15 Wrestling Boyfriends Who Treated Their Women Like Dirt

Relationships in WWE are not usually lengthy ones. They are more like bonds that are created between people out of coincidence. These stars are away from their families for 300 days a year and so they look to their fellow superstars for support.

Sometimes this support is found in all the wrong places and it leads to relationships that the WWE Universe categorize as the worst kind.

There have been many of these over the years, from lengthy relationships that turned violent to relationships that were doomed from the beginning.

There are many male Superstars who the WWE Universe thought didn't deserve to be in a happy relationship because of their actions, but they have since moved on to what seems like a perfect relationship afterwards.

There are many male Superstars who have been boyfriends and have treated these women in the worse possible way. Cheating and lying and just being a complete egomaniac about it, there doesn't seem to be anything worse than dating a WWE Superstar.

Here are the 15 worst wrestling boyfriends who have been able to treat their women like dirt, and worse still, it has been made public knowledge.

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16 Robbie E

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Robbie E is a well-known star in TNA, but he became even more well-known when it was made public knowledge that he was cheating on his wife with former WWE Diva Brooke Adams. Robbie later left his wife and began a relationship with Brooke, who is now a TNA star but it seemed as though the couple only worked when they were sneaking around.

The couple were later cast on The Amazing Race where they managed to put a band-aid over their problems but as soon as they were voted out of the show the pair announced that they had split and began throwing insults at each other on Social Media. Somehow, Robbie's wife that he left for Brooke has since had him back and they are seemingly a happy couple once again.

15 Tyson Kidd

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Tyson Kidd is a former Tag Team Champion and was once the valet of his wife Natalya. The couple has one of the cutest stories of all couples in the company since they met when they were training together in The Hart Dungeon and have been together ever since. Natalya has stated many times that Tyson was her first love and she went on to marry him.

Tyson isn't much of a public star and so all that is known about him as a person is what is shown on Total Divas and whether it was part of a storyline or not. It was shocking the way he treated Natalya when he would not only put wrestling, but also his tag team partner Cesaro ahead of her. Natalya tried everything to sway his attention, but it seems Tyson's head was always turned by something else.

14 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy is The Charismatic Enigma. He is a former World Champion and he is one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history, but he has had a lot of struggles outside of WWE when it comes to his personal life.

Hardy and his wife Beth have been together since 1998. She has been through all of the hard times with Jeff and all of the good times. She was put through the stress when he was fired from WWE because he had failed another Wellness Policy test and refused to get help. Jeff now has two daughters as well, and it is reported that finally decided to get his life back on track when he realized what he was doing to the ones he loved the most. Recently, Hardy has made a return to WWE and is thought to be doing well when it comes to his former drug addictions.

13 Xavier Woods

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Xavier Woods is a popular WWE Superstar as one of the members of The New Day, but earlier this year Xavier found himself in the middle of a huge scandal when he was part of one of the personal videos that was leaked that also involved WWE star Paige.

Xavier is currently married and his first child is due to arrive in the next few days. So this leak can't have been great news for his wife who was heavily pregnant at the time. The worst part was that Xavier just played it off as nothing, which probably means that he did much worse around that time. It is thought that the videos were made sometime in 2014 while Xavier married his wife in October 2015, which means that there could be some crossover here. His wife has since removed her Instagram account and is yet to return online.

12 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton may be a 13-time World Champion and the youngest in WWE history, but over the past few years, it seems as though the WWE Universe have been more interested in his life outside of WWE rather than his work in the ring.

Orton and his first wife Samantha Speno's divorce came from out of nowhere, but there were reports that Orton and Kelly Kelly were part of many extracurricular activities at the same time before Orton then moved onto WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Orton has since settled down with WWE fan and mother of three Kim Marie Kessler after the couple met at a WWE Live event back in 2014. She seems to have managed to calm Orton down in the time they have been married.

11 Seth Rollins

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The former member of The Shield landed himself in hot water with WWE officials back in February 2015 when his fiance leaked personal pictures of him onto Twitter the day after a Monday Night Raw show. This was in response to the fact that Rollins himself had tweeted personal pictures of  NXT Star Zahra Schreiber, because his account had been hacked.

Leighla later apologized because she didn't know Seth had been hacked, but the hack seems to have brought out the fact that Rollins was having an affair with Zahra while he was on the road and Leighla was at home in Iowa. The couple quietly split and Rollins moved on to date Zahra, but their relationship lasted less than a year before they also parted ways.

10 Lex Luger

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For years, Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage were the best-known couple in WWE and they were one of the most popular. But Elizabeth later in her career began dating Lex Luger when they were finishing up their final WCW shows.

It was after they had both finished wrestling full-time that their story takes a drastic turn as there were reports that Luger and Elizabeth were involved in a domestic dispute that left Elizabeth with a black eye and bloody lip after it was stated that Luger had struck her. Elizabeth sadly passed away only a few weeks later from acute toxicity brought on by a mix of painkillers and vodka. There are still question marks over Luger's role in her untimely death and his influence on her lifestyle at that point.

9 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler has become a legend on the commentary desk over the past few decades but despite the way he is viewed on TV, it seems that it's the way he treats women that is more in question that his commentary talents.

Jerry was suspended from WWE indefinitely late last year when it was reported that he had got into an argument with his girlfriend at the time and it had become violent. The charges were later dropped and Jerry was allowed back into WWE but not back on the commentary table. Lawler has been arrested before, after he angrily threw a ticket at a police officer and then going on to run over his foot back in 1999, so it seems he is quite an angry person outside of WWE.

8 Edge

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The Rated R Superstar definitely made a name for himself whilst he was working for WWE. He played his part in one of the most public love triangles of all time when he and Lita cheated on Matt Hardy whilst the former Tag Team Champion was recovering from injury.

The part of that story that many of the WWE Universe were not told was that Edge was married at the time as well. Edge and his wife went on to divorce after his indiscretions were made public knowledge and Edge and Lita then went on to date for a while. Edge has since gone on to marry former Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and the couple has welcomed two daughters. The duo also made history this year by being the first ever WWE Hall of Fame couple.

7 CM Punk

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CM Punk still holds the record as the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era despite the fact that he left WWE more than three years ago. Punk and AJ Lee have become a popular couple with the WWE Universe since their marriage in 2015, but the details of how the couple came together ruin the illusion that these two are perfect.

Before Punk and AJ get together, he was in a long-term relationship with former WWE Diva Lita. Punk and Lita were together for a while while AJ and Punk were still friends. Punk and AJ were friends for more than five years before they finally got together and it seems that they actually come together before Punk broke up with Lita. Their split was not said to have been an amicable one.

6 Triple H

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the power couple of WWE. Over the past two decades they have taken over the company, but it seems as through WWE wants the fans to forget that Triple H was in a relationship before he met Stephanie.

Triple H and former Women's Champion Chyna began dating when they were working together as part of DX, before Triple H and Stephanie were put together on WWE TV. This then led to an affair between Triple H and Stephanie and when Chyna found out she was not happy.Stephanie then used the power that she had as Vince McMahon's daughter to the get Chyna fired. Chyna had managed to lose everything in the space of a few days thanks to Triple H, something she never fully recovered from.


4 Batista

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Batista is a former World Champion and the 2005 and 2014 Royal Rumble winner. He has become a star in Hollywood since he left WWE a few years ago and even though he's left wrestling, he hasn't left his demons behind.

Batista was married to a woman named Angie for most of his WWE career before it was revealed that he had cheated on her with Melina back in 2006. Batista's wife was then forced to read about the affair again when Batista wrote about it in his autobiography. It was also later reported that when his wife was struggling with cancer he was running around with other women behind her back. Batista and his wife eventually split as it seems that his issues finally became too much for her.

3 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steven Austin is a legend in the eyes of many of the WWE Universe but even though he's a WWE Hall of Famer, he still has problems in his personal life. Stone Cold and Debra got together when they were both a part of WWE and decided to marry not long after.

This is when the problems started as it was reported that Stone Cold and Debra had a domestic that ended with Steve running out of the house and Debra calling the police to report the violent attack. The couple divorced not long after and it seems that the fight really scarred her since she later sold her engagement ring and gave most of the money she raised to a domestic violence charity. Austin hasn't reportedly been in a relationship since.

2 Alberto Del Rio

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The former WWE Champion returned to WWE in 2015 and it seems that since then he has began quite the personal feat. Not only did Del Rio return to WWE in October 2015 but he also struck up a friends with benefits deal with former Women's Champion Charlotte.

This happened for a few months before Del Rio then went public with his relationship with former Divas Champion Paige. This was apparently done behind Charlotte's back and she knew nothing about it and this then caused problems for both Paige and Charlotte in their professional life as well. The other big factor in this entire thing was the fact that Del Rio was still married at the time and his wife then later filed for divorce after his exploits were brought to light.

1 John Cena

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John Cena is the face of WWE right now and even though he's been reduced to being a part-time wrestler, his romance with Nikki Bella is still well documented on Total Divas and Total Bellas. Nikki and John may be the picture perfect romance right now, but this hasn't always been the case for Cena's personal life.

Cena married his first wife Elizabeth back in 2009 and the couple were seemingly happy for a few years before it was deemed that Cena was cheating on her with Mickie James and a lot of other women backstage in WWE and he then filed for divorce on her because home improvements had cost him much money that he was almost bankrupt. It was a messy divorce and somehow Cena bounced back and began dating Nikki just four months later.

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