15 Wrestling Cheaters: How Did Their Affairs Begin And End?

The following is a list of 15 affairs that are known to have started and ended at specific points.

The wrestling world has become well-known for scandals and cheating sagas. And these are not likely to change anytime soon since there was a scandal that was recently discovered between WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman and former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt.

There have been a number of scandals over the past few years with many being made public knowledge. WWE was then forced to then step in and try and resolve the situation with the injured parties.

Some of these affairs were secret for a number of years, much like JoJo and Bray who were reported to have begun their sordid affair back in 2015 and were only recently found out.

Some of these affairs only last a number of weeks while WWE Universe only becomes aware of them when other stars who were in the company at the time decide to talk to the media about it.

The following is a list of 15 affairs that are known to have started and ended at specific points, and have since become quite well-known to the WWE Universe and many other people involved in the company backstage.

15 Michelle McCool And The Undertaker


Michelle McCool and The Undertaker became friends while Michelle was still married to her high school sweetheart Jeremy Alexander and The Undertaker was still married to his second wife Sara Frank. The couple were said to have become quite close backstage over the next few months and both divorced their spouse in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

It was only then that the couple could come out publicly and reveal that they were dating. The couple continued to date for the next three years before they married in 2010. Michelle then left WWE the following year and the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kaia Faith in August 2012. Michelle and The Undertaker obviously found something in each other that they hadn't been able to find in the relationships they were both previously part of and were not scared to make a change.

14 Melina And Batista


John Morrison and Melina met when they were part of Tough Enough and managed to make it to WWE together, where they became one of the "IT Couples" on the show. Melina and Morrison remained together on-screen for a number of years while their real life romance was hitting a few bumps.

While Melina and Morrison were on a break, Melina was part of a backstage segment with Batista that then led to an actual affair between the duo since Batista was still married to his wife Angie. It was said that he wanted a divorce and wrote about this in his Autobiography called "Batista Unleashed." The affair didn't last long as Melina made up with Morrison. The coupe continued to date for a number of years after this whilst Batista got the divorce he was looking for.

13 Terri Runnels And Shawn Stasiak


Known as Marlena on WWE TV, Terri Runnels brought something exciting to the Goldust character. Of course, the couple didn't just have chemistry on screen, since they married in real life.

The problems in Terri and Goldust's marriage started when she began butting heads with his father Dusty Rhodes, who claimed that she was nothing more than a gold digger. On-screen she was moved on to manage a character called Meat who was portrayed by Shawn Stasiak. At this point, Terri took solace in Shawn and the couple had a short affair. This cost Terri her marriage when her husband filed for divorce in 1999, but the couple has recently been able to patch over their problems and manage to remain civil for the sake of their daughter.

12 Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber


The affair between Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber became public knowledge in the spring of 2015 when Seth was hacked and a picture of the Diva was shared on his Twitter page. Rollins was engaged at the time to Leighla Shultz and her reaction was to then post images of Rollins since she was aware that this meant he was having an affair.

The duo had been seen together down in NXT a few times, but they were finally able to come out as a couple after Rollins broke off his engagement and was then forced onto the sidelines through injury. Their relationship must have been much more fun when they were sneaking around, because Rollins and Zahra quietly broke up less than a year later, but have still been able to remain friends.

11 Charlotte And Alberto Del Rio


Charlotte divorced her second husband, TNA Superstar Bram back in 2015. When Alberto Del Rio returned to the company a few months later in October, Charlotte was looking for a rebound and he was the perfect person.

What was unknown to her was the fact that Del Rio was still married and had two children, but it was still an affair. An affair that wasn't made public knowledge until the heat between Charlotte and Paige was finally revealed to be because Charlotte was with Del Rio before Paige offered him something more. Charlotte and Del Rio were only together for around four months and Del Rio was still married to his wife up until recently when she filed for divorce after becoming sick of reading about his adulterous antics online.

10 Sunny And Shawn Michaels


Back in 1997, Shawn Michaels and Sunny were said to have been having an affair. One that Michaels attempted to deflect onto Bret Hart as part of a live promo on WWE TV when it became clear what he had been up to.

Michaels was divorced in 1994 and was on a downward spiral at the time, one that Sunny obviously helped out with for more than nine months. Sunny was dating a wrestler named Chris Candido at the time before she then embarked on a number of other extracurricular activities with other wrestlers backstage. Sunny was there when Michaels was spiralling into drugs and alcohol and managed to find his way out and when he did he married a woman who set a better example for him. Sunny and Candido broke up and she has remained on the same kind of downward spiral for a number of years.

9 Christiane Plante And Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan was married to Linda for 26 years when it was revealed that the former WWE Champion had been having an affair with a friend of his daughter Brooke named Christiane Plante.

The affair happened when the family were still filming Hogan Knows Best. It was said to have only happened once but it was enough to destroy Hogan's marriage and almost leave him bankrupt in the divorce. Hogan maintains his innocence despite Christiane admitting that the affair did happen and stated that his wife was often accusing him of adultery. Linda has since been able to move on and remarry and so has Hogan, who has hopefully learned his lesson this time and will be staying away from all of his daughter's friends in the future.

8 Karen Angle And Jeff Jarrett


Kurt Angle was a well-respected wrestler in WWE for a number of years, before he began a downward spiral and admitted that he cheated on his wife a number of times throughout his career. Karen and Kurt decided to separate but it seems that Karen had already moved on with TNA star Jeff Jarrett.

Angle was working for TNA at the time and it's thought that this is the way they met. Even though Jeff's career was on the line, the couple remained together and eventually married. Kurt managed to get past all of the problems enough to be able to reenact their issues for a TNA storyline before then moving on to remarry himself as well. Kurt has now managed to put all of this behind him and recently returned to WWE TV.

7 Stephanie McMahon and Triple H


Triple H and Chyna were in a relationship outside of WWE for a number of months while working together as members of DX on-screen. Before the company decided that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H should start working together on WWE TV. This allowed the couple to get closer and they ended up starting an unintentional affair since Stephanie McMahon's father Vince was completely against her dating any of the wrestlers.

Triple H broke up with Chyna when he decided to pursue his relationship with Stephanie and Chyna was then fired from the company so that she couldn't cause any problems. Triple H and Steph went on to marry in 2003 and have since welcomed three daughters as Vince finally came round to the idea of Steph dating a wrestler.

6 Paige and Alberto Del Rio


The Alberto Del Rio and Paige saga has been ongoing since the spring of 2016 when the couple officially revealed that they were in a relationship while out on a trip to Disneyland. Del Rio was still married to his wife Angie at the time, but this didn't stop Paige from proposing to him later in the year, which the former United States Champion accepted.

Over the past few months the WWE has witnessed the rollercoaster of a relationship between the two wrestlers and even though Del Rio's divorce was finalized a number of weeks ago, he and Paige have postponed their wedding three times and even broken up a number of times. It is currently unknown if the couple are still going to marry or have decided to call it quits.

5 Kelly Kelly And Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has been happily married to his wife of 17 years, Jessica Lockhart, ever since 2000. But life on the road can get to even the most loyal of WWE stars since there are stories that Jericho may have had his head turned by a number of ring rats and one main WWE star.

Pictures of Kelly Kelly and Jericho getting quite close and even kissing surfaced online back in 2009 as the proof speaks for itself. Jericho and his wife managed to get past whatever problems they were having in their marriage at the time, even though Jericho and Kelly were said to have only have been together for a number of months before their relationship came to an abrupt end and Kelly then left the company.

4 AJ Lee And CM Punk


AJ Lee and CM Punk are now happily married after both former champions decided to leave WWE and pursue other avenues of employment. AJ Lee revealed in her autobiography that was released earlier this year, that she was always close to CM Punk even when he was dating Lita.

Many stars backstage knew what AJ Lee and Punk were doing to Lita and it got the couple a lot of heat. But it all started because they managed to go from best friends to much more than that when WWE first forced them to kiss on an episode of Raw. Lita wasn't said to have handled this very well and left WWE before she returned when Punk had been fired. Lee and Punk have managed to find their own happiness despite destroying Lita's.

3 JoJo And Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman's affair has only recently been brought to the attention of the public and leaves both parties in a strange position since JoJo was said to have been in a relationship with Jesse White and Bray Wyatt is married and has two children.

His wife has filed for divorce and apparently named JoJo as the woman her husband was committing adultery with. The duo have since been seen arriving at the arena for Raw together. While it was reported that their affair began back in 2015, JoJo and her boyfriend were still Instagramming pictures together back in April and Bray was only moved over to Raw recently as well. Life on the road and the constant issues that the Eater of Worlds has had with his wife Samantha must have pushed him into JoJo, who is almost seven years his junior.

2 Lita And Edge


Edge and Lita's affair became public knowledge when Matt Hardy found out about it and was fired from WWE. He was then re-hired by the company and the real-life personal issues were then used as part of a WWE storyline which definitely helped all three stars elevate themselves throughout.

Matt Hardy was injured and WWE decided that rather than see Lita forced on the sidelines with him, they would instead allow her to work with Edge for a while, a man who had only recently married his second wife. This was a bad idea because Lita and Edge obviously got much closer and it was a scenario that ended badly for everyone. Luckily Matt and Edge have since moved on to marry and have families with other women whilst Lita has continued to date other wrestlers.

1 Mickie James And John Cena


Mickie James and John Cena's affair caused a problem for both parties since Mickie was engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra. The latter found out about the affair and after kicking up a fuss he was fired from WWE, something that he still blames on Cena. Meanwhile, Mickie was transferred to SmackDown and quietly released a while later.

Mickie became engaged to Kenny back in 2007 while Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. It is thought that the affair happened sometime before Cena was married to his first wife since Dykstra was released from the company in November 2008. Mickie wanted a relationship but Cena didn't and she didn't take the news well. The couple had been on WWE TV together as part of a storyline at that point and had been able to get close, but Cena wasn't open to actually dating James.

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