15 Wrestlers WWE Wishes You'd Stop Talking About

Wrestlers such as Steve Austin, John Cena and the Rock will be spoken about for years to come as they've established themselves as pivotal cornerstones of the WWE. While the former three have given the WWE and its fans countless defining moments, there are other superstars that WWE wishes its fans would forget about once and for all. A number of these wrestlers were pivotal cornerstones just like "The Rattlesnake", "The Face That Runs The Place" and "The Great One", while others weren't quite as prominent individuals.

These are the wrestlers that WWE wishes it never employed in the first place as their baggage outweighs their contributions to the wrestling business. In fairness, some of these superstars weren't the ones that screwed WWE; on the flip side, it was WWE that screwed them. Nonetheless, they go hand and hand when saying WWE isn't to keen on its fans speaking about them. Without further ado, here's fifteen wrestlers WWE wishes you'd stop talking about.

14 Hulk Hogan

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In July of 2015, a recording of Hulk Hogan from close to a decade prior had gone viral as it painted Hogan in a much different light than the man who lived by the slogan, "say your prayers and eat your vitamins". In the recording Hogan is heard using the n word on countless occasions as well as admitting that he considers himself to be a racist to a degree. In addition, Hogan is appalled at he thought of his daughter, Brooke, dating a black man and if that's her agenda that he wishes it'd be one who possessed athletic abilities (as inferred by Hogan saying "at least be one of those 6 foot, 7 foot n words"). Hogan's contract was immediately terminated by the WWE once the recording became public knowledge. He was yanked from the WWE Hall of Fame. His name was pulled from WWE.com. When you factor all this in and that Hogan is arguably the most instrumental figure in the wrestling industry period, do you think WWE wants to hear Hogan's name anytime soon?

13 Jeff Jarrett

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Double J, Jeff Jarrett, had seen his WWE contract expire on October 16th, 1999, but Jarrett held an enviable wildcard- the Intercontinental Championship. The following night, October 17th, Jarrett was scheduled to defend his IC belt against Chyna at No Mercy but refused as he was no longer inked by the company. Fearing another Medusa incident in which a former WWE talent trashed a championship from the Stamford, Connecticut based promotion on WCW programming, Vince McMahon had a decision to make. He could either pony up and pay Jarrett the $300,000 he demanded to show up at No Mercy and drop the belt or watch the company's second most prestigious belt be disrespected on WCW programming. McMahon rolled with the former and gave in to Jarrett's ransom. Having lost out on a cool 300K, it's safe to say that McMahon isn't a fan of his former employee, Jarrett.

12 Debra

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The first word that comes to mind when hearing Debra's name is Jerry "The King" Lawler screaming puppies in an enthusiastic fan boy manner. While Debra was certainly blessed up top, she wasn't as blessed on June 15, 2002. Responding to a domestic dispute phone call, police showed up to the residence of Debra and her then husband and one of WWE's biggest stars, Steve Austin. Upon police showing up they had witnessed a beaten and battered Debra fully equipped with numerous bruises and a bloody nose. Austin filed for divorce a little over a month after the ordeal and was also arrested as a result of it. Austin pleased no contest to the charges and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine along with serving eight hours of community service. Austin's name will forever be tied to domestic abuse as a result of the altercation that took place on June 15, 2002 and the less Debra's name is mentioned the less likely fans are to mention the forenamed event.

11 Chyna

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At one time Chyna was billed as the "Ninth Wonder of the World" and was a feature attraction in WWE. During this time, Chyna was dating Triple H. The two's relationship didn't last as Triple H moved on to Stephanie McMahon. In a classic he said, she said story, Chyna claims Hunter left her for McMahon while the two were still involved. On the contrary, Hunter claims he and Chyna were through and he started dating McMahon when he was a single man. Chyna's life was chock full of turmoil upon the breakup as she entered the world of pornography as well as battled drug addiction. Drug addiction eventually ended up taking Chyna's life in April of 2016 at the age of forty-six. Chyna's contributions to the WWE will forever be remembered; however, due to her personal demons as well as the love triangle between herself, McMahon and Triple H, the WWE would rather their fans refrain from mentioning the former Intercontinental and Women's Champion.

10 "Macho Man" Randy Savage

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Renown for his "Oooh Yeah" catchphrase, the "Macho Man" Randy Savage was one of the most pivotal figures during his tenure in the WWE. The former two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion was certainly over with crowds, but his name is also synonymous with one of the most scandalous rumors in the wrestling industry point blank. That rumor is none other than the fact that he once slept with Stephanie McMahon. To add insult to injury, Savage allegedly slept with an underage McMahon which makes the rumor all the more scandalous. The rumor gains more steam considering Savage was left out of the Hall of Fame for a number of years and was only finally inducted four years after his passing. Whether or not the rumor holds weight is gone with Savage to his grave and the only person who can truly set the record straight is McMahon. Perhaps she'll do so in her upcoming book? But, don't get your hopes up!

9 Ryback

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While wrestlers such as John Cena and Randy Orton are fortunate enough to be allowed to use their birth names as their in ring names, the majority of WWE's wrestlers are not. On the contrary, WWE generally gives performers names that differ from their birth names in order to trademark them. As a result, these wrestlers are not be allowed to use the fictitious names given to them on the independent scene or any other promotion(s) they choose to go to upon leaving WWE. Ryback decided upon his departure that he'd find his own creative and innovative way around using the name Ryback once he had been released by WWE. Ryback, ditched his first name of Ryan and replaced it with Ryback. Now, Ryback is allowed to and has been using the Ryback name on the independent scene. Doesn't that just grind your gears, WWE?

8 Droz

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Less than two years into his WWE career, Droz fell victim to one of the worst injuries (if not the worst injury), to ever take place in a WWE ring. Wrestling against D'Lo Brown at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, Droz landed awkwardly when Brown botched the power bomb he was delivering to the former Denver Bronco. Droz ended up landing on his head and fractured two disks in his neck as a result of the botched move. Droz is to this day is largely a quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair to get around. It's not that Droz did anything wrong; however, since he had such a short career in the WWE not much (if anything), is remembered about him sans the injury that ended his career.

7 Scott Steiner

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If you didn't know by now, Scott Steiner is an absolute lunatic. A jacked, raging, angry lunatic! In 2015, Steiner ran into Hulk Hogan's wife Jennifer at baggage claim at the San Jose airport during WrestleMania weekend and allegedly told Jennifer that he had plans to kill Hogan. Jennifer filed a police report and Steiner was being investigated for felony terrorist threats. As a result of the incident, WWE wasn't taking any chances and they banned Steiner from its Hall of Fame ceremony during Wrestlemania weekend. Steiner was never charged for the incident and as he tells it he only had plans of confronting Hogan about confronting Randy Savage as he was the wrong man for the job. The reason behind Hogan being persona non grata to induct Savage was Steiner claiming that everyone was aware of the fact that Savage was no fan of Hogan.

6 Verne Gagne

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Verne Gagne never actually wrestled in the WWE but he was closely associated with it as he had done business with Vince McMahon during the territorial days when he was the promoter of the American Wrestling Association. In 2009, Gagne, who had by now long stepped away from wrestling had gotten into an altercation with a ninety-seven year old man in Bloomington, Minnesota by the name of Helmut Gutmann. Police Chief Jeff Potts described the ordeal as such, "the attack – which was not a wrestling body slam – happened quickly while the men were at a table. It was more like "a push and a shove" and it caused Gutmann to fall". Gagne was never charged for the death of Gutmann as he had dementia and didn't possess the necessary knowledge to know the damage he could've caused and inevitably ended up causing to Gutmann.

5 Jimmy Snuka

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In the ring, Jimmy Snuka was one of the most breathtaking performers of his time and his nickname of "Superfly" is a testament to his in ring craft. However, despite all his prowess in the ring, a dark cloud from 1983 lingered over his head. In 1983, Snuka's girlfriend at the time, Nancy Argentino had met her maker by a number of injuries that fit the pattern of domestic abuse. Snuka was the only suspect at the time, yet was not charged with Argentino's death until thirty-two years later in 2015. In 2015, Snuka was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. The charges were eventually dropped on January 3rd, 2017 as a result of Snuka having dementia. Twelve days later, the Samoan fan favorite passed away. As great as Snuka was in ring, the fact that he was the only suspect in his ex-girlfriend's death is greatly alarming and something WWE would rather not talk about.

4 Owen Hart

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Playing the role of the Blue Blazer character, Owen Hart was lowered from the rafters at the 1999 Over the Edge PPV. Hart being lowered didn't go over smoothly and ended up being as tragic as could be as it eventually led to Hart's demise. Hart fell 78 feet from the rafters and landed chest first on the top rope of the ring, just missing the turnbuckle by an estimated foot. Medical personnel tried to revive Hart to no avail. Hart was pronounced dead the same night as a result of internal bleeding from blunt force trauma. The Hart family ended up receiving an $18,000,000 settlement as a result of Hart's death. Hart's widow, Martha is to this day still angered and upset over the event that led to the death of her husband and how could you blame her? May 23rd, 1999 will forever remain a dark day in the history of the WWE.

3 CM Punk

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One of the biggest stars of his generation, CM Punk shocked all parties when he didn't show up to Monday Night Raw on January 27, 2014 after appearing at the Royal Rumble PPV the night prior. Punk later expressed that a myriad of reasons (more on that later), led to his decision to walk away from the company. However, no reason was bigger than the creative direction of the company. Batista, who had just returned the week prior had gone on to win the Royal Rumble which catapulted him into the main event of WrestleMania. This didn't make Punk, the fans or other WWE superstars happy. Heck, unless you were Batista or Vinny Mac you'd be hard pressed to find someone who enjoyed this decision. Punk also left because he claimed to be injured and burnt out as well. He also claimed WWE Dr. Chris Amann had misdiagnosed him with a staph infection and that once another doctor checked Punk out he deemed that the "Straight Edge Superstar" was lucky to be alive. And the icing on the cake is Punk is on record as to saying he'd never return to the E. Need more evidence as to why WWE wishes fans would stop mentioning his name?

2 Muhammad Hassan

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In the midst of a massive push, Muhammad Hassan was pulled from WWE programming after the July 4th, 2005 Smackdown taping which featured the Italian-American playing a Muslim-American engaging in prayer as a number of masked men donning ski masks and camouflage pants ganged up on the Undertaker and beat him down with a piano wire and clubs. The London bombings of 2005 had just taken place prior and the network that aired Smackdown, UPN, deemed that the WWE used poor judgment in airing the forenamed Hassan segment. UPN demanded that Hassan be removed from television to which WWE abided. Hassan was given the option to adapt another character but he refused. As a result, Hassan was released from his WWE contract three months after the infamous July 4th Smackdown taping.

1 Chris Benoit

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Responsible for the murders of his wife, Nancy, and his seven year old son, Daniel, it doesn't take a genius to see why WWE would rather not hear the name Chris Benoit mentioned. Unfortunately for WWE, it isn't that easy, not just because of the murders, but also because of the success Benoit enjoyed not just in WWE but in WCW as well. Not to forget, Benoit embracing with fellow good friend Eddie Guerrero after "Latino Heat" had won the WWE Championship and Benoit had won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX was a genuine feel good moment for two of the most over, yet most overlooked superstars when it came to reaching the mountaintop. It remains one of the more memorable finales to the "Grandaddy of Them All" to this day. Nonetheless, while Benoit's in-ring talent cannot be denied, his decision on June 24, 2007, overshadows any and every thing he accomplished in the ring.

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