15 Wrestling Couples We Love More Than John Cena And Nikki Bella

Aside from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, John Cena and Nikki Bella are the first couple of WWE. In fact you could even argue that John and Nikki are actually at the very top considering the respective couples are on separate shows, plus they are probably better known outside of WWE than Hunter and Steph. Unfortunately for WWE’s It Couple, being in the limelight like they are comes with its downfalls. First of all, a lot of people aren’t going to like you. It doesn’t help when it really does appear like the two of you get special treatment. For starters the pair of them both find themselves on the same brand when in many cases WWE likes to split couples up. In all fairness that might simply be coincidence, although it doesn’t stop there. As The Miz and Maryse highlighted during their recent rivalry with Bella and Cena, John has appeared to use his sway in the company to get his now fiancé pushes that others have not been afforded.

The wrestling business itself naturally conjures up a lot of couples. Some wind up like John and Nikki, some don’t last at all because being around each other all the time at work then at home can be tough, then there’s the rest. The couples that are good together and don’t get on our nerves. Well, at least they don’t annoy us as much as John and Nikki do. Here’s a list of those couples, fifteen of them in fact, that we like more than the pairing of John Cena and Nikki Bella.

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15 Big Cass And Carmella

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When you hear Big Cass the first name that springs to mind is most likely Enzo Amore. The pair are a fantastic tag team and have been throughout their WWE careers, starting in NXT. Well those of you who perhaps don’t watch a lot of NXT may not know that while Enzo and Cass were in developmental, Carmella was their manager and would accompany them to the ring. During that time Carmella and Cass clearly hit it off because at some point they began dating. Cass would eventually be called up to the main roster leaving Carmella behind and even though she has also been called up since, the couple still find themselves on different shows. That hasn’t split them up though thankfully.

14 Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Cass and Carmella weren’t the only ones from that trio to find love in NXT, although Enzo Amore had to venture outside of the tag team of course. One of the more low key wrestling relationships currently going on in WWE is Enzo and Liv Morgan. Morgan is currently plying her trade in NXT and is quickly becoming a major force for the women’s side of the brand. It’s odd as before I knew about this pairing I always thought that Amore and Liv would make a great couple. They’re clearly cut from the same cloth. I hope that when Morgan is called up to the main roster it is to Raw so that her and Amore’s relationship isn’t strained. In fact I wouldn’t be adverse to the two of them doing something on screen together while Cass goes on to bigger and better things.

13 Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

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The term Indy Darlings gets thrown around an awful lot in wrestling nowadays when referring to beloved wrestlers working the independent circuit. Well it may have an even more literal meaning when it comes to Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Judging by what I’ve seen of the couple you’d be hard pushed to find two nicer people in the business, and they’re both great wrestlers to boot! Johnny and Candice recently got married and Tomasso Ciampa was Gargano’s best man. The best thing about their relationship though? Johnny’s last match on the independents before going to WWE was a two out of three falls match against LeRae. Awesome? Most definitely, but something we’ll never see in WWE whether Candice ever makes her way there or not. With the announcement of the women’s tournament coming this year, her arrival really does look imminent. Plus she has already wrestled a little for NXT.

12 Cody and Brandi Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes recently washed his hands of WWE and left for what has turned out to be greener pastures for him on the independent circuit. Cody is wrestling the best performers around the world and what he’s doing now is a far cry from when he was stuck as Stardust in WWE. What you may not know is while in WWE Rhodes met his now wife, Brandi. Brandi was an announcer for the company and also parted ways with WWE shortly after her husband did. Despite being initially signed as an in ring talent WWE quickly moved Brandi to announcing duties. Clearly she was itching to wrestle as since her and Cody left they’ve wrestled together for Impact Wrestling and are both currently signed to the brand.

11 Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy

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NXT is clearly a great place to meet a prospective life partner. Not only do we have the couples that have already been mentioned, but current WWE couple Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy are another example of a boyfriend and girlfriend pairing that were introduced while at the Performance Center. The similarities between this couple and Cass and Carmella don’t stop there either. Bliss also spent the majority of her time in NXT acting as a valet to her boyfriend Buddy Murphy as well as his tag team partner Wesley Blake. Alexa has since made her way up to the main roster and had a tremendous amount of success. Buddy is still trying to find what fits down in NXT for the time being.

10 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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Some of you reading this might be a little surprised to see The Undertaker and Michelle McCool on this list. Simply because The Undertaker’s persona and aura has meant that apart from the two being married we know very little about their relationship. The first glimpse of the real Undertaker we’ve ever seen on WWE television came at WrestleMania 33, and it involved his wife Michelle. This year’s Showcase of the Immortals had Roman Reigns versus The Deadman as its main event, and The Big Dog famously defeated Undertaker, seemingly retiring him for good. Before Undertaker made his way to the back he found his wife in the front row and kissed her. It was a side of him we had never seen and effectively solidified that he was done performing in the ring.

9 Naomi and Jimmy Uso

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While we are exposed to the relationship of Jimmy Uso and SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi a fair bit via Total Divas, oddly at the same time they’re not one of the couples on that show that are over exposed and get thrown in our faces. There doesn’t tend to be much drama between them, which is probably they aren’t front and center on Total Divas, and they just seem like a genuine down to earth couple. Only recently on Talking Smack Naomi was discussing how much she loves being a step mom to Jimmy’s two children, and that both of them think she’s really cool which is something that has only been furthered since she won the women’s title.

8 Matt and Reby Sky

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There is perhaps no wife or partner in the world of professional wrestling right now who is more supportive of her husband than Reby Sky, or Reby Hardy since she is now married to Matt. Matt is currently engaged in something of a litigation war with his and Reby’s former employers Impact Wrestling over the rights to the famous Broken gimmick, and if you take to Twitter you’ll soon discover that there is no one fighting the Hardy corner harder than Reby currently is. She was a big part of the gimmick and the entertaining skits they would put on when Matt’s Broken Brilliance was at its height and they truly do make a great team, both on and off the screen.

7 Natalya and Tyson Kidd

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While Naomi and Jimmy often try to lurk in the background of Total Divas, Natalya and Tyson Kidd are quite the opposite, although I get the feeling Tyson wouldn’t mind stepping out of the spotlight on the show. The main reason behind that is WWE following the career ending injury that Kidd suffered a while back. Tyson suffered a neck injury that has sadly led to his in ring career coming to an end, but in all fairness most people who suffer the same injury either die or become quadriplegic. While Nattie may sometimes come across as annoying on WWE TV, it takes a strong person to stay by your partner’s side through what Tyson has had to go through. The couple have been together long before either of them stepped foot in a ring and have been dating since 2001.

6 The Miz And Maryse

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Yes, we even like the couple that John Cena and Nikki Bella feuded with and eventually defeated at WrestleMania 33 more than we like them. The Miz and Maryse. Over a year ago now, the night after WrestleMania 32, Maryse returned to our screens on WWE Raw. She aided her real life husband in winning the Intercontinental Championship and has been by his side ever since. Her return to WWE and pairing alongside her husband has seen The Miz’s career receive a much needed breath of fresh air. If you love the A-List couple for nothing else then love them because having his wife by his side has seemingly forced Miz to perform some of the best work of his career to date.

5 AJ Lee and CM Punk

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Cody Rhodes isn’t the only person to leave WWE and have their partner follow them out the door shortly after. In 2014 CM Punk left the WWE in infamous fashion and left his then fiancé behind. In all fairness it wasn’t as if AJ Lee, who is now Punk’s wife, followed her husband right out the door following his departure. AJ wrestled for WWE for over a year after Punk left and even then puts some of the blame for her retirement on damage she had suffered to her cervical spine. Like a few other couples on this list, Punk and AJ are just one of those pairings that you see together and instantly think are perfect for each other.

4 Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

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One of the newest couples to the reality show Total Divas is the pairing of Dean Ambrose and WWE announcer Renee Young. Unlike CM Punk and AJ Lee these two are not necessarily a couple of people you would look at separately and put them together. Nevertheless they seem to make a great couple. Dean’s nonchalant attitude actually led me to believe that he wasn’t the kind of guy who could ever be tied down but clearly him and Renee have something special. The couple kept their relationship low key for a while and people only assumed that they were together. Even their marriage recently was kept a secret until after it had already taken place.

3 Edge and Beth Phoenix

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If I had to pick one couple on this list that I could have as my adopted parents, then Edge and Beth Phoenix would be that pick. And no I don’t care that I’m way too old to adopt some new parents. Both Edge and Beth just seem like two of the nicest people in the world and make an incredible couple. The two of them also have two young daughters together who I imagine will eventually make their way into the wrestling business once they’re old enough. I mean when your mom and dad are the first ever WWE Hall of Fame husband and wife the pressure is kind of on to follow in your parents’ footsteps.

2 Rusev and Lana

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When Rusev first appeared on the main roster in 2014 and had Lana by his side, I had no idea that the two were a couple in real life. The pairing seemed almost too perfect and coincidental for them to be a couple outside of the ring as well as inside. Well of course I later found out that they have in fact been a real life couple the entire time they’ve been on Raw and SmackDown, and that they’re yet another example of a current WWE couple who met while honing their craft in NXT. Their relationship has been my personal highlight of the latest season of Total Divas. The show built to their wedding, which eventually went off without a hitch, but in the build the pair of them continually clashed over the style of the wedding with Rusev wanting it to reflect his Bulgarian roots.

1 Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

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Yes that’s right, the couple we like the most when directly compared to Nikki Bella and John Cena are Daniel Bryan and Nikki’s twin sister, Brie Bella. And honestly how could they not be? Nikki and Brie are together almost all the time when on television so it’s impossible not to directly compare every aspect of their lives. While Nikki and John seem fake and materialistic, Brie and Daniel couldn’t be further from that. Even though they love the business you can genuinely tell that the two of them would be more than happy with nothing more than each other. Well as of very recently that isn’t technically true as the couple have added a third to their household. The Danielsons have had a baby and it only makes us love them even more, and wish our lives away so that we can fast forward to a day when Daniel Bryan’s offspring will be competing in a WWE ring.

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