15 Wrestling Couples That Were Not Supposed To Last But Did

Wrestling throws together some of the strangest couples and has done so for the past few decades.

Wrestling throws together some of the strangest couples and has done so for the past few decades. Mostly these relationships are based on convenience more than anything else and while some of these relationships are ones that the WWE Universe can get behind, there are ones that are so strange that the WWE Universe has bets on whether or not they will last.

Against all the odds and even sometimes after their careers are over, these couples have somehow remained together. Through the arrests and sometimes even through some of the hardest times, these unlikely couples have remained strong and have even begun families outside of WWE.

Many of the couples listed below have defied all the odds and even married which has shown just how committed these current or former wrestlers are to their spouses.

In a wrestling world where it seems that monogamy is a foreign concept, here are 15 wrestling couples who have managed to remain together despite everyone thinking they wouldn't last.

15 Bayley And Aaron Solow


Bayley has been part of WWE now for the past few years and is not only a former NXT Women's Champion but is also a former Raw Women's Champion. Her current fiance Aaron Solow has been part of many WWE tryouts and even auditioned for Tough Enough back in 2015.

While Bayley was in NXT she became very close to NXT Champion Finn Balor and many of the WWE Universe thought that they were together as a couple in real life. This would obviously have caused friction for Bayley and it can't help that Bayley is living Aaron's dream at the moment. Despite these differences, the couple announced their engagement earlier this year and seem to be stronger than ever, even though they rarely manage to spend any time together.

14 Brandi Reed And Cody Rhodes


Brandi and Cody Rhodes have been together for the past few years, but when they first got together back in 2011, Cody had quite the reputation in WWE. Having already dated many models and Layla El when she was still part of the WWE Women's Division, many thought that Cody had just moved on to another conquest.

Shockingly, two years into their relationship, Brandi and Cody married and proved just how strong they were as a couple when Brandi announced that she would be following her husband out of WWE early last year. The couple have since made many Independent appearances as well as wrestling on Impact Wrestling together, proving all of the doubters wrong. Just goes to show, you can't always judge a person based on their past experiences or relationships.

13 Maryse And The Miz

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Maryse came into WWE through the Diva Search. She was signed because of the way she looked and later improved on her wrestling ability, but when she was aligned with The Miz as part of their storyline shortly before she departed from WWE, it seems that the couple didn't get along at all.

The Miz and Maryse are so mismatched, mostly because he can't speak French, but it seems despite their earlier differences somehow the couple managed to make it work and have been married now since 2014. The couple are so secure at this point that Maryse has returned to WWE to partner her husband and it seems that having Maryse there gives him so much more confidence and they have now become WWE's IT couple since their switch over to Raw.

12 Reby Sky And Matt Hardy


The twelve year age gap between Reby Sky and Matt Hardy was always going to turn heads as well as the fact that Matt Hardy didn't have a great reputation with women in his life. The couple met when Matt moved over to Impact Wrestling and it seems that just months into their relationship, the couple were arrested after an argument turned physical.

A few months later it was announced that they were expecting their first child and they then went on to marry. Maxel's arrival seems to have calmed the couple down and at one point all three members of Hardy's family were appearing on Impact Wrestling together as part of Hardy's Broken gimmick that could make its way over to WWE at some point in the near future.

11 Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy


Let's be honest, how many of the WWE Universe did a double take when they found out that Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss were dating? After rumours that Alexa was lightly promiscuous when it came to other members of the NXT locker room, it was thought that this was just another match of convenience.

When Alexa moved to SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft back in the summer, leaving Buddy on NXT, a brand that he hasn't been seen on for months, it was thought that this was the beginning of the end for the couple who were once a stable together. Instead, it seems to have made the couple much stronger and they recently announced their engagement, much to the shock and disappointment to many of the WWE Universe.

10 Paige And Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio doesn't exactly have a good record when it comes to the women in his life. He returned to WWE in October 2015 and was dating Charlotte while he was still married to his wife and then he began dating Paige without breaking up with Charlotte.

Paige's family weren't impressed when Paige announced her engagement to Del Rio a few months later either, even though Del Rio was still married at this point. Paige's recent hacking scandal could only have caused more problems for her relationship, but it seems that this helped the couple. They actually married only days after the scandal at the end of March and are seemingly still happily in a relationship and have recently brought their own house, maybe leopards do change their spots?

9 Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan was a focused wrestler who had been performing for more than a decade when he met Brie Bella, who never wanted to be a wrestler and was only interested in a modelling or acting career. Bryan and Brie have been together now since 2012 and it seems that despite being very different people, they have managed to remain together and married in April 2014.

Brie and Daniel have been main cast members on both Total Divas and Total Bellas over the past few years and when Daniel was forced to retire from WWE, Brie followed him out of the door. The couple's first child is due in the next few days and it seems that they have managed to create their own happily ever after against all odds.

8 Mickie James And Magnus


Mickie James had quite the reputation when she was in WWE. Not only did she have an affair with John Cena while he was married and she was engaged, but it is reported that she had relations with many of the wrestlers in the locker room at that time as well.

Mickie left WWE and headed over to TNA not long after the John Cena affair went public, and it seems that this was the best option for her both personally and professionally since she went on to make a name for herself in Impact Wrestling as a Knockouts Champion and met her future husband Magnus. The couple recently married and welcomed a son called Donovan, and are still going strong, much to the annoyance and complete surprise of the WWE Universe.

7 Beth Phoenix And Edge


Beth Phoenix is another former Women's Champion in WWE that had quite a reputation backstage. After she dated the likes of CM Punk and he then talked about how she would sleep with anyone in a shoot interview.

Edge also has his own demons after he cheated on his wife with Lita in an affair that has become one of the best-known love triangles in WWE history. Edge and Beth looked like an odd pairing after they both departed WWE and even after the birth of their two daughters, many of the WWE Universe thought that it was odd that they weren't married. The couple finally married in October 2016 on Edge's Birthday and became the first ever Hall of Fame couple last month when Beth Phoenix was inducted into the 2017 class.

6 Renee Young And Dean Ambrose


Renee Young and Dean Ambrose have been through the ringer ever since they announced that they were dating back in 2015. The WWE Universe were not happy about Ambrose being paired with a member of the WWE broadcast team and poor Renee even received death threats for having the audacity to date Dean.

Despite fans best efforts, Renee and Dean are still going strong as new additions to Total Divas, but a few weeks ago the couple even announced that they had secretly married. The mismatched duo decided to have a small wedding in their back garden in Las Vegas at 1:00am. Just proves that they didn't need a huge affair to prove their love for each other, they just wanted to be married, maybe now the fangirls will stop?

5 AJ Lee And CM Punk


CM Punk has the worst reputation when it comes to women having worked his way around the locker room a few times. Punk was even dating two female wrestlers at the same time when he was on the Independent scene. AJ Lee was different, she wasn't the kind of woman who was swept up in all of the wrestlers backstage.

AJ wrote in her biography that she knew Punk was 'the one' two years before they finally got together. Punk and AJ were similar when it came to wrestling and promos, and it seems they had similarities backstage too. The problems between WWE and Punk threatened AJ's mental state at time, but it seems that she chose to drop her job rather than her husband, and the couple is still one of the most recognized in the wrestling world.

4 Nikki Bella and John Cena


The WWE veteran and face of the company dating Dolph Ziggler's ex-girlfriend was one of the most shocking couples that WWE have forced together over the past few years. Nikki's not even close to Cena's intelligence level and much of the time on Total Divas, it seems as though all Nikki does is annoy John.

The entire storyline of Cena not wanting to marry because of his past experiences led to the WWE Universe thinking that Nikki would eventually leave John at some point and instead get the family and children that she wanted. This all changed at WrestleMania when John Cena did the unthinkable and proposed to Nikki in the middle of the WWE ring in front of 75,000 people. It seems this couple is finally heading down the aisle.

3 Lana And Rusev


Lana came to WWE through the 2013 Diva Search and was put in NXT as the manager of Rusev. It seems that the chemistry between the two was undeniable and they began dating a few weeks later. Even Vince McMahon didn't think these worked as a real life couple and attempted to split them up by putting Lana with Dolph Ziggler.

Obviously, this didn't work and Lana and Rusev announced their engagement part way through a storyline which got them a lot of heat backstage. They then became a part of Total Divas, after their two different marriage ceremonies in two different countries. It seems that even though Lana and Rusev are going down different paths in WWE right now, they are on the same page when it comes to their relationship.

2 Sable And Brock Lesnar


Remember how WWE has thrown together come crazy couples? Well, Brock Lesnar and Sable were definitely one of the strangest. Sable is a former Playboy cover girl and Women's Champion while Lesnar is a former UFC fighter and one of the most destructive forces WWE has ever seen. Even though Sable is a former wrestler herself, it was still quite a shock that these two had began dating.

When the couple first announced that they were dating they definitely turned a few heads, even though they were obviously mismatched, somehow Lesnar and Sable have managed to make their relationship work. They've even married and they've welcomed two sons, Turk and Duke in recent years, so maybe you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, because sometimes it surprises you.

1 Michelle McCool And The Undertaker


Michelle McCool is a former Women's and Divas Champion, while The Undertaker is one of the biggest legends in WWE history. The Undertaker's last wife was well known to the WWE Universe since she was part of WWE storylines, so it was a shock when their divorce was announced.

The huge age gap between Michelle and The Undertaker was one of the reasons the WWE Universe didn't think this one would work out, but the couple married in 2010 and have since welcomed a daughter. It seems that even though the WWE Universe looked at this as another relationship that just happened because they were thrown together, they still managed to make the best of it and have since proved the WWE Universe wrong by becoming not only a cute couple, but the perfect family.

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15 Wrestling Couples That Were Not Supposed To Last But Did