15Randy Orton - Lance Storm

Before wrestlers feared the “RKO Outta Know Where,” Randy Orton was tearing it up in WWE’s developmental promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling. When Orton got the call-up to the big leagues, he was put on dark show duty. This means he wouldn’t be on television but would perform in the undercard

matches before the event, such as Sunday Night Heat or SmackDown. During these dark shows he would lose to mid-card talents such as Tommy Dreamer, Chuck Palumbo, and Val Venis.

One wrestler he lost to many times during these shows was Lance Storm. Not only did he lose to him in single matches, but also in tag matches as Storm would team with Albert and beat Orton, who had a random partner like Scotty 2 Hotty or Crash. Everyone has to start somewhere and, for Orton, it was getting worked on the dark shows before having his first official feud with Hardcore Holly.

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