15 Wrestlers You Didn't Realize Were Married Multiple Times

The wrestling business has certainly become a lucrative one over the past few decades and Superstars like Ric Flair have managed to use this to their advantage.

Ric was known as a wheeling-dealing, womanizer during his peak in WWE and has since failed to thaw out. Flair is currently engaged to Wendy Barlow who will go on to become Flair's fifth wife. This means Flair is at the top of the list when it comes to superstars who have been married more than once.

Many stars on this list look much too young to have gone through more than one divorce, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Flair's daughter Charlotte and the fact that at just 30-years-old she has already gone through two marriages and two divorces.

Sometimes wrestling is the problem, not the Superstar since many marriages fail because WWE's hectic travelling schedule leaves many superstars with very little time left to spend with their families and this goes on to cause immense personal problems.

Other times it is the person, people grow out of love with each other, they grow older and wiser and realize that just because they were in love when they were younger, doesn't mean they will remain that way forever.

Some of the people one this list decided to ruin their marriages themselves, especially when it was revealed that they were cheating on their other half while on the road with WWE like John Cena was. Either way, the following list may surprise you, but all these Superstars have been married more than once.

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15 15 . Randy Orton

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The Legend Killer who has now become known as The Apex Preditor has been a main event Superstar in WWE for the past 15 years. Randy is a third generation Superstar and was brought into the business by his father at the tender age of 21, becoming the youngest ever World Champion merely years later.

Orton became engaged to his first girlfriend Samantha Speno in 2005 before the pair married less than two years later. The couple welcomed their first daughter a year later but the marriage ended in divorce in 2013 after they were amicably separated the year before. Orton then met Kimberly Kessler and the duo announced their engagement in 2015 and married later the same year. The duo then welcomed their first child together earlier this year, Orton's second and Kim's fourth.

14 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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The Texas Rattlesnake and former WWE World Champion has obviously fared much better in a WWE ring than he has with the ladies. Austin met and married his first wife Kathryn Burrhus in November 1990 after the duo had dated all the way through high school and college. Austin then pursued a relationship with another woman while still married and his wife quickly annulled the marriage in 1992.

Austin then married Jeanie Clarke later the same year and the couple then welcomed two daughters. The pair then divorced less than seven years later in 1999 and the following year Austin married fellow WWE Superstar Debra Marshall. After a domestic dispute between the two, Austin filed for divorce from Marshall in 2002 and it was then finalized in 2003. Austin is currently married to a woman named Kristin Feres.

13 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels is a very private person and is one who is very close to God. Michaels is a born again Christian and often thanks God for saving him at a time in his life when he was on a downward spiral. Despite this, there are some facts about Michaels' personal life that have been made public.

Michaels was married during the early stages of his WWE career, but his marriage to Theresa Wood  failed to work out and ended with an amicable split. Michaels then met WCW Nitro girl Whisper, who is also known as Rebecca Curci. The couple married in 1999 and have been together ever since. The couple have a son who was born a year later and a daughter who was born in 2004.

12 Sable

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The former WWE Women's Champion and one of the first WWE women to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine has also made the long walk down the aisle more than once.

Sable married her first husband Wayne Richardson in 1986 and the pair had a daughter named Mariah in 1988. They then stayed together until Richardson died in a drunk driving accident in 1991. Sable then met professional wrestler Marc Mero in 1993 and the couple married in 1994. Mero introduced Sable to the wrestling business, but the couple still divorced ten years later. Sable then began dating Brock Lesnar (10 years her junior) and the couple married in 2006. Sable and Lesnar now have two sons, Turk and Duke and remain happy together.

11 Edge

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The Rated R Superstar has definitely lived up to his name over the course of his WWE career. Edge has been married twice as well as having a high profile relationship with Amy Dumas, also known as Lita at the height of his WWE career.

Edge married Alannah Morley in November 2001 but the marriage lasted just three years with the divorce finalized in 2004 before Edge married his second wife later the same year. Edge and Lisa Ortiz were married for just 13 months before they too filed for divorce. Edge retired from WWE in 2011 and it was announced in 2013 that he was expecting a child with former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. Beth gave birth to a daughter called Lyric later that year before their second daughter Ruby Ever was born earlier this year.

10 Bret Hart

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The best there is, the best there was, and the Best there ever will be, also joins this list after the most famous member of The Hart Family has tried to extend his family more than once.

Bret Hart married his first wife, Julie Smadu in 1982. The couple then went on to welcome four children, two girls and two boys over the next eight years. The duo separated in 1998 and officially divorced in 2002 before Hart met and married Cinzia Rota in 2004. After failing to agree where the couple should live, they divorced less than three years later in 2007 and Bret was moving on again. Hart then married Stephanie Washington in 2010 and the couple have remained together for the past six years.

9 Sting

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The former TNA legend and WWE Hall of Famer may have announced his retirement from professional wrestling earlier this year, but he is still holding out for that final match with The Undertaker. When it comes to previous marriages, The Icon made the decision to tie the knot twice.

Sting met and married his first wife Sue when he was wrestling for TNA, and the couple have two sons, Garrett Lee and Steve Jr. But after confessing his adultery along with his substance and alcohol abuse problems to his wife, the duo were divorced in 2010. Sting then met and married his second wife Sabine in the build up to WrestleMania 31 and Sting then became a step-father to her daughter Jessica. By all accounts Sting is doing well these days.

8 Charlotte

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The former WWE Raw Women's Champion and daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has definitely taken after her father when it comes to failed marriages. Charlotte married her first partner Riki Johnson in 2010 before the marriage ended not long after.

The former NXT Women's Champion then married TNA Superstar Bram in 2013 but after many domestic violence incidents between the duo they decided to file for divorce merely a year after they were joined together. The divorce was finalized in October 2015 just one month after Charlotte was called up to WWE's main roster and played a part in the start of the 'Divas Revolution.' We can't help but wonder if Charlotte (age 30) will someday match or surpass her father in failed marriages?


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The current SmackDown Live color commentator and former WWE Champion has also had his fair share of relationship problems. Even though JBL comes across as the most straight talking person on WWE TV, he has a fair amount of skeletons in his closet.

Bradshaw met and married Cindy Womack in June 1994. This marriage was obviously short lived and the duo divorced later the same year. Layfield then married his second wife Meredith Whitney in 2005 in Florida and the couple have remained together since. JBL officially retired from in-ring activities in 2009 (with a few soft in-ring appearances since) but has remained with WWE as a commentator for the past seven years and was moved from Monday night Raw to SmackDown Live in the recent WWE Draft.

6 Kurt Angle

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The Olympic gold medalist and former WWE and TNA World Champion has had a fantastic wrestling career, but he has also had a fascinating personal life. So much so that TNA actually brought it into a storyline involving Kurt, Karen, and Jeff Jarrett.

Kurt married Karen in 1998 and the duo had two children together, a daughter named Kyra and a son called Kody. Karen filed for divorce from Kurt in 2008 and it was then finalized the same year. It was then reported that Kurt was engaged to actress Giovanna Yannotti. The couple welcomed their first child in 2011, a daughter named Giuliana Marie and were then married the following year. The couple have since welcomed a second child and have recently announced that they are expecting their third.

5 The Undertaker

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The Deadman himself, The Demon of Death Valley also has a personal life outside of WWE. Despite spending the last 25 years of his life touring and competing as part of the biggest wrestling company in the world, The Undertaker has also had the time to marry three different women.

The Undertaker married his first wife Jodi Lynn in 1989, merely months before he made his WWE debut. The marriage ended more than a decade later in 1999 and Undertaker then married Sara the following year. 'Taker famously had her name tattooed across his throat. The couple had two daughters but the marriage still ended in divorce in 2007. At this point 'Taker was romantically linked with former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. The duo was married in 2010 and welcomed their first child in 2012.

4 Booker T

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Booker T is a former five-time Intercontinental Champion, and current host for WWE on their Kickoff panel before Pay-Per-View events. Booker was one of the biggest stars in WWE at one point, but as well as holding down a successful wrestling career, Booker has a storied personal life.

Booker met and married his first wife Levestia in May 1996 when he was a part of WCW. She was introduced to the WCW crowd after his win at Bash at the Beach later that year. The duo divorced just five years later. Booker later married his girlfriend of five years Sharmell Sullivan in 2005. The pair were often placed together on WWE TV and have remained together ever since. The couple welcomed twins in 2010, a boy and a girl. Booker also has a son from his previous relationship named Brandon.

3 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry 'The King' Lawler is one of the best-known personalities in WWE history. A former wrestler himself, Lawler has found a second home behind the commentary desk. He is currently an analyst on the Raw and Pay-Per-View Pre-Shows.

The King has been married three times in the space of his lengthy career. His first wife Kay is the mother of his two children, Brian and Kevin. Brian has performed in WWE before as Grand Master Sexay. Lawler was then married following his divorce to Kay. He met The Kat, Stacy Carter in 1989 and the couple married in 2000. The following year, Stacy was released from WWE and Lawler left in protest, but returned to the company after it was announced that the couple had split. Their divorce was finalized in 2003 and Lawler has more recently been dating Lauryn McBride who was arrested on charges of domestic abuse, along with Lawler earlier this year.

2 Vickie Guerrero

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The former General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero became a big name in WWE following the death of her husband Eddie Guerrero but left the company last year after deciding to pursue other avenues of employment.

Eddie and Vickie were married in April 1990 after three years of being together and welcomed two daughters. Shaul Marie who was born the same year was signed to NXT back in 2015 but has since left the brand. Shaul is married to WWE Superstar Aiden English. Sherilyn Anne was born five years later. Eddie sadly passed away in 2005 and Vickie then joined WWE in 2006. Vickie announced her engagement to Kris Benson in 2015 before the pair married late last year following Vickie's departure from WWE.

1 Ric Flair

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The ultimate womanizer, Ric Flair has developed a reputation during his wrestling career and it comes as no surprise that the former 15-time World Champion is currently engaged to a woman who will eventually become wife number five.

Flair married his first wife Leslie Goodman in 1971 and the pair welcomed two children a daughter named Megan and a son David before divorcing in 1983 after twelve years of marriage. Later the same year Flair married his second wife Elizabeth Harrell. The duo also had two children, a daughter named Ashley who would later become WWE Superstar Charlotte and a son Reid. Flair and Beth divorced in 2006 after almost 23 years of marriage and Flair married his third wife later that year. Flair and Tiffany VanDemark were married for just two years before she filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2009.

Flair then married Jacqueline Beems later the same year but she also filed for divorce in 2012. Flair then began dating Wendy Barlow and the couple announced their engagement in July 2016.

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