ranch. If he’s willing to do all those miles, age – it’s thought Kristin is about ten years younger than Austin – is certainly just a number!


12 Ric Flair 67 - Wendy Barlow 56 

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Ric Flair’s always been considered to be a bit of a ladies man. His dating escapades are the stuff of legends, and I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff being spoken about away from the cameras, in the WWE locker rooms, about which we are clueless. Having said that, Flair’s not one to hold anything back. He recently went public claiming he slept with prominent actress, Halle Berry – although she adamantly refutes these claims.

Aside from his vast and varied dating profile, Flair’s actually tied the knot four times. A few months back, he actually got engaged for the fifth time, this time to Wendy Barlow. Barlow has actually been involved in the wrestling industry – she portrayed a maid in a few WCW interview segments – and has appeared in Wife Swap, during which she went to live with Roddy Piper. The event didn’t traumatize her, and she looks set to become Flair’s fifth wife in the coming years.


10 The Rock 44 - Lauren Hashian 32 

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Dwayne Johnson’s surrounded by beautiful women on a daily basis – on his sporadic returns to wrestling events and during his time shooting movies – but he only has eyes for one woman – the gorgeous Lauren Hashian.

Hashian, 32, met Johnson soon after the superstar’s divorce to his wife of ten years, Dany Garcia. They actually met while Johnson was still a married man, when he was on the set filming his movie, The Game Plan, in 2006. Once Johnson’s divorce was finalized, they officially got together and have remained a couple ever since.

Who is Lauren Hashian? She’s gained fame for dating the man we all know and love as The Rock, but she’s actually from Rock ‘N’ Roll. Her dad is Boston drummer Sib Hashian, and she’s a singer-songwriter herself.

Johnson’s like a Duracell bunny and likes to work out, take care of himself, and Hashian – well, you can see from the pictures – so the 12-year age gap hasn’t impacted their relationship.

9 Matt Hardy 42 - Reby Sky 30 

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Matt Hardy, along with his brother, ruled the roost in the tag team division for many years, winning a plethora of championships in the process. When he left WWE in 2010, he found a new home with TNA, and quickly went about decimating opponents, proving his worth within the promotion. One thing that didn’t change as he flitted about different promotions was his dating history. Hardy loves dating women in the industry, and he’s had plenty of relationships with divas during his career. In the 1990s, Hardy was involved in a six-year relationship with the diva known as Lita before her infidelity caused them to split. Ashley Massaro was the next diva in the cards, but today, he’s with Rebecca "Reby Sky" Reyes.

They’ve been together since 2011, have been married for three years and have a little boy to complete their family. This woman's certainly for keeps!

8 Randy Orton 36 - Kim Kessler 24 

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Randy Orton’s another one of these guys who has a long and illustrious dating résumé. He’s also another one of these wrestlers who has been married and divorced; his eight-year relationship with Samantha Speno was anything but a success. But today, he’s found a wife in Kimberly Kessler. Their relationship’s still in its infancy, but signs are that they’re looking to go the distance.

Orton’s a veteran of the industry having been around for 16 years – just think that Kessler was eight years old when he stepped into the ring for the first time. This concept would be enough to freak many people out, but the age gap doesn’t concern the Ortons; they’ve been married for about a year, and already have a child together – happy families!

7 Alberto Del Rio 39 - Saraya-Jade Bevis 24 

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Alberto Del Rio’s first and only wife was Angela Rodríguez, a woman who liked to stay out of the limelight. But now, the flashy, boisterous Alberto doesn’t have to hide his relationship from the cameras because his new girlfriend’s a very prominent diva in WWE. In May of this year, Alberto and his girlfriend – Saraya-Jade Bevis – went public with their relationship. Many of you will recognize Bevis as NXT Women’s Champion – Paige – the longest reigning champion in the title’s history.

Alberto is 15 years Paige’s senior, although not many have deemed this fact worth mentioning. That’s because, although Alberto’s a veteran of the industry – he’s been wrestling for 16 years – he’s still relatively young and likes to keep himself looking good, healthy and trim. Paige – well, she’s just stunning – so yeah, they look good together; let’s see how this one pans out.

6 The Undertaker 51 - Michelle McCool 36 

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This is one of the most famous wrestling couples around. Mark Calaway, who, let’s face it, looks 51, has certainly done well for himself, getting together with two-time WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool.

The Undertaker’s been a household name in the wrestling industry for what seems like forever; with fame and fortune comes women, and The Undertaker’s been married three times during this period. He stayed with his first wife for 10 years; his second stint at marriage was shorter, but things with McCool seem to be all rosy. They’re certainly a power couple and made headlines when they married in 2010. The age gap isn’t a factor in their relationship. Four years ago, they had their first child together, and now they’re spending more time together, with McCool being a former diva and The Undertaker basically in retirement for 11 months of the year. Whether this makes them sick of each other or strengthens their relationship, we’ll just have to wait and see.

5 Kurt Angle 47 - Giovanna Yannotti 29

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A relationship with one guy in his 40s and a woman in her 20s is actually somewhat the norm nowadays, although it’s still frowned upon by some. But these two seem like they’re compatible. Kurt Angle and Giovanna Yannotti have been together for about six years now, married for four and are expecting their third child together – things have moved pretty fast in the Angle household.

Giovanna’s an actress, and has had a few prominent roles and cameo appearances in movies and on TV shows. She’s also worked as a stunt performer and has modeled – not surprising considering her stunning figure. We all know what Kurt Angle’s done, but Giovanna’s packed a lot into her 29 years. This 18-year age gap is irrelevant for this couple – judging by her résumé, Giovanna’s mature beyond her years.

4 Hulk Hogan 63 - Jennifer McDaniel 42

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After Hogan divorced his wife of 24 years – Linda Hogan – back in 2007, many were keeping their eyes on Hogan, wondering what his next move would be. Linda moved on pretty quickly after the divorce. Since we’re talking about age differences, her next partner was Charley Hill – she was 48 at the time and he was 19! Hogan started dating Jennifer McDaniel, and a year after initially getting together, they got engaged. The next step was marriage – you’d think Hogan would go big with this one, but with his messy divorce still fresh in his mind, the duo decided to keep their wedding low-key.

They tied the knot in Clearwater, Florida, and have now been together for six years. There’s a 21-year age difference here, but that certainly doesn’t seem to have had any impact on their relationship!


2 Bret Hart 59 - Stephanie Washington 33

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I suppose what constitutes a massive age gap is open to interpretation, but I think we can all agree, with an age gap of 26 years, this couple is certainly a justified choice for this list.

Bret Hart, like the majority of other wrestling superstars of his generation – well, celebrities in general! – has done the whole marriage thing before, but without much success. He got married a couple of times before getting hitched to Stephanie Washington in 2010. She was 27 at the time, but that didn’t matter. Hart took a shine to her, the feelings were reciprocated, and today they’re still happily married, six years and counting. The couple are content to spend their time out of the limelight, although they have appeared on Total Divas together, in a segment which also featured Hart’s niece, Natalya.

1 Jerry Lawler 66 - Lauryn McBride 27

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Jerry Lawler has a pretty extensive dating résumé. He’s been married three times, but it’s rumored that he’s dated a plethora of beautiful women, including wrestling stars. He was married to wrestling valet and occasional in-ring performer, Stacy Lee Carter. Incidentally there was also a 21 age difference between these two!

He’s currently with Lauryn McBride, a woman who’s a lot younger than him. Evidently he likes dating younger women because McBride is only 27! That wouldn’t warrant an exclamation mark, except he’s 66! Do the math and you’ll discover that’s an age gap of just shy of 40 years! That’s pretty staggering, but hey, if they’re happy, who are we to judge?They’ve already had their fair share of issues with WWE, but it’s all been worked out, and they’re back on the right track and still together, going strong.

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