14Edge - Meng

Watching Edge and Christian drench their opponents in a blood bath during The Attitude Era was pretty cool, but did anyone think at the time that Edge would become a great champion for the company? After winning the Tag Titles with his best friend, Christian, Edge would go on to

become an Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE. He would be involved with some of the most memorable segments ever in the WWE and morph into one of the best heels of this century. Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012, Edge is truly one of the greats.

Apparently, WCW didn’t see any greatness in the guy, as he would become cannon fodder as a rookie for the company in ’96. Given the name Damon Striker, Edge would job to legendary wrestlers Meng and Kevin Sullivan on WCW Pro. It was a short stint and we believe Edge was glad he didn’t stay.

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