15 Wrestling Gimmicks That Would Make Great Halloween Costumes

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is here! Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to stock up on candy, put creepy decorations up, and do some costume shopping!

As wrestling fans, we get to spend all year wearing shirts that proudly represent our favorite Superstars. However, there are seldom times in which we have the chance to go full out gimmick mode without our sanity being put into question. Conventions and Halloween — that's all we have. So we have to take advantage of those opportunities. It may suit some to throw on a Cena shirt, arm bands, and carry around a championship belt shouting "You can't see me!" as they mosey around a party or through the streets. Others might be excited to slip on that Austin 3:16 vest and flip people off as they pour cans of beer all over their faces. We can't blame these individuals for wanting to dress up as these wrestlers. The costumes are relatively cheap, fun, and if we see you walking around on Halloween night, we're sure to stop and give you a high five or a clothesline (depending on how much partying has been done).

If you're looking to go above and beyond and dressing up as Daniel Bryan or The Rock simply won't do it for you, then this is the list for you. If there is anything that wrestling fans admire, it's the ability to get creative, colorful, and even a bit outrageous. So why not do just that this Halloween? Yes, these outfits require more time, energy, and money than some of the more common wrestling costumes. However, it's pretty hard to deny the fact that you'll look great, you'll stand out, and your hard work will definitely be admired. That's what makes it worth it in the end, right? So pull out some fabric, grab that face paint, and take note because we're listing our picks for the best 15 wrestling gimmicks that would make great Halloween costumes!

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15 The Shockmaster


This is one of those costumes that would confuse plenty of people. The reaction alone is what would make dressing up as The Shockmaster such a great idea. Imagine what people are going to do when they see someone walking by with a silver Storm Trooper helmet that's covered in glitter, a pair of jeans, and a puffy black vest. They're not going to be sure how to react, but it would definitely shock them.

Ignoring that lame pun, the gimmick would be great if you're just looking to have some fun and be silly. It would be a very entertaining costume idea that a lot of wrestling fans would appreciate. Bonus points if you actively try to bust through walls, fail miserably in the process, and do the weird voice as well.

14 Sensational Sherri

via mikemooneyham.com

When you think about the women wrestlers in the WWE, their outfits don't usually consist of too much of anything. Sensational Sherri wore more than most of them and her outfits were pretty wild. Her attire typically consisted of sparkles, lace, and fringe. Her curls were piled high on her head. Plus there's the fact that her makeup usually covered a good 50% of her face, if not more.

What more could you possibly want for your Halloween costume? The great thing about this one is that you can improvise rather than having to go crazy trying to put a specific outfit together. All this would take is an obnoxious prom dress, lots of hair spray, a butt load of eye makeup, and some glitter! There you have it, a Sensational Sherri Halloween costume. Simple, fun, and unique!

13 Doink the Clown

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Dressing up as Doink the Clown would come with quite a few perks. Not only is it a costume that shows off your love for wrestling, but it also plays on the creepy factor of Halloween because, if you remember correctly, Doink wasn't exactly the kind of clown you see at a kid's birthday party. He was an evil clown who taunted fans, as well as other wrestlers and if you can play off of that while in costume, it's guaranteed to be a good time. Especially when you come face to face with people who have a phobia of clowns.

There are a few places online that you can buy a Doink the Clown outfit, but if worse comes to worse, there's always the option of finding another clown costume that comes as close as possible. Then all you need is the green wig and the face paint before you're ready to go!

12 The Ultimate Warrior

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This would be another easy and cheap costume to achieve without having to give up the pride and excitement that comes with having a top of the line costume. Once again, face paint would be a necessity. We all remember Warrior's signature color-filled war paint. Add in some bright colored pants, teased hair (or a wig), and tie some colorful streamers to your biceps and your boots. There you have it! An Ultimate Warrior costume.

If you're going to dress up as him, you definitely need to make sure you're willing to run wherever you go, though. Stay pumped because you're not going to do him much justice if you're droning on all night with no energy. Bring that intensity that we all loved him for. Growl and yell a lot. It'll make the costume choice way better if you really commit to the role.

11 Enzo Amore

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Not only is Enzo Amore one of the most over wrestlers in WWE right now, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to dress up like him? The hairdo alone is enough to make him qualify as a great Halloween costume. When you combine that with the "Certified G" shirt and a jacket with some leopard-print trim, you can't go wrong.

Using Enzo as a Halloween costume is the perfect excuse for going around and saying things like "S-A-W-F-T" and "you can't teach that!", but it's also very important that when you greet everyone, you do so with a "how you doin'?" If you have a seven-foot friend, bring them along as Big Cass and ba da boom, you got the greatest costumes in the room!

10 Naomi

via cyberspaceandtime.com

This entry might be a little confusing, but if you think of the ring attire that she's been wearing for the past couple of weeks, you'll understand why she makes the list. Her entire outfit and her hair glows under black light and the whole entrance is aesthetically pleasing. This idea would obviously work best if you were attending a party or a rave of some sort that you were sure was going to feature some black lights. But regardless, it wouldn't be a bad choice.

If you were to purchase some light up shoes, LED sunglasses, and an LED mouth piece, you could easily pull the look off without needing a black light to make it work. Solidify the character by wearing Naomi's "Feel the Glow" t-shirt and put some temporary glow in the dark hairspray that you're using on your hair.

9 The Hurricane

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Dressing up as a superhero is one of the most popular costume choices when Halloween comes around. This is exactly why dressing up as The Hurricane would be an awesome idea. Yes, there might be a few people who might mistake you as some sort of variation of a Green Lantern costume, but that's no reason to pass this idea up!

His outfit was amazing and while this would probably be one of the more pricey decisions on the list, can you really say that it wouldn't be worth it? You would get to announce your arrival to every party (or house, if you go the trick-or-treating route) with "stand back, there's a hurricane coming through!" And if that's not enough to convince you, let us remind you that you get to wear a cape. I'm just saying!

8 Sting

via wcwworldwide.tumblr.com

This would be another relatively easy costume to put together, especially if you already have a Sting t-shirt. At that point, all you need are some black pants, a black trench coat, and some white and black face paint. Adding a baseball bat as an accessory wouldn't be a bad idea either, just try not to actually use it on anyone.

His Crow-inspired gimmick fits perfectly with the Halloween vibe and while the two characters have an undeniably similar appearance, Sting is well-known enough that more people would likely recognize you as Sting rather than The Crow. And hey, even if it doesn't work out that way, that's not a bad character to be mistaken for. Either way, Sting would make a fantastic Halloween costume and, unless you're bothered by wearing face paint for a few hours, it would be an extremely comfortable costume as well.

7 "Macho Man" Randy Savage

via haribhagirath.com

A "Macho Man" Randy Savage Halloween costume contains literally everything that you could possibly want in a costume. It has sequins, fringe, an outrageous cowboy hat, goofy sunglasses, and a very bright color scheme. If you're looking for a costume that is going to stand out, this is the one we recommend the most.

Making this outfit yourself would prove to be costly, but the good news is that there are several places online where you can buy different variations of his wrestling attire. This way your options aren't too limited. No matter if you buy or make it, this choice would turn heads and impress wrestling fans both young and old. You can't go wrong dressing up as someone widely regarded as one of greatest professional wrestlers in history.

6 The Road Warriors (Legion of Doom)

via wwe.com

If you and a buddy are looking for a really awesome tag team costume, The Road Warriors are one way to go. These guys were intimidating and constantly dominated the world of professional wrestling. Their costumes? Well they definitely fit the role.

To make these costumes you're going to need face paint and black pants. From there, you're going to need to put in some work in order to create those spiked shoulder pads. There are tutorials for making them on the internet if this is something you're interested in and it doesn't seem to be as difficult as it looks. This would be such a great "group" costume and if you're willing to go the distance and give yourself a mohawk, it would make it that much better.

Also, getting some Tag Team Belts would be a good idea. It would be a very accurate and nice touch.

5 Goldust and/or Stardust

via wwe.com

This idea can work as either an individual or a group costume. No matter which way you go, be prepared to buy a lot of face paint. Both Goldust and Stardust have different variations of their paint and costumes that you could choose, but no matter which way you go, it promises to be a very successful idea.

The outfits can be bought online or made yourself, but it's the makeup that's going to be the most difficult part. It might seem a tad overwhelming for a costume, but the more important thing is to remember how much fun you could have dressing up as these gimmicks.

If you go all out and play the roles, you and your friends are in for an entertaining night. Their bizarre behavior definitely fits in with the creepy vibe surrounding Halloween, so it's recommended that you commit and actually portray the characters.

4 The Undertaker

via forums.2k.com

There was no way that we were not going to include The Deadman on this list. You could honestly go with any of his gimmick changes if you want to pull off a great Halloween costume. However, if you're really looking to fit the mood of the night, we recommend The Ministry of Darkness version of The Undertaker. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong with one of his gimmicks, though.

Yes, even the American Bad Ass. Dressing up as Taker would work even better if you had someone to tag along with you as Kane (the masked version, obviously) and someone else as Paul Bearer. There is so much potential in this costume and, surprisingly enough, it would be an extremely easy and cheap costume as well.

So if you're really wanting to go for a popular wrestling costume at a low price, The Undertaker is probably your best bet.

3 The Boogeyman

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Dressing up as The Boogeyman would be one of the most complex choices, but honestly it's worth it to be able to shove gummy worms in your mouth all night. Obviously you're going to need face paint to pull this one off. Other necessities include the giant clock he carried around and maybe even that walking stick he used on occasion. The fur-like stuff he wore around his neck and arms is something that could be optional, but it would definitely bring something extra to the costume.

The most important part of this costume would definitely be the way you present it. Recite some nursery rhymes and perfect that evil laugh. Then make sure you tell everyone "I'm The Boogeyman! And I'm comin' to get'cha!"

2 Willow

via bleacherreport.com

Jeff Hardy's bizarre "alter-ego" is just demented enough to work as a great Halloween costume. While his Brother Nero gimmick and the BROKEN Matt Hardy gimmick were considered, they didn't have the same costume appeal that Willow does. Face paint, a mask, a long trench coat, and a black and white umbrella are all it takes to create this character visually. Then all you really need to do is master the shrieking laugh before you're ready to take Halloween night by storm.

This costume will work no matter what your plans happen to be and there's something rather fun about dressing up and pretending to be such a demented character. You can buy the mask in several different places online (TNA's merch site has a plastic one available for $4.99) and, from there, the costume is extremely easy to put together.

1 Finn Balor

via brunchnews.com

If you can somehow manage to recreate that face and body paint, then this is the gimmick that you need use as your Halloween costume. Just like the past few entries, it emphasizes the creepy aspect of the holiday while also showing your appreciation for a fantastic wrestler.

It's complex, yes. However, aside from the war paint, the only things you need are the arm bands (which you can purchase from the WWE Shop or make yourself), the head piece, and black briefs. Easy! Then you can sell the costume by doing Balor's creepy crawl through the streets. You're sure to freak some people out in the process. Probably a bunch of little kids, but it would be so much fun. It's the perfect Halloween costume!

Plus, if you start practicing now, you might be able to get that paint job perfected just in time for the Halloween festivities.

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