15 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Got Another Wrestler's Theme Music

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels is synonymous with Sweet Chin Music, and of course his entrance music, "Sexy Boy." Michaels' theme is so appropriate for his character that one cannot think of the theme without the character, or vice versa. There are many other WWE Superstars whose themes compliment their respective wrestlers as well. However, not every Superstar has an appropriate theme just yet, and for others, their theme took a few tries before finally landing the perfect theme that fit their character.

Edge, Christian, Randy Orton, and many other WWE Superstars had a variety of themes before landing "their" theme. This trial-and-error phase of finding the right theme leads to certain superstars using a recycled theme, previously used and discarded by another superstar. Though some of these themes have been modified depending on who gets the recycled theme, the entrance theme is clearly reused making it strange to hear a theme associated with one superstar having been used for someone else in the past.

In WWE's defense, they don't always know who's going to break out and be a star. WWE isn't going to want to spend time and money on a theme for a superstar that's going to flop. So, often times many superstars starting out in the company receive a very generic theme.  It's these generic themes that often get recycled and remixed for other superstars down the road. This article is about these recycled themes, and how it connects two superstars that you wouldn't expect. Here are 15 wrestlers you didn't know received another wrestler's theme music.

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15 Cesaro -  Dean Malenko (“Iceman”)

Cesaro and Dean Malenko have a lot in common. Both were incredible wrestlers that had all the potential to go far in the wrestling industry but were never able to reach that brass ring. While both had tremendous in-ring prowess, neither had the mic skills to help them make their promos entertaining and get them over that hump. However, both also share a more unusual similarity. Believe it or not. both have shared the same entrance theme in WWE.

Dean Malenko joined WWE along with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn as The Radicalz. Eventually, The Radicalz would disband, and Malenko would receive his own theme music dubbed after his nickname, “Iceman.” Years later, Cesaro would join WWE and be given the same theme. Cesaro’s version of the theme was modified, given Swiss lyrics and a new name, “Miracle,” but the music is clearly the same.

14 Kurt Angle - The Patriot/Sgt. Slaughter (“Medal”)

Before the fans chanted “You suck!” along to Kurt’s Angle’s theme song, the entrance theme known as “Medal” was used by two other superstars as well. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. Before Kurt Angle used “Medal,” the theme was also used by Del Wilkes, known as The Patriot in WWE. The Patriot would have a brief run in WWE and actually fought Bret Hart for the WWE Title in a losing effort.

While the theme is most associated with Angle, Sgt. Slaughter also briefly used the “Medal” theme before switching to his equally cool “Hard Corps” theme. While each incarnation of the “Medal” theme is slightly altered, the biggest difference is the absence of “You Suck” chants. Can you imagine hearing this theme without them?

13 Bobby Roode - Shinsuke Nakamura (“Glorious”)

Bobby Roode's theme "Glorious" seemed to instantly get him over in NXT, as anybody unfamiliar with Roode's previous work in TNA were instantly drawn to him thanks to his theme. Roode's theme is right up there among the best in the business today. Another wrestler with one of wrestling's best themes today is Shinsuke Nakamura, and ironically, Roode's "Glorious" was originally written for Nakamura.

Nakamura didn't feel the music suited him and he revealed in an interview with ESPN: "Before my debut, WWE sent me a sample of the music and I sent it back. I said, 'I don't want to use this, I don't want to use this.' They tried to keep it and I said, 'No, no, no.' Finally, I asked them if they could listen to some samples, and we went back and forth and finally they sent me what you hear now, and I said, 'Yes, OK. I'll use this one.'"

Everything worked out for the best, as both Nakamura and Roode have amazing themes that both suit their characters perfectly.

12 CM Punk - Randy Orton (“This Fire Burns”)

It’s a little unusual to think of “The Apex Predator” and “The Best in the World” as sharing similarities, but both CM Punk and Randy Orton aren’t so different. Both were WWE World Champions, both love tattoos and both briefly shared the same theme song.

Rumors have spread that Randy Orton hates his current theme, “Voices.” For a week, Orton actually had the theme “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage, which he really wanted. Instead, he would be given the “Voices” theme which matched up with his "hearing voices" gimmick. “This Fire Burns” would go to CM Punk, making everything right in the world. The vid of Randy Orton using CM Punk’s theme is on YouTube, and it just feels weird hearing that theme with Orton rather than Punk who used it for years.

11 Michelle McCool - Torrie Wilson (“Not Enough for Me”)

Besides both being beautiful blondes and possessing a background in modeling, Michelle McCool and Torrie Wilson really don’t have a lot in common. McCool was a WWE Women’s Champion and WWE Divas Champion and well, Torrie Wilson was not. Torrie was mostly regulated to managing WWE Superstars, while McCool was actually wrestling, winning titles and having memorable feuds with Melina and Mickie James. Despite the difference in their careers, McCool and Wilson do share another bizarre similarity, the entrance theme song, “Not Enough for Me.”

While no one can forget Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool’s WWE career was far more successful. Her success helped make her theme “Not Enough for Me” very memorable and synonymous with Michelle McCool. After all, McCool used the theme for nearly five years. However, believe it or not, Torrie Wilson actually used the theme for about a year as well. Torrie Wilson had tried out a number of themes in WWE and “Not Enough for Me” was just one of those themes. It’s just unusual to imagine this theme with anyone other than McCool.

10 Alicia Fox - Maria (“Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Party”)

Before bringing the power of love to WWE with her husband, Mike (Bennett) Kanellis, Maria competed in WWE’s Diva Search and eventually joined the company as a ditzy backstage interviewer. Maria would retain the gimmick but transition to becoming a wrestler. Like many rookie stars, WWE gave Maria a ridiculous throwaway theme with an equally ridiculous name, “Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Party.” Even before her release from WWE, Maria would be given a real theme, but about five years later, the cringeworthy theme would resurface.

Alicia Fox would arrive in WWE, and after some throwaway themes of her own, Fox would settle with “Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Party” as her third and current WWE entrance theme. That fact that Maria and Alicia Fox share the same theme is weird, but it’s even more bizarre that a terrible throwaway theme for Maria is now being used by the longest tenured female performer in WWE, and has been for over seven years.

9 Brodus Clay - Ernest The Cat Miller (“Somebody Call My Momma”)

“Somebody better call my momma” wasn’t just an entrance theme. It was Ernest “The Cat” Miller’s catchphrase. Who is Ernest Miller? He aligned himself with Glacier in WCW, became the commissioner of Nitro and was kind of a big deal during WCW's most disorganized and confusing time. So, it’s no surprise very few people know who he is. The Cat would have a brief stint in WWE using the theme song, “Somebody Call My Momma,” but he went absolutely nowhere in WWE.

Years later, vignettes of Brodus Clay ran during WWE programs, and instead of the monster heel fans thought they were getting, the company instead debuted “The Funkasaurus” using Miller’s old theme. The theme made sense for Miller since that was his catchphrase but made little sense for Brodus. However, Clay made his dancing Funkasaurus gimmick work, despite raising The Cat's fur.

8 Maria - Stacy Keibler (“With Legs Like That”)

After “Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Party” was mercifully dropped, Maria was given the entrance theme song “With Legs Like That.” The theme was Maria’s until she was released by WWE. While the theme will always be associated with Maria, the theme was actually written for someone else.

Stacy Keibler had a number of generic themes before landing the theme “Legs” by Kid Rock. Keibler was renowned for her long legs, so the theme was completely appropriate. “Legs” is definitely a perfect theme for Keibler, but a new theme was in line to go to Stacy and replace "Legs." “With Legs Like That” was produced solely for Keibler, but she would leave WWE before the theme could be given to her. The theme went to Maria, which doesn’t make a lot of sense since Maria, while beautiful, doesn’t possess the tall lanky legs that Stacy was known for.

7 Big Show/Luke Gallows (“Massacre”)

“Weeell. Well, it’s the Big Show!” Well, he may be the Big Show, but his iconic theme, “Big,” that he’s had throughout his career in WWE wasn’t his first. Big Show’s first theme was a virtually unknown and rarely used theme called “Massacre.” While “Massacre” was better than no theme at all going back to his WCW days, it wasn’t nearly as appropriate as “Big” which is still used today, albeit remixed.

While “Massacre” wasn’t used very long, it would be revived for Luke Gallows during his time as member of the Straight Edge Society. The theme is pretty generic, but fit Gallows a little better than Big Show. Still, “Massacre” wasn’t around long either as Gallows would be unexpectedly released from WWE a short time later.

6 Jack Swagger - Lance Cade (“Get Down on Your Knees”)

Before he stood up, put his hand over his heart and in a loud and clear voice chanted, “WE THE PEOPLE!” Jack Swagger was the "All American American" using a theme, “Get Down on Your Knees” by Rage Against the Machine cover band Age Against the Machine. Swagger used the theme for roughly five years before changing to his “Patriot” theme music, but Swagger’s first theme brings no one else to mind other than the former World Heavyweight Champion himself. However, the theme is actually not exclusive to Swagger.

An instrumental version of Jack Swagger’s theme was used for Lance Cade during his momentary singles career. Cade wouldn’t use the theme long and switched to his more remembered theme of “Southern Pride.”

5 Too Cool/The Godfather (“Basic Groove”)

Before the tag team Too Much became Too Cool and Kama Mustafa became The Godfather, all three men shared a recycled WWE entrance theme. Before he became the Godfather and after he was known as Papa Shango, Kama Mustafa used a theme called “Basic Groove.” The theme had a biking intro, but eventually Kama Mustafa would join The Nation of Domination and drop the theme.

About a year later, “Too Hot” Scott Taylor and “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher would debut in WWE as Too Much, using Kama Mustafa’s unused theme sans intro. The theme didn’t fit the over the top gimmick of Too Much, who eventually rebranded themselves as Too Cool. Too Cool is mostly remembered for their “Turn it Up” and “U Look Fly 2 Day” themes which is far more appropriate for them. “Basic Groove” was such an odd theme for Too Cool, and it’s just hard to believe Kama Mustafa shares any relation to the charismatic Too Cool.

4 Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins/Derrick Bateman (Gasoline Upcharge)

Derrick Bateman is the one that got away from WWE. Bateman is currently in TNA as Ethan Carter III, but WWE had EC3 in their ranks at one time. Known as Derrick Bateman in WWE’s developmental systems, FCW and NXT, the current EC3 was barely used on the main roster, but he was given a pretty sick theme, “Gasoline Upcharge.” The catch was that EC3 wasn’t the first to use it.

The Majors Brothers, Brett and Brian, also used “Gasoline Upcharge” as their themes, but likely no one remembers that because no one remembers who The Majors Brothers were. The Major Bros debuted on Smackdown helping Edge win the title, and along with Chavo and Vickie Guerrero, formed the alliance La Familia. Eventually, Brett Majors became Zack Ryder and Brian became Curt Hawkins, two more recognizable names in WWE, and the theme was dropped shortly after. The theme was revived by Derrick Bateman providing an odd link between Bateman's future TNA persona Ethan Carter III, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

3 Alex Riley/Vance Archer (“Black Fury”)

“Say It to My Face” was Alex Riley’s more memorable theme when he separated from his association with The Miz. However, before that awesome ride with The Miz, Alex Riley rose up the ranks through Florida Championship Wrestling and had a variety of themes while he was down there. His fourth theme while in FCW was “Black Fury” which just happened to be the theme Vance Archer used during his time on the ECW brand of WWE.

Vance Archer had the “Black Fury” for his entire tenure of WWE though that wasn’t very long. Alex Riley would adopt other themes in FCW before joining Raw, and used The Miz’s theme before using "Say It'  during his singles career. Because of Vance’s short WWE career and the limited use by Alex Riley, the “Black Fury” that both men shared went largely unheard unless you had the WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2011 video game which almost never stopped playing it.

2 Darren Young/Tyler Reks (“One Two Three”)

Tyler Reks is a name rarely heard in wrestling these days. Even more strange is his connection to Darren Young. Both are now out of the WWE, but neither have much in common other than that and a recycled theme.

Reks, who had a very forgettable time in WWE, once had the theme “One Two Three” before implementing his awesome theme, "Tyrannosaurus.” Though both used “One Two Three” about the same time, Reks would move on and use “Tyrannosaurus” while Darren would stick with s slightly modified version of “One Two Three” as a singles competitor. Darren Young would sport two more different themes when teamed with Titus O’Neil as The Prime Time Players, one of which being Titus' current and most recognizable theme, “Making Moves.” Still, for all the Superstars to share a recycled theme, Tyler Reks and Mr. No Days Off certainly weren’t the first in my mind.

1 Santino Marella - Billy And Chuck (“You Look So Good to Me”)

When many think of Santino Marella, they think of his hilarious comedic gimmick and the Milan Miracle, where Santino would win the Intercontinental Title in his first match in Italy. So, what in the world does Santino Marella have to do with the tag team, Billy and Chuck? In an odd connection, Santino Marella and the team of Billy and Chuck unbelievably shared the same theme music at one point.

At WrestleMania XXV, Santino would win a 25-women battle royal dressed in drag as his twin sister, “Santina Marella.” Marella, using Billy and Chuck’s theme music, “You Look So Good to Me,” would defend his “Miss WrestleMania” title against Beth Phoenix and Vicki Guerrero. Of course, “Santina” would end up dropping the title after being fired by, of all people, Donald Trump. Santino would thankfully return to his normal theme music, but the strange connection to Santino Marella and Billy and Chuck remains.

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