15 Wrestlers You Love But Their Co-Workers HATE

The WWE Universe doesn't actually know the real people who are behind the characters, but their peers do.

Wrestlers are portraying characters on WWE TV. This often means that the person the WWE Universe decides to fall in love with and then buys their merchandise and makes them one of the biggest stars in the company, isn't a real person.

The WWE Universe doesn't actually know the real people who are behind the characters, but their peers do. This usually makes for a complicated situation when the WWE Universe loves a wrestler that the rest of the locker room seems to hate.

Usually, it comes down the egos of a number of Superstars when they are pushed too soon and seem to consider themselves much bigger stars than they actually are. Much of the time this angers or annoys stars who have been with the company much longer and feel that they should be treated with much more respect than they are.

It is hard for the WWE because they can't punish the star who is popular with the WWE Universe by taking him off TV, but they can't anger a veteran who has been in the company for a number of years either.

These situations do still happen though and the following list looks at 15 superstars that the WWE Universe liked but the WWE locker room hated.

15 The Ultimate Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior went on to become one of the best-known wrestlers of his generation and a 2014 WWE Hall of Famer. But sadly Warrior's career wasn't always heading in this direction.

In his early career, The Ultimate Warrior was loathed backstage by many of his fellow wrestlers because of some of the things that he would do and think that he could get away with. There were reports that he was dangerous to work with in the ring, after an incident with Andre the Giant. He even refused to meet a Make A Wish child after a show. Luckily it Warrior did manage to turn his life around later on in his career and made an effort to build the bridges that he had burnt. But sadly there are still many who remember him in his early career.

14 Randy Orton


Randy Orton is a well liked, sure fire, future Hall of Famer. Over the past few years Orton seems to have become a different kind of wrestler and a different person altogether when his previous incidents backstage in his younger WWE days are taken into account.

Orton was known to have something of a temper and when he became the youngest ever World Champion back in 2004, Orton was aware of just how valuable he was to the company and that is why he pushed the boundaries so much. Orton has been known to shout at other wrestlers in the ring on live shows, abuse fans verbally for no reason, and even send many fans tweets on social media unprovoked. Thankfully this Orton has changed over the past few years, but he is still hated by a number of current and former WWE stars.

13 Renee Young


Even though Renee Young is not technically a wrestler, some of the heat that she has been receiving from officials backstage in WWE deserves to be documented. The wife of Dean Ambrose has managed to climb through the ranks in WWE over the past few years, to the point now where she thinks that she is irreplaceable.

There are many contradictory reports that suggest Renee was allowed to work back over on Raw because she kicked up a fuss about being away from her husband and has a somewhat self-righteous attitude backstage that many people want to see taken down. Despite this, Renee remains popular with the WWE Universe because they see her as one of the broadcast journalists that WWE have hired who knows what she is doing.

12 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is currently the biggest box office draw that WWE has, which is why it is understandable that WWE keeps making the decision to put the bigger titles in the company on Lesnar. Even though he is a part-time Superstar.

Lesnar is popular with many members of the WWE Universe who have followed both his UFC and WWE careers. But in the locker room, it is a completely different story. Lesnar himself has stated that he isn't a people person and that he doesn't make the effort to make friends backstage. Many of the current roster are quite annoyed that they are working so hard on a regular basis and Brock is able to turn up whenever he wants and earn much more than the full-time stars because of his part-time contract terms.

11 Ric Flair


Ric Flair is a former 16-time World Champion and his immense popularity with the WWE Universe throughout his career can't be denied. Because of backstage politics, the rise of his ego, and the way Ric often came across to others, he made quite a few enemies backstage during his time in WWE.

The animosity between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair has been well documented. But The Nature Boy had a number of haters and even had to cancel his podcast earlier this year when it was reported that Flair was in hot water with a number of wrestlers backstage when he made some negative comments about Finn Balor and how his size doesn't work well as a wrestler. Something that he perhaps could have said in a much better way.

10 Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular wrestlers currently in the company. His high flying antics have allowed him to be welcomed into the hearts of many of the WWE Universe, who have even forgiven a lot of the things that Jeff Hardy has done over the past few years. But his co-workers are not as forgiving.

Hardy was once a well-liked guy backstage until he became addicted to painkillers, lost his job in WWE, and headed over to TNA. It was while he was in TNA that he no showed a number of events and even wrestled Sting in a match where he was so high that he couldn't actually compete and Sting was forced to shoot pin him for his own safety. Hardy may have sorted his life out since then, but many veteran wrestlers still look down on him for the low points of his career.



JBL has recently become a well-liked star in the commentary position. But there have been a lot of stories about JBL and his bullying ways that have scarred the way many fans look at the former WWE Champion. JBL was a fantastic heel when he was wrestling on the WWE roster, but he was not a very nice man backstage.

JBL is often the name that is linked to  reports of backstage hazing and bullying when wrestlers are finally able to talk about the way they were treated when they were contracted to the company. JBL's ways of ensuring that many new stars paid their dues in the business were so harsh that many stars have made their opinions of Layfield known over the past few years and are shocked that WWE is still happy to have him working for their company.

8 The Miz


The Miz could be seen as one of the best heels in WWE right now and is becoming quite popular with many of the smart WWE fans who enjoy the work that The Miz is currently doing on the Raw brand.

The Miz has never been liked much by the WWE locker room, or the core group of stars who feel that everyone in WWE should pay their dues and that Thwe Miz was lucky to come to WWE based on his reality TV experience. The Miz is said to be very similar to his character on WWE TV backstage and the arrogance rubbed a lot of stars the wrong way in WWE when The Miz was still considered to be a newbie in the locker room. Something that has obviously changed over the past few years.

7 Melina


Melina was a talented wrestler and exactly the person WWE needed to step into the Women's Division after Trish Stratus and Lita had retired back in 2006. Melina was a talented wrestler, but the problem with Melina was the fact that she knew just how talented she was and her huge ego became a problem for many women backstage.

Melina was apparently loud, annoying, and became a prima donna when she was working for the company. So much so that Lita was said to have once kicked Melina out of the locker room because she couldn't deal with her anymore. Melina was also once taken to wrestlers court and was then forced to sit and listen to a number of stars as they told her exactly what they thought of her.

6 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose has become hugely popular with the WWE Universe over the past few years. Since The Shield split back in 2014, it was Ambrose who took the babyface role against Seth Rollins, a role he has retained ever since and been able to captivate the hearts of the watching WWE crowd over the past three years.

Despite how much the WWE Universe love Ambrose, others think differently about The Lunatic Fringe, who many feel has become both lazy and complacent ever since he became Intercontinental Champion back in 2016. Ambrose has been linked to a number of negative reports about his character and ability in WWE over the past few months as someone backstage has some unpopular opinions about the former WWE Champion.

5 Shawn Michaels


The Heartbreak, Kid Shawn Michaels is widely considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. Even though Shawn has become a well-liked guy in recent years and has successfully managed to change his life around now working for WWE in their Performance Center, he will never be fully forgiven for the stunts he pulled in the early years of his career.

Michaels was seen as quite childish during WWE's darkest days and managed to annoy just about everyone that got in his way during that time. Micheals was WWE's savior during this time and the pressure seemed to turn him into a completely different person that wasn't liked by anyone backstage as most of the locker room tried hard to avoid him at this point in his career.

4 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is considered to be the "internet darling" in WWE with the Universe fully backing the former Raw Women's Champion because of the things that she has done for the current Women's Revolution.

Despite this, Sasha isn't very well-liked backstage with the other women on the same roster, especially Alexa Bliss who she has been openly reported to have had problems with in the past. The Women of WWE often take photos and hang out together outside of the company but Sasha Banks is always missing from these photos and events because the other women on the roster just don't like her. Bayley and Sasha who are seen as good friends on WWE TV are also said to not actually be that close outside of WWE.

3 Batista


Batista made his return to WWE back in 2014 in what was considered to be a huge deal for the company. Mostly because Batista was always considered to be one of their biggest stars. Batista only wanted a WWE Championship so when he came back, won the Royal Rumble and main evented WrestleMania, it wasn't enough for The Animal who then turned his back on the company when he was told he couldn't have the WWE Championship.

Batista has since gone on to become a star of a number of films including Guardians of The Galaxy and James Bond. There are many people backstage in WWE that refuse to be happy for Batista in his new career because they don't think he deserves it because of the things that Batista has done in his personal life.

2 Enzo Amore


It's hard to think of anyone who is disliked in WWE right now any more than Enzo Amore. Apparently, Enzo has gained a lot of heat backstage ever since the Brand Split and since he and his former Tag Team partner Big Cass went their separate ways.

It's a hard position for WWE to currently be in since they know that Enzo is well-liked by the WWE Universe but at the same time, he is disliked by a number of his peers because of his arrogance and the fact that he runs his mouth a lot when there is no need. Enzo isn't a talented wrestler. He is known for his mic ability and this means that there's a lot of stars in the backstage area that are not fans of Enzo and the fact that he hasn't paid his dues to be where he is.

1 Triple H


Triple H  is the COO of WWE right now and the main person in control of NXT. But even though Triple H has a lot of power in the and has been trying to change a lot of people's opinion of him, it could be a case of too little too late.

Triple H was renown for burying Superstars who had main event level potential back in the early 2000s because he was jealous and he thought that he could use his political influence backstage. There will always be the added story that many people in wrestling never really rated Triple H to be that talented in the ring. So the fact that he is in WWE right now at this level is all because he married the right woman.

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15 Wrestlers You Love But Their Co-Workers HATE