15 Wrestlers You Forgot Worked In The "Other Industry"

Even though professional wrestling is usually a very lucrative career for those who manage to get in the limelight, sometimes even wrestlers who enjoy some time at the top manage to fall down hard after their time is over. Some of them manage to recover from this, while others just sink into the dark and cannot manage to revive their career anymore. So this forces these wrestlers to look for some other career option and when they can't find anything else to do, they decide to make better use of their bodies and join the adult entertainment industry.

Some washed-up wrestlers do adult movies to make some bucks, while in other cases budding wrestlers have been forced to do "adult stuff" in order to make a living before getting a break in the wrestling industry. Nonetheless, these wrestlers were part of very intense adult movies which will always follow them. While some wrestlers only did softcore stuff, others went all out and took part in some real hardcore adult entertainment.

Many fans probably didn't even know these wrestlers had done some naughty stuff in their lives, as we take a look at the 15 Wrestlers You Forgot Worked In The "Other Industry".

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15 Major Gunns

via adamswrestling.blogspot.ca

Major Gunns wasn't really hired by WCW for her "in-ring talent" as she had a smacking hot body and was meant to reap the eyes of the audience with her sensational figure. While she was a hit at first as one of the nWo fitness girls, she later lost relevance and went on to join Xtreme Pro Wrestling, where she met "adult stars" Lizzy Borden and her husband. This probably led Gunns to make good use of her figure in a more lucrative industry for her and she actually left wrestling to join the adult entertainment company Seymore Butts’ Lighthouse Talent Agency. Gunns probably figure out that wrestling wasn't cut out for her anymore and decided to put her body to "better use" in the adult entertainment industry. She still works as a cam girl and does photoshoots, as it seems this turn of career actually might've benefitted her.

14 Amy Weber

via alchetron.com

Amy Weber might not really be remembered by many wrestlers, but she was brought in JBL's image consultant and as a part of his "Cabinet". A former WWE Diva's Search contestant, Weber feuded with some other divas while mostly working as JBL's valet, but later resigned from WWE after allegations of being harassed by other wrestlers. But Weber had the reputation of starring in some softcore "entertainment" movies where she put her smacking body to good use. She later turned to the musical line, releasing an album called "Let It Rain" which was a hit in the top musical charts at the time. Weber is now focused on growing as a musician, as her days of doing softcore, erotic stuff might be of the past but it's definitely not forgotten!

13 Buff Bagwell

via mindofcarnage.com

Buff Bagwell is remembered as the entertaining wrestler from the WCW days, where he dazzled fans with his impressive physique and loved to show it off. Bagwell would go onto have a horrible stint with the WWE when he was signed, failing miserably and being let go after some backstage problems. Buff did continue wrestling in the Independent field for a bit but later went onto taking an interesting career path. Buff actually admitted to being a full-time gigolo, working for a company named "Cowboy 4 Angels" and would charge $3000 for spending a night with women. He also later signed a deal with adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment, as Buff seems to have used his "buffed up" figure to good use and has taken a really shocking change in a career which seems to be doing him a lot of good right now.

12 Lizzy Borden

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Lizzy Borden brought a lot of attention to wrestling during the late 90s, when she started her own promotion called "Xtreme Pro Wrestling" with her husband and acted as the "Boss's wife" and did nasty things to other women in the promotion. While Lizzy was a heel on screen, she seemed to have some disturbing fantasies in real life as well as both Lizzy and her Husband was into directing disgusting Adult films as well. They would both star in some of them as well, as they did awful things like make the women drink vomit and other bodily fluids. Borden and her husband ended up getting put away in jail for distributing obscene materials in 2009. Since then, she's taken a career in music and is trying to make a new path for herself but her obscene past in adult films will always be remembered.

11 Beulah McGillicutty

via sammlungfotos.online

Beulah McGillucutty is remembered by ECW fans as the stunning diva who started off as Raven's valet and was often targeted by Tommy Dreamer who was her "childhood love"(kayfabe). She'd have many catfights with other divas before aligning herself with Dreamer, mainly staying as his valet for the rest of her ECW career. While Beulah looked like a sweet person in real life, she had a real naughty side as well as a video was leaked on the internet of McGillicutty which was obviously meant to be private. She also posed for some very provocative, explicit photos. She strayed out of mainstream attention after that, later trying to redeem herself by writing and publishing a children's book called "Gertrude the Great" in 2012.

10 Bubba Ray Dudley

via wrestlingnews.co

Bubba Ray Dudley might be known as a legitimate bad-ass in the wrestling industry for a few decades now, but he has had some weird fantasies of his own in the past. Bubba was obviously known to be a star in ECW during the 90s and during that time he also met promoter/adult film director Rob Black, the husband of Lizzy Borden. Bubba quickly became good friends with Black and approached him about fulfilling one of his dreams, which was to direct an adult film. He went onto direct to adult film legend Ron Jeremy as well under the guidance of Black! Bubba would also later have a clothed cameo in an adult film called "Whack Attack", as it seems like this "extreme" wrestler does have some wacky fantasies of his own and has had the pleasure of directing an adult film as well!

9 Mickie James

via Pinterest.com

Mickie James has asserted herself as a legend in the wrestling industry over the years, having achieved much success where-ever she went. James started off at WWE before going to achieve some success in TNA, after which she recently returned "home" again. While James might be remembered for her amazing wrestling, she didn't find life to be so lavish before getting a breakthrough in the industry. Mickie used to pose nude for websites like to make her living before she starting making some serious dough in the wrestling industry. While not many can imagine James doing adult entertainment, she was forced to do stuff like that to help her survive as she was training to become a wrestler and those raunchy days will stay with her for the rest of her days.

8 Candice Michelle

via flashofthestars.com

Candice Michelle will always be remembered for being one of the sexiest divas in the WWE during her time, as she had a sensational figure and used it to her advantage. But before she was picked up by the WWE through their "Divas Search" program, Michelle was actually an aspiring actress who tried her hand in some B-movies at the time. While she never did any hard-core adult film, she did star in some softcore stuff like HBO's Hotel Erotica and later in a bondage film like Hogtie Heaven. She was never into hardcore stuff but did reveal a lot of stuff in these softcore adult films where she made sure to use her sensational figure to her advantage. Many might've forgotten or not known about this, but this secret, erotic past of Michelle is something she can never forget or erase from her history.

7 X-Pac

via alchetron.com

X-Pac was quite the hot star in the 90s, achieving a lot of success in both the "big companies" at the time in WWE and WCW and was definitely one of the more entertaining things about D-Generation X and NWO. But once the 21st century kicked in, X-Pac lost his popularity among fans and was released by the WWE for that reason, as he decided to do something really wild to keep himself relevant. He starred in a home-made adult film called "One Night In China" with his then fiancee Chyna, with the two exposing it all in the revealing adult film. This film was actually a hit, winning many awards and remaining as a best-selling adult film for a long time, but it also kicked a huge black mark in the reputation of both these WWE stars, who sold their pride in an attempt to become popular again.

6 Shelly Martinez

via wwe.com

Shelly Martinez had a short-lived career in the WWE, only appearing for a year or so in ECW as part of the New Breed, as she didn't have the wrestling capability despite having an intriguing, dark gimmick of a fortune teller known as "Ariel". She'd later also join TNA as the valet for the Latin American Xchange before she was released from TNA as well. But Martinez would later go on to take a drastic change in career, becoming a pin-up model before appearing in a softcore bondage video named "The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle & Shelly Martinez". Martinez also later posed nude for magazines and is currently a leader in the horror/fantasy film community. She's the official Hollywood correspondent for horror news website MoreHorror.com, as her ECW character seems to have stuck with her and compelled her to do some really X-Rated stuff.

5 Gangrel

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Gangrel was one of the scarier wrestlers of the Attitude Era, as his vampire gimmick as the leader of the weird stable "The Brood" was a real hit and one of the coolest things about that era as well. Gangrel would find himself falling down the peck as the years rolled on, later being fired for being overweight and he then decided to do something wilder with his career. He changed his job from wrestler to becoming a director of Adult films. In 2007, Gangrel signed a deal to direct 12 films for a company named "New P**n Order" under his Vampire Warrior ring name. His debut ventured was called "Miami Rump Shakerz 2". Just when we all thought he couldn't get any weirder, Gangrel turns out to become this bizarre adult film director and definitely added to his reputation of being quite crazy.

4 Kaitlyn

via pinterest.com

Kaitlyn will be remembered by many WWE fans as the winner of the 3rd season of NXT and later go onto achieve much success on the main roster, including winning the Divas Championship as well! But she wanted to try out in some other venture and quit the company in 2014 to focus on her fitness clothing line. She later launched her fitness clothing company called "Celestial Bodiez" and would even pose nude for BodyBuilding.com as part of their Bodies 4 Work photo shoot. While this doesn't necessarily qualify as "adult entertainment", she was rocked very recently when a video of her undressing from a school girl outfit would leak into the internet. Even though this was very private, it did show her in her kinkiest form as she's quite unfortunate to have been tangled up in these controversies, which will haunt her for a long time in the future.

3 Chyna

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The late, great Chyna was definitely the "Ninth Wonder of the World" when she ruled over the WWE as its dominating woman, winning many a title as well as establishing herself as an extraordinary athlete. She revolutionized Women's Wrestling, but was released by the WWE on a sour note and decided to stop wrestling after that. In a desperate attempt to keep her popularity up, Chyna decided to do a home-made adult film in "One Night In China" with then fiancee X-Pac, which was a massive hit. Almost motivated by this, she later went onto star in a sequel to that film. Chyna also later signed to with adult film moguls Vivid Video, going onto star in 3 adult films for them. While it feels awful to think about her dark past in adult films right now, this is a reality which will sadly never fade away.

2 Hulk Hogan

via sickchirpse.com

Well, it's pretty shocking to even see Hulk Hogan in a list like this, but he has actually been featured in some erotic, adult stuff which was as shocking it was to him as it was to all his fans. A website called Gawker.com posted a revealing sex tape of the Hulkster, where he was having some indecent activities with his then-best friend Bubba the Love Sponge's wife Heather Clem! Hogan would go onto sue the website of revealing his personal activities without him knowing of it being recorded and even went onto win $140 million in the lawsuit. But the damage had been done, as Hulk's reputation had gone down the drain and he would be fired by the WWE for this controversy as well as losing respect in the eyes of many and Hulk really should've checked his surroundings before getting intimate with his best friend's wife!

1 Sunny

via PWpop.com

Sunny was the first "Diva" in the WWE when she dazzled everyone with her spectacular looks in the 90s. She was also a force that brought in the Attitude Era, playing as the woman behind Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's real-life rivalry and was a successful manager as well. But she was fired because of problems backstage, after which her career went downhill. She posed nude for Missy Hyatt's adult website called "Wrestling Vixxxens', but things got really bad for her after getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sunny was desperate for cash and signed a deal to star in an adult film for Vivid Entertainment, going onto appear in an adult film. She even wore her Hall of Fame ring during the filming of her movie! This closed any chances of a return to the WWE and she completely sold her self-respect and reputation by starring in this adult film.

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