15 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were Huge Jerks Backstage

Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall backstage in the WWE locker room? With all the characters and personalities seen on television, one has to wonder how much of that carries over backstage. While there are some major egos and testosterone backstage, a lot of the talent is able to keep their emotions in check and remain professional. Though, let's be honest, many superstars aren’t the egomaniacal jerks they portray on the screen.

Believe it or not, the dirtiest players in the game are some of the nicest people behind the scenes and in public. Triple H, the man with arguably the biggest ego, has shown moments of kindness, like when he comforted a crying kid at ringside. Other examples include the villainess Miz taking pictures with the famous “Miz Girl” or the “Monster Among Men,” Braun Strowman, acting goofy in rare photos all over this website. This shows that not all wrestlers backstage are who they portray on WWE programming. However, in some cases, that's not a good thing especially when the character they portray is a "good guy."

Unfortunately, not every great personality on screen is always the nicest employee backstage. Some of the greatest “good guys” in wrestling were some of the biggest jerks in the locker room. Most notable jerks include a young Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan with their big egos and power hunger. One wouldn't find it hard to believe that those higher up on the card would develop an ego and become a jerk.  Still, there are plenty wrestlers that are jerks that many fans wouldn’t expect and others that have no business being a jerk from their position in the company. Here is a list of 15 wrestlers that are/were total d-bags backstage that you didn't see coming.

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15 John Cena

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Yes, super Cena may be a hero to kids, but John Cena, the wrestler backstage, leaves a lot to be desired. Cena has been fantastic for WWE’s public relations and charity work, but he’s got some explaining to do when it comes to infidelity, sabotaging careers and doing the very things he criticized other for doing. Just ask Kenny Dykstra who lost his fiancée, Mickie James, to Cena, got shipped off to Smackdown and released.  When Mickie James and Cena would break up the same thing would happen to her. Or just ask Alex Riley who used to be friends with Cena until they had a falling out.  Riley’s singles push came to a suddenly end after after. Just ask Ken Kennedy, when Orton convinced Cena to complain to Vince that Kennedy was an unsafe worker. Ask Wade Barrett and the Nexus who Cena buried in one fell swoop confirmed by Edge and Jericho.

Lest we forget when Cena trashed The Rock for leaving WWE for Hollywood when Cena is currently doing the same thing. Hypocrite much? I could go on, but let's just say, when it comes to standing up for the boys, “You can’t see him.”

14 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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What? Steve Austin. What? Stone Cold. What? That’s right. Stone Cold Steve Austin was kind of a backstage jerk. Arguably the most popular wrestler of all time, maybe second only to Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, the wrestler and character, may have saved WWE, but Austin, the man behind the scenes, was a bit of a jerk. Stone Cold walked out on the company after refusing to job to Lesnar on an episode of Raw. While Austin may have had a point, he wasn’t the best at putting others over, with Triple H and Chris Jericho being the only exceptions. He refused to work with Hogan, in what many considered a dream match, and to make matters worse, he was arrested following a domestic abuse case with his then wife, Debra.

13 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is one of the most popular women wrestlers in the company today. She was a member of the “Four Horsewomen” along with Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch and is a former 4 time Raw Women’s Champion. She has a large following, and despite Vince McMahon’s inexplicable dislike for Sasha, she seems to be having a solid career. The problem with Sasha is that she truly thinks she’s “The Boss.”

Sasha has a reputation of giving fans the cold shoulder when in public, see here. However, not only is Sasha a jerk to fans, she's a jerk to her colleges, most notably Alexa Bliss. Sasha and Alexa Bliss have an unfriendly rivalry stemming back from their NXT days. Sasha is shown working stiff against Alexa, getting in cheap shots during their matches together and actually breaking Alexa's nose at one point. The Boss may be legit in the ring, it also appears she's a legit jerk behind the scenes as well.

12 CM Punk

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CM Punk may be the "voice of the voiceless," but that still doesn’t cancel out all the instances in which he was a huge douche. Punk was a huge backstage headache for management, at one point being openly critical of the firing of his fellow Straight Edge Society member, Luke Gallows. Let’s not forget the famous "pipe bomb" where Punk was given an open mic and trashed the entire McMahon family live on Raw. Then, CM Punk walked out on the company and let everyone have it on Colt Cabana’s podcast. Punk tore into everyone from Triple H to Ryback to WWE’s ringside doctor, Christopher Amann.

Punk's not just a headache for management, Punk has a history of carrying himself like a prima donna which Hornswoggle has attested to in recent interviews.  Punk also was none to thrilled about The Miz main eventing WrestleMania essentially calling Miz's spot a joke. While CM Punk may be the "Best in the World," it's clear he can also be one of the biggest d-bags in the world as well.

11 Edge

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Any wrestler would love to have Edge's career. He’s had one of the best singles careers ever, with eleven World Titles and has one of the best tag team careers ever with Christian. His violent matches with The Hardy Boyz are some of the best tag team matches of all time. During these hellacious matches, Edge and Christian became good friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy along with Matt Hardy’s girlfriend at the time, Lita.

While Matt Hardy was injured, Lita began to travel together with Edge. Unknown to Matt at the time, Edge started to have an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend. This betrayal built a hatred between Matt and Edge and peaked when Matt Hardy was released from the WWE. When the relationship went public, an outpouring of fan support for Matt Hardy reached the arenas, causing massive heat on Lita who was a face at the time. This resulted in the Edge and Lita pairing and the return of Matt Hardy in a memorable feud with Edge.  Edge may have supported younger talent, namely Nexus, but breaking the Bro Code with your best friend is definitely Rate-R material.

10 Goldberg

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In a lot of ways, Goldberg, back in WCW, was the John Cena of today. Goldberg was a superhero like superstar, unbeatable to every villain, and hero to every kid watching WCW Monday Nitro. There are many stories of Goldberg being a good guy that was given an unbelievable amount of pressure and responsibility as "da man” in WCW. Unfortunately, there are some unpleasant stories about Goldberg's backstage power as well.

For tales of Goldberg's self absorbed antics just ask Chris Jericho. According to Jericho, back in his WCW days, Goldberg shot down a lot of Chris Jericho’s great ideas during their brief feud in WCW, ideas that even Hulk Hogan thought were good. Apparently, this snub wasn’t forgotten on Jericho.  When Goldberg came to WWE, an altercation started between Jericho and Goldberg.  Goldberg grabbed Jericho by the throat, and the two brawled. The fight was broken up shortly after, and Jericho claims there is no bad blood today. Still, one would expect the man who was given such an amazing push would be a little more humble and open to outside suggestions of others. Goldberg never does anything halfway and being a d-bag is no exception.

9 Melina

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Melina was a big part of the Diva’s Division before any of the Women’s Revolution was even thought of. She gained popularity as the manager of MNM with her tantalizing entrance and retained her popularity with her singles career, becoming Diva’s Champion. The problem with Melina is that she was a little too much like her character and was known to be a bit of a diva.

Melina became reclusive with her then boyfriend, John Morrison, never leaving his side staying away from the rest of the roster. Melina convinced Morrison to snub Trish Stratus after their tag team victory at WrestleMania, with Melina feeling Trish was taking a WrestleMania spot from other Divas (namely her). Melina also gained a reputation of being difficult to work and trashing every other Diva in the company from Mickie James to Candice Michelle.  In infamous eye roll at Michelle McCool and telling other Diva's which moves they could use rubbed everyone the wrong way and that's just a few examples of how annoying Melina could be.  Her conduct was so bad that Lita, one of the nicest Divas, kicked her out of the locker room.

8 Ryback

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Ryback is a very strange individual. He got himself over with his unique entrance and “Feed me more!” chant. He actually looked like a 90s powerhouse, and fans caught on to his gimmick. Still, for some reason, Ryback thought he was bigger than he really was. He injured CM Punk after a botched table spot where he was supposed to throw Punk through a table but nearly missed it with the table just barely breaking Punk's fall. Ryback was also responsible for giving Dolph Ziggler a legit concussion. It's bad enough to be an unsafe worker, but Ryback decided to mock his carelessness on Twitter. Officials brushed off Ryback’s tweets but would later find out just how crazy Ryback really was when it was time to negotiate a new contract. Ryback played hard ball and believed that a wrestler’s win/lose record shouldn’t determine how much money a wrestler makes. WWE officials didn't agree and Ryback’s contract expired shortly after.  Maybe the "Big Guy" should be less of a big jerk and lose his big head.

7 X-Pac

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Being in The Kliq virtually guarantees you’re status as a d-bag, and X-Pac is no exception. While Triple H and Shawn Michaels used their influence to help themselves and their friends, X-Pac was a different kind of jerk backstage. His friendship with Hall and Nash in WCW and Triple H and Shawn Michaels in WWE made him feel invincible and immune to discipline. While in WCW X-Pac tore into Ric Flair during his promos, feeling Flair was holding down younger talent like himself. His most notorious incident happened after X-Pac returned to WWE, when he decided to drop a deuce into, at the time, an unpopular Sable's gym bag.

X-Pac has also had some run-ins with the law but being Triple H's friend is like an iron clad contract. Despite X-Pac's reputation, he's still welcomed in WWE today despite being kind of a douche.

6 Bill DeMott

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Bill DeMott was known as Hugh Morrus in WCW and was an excellent agile big man. He went to WWE and became a trainer for their developmental territory, appearing on the WWE series Tough Enough. However, in 2015, DeMott resigned from WWE when allegations of misconduct and abuse came to light. DeMott is accused of making racially insensitive and homophobic comments and physically abusing other talent, working stiff with them in the ring and condoning sexual harassment. Other disturbing accounts came out from another former trainee stating that DeMott forced talent to wrestle naked and perform a stinkface on each other which is as gross as it sound.

Though DeMott denies these allegations, WWE was finally forced to address these allegations and opened an investigation. There is nothing at all humorous about DeMott's actions. Sadly, it took several wrestlers to bravely come out against DeMott's actions to get WWE to finally investigate this disgusting d-bag who should have been fired years before.

5 Simon Gotch

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Simon Gotch came to the main roster with his partner, Aiden English as The Vaudevillains. Unlike Aiden English, Gotch's big mouth has rubbed people the wrong way.  According to various wrestlers, Gotch has that holier than thou attitude and tries to act smarter than he really is. Gotch was described by one superstar as one of those guys that's who is extremely annoying but thinks he is hilarious. Gotch was reportedly involved in some sort of a fight with Sin Cara who allegedly destroyed him. Gotch sported a black eye and was pulled from the live events after the fight.

Even Ryback, had nothing good to say about Gotch, saying everyone cheered when Sin Cara beat him up. The final straw happened at catering before a SmackDown event, when Gotch supposedly tipped over in his chair and fell over. Gotch got mad and made a huge scene. You know you’re not well liked when even the chairs want nothing to do with you. Gotch and WWE came to a mutual agreement and was released from his contract.

4 Sin Cara

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The character of Sin Cara came into the WWE with enormous expectations. Needless to say, Sin Cara has not lived up to the high standards. The original Sin Cara played by Luis Urive struggled to adapt his fast paced Luchador style to the much slower pace of the WWE style. Sin Cara’s botches started to mount up, and Urive was replaced with Jorge Arias also known as Hunico. While the matches improved, the backstage shenanigans grew worse.

Since Arias replaced Urive, Sin Cara has come off as arrogant and big headed. Though the character was immensely popular in Mexico, Sin Cara (Hunico) feels like he should be treated like John Cena when he is clearly not. Sin Cara is also notorious for his belief that he is a legitimate tough guy. He’s constantly bragging about his real life victories, claiming most of his wins in Mexico were shoot fights. This bragging has rubbed his fellow workers the wrong way and has been involved in backstage brawls with Sheamus, Simon Gotch and even Chris Jericho, remarkably winning them all. There may be something to his bragging, but violence isn't the answer.

3 New Jack

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New Jack isn’t the most well-known “wrestler,” and I use that term loosely, as he never came to the WWE. The man was too crazy for WWE even during the Attitude Era, and he certainly doesn’t fit the PG Era format of today. In the wrestling business, every wrestler trusts that their opponent isn't going to kill them or let them die, from a botched move or by not catching them from a dive through the ropes.  Wrestlers can't be too sure about New Jack, however. New Jack may actually kill you.

New Jack has taken it upon himself to cut his opponents without their permission.  He stabbed one of his opponents resulting in New Jack actually being arrested and charged with various felonies. New Jack even bladed wrestler, Eric Kulas so deep he cut two of his arties causing him to pass out and was subsequently taken to a hospital.  New Jack showed no remorse for any of his actions, earning him high marks for douchiness but don't tell him I said that.

2 Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner was one intense dude. Steiner was part of a very successful tag team with is brother, Rick, known as The Steiner Brothers. Scott was always the brother that stood out, and eventually he would go on a strong singles career. During this time, the craziness of Scott Steiner became more prevalent. He cut wild promos and seemed to rip into anyone including Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page and Hulk Hogan. Steiner truly did have animosity towards Hogan and Flair, and he let them have in during his promos, which many believed went too far. Steiner outside the ring wasn’t much better either. Steiner got into a legit backstage fight with DDP, which thankfully was broken up before Steiner murdered him. Ask anyone in WCW and they’ll tell anyone just how crazy “Big Poppa Pump” really was.

1 Chris Benoit

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Most people are aware of the story of Chris Benoit. He murdered his wife and child then took his own life. Apparently, even before the murders, Benoit was kind of a douche. Just ask The Miz. A young Miz, who was still on Tough Enough at the time, was eating chicken over Chris Benoit's bag in the locker room. Apparently, The Miz got crumbs on the bag and Benoit kicked Miz out of the locker room for it. Benoit also bullied others, according to various former coworkers.

Apparently, Chris Benoit didn't have a problem taking other people wives either. Let’s not forget that Benoit stole Kevin Sullivan’s wife, Nancy, also known as Woman, who would later leave Kevin Sullivan become Benoit's wife. Let’s face it. Benoit was a great wrestler but bullying young talent, stealing the man who is technically your boss’ wife and then murdering your family before committing suicide, has to put Chris Benoit right at the top of the list of biggest d-bags in the business.

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