15 Wrestling Beauties With The Most Junk In The Trunk

As a business that is a part of the entertainment industry, just like the television, movie, and music industries, wrestling is definitely image based. It makes perfect sense considering the way that most companies make money is largely television, network or pay-per-view based. On top of that, even when looking at the smallest indie promotions out there, it is advantageous to have good looking people they can put on posters in order to bring people in. As a result of all of that, there has been a sustained push for a number of years now for the talent scouts to track down some of the most alluring female grapplers to appear on shows. While that can be defined by the chest, legs or face of a woman, there is no doubt that their derrieres can also play a big part. And that's what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen wrestling hotties with the most junk in the trunk.

In order for someone to be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, they first off have to be a woman that has been employed in the wrestling business. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if they are contributors from an in-ring perspective as long they make their living by taking part in wrestling shows. Additionally, it should be noted that they don’t have to be employed by the WWE as this list is designed to look at the industry at large. From there, as long as they have awe-inspiring booties they were in the running here. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

15 Lana

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Called the Ravishing Russian by the WWE, Lana is billed from Moscow and if that were true, she'd absolutely deserve that nickname. Serving as the representative of Rusev for the vast majority of her time on the main roster, the pair have a great deal of chemistry together, due to their real-life romance, which makes them a great pair. Still, she has recently separated her character from his and we hope it works to perfection for her since she has proven many times that she is fantastic at portraying her character. A former model and dancer, her body has been her livelihood since she became an adult and if her cheque was decided by the dimensions of her rear end she’d be a very wealthy woman.

14 Peyton Royce

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As someone that seems like she is poised to take WWE's main roster by storm any day now with her cohort Billie Kay by her side, Peyton Royce is one of the best talents in NXT if you ask us. Being one-half of the so-called Iconic Duo, she comes to the ring on a nightly basis and embodies an egotistical character that is very hateable. Yet we find ourselves looking forward to her appearances. While we think it is clear that her innate charisma plays a big part in that, we are equally sure that her incredible looks also play a part in that for many. Peyton consistently poses with her booty to the camera, and while her hot pal is by her side, we rarely look away. That fact has allowed us to check out her rear-end and give it the credit it is due.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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Seemingly best positioned to take over the reins of the WWE when her father Vince McMahon relinquishes control, Stephanie McMahon has followed in his footsteps in more than one way. After all, she has played a villain on TV for several years now and has spent her adult life sacrificing for the greater good of the company and her bank account, which are only two examples of what we mean. She is also more than willing to make herself the butt of a joke at a moment’s notice if it is likely to entertain the company’s devoted audience. Fortunately, whenever she is embarrassed she can turn the other cheek and in her case that really means something, considering they are so large and in charge.

12 Cathy Kelley

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Previously a host for AfterBuzz TV, an online network created by Maria Menounos, this talented woman hosted shows focused on covering RAW and NXT which seems to have caught the industry’s eye. She's a WWE employee that seems to be woefully underused today, if you ask us. We rarely see Cathy Kelley on our screens and that is a huge shame. We say that for two main reasons, the first of which is that she reminds us of Renee Young in that both of them come off as actual fans of the business when talking about it. The second reason we want to see more of her is that she is incredibly hot and looking at her is a sight for sore eyes. Seen here in a Halloween costume, she is dressed up as The Riddler but there is no question that she has a grandiose booty.

11 Catrina

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From one former WWE talent that left there and ended up in Lucha Underground to another, this time around we are looking at the woman once known as Maxine. Signed to a developmental contract in 2009, she would work in FCW for three years before having a two-year run in the competition style version of NXT that went nowhere. Forever spinning her wheels and upset that she wasn’t given the opportunities she felt she deserved, she opted to request her release, but thankfully she popped back up and has played Catrina ever since. She's now a gothic character that holds sway over a cadre of performers that live under her thumb, and with her sultry and powerful energy, we totally buy she could control the wills of many. Seen here in skin tight pants, that fact affords us the opportunity to see her rear-end rise and fall and it is a truly impressive sight.

10 Emma

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We’re just going to say it, the WWE has dropped the ball in a huge way when it comes to the wrestler known as Emma. She routinely boasts on television that she helped originate the so-called women’s revolution in the company deservedly so as it was her work in NXT alongside Paige that changed many minds. However, since then she has had three separate runs on the main roster, all of which have fizzled out quickly and almost completely. An immensely talented person that has charisma pouring out of her, it is shocking to us that she isn’t being utilized a lot more effectively. Of course, the fact that she looks extraordinary in any outfit should have made pushing her even more of a no-brainer, especially when you get a look at her from behind as it is a feast for the eyes.

9 Alexa Bliss

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There are a lot of women that perform for the WWE these days considering they have a thriving developmental system and three brands. As such, if you sit down and decide who is your favorite female employed by the company there are a lot of good options. For us, there is no question that Alexa Bliss stands head and shoulders above the rest because she is one of the most complete performers around, in our view. Due to her ability to take part in impressive bouts, we look forward to her matches greatly. Still, it is the personality that she has developed that we enjoy so much since she is so devilishly good at portraying a villain. Also, she's someone that has a distinct look, as she reportedly stands at only five foot one but isn’t small in every way as her rear-end is large, to say the least.

8 Taryn Terrell

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A woman that seems to have the world on a string, over her adult life Taryn Terrell has found success as an actress, model, and most importantly for this list, in the wrestling business. Previously an employee of the WWE where she was even cast as the General Manager of their version of ECW for a time, she wound up leaving and going to TNA. We’ve seen many talents make exactly that jump in the past but when it comes to this performer she improved immensely after the change of scenery. Able to win their Knockouts Championship and take part in fantastic matches there, she wound end departing but recently returned to the fold. That was fantastic news for anyone who likes to see her do her thing which we’re guessing is pretty much everyone as she has a body for the ages, including a derriere that takes your breath away.

7 Mandy Rose

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Mandy Rose has been signed to NXT for a couple of years now and appears to be working diligently to improve in the ring. Introduced to the business when she competed in the most recent season of Tough Enough, she was able to impress the fans and judges enough to place second. Also tapped to appear as part of the cast of Total Divas, it is abundantly clear that the WWE sees a lot in her and she is likely to receive a lot of chances once her grappling skills improve. As someone with an incredibly fit figure, it seems like she does squats day and night considering how toned and large her derriere is in any picture of her like this one.

6 Maria Kanellis

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Initially joining the wrestling world as part of the WWE’s Diva Search all the way back in 2004, Maria Kanellis has been a part of the business ever since. Signed by the company despite losing the competition, she worked there for six years and was then released in 2010 with little fanfare. Hitting the independent scene with reckless abandon, she worked for a long list of companies including Ring of Honor, NJPW, TNA, and more, making a big name for herself in the process. In fact, she made enough noise that the WWE brought her back all these years later and signed her real-life husband Mike Bennett, who is also extremely talented. Well-known for appearing in shorts that leave little to the imagination, we, therefore, know that she has the goods when it comes to her derriere.

5 Bayley

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A former standout performer in NXT, Bayley crafted an innocent character that loved to hand out hugs and embrace those around her while also being able to kick butt in the ring. Having been beloved by that brand’s fans, she made the leap to the main roster and has been able to win WWE gold and earn a number of new fans. Still, her time on RAW has been far from bump-free considering that she has suffered a notable injury and her character has been mishandled enough that some in the crowds have begun to boo her. Shocking for those that know how lovable she can be, it is a shame that her virtues haven’t been communicated as well as they should have been. As someone with attributes that can make someone a star, she should be embraced for her cuddly demeanor. Still, adults can also enjoy that she can fill out a pair of jeans with the best of them.

4 Brooke Tessmacher

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Someone that has competed in a long list of beauty contests, Brooke Tessmacher was in the running for Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA, and Miss Hooters in the past. Transitioning after the fact to the wrestling world, she started out as a dancer who entertained WWE crowds before being released and making the jump to TNA. Just like another performer on this list, Taryn Terrell, she improved greatly in the ring after changing companies. She was even able to become a three-time Knockouts Champion and one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion, and those in charge were pleased to put that pressure on her shoulders. Still, despite her wrestling ability, she was still well-known for embracing her sensual side as evidenced by her big backside facing the camera on her way to the ring to the pleasure of many.

3 Ivelisse Vélez

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She's somebody that we are still astonished to this day that the WWE missed the boat on. Ivelisse Vélez first came to prominence when she competed in the season of Tough Enough hosted by Steve Austin. She was given a developmental contract with the company in the aftermath, but unfortunately she was released before ever making the leap to the main roster, much to our chagrin. Fortunately, Velez was able to go on to stardom as one of Lucha Underground’s best talents, and she has proven that she is great in the ring and fantastic at playing her character as well. Seen here posing up against a fence, this image gives you an impression of her wonderful derriere which anyone can get glorious glimpses of during any number of the matches she has taken part in.

2 Naomi

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As one of the most popular members of the Smackdown roster no matter which gender you are looking at, Naomi receives large reactions from the audiences whenever she makes her way to the ring. That is even more evident now that she has crafted a colorful entrance for herself and had a lengthy run with the Women's Championship. While she dropped the belt at SummerSlam, that small setback does nothing to dull how much she has achieved and how proud she should be that she overcame being known as a Funkadactyl. Also well-known as an incredible athlete, her flexibility, agility and all around physical prowess is mind boggling. In order to be that good at what she does, Naomi had to work diligently which also made her body a work of art which is evident when looking at her magnificent booty.

1 JoJo Offerman

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When JoJo Offerman was first signed by the WWE you’d be easily forgiven if you thought her tenure would be a short one. Introduced to the world in the first season of Total Divas, she was completely inexperienced in the industry and the show focused on her trying to figure it out as she went along. Then she took part in a few matches to disastrous results as she had no idea what she was doing. It seemed like the writing might be on the wall. Fortunately for her and people that enjoy seeing attractive women, she was given the chance to become a ring announcer. Operating as one for years now, she is good at what she does but still seems like a little bit of an odd choice for the gig. We say that because those in that role are meant to fade into the background, and she has a butt that is almost unbelievably large. We find it hard to look away from, especially since it offers a nice view.

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