15 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Are Related To WWE Hall Of Famers

Vince McMahon bought the company that would eventually go on to become WWE from his father, Vince McMahon Sr. It’s highly likely that, when Vince eventually sells the WWE or that pact he made with Satan expires, the company will fall into the hands of his favourite child; Triple H. You know it’s true. When Trips and Steph give the company up, it will then fall into the hands of one of their freakishly muscly, sledgehammer-obsessed daughters and so on and so forth forever. The point I’m trying to make is, wrestling is a family business and, when you’re good at it, your kids are probably going to have a decent run themselves, when they come of age. “Cowboy” Bob Orton paved the way for his son, Randy, to have one of the most impressive careers in WWE history, Dusty Rhodes was instrumental in introducing the WWE Universe to his son, Cody and Hulk Hogan basically threw a hissy fit until his daughter got an onscreen role in TNA.

All of these Hall of Famers have had kids go into wrestling and they’ve been successful (albeit some more so than others), but did you know that there are plenty of wrestlers around the world who can claim relation to some of WWE’s top talent? Well, you do now! Yes, either through blood relation or marriage, these men and women can all say their family trees include some Hall of Fame branches. Give yourself a point for each one you already knew and, if you save up your points, you might even win a prize. Or you might not. You definitely won’t.

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15 John Laurinaitis

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We begin with a man who made a Hall of Fame legacy inside the ring and then spent the rest of his life trying to tear it down outside of the ring.

John Laurinaitis, the man with the hardest name to spell ever, made a name for himself as Johnny Ace, a wrestler who performed in various promotions in the 80s and 90s. Also, Ace is way easier to spell than Laurinaitis, so let’s call him that from now on. Ace won numerous titles, including four World Tag team titles with All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) and was in two matches awarded five stars from Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He is also credited with inventing the move that would become the Diamond Cutter/RKO and he trained Torrie Wilson, so his influence on the business has been pretty big. Just forget about that terrible match he had with John Cena in 2012. Just think of Torrie Wilson, that usually fixes things.

Whilst Laurinaitis will one day probably end up in the Hall, he’ll have to settle for just being related to a Hall of Famer for now. Not only is he related to one, but he actually grew up with one, because Laurinaitis’ older brother is Joe Laurinaitis, known to wrestling fans around the world as Road Warrior Animal. One half of The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, Animal captured tag team gold with his partner, Hawk, in WWE, WCW and AJPW and was inducted into the Hall of Fame with Hawk and long-time manager, “Precious” Paul Ellering, in 2011. Alongside Animal, Laurinaitis’ other brother, Marcus, wrestled as one half of the tag team, The Wrecking Crew, under the name The Terminator, and Laurinaitis’ nephew (Animal’s son), James, played college football for Ohio State and has played for NFL teams, the St. Louis Rams and the New Orleans Saints. Well, there you go. It’s good to be a Laurinaitis. Unless you need a convincing on-screen authority figure. Then you’re screwed.

14 Alberto Del Rio

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I guess this means Paige will be related to a Hall of Famer soon, although, I wouldn’t count on it, all things considered.

Alberto Del Rio has had a very interesting relationship with the WWE. He debuted as his rich, snobbish aristocrat character in 2010 and made a big splash less than a year later, winning the Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank and the WWE Championship twice all in 2011. Despite two World Heavyweight title reigns and numerous high-profile feuds, Del Rio left the company in 2014 following a backstage incident involving a crew member making a racial slur towards him. Del Rio would return in 2015, win two United States Championships and then leave again following a suspension for violating the Wellness Policy. Despite a pretty messy end to his WWE run, Del Rio is still making one hell of a living on the independent circuit, so don’t cry for him just yet. Save that for when he finally meets Paige’s parents.

Del Rio has a rich history when it comes to wrestling. His father, Dos Caras (“two faces” in Spanish, so I guess he’s Mexican Harvey Dent) is such a big name in Mexico that Alberto actually performed under the name “Dos Caras Jr.” for the early portion of his career, just to carry some of his father’s momentum. His father, however, is not in the Hall of Fame. However, his uncle is. Mil Mascaras is considered by many as one of the greatest luchadors of all time. He is known as one of the “big three”, alongside Blue Demon and El Santo, who popularized and innovated the style in the 60s and 70s. Mascaras was so influential that he even featured on a number of Mexican postage stamps and was the first masked wrestler to perform in Madison Square Garden. The garden is cool and all, but a postage stamp? Now that’s what I’m talking about! Mascaras was inducted in 2012 by Alberto himself and deservedly so; his work helped establish one of the world’s most adored styles of wrestling and paved the way for other incredible performers, like his nephew, in the years after him. I hate to end on a sour note, but Mascaras did once eliminate himself from the Royal Rumble by jumping off the top rope to the outside. I seriously don’t think he knew the rules.

13 Nia Jax

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She’s not like most girls, but she is like a lot of Hall of Famers.

It’s crazy to think that Nia Jax has only wanted to be a wrestler since 2012. Her debut on NXT was so impressive, that just two months later, she was challenging for the NXT Women’s Championship, albeit unsuccessfully. Less than a year later, Nia was already on the main roster as one of the top picks in the WWE draft, being drafted before the likes of Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro to join the Raw brand. Then she squashed jobbers for weeks with no real storyline, disappeared for a bit, tapped out at Survivor Series and now beats up Sasha Banks. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

Perhaps the reason Nia is such a dab hand at wrestling is because it’s in her blood; after all, she is a member of the esteemed Anoa’i family. The family is one of the most decorated in wrestling history, boasting three former world champions, ten different championship holders in total and some of the WWE’s biggest names. The family actually came to be when Amituana Anoa’i and “High Chief” Peter Maivia, Nia’s grandfather, became blood brothers, linking their two great families together and creating a dynasty that, to date, includes five Hall of Famers – The Wild Samoans, Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson (Nia’s uncle), Yokozuna and Rikishi. Oh, and The Rock, who’s also Nia’s cousin. Safe to say she’s going to do very well for herself in the future.

12 Matt Bentley

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He is famous, honestly, he is.

Matt Bentley, also known as Michael Shane, performed in TNA between the years of 2003 and 2007 and has made sporadic appearances for them ever since. He is perhaps best known for his work with Shane Douglas, joining his stable, The New Franchise, and for winning the first ever Ultimate X match to win the TNA X Division Championship, a title he would hold twice. Well, one was a joint reign with Kazarian, but it still counts, ok? Stop trying to take things away from the poor boy. Some WWE fans (the ones with a photographic memory) might remember Bentley from a 2004 episode of Smackdown, where he was defeated by the debuting Vladimir Kozlov. Wow, what a career. I’m so horrible.

When it comes to getting trained to be a wrestler, it must be nice to have one of the greatest wrestlers of all time as your cousin. Well, funnily enough, that’s exactly what happened with Matt Bentley, because he was trained by his cousin, WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. Bentley actually used Michaels’ signature elbow drop and superkick as his finishers to pay homage to his famous relative and even his ring name, Michael Shane, is a spoof of HBK’s (because Shane and Shawn sort of sound the same, d’ya get it? D’ya get it?). Bentley might not be around anymore, but I reckon if his cousin pulled some strings, we could see him on WWE TV again. Maybe Rusev could squash him for a bit of a callback to HBK's WWE appearance. Actually, that would imply Rusev would actually win a match, so that’s highly unlikely.

11 DH Smith

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He should be related to one more Hall of Famer, but WWE are awful, so he isn’t.

DH Smith made a name for himself in the WWE as one half of the Hart Dynasty, alongside Tyson Kidd. The duo won the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships in April 2010, which made them the final holders of the World Tag Team Championships, a title held by the likes of Demolition, The Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian and so many other legendary tag teams. Oh, and Hurri-Kane. Don’t forget them. Smith is also known for his work outside of the WWE, wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) alongside Lance Archer as the Killer Elite Squad, picking up two IWGP Tag Team Championships and two NWA Tag Team Championships as a team. He is a fan of Wigan Athletic football club, however, which sort of undoes all this good work.

As you may now, Smith is the son of legendary wrestler, Davey Boy Smith, also known as The British Bulldog. However, this does not make him the son of a Hall of Famer, because, amazingly, Davey Boy has never been inducted. It’s an outrage, I say! However, Smith isn’t just related to one great wrestler, oh no. His mother, Diana, is the daughter of legendary wrestler and promoter, Stu Hart, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame posthumously in 2010. This also makes him Bret Hart’s nephew, who, as you should know, was inducted in 2006, a full four years before his WWE return. How did that work, I wonder? Did they send the ring in the post? Tie it to a pigeon? Does Bret even have a ring? I bet it has “You screwed you” engraved on the inside. Poor Bret.

10 Beth Phoenix

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Hey, look, it’s Beth Phoenix, inventor of the Phoenix splash. That is right, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Beth Phoenix began wrestling with WWE in 2006 and quickly found fame as “The Glamazon”, a dominant, powerful woman who used her incredible strength to defeat her opponents. In her time she worked closely with Santino Marella, in a partnership dubbed “Glamarella”, with Phoenix even winning Marella the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam 2008 in a mixed tag team match. Phoenix left WWE in 2012 with 3 Women’s Championship reigns and one Divas Championship reign under her belt and plenty of adoring fans who miss her to this day. And if you say you’re not one of them, let’s be honest, the Glam Slam was cool as hell.

Phoenix isn’t related by blood to any Hall of Famers, but her two children are, because their father just happens to be the most decorated performer in WWE history; the Rated-R Superstar, Edge. Yes, Phoenix and Edge have two daughters together and officially became one of wrestling’s most successful couples when they got married October 30th, 2016, which was Edge’s 42nd birthday, by the way. At least he’ll never forget his anniversary, I suppose. With a dad like Edge and a mum like Beth, keep an eye out for Lyric Rose and Ruby Ever Copeland in the future, because they’ll be rocking some serious pedigree. Might even be a match for the McMahon-Levesques.

9 Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas

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From one great wrestling family to another and two members whose in-ring personas couldn’t be further apart.

Windham and Taylor Rotunda, who performer under the names Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas respectively, are brothers. Yeah, I know. They even teamed together in developmental, winning the Florida Championship Wrestling tag team titles twice and hold the record for most total time spent as champions. Not too shabby. Bo would go on to become NXT Champion when FCW was rebranded and have a successful start to his main roster career with an impressive winning streak. Then it got ended by R-Truth. You can probably guess how it carried on. Bray’s career has been up and down more than Raw’s ratings; from Nexus member, Husky Harris, to feuding with John Cena at WrestleMania, to a botched solo run, to matches with The Undertaker and now, finally, he seems to be on track, even winning the Smackdown Tag Team Championships with Randy Orton at TLC 2016. He will probably go on to lose to Randy at WrestleMania, but be quiet.

Like the man who’s going to RKO Bray from outta nowhere at WrestleMania, the brothers are third generation wrestlers. Their father, Mike Rotunda, is perhaps best known as Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) and is on the list of rumoured named for this year’s Hall of Fame. However, Bray and Bo can claim a Hall of Fame heritage from their grandfather, the late Blackjack Mulligan. One half of the decorated team, The Blackjacks, Mulligan held the World Tag Team Championships in WWE all the way back in 1975, only the 11th reign in the title’s history. Mulligan was inducted in 2006 is also the father of Four Horsemen member, Barry Windham, who was inducted with the group in 2012. So, with their grandfather and uncle already in the Hall and their father going in in day now, Bray and Bo look pretty certain to also be receiving a ring one day. Or to massively let down everyone in their family. Can you imagine the embarrassment?

8 Sasha Banks

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Ok, you might actually know this one, but it’s still super cool.

Sasha Banks will one day end up in the Hall of Fame. Alongside fellow future inductees, Charlotte (I refuse to call her Charlotte Flair, she’s her own woman), Becky Lynch and Bayley, Sasha changed the face of women’s wrestling in the WWE, putting on amazing technical matches in NXT and, after a slow start, transferring that to the main roster. She took part in arguably the greatest women’s match in WrestleMania history in 2016 and won the Women’s Championship three times that same year in her best of 4,567 series with Charlotte. Wait, hang on, you’re telling me that wasn’t the stipulation? They just fought all those times for no reason? God dammit. Despite this, Sasha continues to be one of the faces of the revitalised women’s division in WWE and, one day, when women are finally placed on an equal platform with men in wrestling, Sasha will be one of the women responsible. Also, she is my dream woman, apart from the fact that she’s married. Damn her happiness!

With her incredible talent, passion and devotion to the business, you might expect Sasha to be descended from WWE legends of old. However, her Hall of Fame heritage doesn’t come from any wrestler, far from it. Sasha is, in fact, the first cousin of rapper and 2016 celebrity inductee, Snoop Dogg. Oh yeah. You might have known this from when Snoop performed a version of Banks’ entrance theme at WrestleMania 32 to accompany her to the ring, but anyone who doesn’t really follow wrestling won’t be shocked that they’re related; they’ll be shocked that Snoop Dogg is in the WWE Hall of Fame and The British Bulldog isn’t!!!!!! Why? Mere months after Lemmy, the man who sang the goddam Game, passed away, WWE chose Snoop D O double G as their celebrity inductee? All because he was a guest host of Raw a couple of times?!?! I give up, people, I give up.

7 Carlito, Primo and Epico

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Ah, back to people in the Hall of Fame for wrestling. Thank God.

I’ve clumped this lot in because they are, in fact, all related. Carlito Caribbean Cool (to give him his full name) and his brother, Primo, were a successful tag team in the WWE, even having the honour of unifying the World and WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania XXV. Their cousin, Epico, would later team up with Primo, following Carlito’s departure, and they would have the honour of being Los Matadores... ok, maybe they’re not quite the same, but never mind. The team now perform under the name “The Shining Stars” and, as you really should know by now, they are from Puerto Rico, the shining star of- nope, nope, not doing it. This gives a hint as to which Hall of Famer they are related to; a man who helped define wrestling in Puerto Rico, the shining st- no! I told you, I’m not doing it.

Carlos Colon Sr. became famous as a performer in the World Wrestling Council, a promotion he and Croatian wrestler, Victor Jovica, formed in 1973, under the name Capitol Sports Promotions. WWE may think that they invented the Universal Championship, but WWC actually created a belt by that very same name in 1983 as their promotion’s top prize, a belt Colon has held 26 times. I call gimmick infringement! Colon is also responsible for incorporating major American stars, such as Randy Savage, Stan Hansen and Ric Flair, to Puerto Rico and he even defeated Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1983, although this is not recognised by the NWA and was never televised. Colon is basically responsible for wrestling being popular in Puerto Rico, so it seemed appropriate that his two sons, Carly (Carlito) and Eddie (Primo) and his nephew, Orlando (Epico), inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. A true hero of the business who changed the landscape of an entire country’s wrestling industry, Carlos Colon Sr. is one of the true greats and maybe the best thing to ever happen to Puerto Rico, the Shini- dammit, will you stop!

6 Grandmaster Sexay

via centerwrestlinews.blogspot.ca

Hey, look, it’s everyone’s second favourite member of Too Cool! Oh, wait, Rikishi was in that group, wasn’t he? Third favourite.

The Grandmaster Sexay character was born in 1999 after a disappointing run as Brian Christopher, partnering with Scott Taylor, who would go onto become Scotty 2 Hotty. The team entertained the fans with their high energy, dancing and, of course, The Worm. Oh, The Worm. The duo won the World Tag Team Championships from Edge and Christian in 2000 and held them for about two months before losing them back. Defeating such a top team to become tag team champions is no easy feat and Sexay should be proud of this achievement. He did get fired for smuggling drugs, however, but he should still be proud, kinda.

If you watch some of Sexay’s early matches, you might notice that the commentary team, or at least one commentator in particular, were very much behind him. This might have had something to do with his talent, but it’s probably more likely that this was because one of the greatest commentators of all time, Jerry “The King” Lawler, is the Grandmaster’s father. I know, just take a moment, if you need to. The King is one of the greatest wrestlers in Southern wrestling history, winning the AWA, USWA and WCWA world titles many times. His work as a colour commentator, however, if what defined him. His energetic, mischievous and always controversial remarks, plus his partnership with Jim Ross, made him a staple of WWE during The Attitude Era and his voice can be heard over some of WWE’s most defining moments. He was inducted into the Hall in 2007 alongside Ross, by none other than William Shatner. How cool is that?! Whilst his son didn’t have the same career path as his father, Brian got engaged to his girlfriend in 2015, so maybe there’ll be another Lawler on our screens in the next few decades. Let’s just hope they don’t make him dance.

5 Roman Reigns

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Before you start yelling “cop out”, I have a few things to explain.

Few superstars in the history of wrestling have been as divisive as Roman Reigns. Beloved as a member of The Shield, Roman was pushed way too earlier as a main eventer and that fans subsequently turned on him. Despite a Royal Rumble win, two WrestleMania main events and three world titles, the fans are still not wholly behind Roman and, with rumours of a Universal championship (the WWE one, no the Puerto Rican one) win on the horizon, we could be on the verge of yet another boo-mageddon at this year’s WrestleMania. Fingers crossed Goldberg and Brock can rescue it.

As you well know, Roman Reigns is a member of the Anoa’i family and, as we touched on earlier, that basically means you’re related to half the people that have ever wrestled. Whereas Nia Jax came from the “Maivia” side of the family, Roman comes from the “Anoa’i” side; in fact, his real last name is actually “Anoa’i”, which is pretty damn cool. This puts Roman on the same side as Rikishi, Umaga and The Usos (his relation to The Rock is not through blood, I stress), which is pretty cool, but it also means that Roman, unlike Nia, is a direct descendent of a WWE Hall of Famer. Afa and his brother, Sika, tore up the WWE as The Wild Samoans for over 20 years across the world, winning over 20 championships worldwide, including 3 WWE World Tag Team Championships. Afa was inducted into the Hall alongside Sika in 2007 and, if all goes to plan, his baby boy, Roman, will join him one day. Unless things don’t go to plan, in which case, Roman will probably still end up in the Hall, just accompanied by a lot of booing.

4 Road Dogg and Scott Armstrong

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Can you imagine if this had been the line-up for The New Age Outlaws? I don’t think they would have been nearly as good.

Road Dogg is probably the name you recognise the most out of these two and, if you don’t, you probably have some sort of weird referee fetish, so you don’t count. “Road Dogg” Jesse James rose to fame as one half of The New Age Outlaws with Billy Gunn. One of the most popular, iconic and outrageous tag teams of all time, Dogg and Gunn became members of DX after Triple H took over the group in 1998 and were featured in many memorable moments of the Attitude Era, including Mick Foley’s first ever world title win on Raw in 1999. Road Dogg’s real name isn’t actually Jesse James (nor is it “Road Dogg”, unfortunately), it’s Brian James, which makes him the brother of Joseph James, also known as WWE referee, Scott Armstrong. Armstrong, a former pro wrestler himself, joined the WWE as a ref in 2006 and gained notoriety when he began feuding with CM Punk, after he fast counted an R-Truth pin, costing Punk a match on Smackdown. To be honest, if someone had made me lose to R-Truth, I’d be annoyed too. Armstrong also became The Authority’s pet referee in 2014, being recruited to screw Daniel Bryan out of a world title in the main event of WrestleMania XXX, as well as being called upon to help Team Authority defeat Team Cena at Survivor Series 2015. So, yeah, he’s done alright for himself really. He’s no Road Dogg, but...

Both men are the son of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, a performer during the 60s and 70s who won numerous titles across the various regions of the NWA. That’s the National Wrestling Alliance, not the hip-hop group. That would have been weird. Bob was inducted into the Hall in 2011 by Road Dogg, Scott Armstrong and their brother, Brad, a former WCW Light Heavyweight Champion and also known as “Arachniman”. The James family tree is clearly one of the most diverse in all of wrestling. For his work in the territory days and for giving the world such a colourful cast of characters in his sons, Bob Armstrong is a worth Hall of Famer. And if you don’t like that, we’ve got two words for ya... fast count. Scott Armstrong will fast count you against R-Truth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3 Erik Watts

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Nepotism, it’s the best!

Erik Watts was a wrestler who is best remembered for all the wrong reasons. He wrestled for WCW between 1992 and 1994 and scored a number of victories over legends such as Michael PS Hayes, Diamond Dallas Page and a pre-Stone-Cold Steve Austin. Watts was also involved in the formation of the tag team, Pretty Wonderful, when, after he defeated “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, he was attacked by Paul Roma, leading Orndorff and Roma to team up. They would later become WCW Tag Team Champions. Watts then went to WWE and was one hall of Tekno Team 2000, a team comprised of what Vince McMahon thought people would look like in the new millennium. He was, as also, way, way out. Watts would spend some time in TNA, defeating the likes of Raven in feuds, before fading into further obscurity on the indies. So, why have I dragged up some nameless no one and stuck him on this list? Well, around the time he was defeating all those legends and future legends, he was most definitely not a nobody. But, that may have had something to do with his dad.

2009 inductee, “Cowboy” Bill Watts, was a wrestler and promoter known for his work in the 80s and 90s. His most influential period came as the booker of WCW between 1992 and 1994. And, if you’re wondering, yes, that is the exact same time span as his son was winning all those big matches. In a shameless display of favouritism not again until Triple H’s reign of terror, Watts booked his own son to win big matches against big stars. Then, when Bill left WCW after an issue involving a racist letter, Erik followed him to the WWE, presumably to try and get more of daddy’s help when it came to winning matches. I can only assume it was Vince who put a stop to it; no one books there son to look invincible in Vince’s promotion except Vince, dammit! Anyhow, without his father’s help, Erik’s career suffered, mainly because he was utterly, utterly awful in the ring (seriously, google “Erik Watts Dropkick”, you’ll see what I mean). Whilst nice in principle, booking your own son to win big matches when he’s no good never ends well. Actually, Bill did end up in the Hall, so I suppose it didn’t go too badly. There’s no justice in that.

2 Aiden English

via worldwide.chat

Be honest; when was the last time you thought about Aiden English?

Aiden English is known to WWE fans as one half of the tag team, The Vaudevillains, alongside Simon Gotch. The team got over in NXT with their carnival-performer style attire and emphasis on “manliness” and class. The team won the NXT Tag Team Championships from Blake and Murphy and NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn to a huge ovation, but would lose them just 61 days later to The Revival, before moving up to the main roster following WrestleMaina 32. Despite getting WWE Tag Team Championship opportunities at Extreme Rules and Money In The Bank, the duo now find themselves as certified jobbers and are a glowing example of how performers who were popular in NXT can be truly messed up on the main roster. My condolences in advance for Apollo Crews, Enzo and Cass and Nia Jax.

Aiden English’s Hall of Fame connection, like Beth Phoenix, comes through marriage rather than blood. English married former FCW Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz, in January 2016, which actually makes English a member of one of the greatest wrestling families of all time. Raquel’s real name is Shaul Guerrero, daughter of former on-air WWE authority figure, Vickie Guerrero, and former WWE Champion and 2006 Hall of Fame inductee, Eddie Guerrero. Yes, the late great Latino Heat is Aiden’s father-in-law and Vickie, who is also probably worthy of an induction (fight me), is his mother-in-law. It’s a shame Aiden couldn’t have inherited some of his father-in-law’s success on the main roster. Ah well, maybe he’ll follow in Eddie’s path and breakaway from his tag team partner to become a top singles star. Simon Gotch could then go on to white himself up and hire Dolph Ziggler as his golf caddy. Maybe not.

1 Jesse

via WWE.com

Hands up who remembered this guy? Stop lying to yourself now, come on.

Jesse Dalton, later shortened to just “Jesse”, appeared on WWE screens in 2007 alongside his tag team partner, Festus. The duo worked the gimmick of two rednecks, Jesse was the eloquent one (by redneck standards, anyway) while Festus was portrayed as, how can I put this, “slow”. The duo wrestled on Smackdown for two years, challenging for the tag titles a few times, but were mostly used as fodder for other people’s jokes. After the two split, Jesse became “Slam Master J”, a white rapper gimmick that worked really well for John Cena a few years prior, but that may have been because he was John Cena. Jesse was released from his contract in 2010 and has been unheard from ever since. Obligatory reference of Festus being Luke Gallows here.

With such a poor WWE run, all things considered, you wouldn’t expect Jesse to have much a background when it comes to family. However, this is absolutely wrong, because Jesse’s real name is Terry Gordy Jr., which makes him the son of Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, one third of the original Fabulous Freebirds. Yes, alongside Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts, Gordy revolutionised tag team wrestling, putting on amazing matches with the Von Erich family and innovating the “Freebird Rule”, which allows a team of more than two members to defend a tag team championship with different combinations. Gordy was inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside his two partners and later member, Jimmy Garvin, in 2016 and his son actually accepted the award on his late father’s behalf. A truly revolutionary tag team, The Fabulous Freebirds are more than deserving of a place in the Hall of Fame and it’s nice that his son was able to take part in such a wonderful moment. Don’t expect a Jesse and Festus induction anytime soon, though.

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