15 Wrestlers You Didn't Realize Were Grandparents

While WWE superstars might seem to only work for a couple of days with the weekly shows they present to us, in reality they work close to 24x7 because of the various live events which have grown in the past years. These guys have to travel all the time to entertain fans all around the globe and because of that, they barely have any time to look into their personal lives, as only a small percentage of wrestlers actually get married to their loved ones and then go on to build a family.

While we've seen much of the wrestlers becoming parents and having their children wrestle in the WWE as well, not many of the 2nd generation superstars have kids because of how hard they have to work to keep their family's reputation intact. Only a handful of the children of these legendary wrestling personalities have gone onto have kids of their own, as they probably want to continue the legacy of their families in the future and make sure their name doesn't wear away.

There might be some less-than-surprising wrestlers who are grandparents, but there are actually some surprising ones as well as we take a look at 15 wrestlers you didn't realize were grandparents.

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15 Sika Anoa'i

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Sika Anoa'i might not be remembered by many, but he was part of one of the most terrorizing tag team in the 80s as part of "The Wild Samoans" with Afa, as the dominating duo notched up three WWE Tag Title reigns, but Sika couldn't really make it as a singles wrestler and left to go his own way. While he himself didn't attain much singles recognition, he'd be glad to see his son Roman Reigns prosper as "The Guy" in WWE, as The Big Dog is actually the younger son of Sika. Reigns also has a stable personal life, as he's married with a daughter and has given Sika a beautiful grandchild whom he spends much of his time in his post-retirement age. Although it's not sure whether Reigns' daughter will also lace up her wrestling boots, Roman is trying to hold up his family's light up high and make sure it stays that way in the future.

14 Ken Shamrock

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Ken Shamrock was known as "The World's Most Dangerous Man" in the WWE for a reason, as Shamrock's impressive UFC career saw him come to the WWE with much anticipation and he didn't really disappoint either. Serving as the muscle of the villainous Corporation for much of the Attitude Era, Shamrock also won a lot of titles and beat people up for fun and even though his WWE term was pretty short, it did have its moments. Shamrock has since gone back to MMA where he fights to this day, as he also has 7 children and in turn being the grandfather to 10 grandchildren as well. He's part of a huge family as he'd want to train his grandkids and teach them to become a beast like him. We have to admit though, discovering someone like Shamrock is a family man is just downright weird.

13 Mike Rotunda

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Mike Rotunda, better known in the wrestling industry as Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.), was quite the personality back in the late 80s and early 90s, as his heel gimmick of a tax collector harassing people to "pay their taxes" was pretty great and effective back in the days. He won the WWE Tag Team Titles with the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, as he couldn't really get much recognition as a singles wrestler before having to retire at the turn of the century. But Rotunda is a proud father to two WWE superstars in Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas who are both in comfortable positions in the company. Bray is actually a family man in his personal life and is the father to two children, as Rotunda is now a happy man watching his sons prosper in the WWE and enjoying his life with his grandchildren.

12 Bob Orton Jr

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While his son Randy Orton might be flying high in the WWE right now, Bob Orton Jr didn't really have the luxury of flying high during his time as he had to scratch and claw his way into success and wrestled in various wrestling promotions just to increase his reputation in the field of wrestling. While the "Cowboy" did spend a few years in the company, he wasn't really pushed as a star and doesn't have an WWE accolade to his name(other than the Hall of Fame induction) as he saw his son soar in the WWE after joining. But Bob is also a proud grandfather as Randy is the father of two beautiful children and Bob can work towards training them to carry on the legacy of the Orton family and become a 4th generation wrestler themselves.

11 Jim Ross

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Jim Ross might not exactly be a "pro wrestler", but he has played as big a part in putting the WWE and wrestling where it is today as his incredible job as a play-by-play commentator for the WWE is enough to make him a wrestling legend. Ross's work during the Attitude Era and beyond as he was the voice of the WWE for almost 15 years and is synonymous with wrestling commentary, as good ol' JR also has a very stable personal life with two children. He also has two granddaughters from his daughters, as he's now living a much more relaxed lifestyle without having to commentate for the WWE and will like to spend the rest of his time with his family and teach his grandchildren a thing or two about wrestling.

10 Rikishi

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Rikishi had to work hard in order to make it in the WWE, as his gimmick of a big Samoan with his terrorizing "Stink Face" was something which really clicked during the Attitude Era and got him over with the fans. Be it his dancing or entertaining wrestling style, Rikishi was pretty over during the Attitude but his weight problems pushed him out of the WWE later on. While he might have been out, his two sons both got in the WWE and formed the team of The Usos as they made him proud by excelling in the tag team division, winning the tag titles as well. Rikishi is also a grandfather to four grandchildren and now that his wrestling days are over, he can work towards spending some time with his grandkids and teach them about wrestling in the next few years. It's rather surprising to discover someone like Rikishi as a grandparent, but now with time on his hands, he can serve them better than he could his kids earlier in their lives.

9 Ric Flair

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"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is regarded as one of the greatest of all time for a reason, as Flair has been in the field of wrestling for almost 45+ years now and his wrestling career spanned for more than three decades, in which he won titles almost everywhere he went. Ric might be watching his "16 time" World Championship record being broken by John Cena soon, but he has experienced everything in his career and has the reputation of "living his gimmick" and is quite the lavish guy in his personal life. While his daughter Charlotte is now the "Queen" of the Women's Division of WWE, Flair is also a proud grandfather as his other daughter, Megan, has a daughter of her own. Ric could work on training her to become a pro wrestler and carry on the Flair family's legacy.

8 The Iron Sheik

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The Iron Sheik was probably one of the craziest guys in wrestling in his prime in the 80s, where he played a big part in putting over Hulk Hogan when he dropped the WWE Championship to The Hulkster, but his rather vulgar nature after that affected his career in the WWE and an array of controversies and injuries ended his wrestling career in the end. One of the greatest heels in WWE's history, The Iron Sheik also managed to have a rather stable personal life as he went onto marry and had three children, as he also has five grandchildren right now. The Iron Sheik might be an obscene, vulgar person when it comes to wrestling, but he could teach his grandkids a thing or two about how to develop oneself to succeed in that field and help them become a wrestler like him in the future.

7 Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon might as well be the most powerful man in the history of professional wrestling, but he is actually quite the family-oriented person in his personal as he wants his empire to be transferred to his own kin. While his son and daughter in Shane and Stephanie have both been given powerful roles in the WWE, the villainous Mr. McMahon is also a grandad as both Stephanie and Shane have their own kids and McMahon is said to be a loving grandad who cannot say no to his grandchildren. While he might not be the nicest person to everyone else, one can make out that he loves his grandkids till death and will do everything he can to ensure that they also get taught the art of wrestling and can get a share of his empire whenever they can in the future and so that WWE always remains a McMahon empire.

6 Ted DiBiase Sr.

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"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was quite the personality back in the days, as his gimmick of a rich, arrogant man whose motto was "Everyone has a Price" was portrayed by him amazingly and he prospered in the WWE because of it. He got his own championship in the Million Dollar Championship and often competed in the main events, later becoming a manager before moving on from the field of wrestling as he introduced his son Ted DiBiase Jr to the WWE as well. But things didn't go so well for little Ted, who found himself astray after leaving Randy Orton's "Legacy" and his lack of charisma or talent would push him out of the company soon after as well, as he focused on being a more family man. Ted is the father to a child as well, as The Million Dollar Man is a proud grandfather right now and will do his best to treat his grandchild to the best upbringing and get him in the WWE as well to succeed which his son couldn't seem to do.

5 Batista

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Batista might now be more of a Hollywood superstar than a pro wrestler, but one cannot undermine his WWE career which was soaring in the last decade. After impressing as the muscle of Evolution, Batista went his way to have an impressive singles career in which he was almost always in the main-event feuds and had numerous World Championship reigns as well. Batista would go onto return after some years off in 2014 in a stint which wasn't really that successful for the Animal, but unlike other mega-stars, he's actually managed to keep a very good family life as well. He is currently in his 3rd marriage, but has two grandchildren from his eldest daughter and is surprisingly already a grandfather(even though one cannot say that by looking at him) and while he'll cherish his grandkids much, he'll also want them to become successful in wrestling like him and make the family name proud.

4 Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart has deserved his slogan of "The Best There Was, The Best There Is & The Best There Ever Will Be" as he was definitely the best wrestler during his time and served as an inspiration for many wrestlers with his amazing work in the ring. While his career ended on a rather sour note in WCW, Bret has since worked on stabilizing his personal life as he has quite the family and has two children. He also has two grandchildren from his children, as he can now spend time with his grandkids and teach them something about wrestling in the next few years and going by how much he knows and how good a teacher he can be, his grandkids can definitely find a career in the WWE in the future if they go by his guidance and can keep up the Hart family legacy as well.

3 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts was probably one of the coolest heels back in the 80s, as the inventor of the DDT was known for his snake-like nature and chilling promos which by itself escalated the quality of wrestling around him. But Roberts' divulge into the dark side saw him become an uncontrollable alcoholic amongst other things, as his obsession into drugs and alcohol completed destroyed his wrestling career and left him as a complete mess before Diamond Dallas Page saved him from doom. Roberts has since returned to the WWE and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014 where he gave quite the passionate speech, thanking his children for being there for him through the rough time. Amidst all his children, he also has 10 grandchildren whom he is spending time with now, as his recovery from alcoholism has completed and he's ready to spend the rest of his life with his family whom he left during that period and will hope that one of his grandchildren can continue his family's heritage in wrestling.

2 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has to be one of the greatest exports by the WWE, as they completed changed him when they got him from WCW to make him the Rattlesnake who brought hell upon Mr. McMahon and helped WWE win the Monday Night Wars from WCW and end their domination. Austin was at the top of the WWE in his years because of how amazing he was, as the multi-time WWE Champion is a bonified legend who is still respected by fans. Austin has had a topsy-turvy personal life down the years, as he has gone through various marriages but is shockingly a grandfather, as he's actually a step-grandfather as his stepdaughter Jade Clarke (daughter of his 2nd wife Jeannie) has a son and going by how Austin still looks almost exactly like he did 20 years back, not many can actually tell that he's a granddad.

1 Brock Lesnar

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"The Beast" Brock Lesnar has been the most dominating in the WWE in both his stints, as the amazing wrestler might be the destructive element he is in his wrestling trunks, but is actually quite the introvert in his personal life. The multi-time WWE Champion is actually quite the family man in his personal life, as he loves to spend his personal time alone with his wife Sable and their children, but surprisingly he's also a grandfather at this young age. Sable's daughter from her previous marriage has a child of her own, making the beast incarnate a step-grandfather at this age which is rather shocking, but going by how he's a caring family person, he'd probably love and cherish having a grandchild even at this young age and maybe even teach his grandchild a thing or two about wrestling in the future.

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