15 Wrestling Exes WWE Wants You To Forget

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that WWE wrestlers are regularly cheating on their spouses with each other, given the lifestyle.

You may have noticed that wrestlers tend to frequently date other wrestlers. WWE is like a touring college campus in that regard. It's entirely possible the company has no idea how to deal with a roster of men and women travelling together it seems. Up until the late 90s, there were hardly ever any women on the roster!

WWE performers are on the road constantly, and as a result, the only other people who they see with any regularity are others on the WWE roster. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that they're regularly cheating on their spouses with each other, given the lifestyle. If WWE wanted to stop this from happening they could allow their roster more time off to spend with family, but they don't seem overly interested in doing so.

When you're in WWE it seems the company becomes your social and personal life as well. This makes sense considering Vince McMahon has previously stated that is in fact how he lives his life, so perhaps he feels it's how his staff should treat theirs. That might not be the healthiest mindset, but wrestling is fun so let's try not to worry about it too much. Here are 15 wrestling exes WWE wants you to forget about.

15 Zahara Schreiber (Seth Rollins)


WWE definitely does not want fans talking about Seth Rollins' ex, and former NXT contracted wrestler, Zahara Schreiber There are actually a couple of reasons for this. Once, nude pictures of Schreiber were posted to Rollins' social media accounts by Rollins' former fiancee, indicating some type of infidelity was going on.

14 Bram (Charlotte Flair)


Thomas Raymond Latimer is the real name of pro wrestler Bram. From 2013 to 2015 Bram and Charlotte Flair were a couple. This might not have been the best decision Charlotte ever made.

Bram was signed to WWE developmental in 2012 and started training at the WWE Performance Center at the same time Charlotte did. He would be released after being arrested for assaulting a police officer, however. Bram and Charlotte would separate in 2015 when Bram was once again charged with a crime. This time he was charged with domestic battery, but all charges were eventually dropped.

13 Elizabeth Huberdeau (John Cena)


The ink was barely dry on John Cena's divorce papers when he began dating Nikki Bella in 2012. Cena’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, had been Cena's girlfriend since high school. The only problem with that is John Cena has been romantically linked to numerous females on the WWE roster, all during his apparent relationship and marriage to Huberdeau. A couple of the women suspected to have been linked to Cena during his marriage to Huberdeau just might come up again later in this article.

12 Dolph Ziggler (Nikki Bella)


The WWE may not want you to forget all about Dolph Ziggler (though sometimes it seems they're trying to do that), but they do want you to forget that he's Nikki Bella's ex. The couple dated for two years from 2008-2010. It's believed that Nikki was the one to end the relationship.

11 Amy Schumer (Dolph Ziggler)


Why WWE never took advantage of this is anyone's guess, but Dolph Ziggler and comedian Amy Schumer were an item. Schumer even opened up about their love life once on the Howard Stern Show. She spoke to Howard Stern's rather crass audience, Schumer said that she and Ziggler once had intercourse for seven hours, and she had problems keeping up with Dolph's athleticism.

When asked if he was bothered that Schumer would open up about their private life on radio, Ziggler didn't seem to mind. Schumer is said to have been the one to breakup with Ziggler, though they remain friends. From time to time you can even catch them joking back and forth with each other on Twitter.

10 Terri Runnels (Goldust)


Terri Runnels is thought to be the reason that Dusty Rhodes and his son, Dustin (aka Goldust) didn't speak for years. Dustin met Terri in WCW, where she had worked as a valet, and previously as a makeup artist.

The couple married in 1993, and both would leave WCW for WWE the same year. Dusty and Dustin became estranged shortly after. While the reason for Dusty and Dustin not speaking to each other was a culmination of things, the animosity hit a peak when father and son were supposed to go golfing one afternoon. Dusty had driven over an hour to get to Dustin's place only to be told that he couldn't go because Terri was sick. Somehow, the argument which ensued was the straw that broke the camels back.

9 Sara (The Undertaker)


Remember when Undertaker had the name "Sara" tattooed on his neck? You might notice he hasn't had that tattoo for several years now. Sara was even involved in some storylines as well, but all the same, WWE wants you to forget about her.

Undertaker and Sara even started a charity together. Save the Animals Fund at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, is the rather long name given to a charity designed to help pay for medical treatment for large breeds of dogs. The charity is believed to still be active today.

8 Debra (Steve Austin)


Debra and Stone Cold Steve Austin had one of the worst breakups in the history of pro wrestling. One that ended with criminal charges, lawsuits, and a whole bunch of lawyers.

The couple were married in 2000, but they wouldn't last even two years. In the summer of 2002 police were called to the couple's residence. When they arrived, officers found Debra with bruises and an injury to her nose. Austin was later arrested and charged with assault. He ended up pleading "no contest" and was sentenced to a small fine and a year probation.

7 CM Punk (Lita, Maria & Beth Phoenix)


CM Punk might not be interested in drugs or alcohol, but he loves women! He might have settled down for good with AJ Lee in 2014, but before then he was running through every female wrestler in the business like that world was ending.

WWE wants fans to forget about CM Punk in general, but they definitely don't want fans to remember how Punk has been romantically linked to people on their roster. Punk used to be with the current broadcaster for the Mae Young Classic, Lita, as well as SmackDown's Maria Kanellis. There are rumors he also dated Mickie James years ago as well. Recent Hall of Fame inductee, Beth Phoenix, also finds herself on the long list of CM Punk's exes.

6 "The Kat" Stacy Carter (Jerry Lawler) 


Jerry "The King" Lawler likes younger women. Ample evidence of this exists.

Lawler first met Stacy Carter at a softball game in 1989. She was 18 years old at the time, while Lawler was 40 years old and already seven years deep into his second marriage. Naturally, they decided they were a perfect match for each other and began dating. Lawler would divorce his wife in 1991. Carter and Lawler wouldn't marry until 2000 however.

In 1999, Carter joined the WWE roster and became "Miss Kitty". She would later be named "The Kat". The company would release her in 2001 however, and Lawler left with her. Soon after, Carter would leave Lawler.

5 Karen Jarrett (Kurt Angle)


Karen Jarrett is not Jason Jordan's mother, but she did have two kids with her former husband Kurt Angle. While Angle is now the GM of Raw, Karen Jarrett holds a high ranking position in Global Force Wrestling along with her husband Jeff Jarrett.

Karen and Kurt were married for ten years from 1998 to 2008 when Karen left Kurt and ended up with Jeff Jarrett. All three were involved with TNA Wrestling at the time.

4 Victoria (John Cena)


WWE would probably rather fans just forget all about the women who have come in and out of John Cena's life. Lisa Marie Varon claims the two only dated for about a month, and it was during a time she was separated from her husband. Cena most likely wasn't separated from his Elizabeth Huberdeau at the time, however.

Victoria competed in WWE for seven years, which is a fairly lengthy career for female talent in the company. Since then, she went on to open the Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago but has since left the area to move back to Los Angeles.

3 Mickie James (John Cena)


Mickie James and John Cena were together briefly in the early 2000s. At the time, James was engaged to Ken Doane, who wrestling fans will remember as Kenny from the Spirit Squad.

One day, Kenny caught Mickie James googling the phrase "John Cena and Mickie James dating" and naturally he had some questions. James had been looking to find out if rumors had leaked about her and Cena online.

Kenny was sent to a different brand and eventually released. James too got herself released after reportedly reacting poorly to finding out Cena was not interested in taking their relationship to the next level. It took her seven years to get her job back.

2 Sunny (HBK, Bret Hart & Dolph Ziggler)


Sunny was a little promiscuous back in the day. Even though she was dating Chris Candido when both were brought into the WWE, rumors of her being involved with several male wrestlers spread quickly.

Of all her relationships with wrestlers, she's linked to Shawn Michaels, having had a lengthy affair. Apparently, HBK was ready to settle down with Sunny, but she was not certain about leaving Candido.

1 Chyna (Triple H) 


It should come as no surprise that Chyna tops this list. No other person in the history of the wrestling business has been so negatively impacted by the end of a relationship.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are rumored to have been seeing each other behind Chyna's back for some time before the relationship was made public. Not long afterwards, Chyna and Vince McMahon had a meeting where she stated she was having trouble with the situation. She was released from the company not long after.

Chyna spiraled after this. She never caught on with another wrestling company again, and eventually began working in adult films. At one time Chyna brought something so unique to the world of pro wrestling it's shocking to see how quickly it all fell apart for her.

The world lost Chyna in the spring of 2016. She was only 46 at the time.

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