15 Wrestling Attire Mishaps We Can't Forget

Since as far back as history can tell, athletics and skin have always gone hand in hand. Ancient Greeks not only trained in the nude, but many sports were played clothes-free exclusively. In fact, "gymnasium" is a Greek word that means "a place to train naked." As time went on, Western Civilization, for some reason, decided that the human body was something meant to be hidden away from sports and everyday life.

Despite this, professional wrestling has always found its way to keep our eyes peeled on people who keep their clothes peeled. The traditional male wrestling-attire, as many of you know, is reminiscent to that of your father walking to the kitchen in his tighty-whities to grab a glass of milk. I chose not to ask why his boots were on too.

With the colourful addition of segments such as Lingerie Contests, Bra and Panties Matches and Mud Wrestling during the mid-90s, it's no surprise that sports entertainment had turned professional wrestling into a showcase mixed with theatrical athleticism.

Though the business as a whole has become more family friendly in recent years, many wrestling fans have still seen their fair share of bum-cracks, cleavage and the estimated size of their favourite superstar's package, sometimes getting a little more than what they bargained for. Even the tight-fitting apparel worn during a classic modern match can have their slip ups. Here is a list of some of wrestling's hottest and most shocking clothing mishaps.


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Dawn Marie has had her fair share of sexualized scenes throughout her time in WWE. From taking part in lingerie contests to flashing commentators Michael Cole and Taz on Smackdown, Vince McMahon’s former legal assistant has never been afraid to bare it all for the company. However, her most revealing moment came totally by accident.

It was Judgement Day 2004 and Dawn was in a match against her at-the-time rival: Torrie Wilson. During the match, Dawn Marie’s pants completely ripped, exposing her full bottom to referee Craig Robertson as well as the audience and viewers at home. Dawn Marie continued the bootyful match, letting it all out in the ring. Despite the courageous efforts, Torrie Wilson came out victorious. Dawn Marie must have been pretty bummed about falling behind on this one. 


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Kaitlyn is a bodybuilder and former WWE Divas Champion. She has won championships as a body fitness model and competed in the Arnold Classic NPC Figure Class competition.

During a Monday Night Raw match with her rival, then-Diva’s Champion AJ Lee, Kaitlyn speared the 5-foot-2 champ to the mat in an assault that could easily be compared to Leonardo DiCaprio versus the Bear in the Revenant.

Unfortunately for Kaitlyn, one of her ta-tas popped out during the scuffle but she managed to tuck it away just quickly enough to keep it from being broadcast fully on live television. It also kept the following stare-down between herself and AJ Lee from getting really awkward. The two are friends in real life so they must have had a laugh about it afterwards.

Speaking of AJ...


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On Smackdown, during a time where Great Khali and Natalya were forming somewhat of an awkwardly shaped partnership, the duo faced off in a tag-team match against the budding romance of Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, who never ceased to share a gnarly tongue-swap whenever the camera was on.

After skipping around Khali in the ring, AJ jumped on his back in an attempt to attack. Natalya grabbed AJ’s shirt and tore the petite woman off of the seven-foot human, flinging her to the mat. AJ’s shirt heisted up a little high, exposing her brazier as Natalya continued attacking.

After being thrown around like a ragdoll for a little bit by Natalya, AJ finally got the upper hand. When she took Natalya down, the innocent looking 3-time Diva’s Champion pranced around the ring in a sexual manner, leaving her black brazier exposed.


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During the Monday Night Wars, there was no way anyone in the world would imagine that former WWE poster-child turned heel leader of the N.W.O. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan would ever let anybody in the locker room take a step near his daughter, nonetheless marry her. Especially not Bubba Ray Dudley.

Here we are, 20 years later and despite the Hulkster’s disapproval, his dear, sweet daughter Brooke finds herself being wedded to none other than Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley’s new persona) in yet another one of Impact Wrestling’s strange televised storylines.

During Brooke and Bully’s wedding ceremony, Bully’s groomsman Taz reveals himself a member of the emerging stable: Aces & Eights. The mysterious biker gang ambushed the wedding, attacking everyone. Amidst the carnage, Brooke fights her way from  the grips of D.O.C. (now known as Luke Gallows) to aid her father. It's clear that she is trying to hold her slipping dress from exposing her breasts on her way back to the ring. When reaching her old-man, Brooke can clearly be heard telling Hulkamania that her “boobies are popping out.”


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“All Red Everything” Eva Marie was naturally born to absorb heat. Her bombshell appearance quickly ascended her up the WWE ladder, getting her Maxim photoshoots, red carpet appearances and being the focal point of WWE advertisement despite having a lack of in-ring skills, which was frustrating other female competitors backstage.

WWE, aware of Eva Marie’s shortcomings, worked her in an angle where she would continuously make up ridiculous excuses to get out of her matches, even going as far as to get an announcer to say the Total Divas star won’t be making her match because she is stuck in traffic.

During one of Eva’s final WWE appearances, the straps of her top miraculously sprung undone, making the referee stop her match against Becky Lynch before it could even start. Though this was clearly a planned thing, the live audience nearly erupted at what they thought could have been a drool-worthy accident. Eva Marie has since been released and is now pursuing a career in acting.


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During a match on WWE Main Event, Total Divas stars Rosa Mendes and Natalya were in a tag team match against fellow Total Diva: Summer Rae as well as her tag-team partner Layla.

Rosa was standing on the apron in front of the commentators booth when Layla yanked her to the ground. Layla got more than a handful of Rosa’s tights, accidentally exposing the reality television star’s full derriere before she fell to the outside padding. WWE managed to censor most of it by blacking the screen at this point in the match, but not quick enough that audiences at home couldn’t catch a small glimpse of Rosa’s full moon. This incident was mentioned on Total Divas and the girls seemed to have a good laugh about it.


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The Miz takes pride in calling his segments “must-see TV.” To promote the new season of E! Entertainment’s Total Divas, the Miz invited the show’s stars on a very special episode of his Monday Night Raw talk-show: MizTV. Eva Marie, Naomi, Cameron, Jojo, Natalya and the Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) dressed in their classiest getups to dazzle the WWE Universe and draw viewership to their television series.

What was really dazzling, however, was the unexpected appearance of one of Brie’s “Bella Twins.” It looks like Brie’s top was a bit loose and she suffered a discreet nip-slip on live television, cementing Miz’s claims that he hosts the most must-see show on WWE. You really never know what can happen on live television, do you?

8 Nikki Bella Just Has To Outdo Her Sister, Right?

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Not to let her twin get more attention than her, Nikki Bella had her own mishap on an episode of RAW. Back in the summer of 2014, Nikki was joining her sister in feuding with Stephanie McMahon along with the other heels of the women's roster. After getting beaten down by several other ladies, Bella rolled out of the ring and her top had slipped down the left side of her chest, exposing the "investments" she had made in her body a couple of years prior. While she definitely did not plan on that happening, she acknowledged afterward that mishaps can sometimes happen on live television and she took it like a pro. No use in harping on what's already happened right? Keep going, Nikki!


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In the blink of an eye, Lita went from an evolutionary fan-favourite female competitor to one of the most hated women in wrestling history. Her very real-life affair with Edge behind the back of her then boyfriend and Team Extreme partner Matt Hardy was repurposed into one of the most heated WWE angle of all time. Two former friends, Edge and Matt developed a true hatred for each other on-screen.

On one of the highest rated segments in WWE history, Edge and Lita were forced, despite their displeasure, to re enact having sex on a silk-blanket covered bed in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw. To add a sense of realism, it was suggested that Lita actually remove her bra beneath the bedsheets. She reluctantly did and accidentally gave the camera a brief bit more than it bargained for.


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While “The Game” Triple H was feuding with “Y2J” Chris Jericho, the bosses daughter Stephanie McMahon found herself in a tug-of-rope between two men with blonde ponytails.

While Jericho was out of commission during a heated brawl, Triple H brought his future wife to the top of the announcers table and wedged her head between his legs and not for the same reason you might be thinking (she did end up becoming his wife, after all!) Instead Triple H set Stephanie up for his patented finishing maneuver “the Pedigree,” during which both of her breasts briefly slipped out of her top in front of the camera. Luckily, Stephanie managed to readjust herself before nearly being face-planted through the table by her now-husband, she was saved by Jericho.


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This isn’t so much a wardrobe malfunction as it is a full on flashing of the crowd. At WWE Armageddon 1999, Miss Kitty won the WWE Women’s Championship in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool Match. In celebration, Miss Kitty stripped down and, in an off-script throw of caution to the wind, removed her bra, exposing her breasts. This led to a raucous reaction from the crowd as well as her future husband, WWE commentator Jerry “the King” Lawler.

In a future interview, The Kat, whose real name is Stacy Carter, states that she didn’t like that WWE was making her wear underwear as it’s something she didn’t do. She thought, “what the heck.” It was a very in-the-moment event that caught the entire company off guard.


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In a backstage segment of Attitude Era television, blonde-bombshell Sable was viciously attacked by the chairman’s daughter: Stephanie McMahon. In this aggressive parking-lot assault, the camera caught various angles up Sable’s skirt, revealing her thin thong as Stephanie punished her against the hood of a black stretch-limo. This encounter would come to climax with Stephanie completely ripping Sable’s top off, exposing her puppies for a quick glance.

This was one of many backstage catfights between the two ladies. WWE was working an angle where Sable was acting as Vince McMahon’s mistress, much to Stephanie’s dismay. Aside from the parking lot, Stephanie has attacked Sable during interviews as well as inside Vince’s office.


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Capital Carnage was a U.K. exclusive PPV that took place at the London Arena in London, England in 1998. WWE Hall of Fame inductee Jacqueline was teamed up with Marvelous Marc Mero to take on the team of Christian and Sable in a mixed-tag match. After getting pinned by Sable, Jacqueline started attacking the referee. The ref stood up with Jackie sitting on his shoulders. Sable took the opportunity to rip Jacqueline’s top clean off, exposing her chest to the entire United Kingdom.

Since Jacqueline was wearing a loose fitting top with no bra, it’s apparent that this was a planned event. Despite this, it was still completely unexpected and is considered the first time WWE purposefully utilized nudity in their programming.


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Lollipop is a female superstar who never ended up working under the guise of WWE. She started her career with Total Nonstop Action (T.N.A.) Wrestling (now known as Impact Wrestling.) During a T.N.A. pay-per-view, Lollipop’s top was ripped off by a member of the female stable Sports Entertainment Extreme, fully exposing her torso.

Much like Jacqueline’s instance, this appears to be an intentional moment and could possibly be T.N.A.’s first follow-through with nudity. Lollipop soon left the promotion to wrestle the independent circuit, eventually becoming a Tag Team Champion alongside Amber O’Neal in Women’s Extreme Wrestling. Lollipop retired in 2006.

I hope you’re prepared for our first pick... Warning: It will shock you...


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Hey, nightmares are considered dreams too! And nobody’s exposed body has been haunting the WWE Universe moreso than that of Santina Marella, the alleged “twin-sister” of our favourite Cobra wielding Italian, Santino.

In a bizarre event during Backlash 2009, Santina came to the ring in her signature Cleopatra wig and pink tutu. The Great Khali followed Santina to the ring, in hopes for a kiss. Santina rejected Khali, claiming she was in love with WWE ringside commentator Jim Ross.

Beth Phoenix then came into the picture, challenging Santina for the title of “Miss Wrestlemania,” which was awarded to Marella at Wrestlemania XXV. Khali helped Santina win the match. Afterwards, Santina tried escaping the ring before Khali could plant a kiss on her. Khali grabbed Santina’s top to try and stop her from escaping and it ripped, exposing her… pecs.

Santina ran around the ring screaming and crying as she cupped her nipples, awkwardly hiding them from cameras view. It was a sight to behold.

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