15 Wrestlers You Had No Idea Are The Worst Drivers

The vast majority of people in this world get in and out of a car almost every day of their lives, and treat their daily drive like it was a basic bodily function as simple as walking. Unfortunately, the reality is driving can be an incredibly difficult and dangerous task, not one that all people are suited to perform. Once drugs and alcohol get added to the mix, driving can be downright impossible and the wrong person trying to get from one place to another can cause serious mayhem for everybody else the share the road with.

Like most athletes, pro wrestlers need to travel all around the world in order to practice their craft. While this includes lots of air travel, the superstars of WWE also need to do plenty of driving in their normal lives in order to get to work, and there’s nothing about being a wrestler that would make a person better at driving, so they face the same problems as everybody else when they do so. Certain wrestlers have even exhibited a propensity for making terrible decisions behind the wheel, typically due to those pesky substance abuse problems that have long been endemic throughout the wrestling industry. Keep reading to learn about 15 wrestlers you had no idea were terrible drivers.

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15 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper earned his legacy as one of the most hated heels in sports entertainment history through his irascible attitude and hair-trigger temper, neither of which bode well for someone about to go for an evening drive. Piper also has a long history of substance issues, although it was only alcohol that seemed to be involved when he was arrested and charged with a DUI in July of 2009. Piper also faced an additional count of driving without a license, which would imply he didn’t exactly get behind the wheel too often and could have in turn contributed to why he was driving so poorly he got pulled over in the first place. Piper had recently been in the news after revealing he used medical marijuana to treat the effects of cancer, leading to some believing he may have been intoxicated on more than just alcohol during his arrest.

14 Test

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Andrew Martin spent most of the first year of his WWE career asking his opponents if they could “pass the test” and defeat him in a match, and it would coincidentally be his inability to pass a field sobriety test that proved what a terrible driver he was. Martin had retired from wrestling in 2009 and was apparently pursuing a career in acting when an off-duty police officer noticed him recklessly driving down the streets of Florida. The officer informed the Florida State Highway Patrol, and Martin was pulled over and arrested shortly thereafter, immediately exhibiting signs of intoxication. After failing all field sobriety tests, Test was transported to jail, reportedly falling asleep during in the officer’s vehicle. Test was also charged with driving on a suspended license, implying at least one other traffic offense on his record, and proving he was an all-around bad driver.

13 Matt Hardy

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Many people would contend Matt Hardy ruined his first shot at stardom in WWE when he made the mistake of claiming he hoped Edge died in a car accident during their heated feud over the real life betrayal of Lita. As the years went by, it looked like Matt might be the one who faced an ironic twist of fate for vehicular reasons, considering the elder Hardy boy has been arrested for multiple DUIs, once managing to get nabbed for the crime twice a manner of weeks. Unlike your run of the mill bad driver on this list who only proved an immediate risk to him or herself, crime scene reports indicated Hardy nearly hit two other drivers while on his second drunken joyride, which would have made the incident much worse for everyone involved. Hardy passed a breathalyzer test proving he wasn’t drunk, but his actions and demeanor indicated he was clearly under the influence of some other sort of drugs. TNA fired Hardy later that day, although the company would eventually welcome him back and heavily promote him only three years later.

12 Catrina

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Catrina made a name for herself in Lucha Underground by giving the victims of Mil Muertes her Lick of Death, although WWE fans may remember her better from her brief stint in NXT as the cat suit clad villainess Maxine. Prior still to being called Maxine, the real Karlee Perez was performing as Liviana in Florida Championship Wrestling, and it was while using this ring name Perez was arrested under suspicion of a DUI in June of 2009. Perez had only recently begun wrestling as Liviana, having previous served only as a valet named Candy Girl. Regardless of her character names, the charges were eventually dropped. Completely unrelated to her skills on the road, Perez ultimately left WWE for Lucha Underground amidst allegations the company had stolen one of her ideas and given it to fellow FCW/NXT performer Aksana.

11 Jillian Hall

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For once, WWE beat Hollywood to a trend when they predated the biographical tribute Florence Foster Jenkins by almost a full decade and copied the strange success of William Hung by introducing Jillian Hall, a woman who wouldn’t let the fact she was a terrible singer get in the way of constantly singing her heart out. One can only assume it was with this tenacity Hall continued getting behind a wheel despite her inability to drive, ultimately resulting in an April 2015 arrest for a DUI. Hall’s blood alcohol level was reported to be higher than 0.20, more than double the legal limit. Despite her goofy gimmick, Jillian Hall still managed to become a noteworthy name in WWE history by winning the Divas Championship and perhaps more importantly through her role as JBL’s manager during his reign as United States Champion.

10 Cameron

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Pro wrestlers have a reputation for being party animals to begin with, so it makes sense that a wrestler with the gimmick of being a nonstop funk machine would take the cliché to heart. Cameron is best known as one of The Funkadactyls, the constantly dancing support team to Brodus Clay. Although she eventually broke out on her own as a villain, it was while a funky animal that Cameron was arrested in Florida for driving under the influence. Cameron managed to make matters significantly worse for her by attempting to bribe her arresting officer with $10,000, reportedly citing the fact she could lose her job over the incident. As luck would have it for her, WWE would in fact only suspend her for 15 days over the whole ordeal. Cameron never fully recovered from the stigma of her arrest, however, and she was ultimately released from the company in May of 2016, having never won a title.

9 Santino Marella

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It probably isn’t hard for WWE fans to picture Santino Marella as the life of a party, especially after a few drinks have been thrown around. Obviously, however, there are certain things the life of the party shouldn’t do, like drive everybody home once the party starts to die down. Santino was driving with fellow WWE superstars Kevin Thorn, Katie Lea, and future tag team partner Vladimir Kozlov on May 1st, 2008, when he was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. Santino passed a breathalyzer test by blowing a 0.61, just shy of the 0.8 limit, but he was still forced to undergo trial due to the amount of time that had taken place between his initial arrest and the time the test was actually taken. Given Marella was always a comedy character, it can be hard to say if he was ever truly punished for the incident, although it would seem the answer is no given the fact his second Intercontinental Championship reign came only a few months later. He would also go on to win the World Tag Team Championships with his passenger Kozlov, giving the incident an odd historical significance.

8 Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger was young enough during his first World Heavyweight Championship win that he could have eventually overcame the stigma of being one of the least worthy champions in WWE history. He would take away the chances of that happening a few years later, however, when he was arrested and found guilty of a DUI in 2013 when officers caught him speeding and found marijuana in his vehicle. Swagger had recently introduced a new patriotic character with the slogan “We The People,” which an ironic and spiteful crowd reappropriated as “Weed The People,” a new stigma for Swagger that he has since been unable to get past. Swagger avoided jail time and was only sentenced with 6 months probation, and perhaps more importantly, WWE didn’t punish him for his crimes in any noticeable way.

7 Ted DiBiase, Jr.

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Ted DiBiase, Jr. is often accused of merely going through the motions of his more famous father’s career prior to deciding the wrestling business wasn’t for him. However, while Ted, Sr. admitted to many struggles with drugs and alcohol in his day, The Million Dollar Man never got caught driving under the influence like his son did in February of 2008. Making matters far more embarrassing for the DiBiase family and the WWE Universe, Ted, Jr. was only a few weeks removed from a reign as FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion at the time of his arrest. DiBiase could have made things downright catastrophic considering he crashed into another vehicle prior to police apprehending him, but luckily no one was hurt in the incident. DiBiase did, however, fail a sobriety test, and a breathalyzer found his blood alcohol content to be around 0.137, well over the legal limit. DiBiase was out of the ring at the time and mostly competing as a manager during his accident, and amazingly WWE chose not to punish him in any way for the crime. In fact, he was promoted to the main WWE roster and soon entered the very high profile Legacy angle only months after drinking and driving.

6 Eddie Guerrero

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With an autobiography title like Cheating Death, Stealing Life, it probably goes without saying that Eddie Guerrero lived some reckless days during his far too short time on Earth. Eddie’s first serious car accident occurred on New Year’s Day 1999, and it could have easily ended his life even earlier than the already young age at which he passed. Eddie had been drinking and partying all night and fell asleep at the wheel, and only saved himself from serious injury or death due to the fact he wasn’t a seatbelt, and through sheer luck shot through the car’s sun roof and landed on far away but soft sand. WCW didn’t punish Eddie for the incident and in fact rushed his return to the ring. Two and a half years later, Eddie was working for WWE and was arrested for a DUI, and his new employers didn’t react so lightly to his antics. Eddie was caught after crashing into the gate of an apartment building. Guerrero ultimately cleaned himself up and experienced a legendary career resurgence, although his previous lifestyle was too much for his heart, as wrestling fans all know far too well.

5 Wesley Blake

via ringthedamnbell.blogspot.com

The wrestlers on this list wound up with a reputation as bad drivers due to embarrassung incidents, but most of them can take solace in the fact it wasn’t caught on video. Not so for former NXT Tag Team Champion Wesley Blake, who was recorded refusing a blood alcohol content test shortly after his November 2015 arrest. Blake was reigning as one half of the champions during that time with his partner Buddy Murphy and while there is no definitive proof the two facts are related, it is worth pointing out Murphy and Blake dropped those belts to The Vaudevillains, Simon Gotch and Aiden English, only slightly more than a month after his arrest. The stain on Blake’s record could also account for why him and Murphy remain stuck in NXT over a full year later, while both the team that defeated them for the belts and several others to debut since then have already been promoted to the main roster.

4 Kurt Angle

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It has been said that few people understood the wrestling business as totally and as quickly as Kurt Angle, and yet it has also been said that his life went to complete shambles as a result of the same business he so dearly strives to be the best at. Angle consistently wowed fans during his seven year stay at the top of WWE and continued to do so for years after making the jump to TNA. Off-screen, however, Angle’s life was rapidly deteriorating even during his last days in WWE, with his addictions to pills and alcohol seriously getting out of control and resulting in a series of DUI related arrests. Angle was arrested four times in six years for a variety of traffic related offenses, all of which involved alcohol in some way, and the last of which occurred on the same night as a taping of TNA Impact. The DUI arrests began in 2007, one year after Angle left WWE for TNA. Angle finally decided to check himself into rehab after his most recent arrest and has since come clean about years of drug abuse he claims to have overcome.

3 Horace Hogan

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Few wrestlers explain the fact that charisma isn’t hereditary quite as succinctly as Horace Hogan, the nephew of the self-proclaimed biggest icon in wrestling, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Horace reached the peak of his fame as a member of The Hulkster’s nWo, although he was never quite accepted in the role and fans even started to lose interest in Hulk’s antics when Horace was around, considering how boring the kid was. Turns out, the one thing Horace did inherit was the infamous Hogan inability to drive, evidenced by a 2002 arrest for driving under the influence. Horace had recently signed a developmental deal with WWE and it is unclear whether or not his arrest had anything to do with why that deal failed to result in an on-air role. Either way, they definitely didn’t do anything when he was arrested again for the same crime less than a year later, considering he had already decided to leave the business and work in construction at the time of his later arrest.

2 Sunny

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These days, WWE Hall of Fame superstar Sunny is one of the saddest punch lines of the wrestling industry, having been arrested more times than most fans can count for a litany of offenses few could bother to remember. Most common amongst her problems are DUIs, and other traffic offenses related to consuming drugs and attempting to get behind the wheel. Sunny made a career out of using her feminine wiles to get men to do anything for her, and even today chances are she could find men to drive her around if she wanted to. She choses not to for whatever reason, though, and it has repeatedly caused her to wind up in prison each time she gets convicted with another DUI. Sunny has also managed to make things worse for herself by missing certain court dates in accordance with her arrest and her most recent judge made it clear that her next traffic conviction could easily be her last by way of leading to a lengthy and serious prison sentence.

1 Scott Hall

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The amazing thing about Scott Hall’s driving record is that the worst blemishes are actually completed unrelated to his well known substance abuse problems. Hall’s inability to drive has reached the stuff of legends, with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter once reporting in the late ‘90s that Hall crashed three rental cars in the span of one week while completely sober—and that was merely one of countless ridiculous stories proving the man shouldn’t get behind a wheel. Naturally, several of Hall’s high profile arrests have indeed involved alcohol as well, with at least two DUIs on record in 1998 and 2000. Hall’s struggles with alcohol have been well documented on screen and off, and frankly it shouldn’t come as a surprise they’ve extended to the road. As with most things related to Hall’s substance abuse issues, the most surprising thing is that no one has gotten hurt as a result of them, at least insofar as his driving record is concerned.

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