15 Wrestling Hook Up Confessions That Will Gross You Out

WWE Superstars are forced to travel the world for 300 days a year. This means that sometimes couples are thrown together that wouldn't usually be if they weren't in the same vicinity for a lengthy amount of time.

Many of these couples don't even blossom into relationships and instead are seen as "hook ups" that perhaps shouldn't have happened. Some of them were kept a secret for a number of years before they were finally revealed to be true in shocking confessions from the Superstars themselves.

Many of these stars have all but confessed their secret hook ups, while others have delighted in telling the world the sordid details of their life in WWE and the things that happened when the cameras were turned off.

Some of these hook ups have grossed out the WWE Universe as the details have been revealed over the years, and shockingly there have been more and more revealed as the years have gone by.

The following is a list of 15 of the worst confessed hook ups that have ever happened backstage in WWE. The ones that the WWE Universe dare not think about too long because they are just too gross to bear.

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15 Sunny And Sabu

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There are many things that have been revealed about Sunny over the past few decades after she left WWE back in 1998. But one of the harshest has to be her addiction to drugs and the situations she managed to get into because of it.

It was reported that Sunny and ECW legend Sabu ended up in a compromising position of sorts when the two appeared on the same show together. Sunny and Sabu were in the dressing room and tHE Sandman was well aware of what she was getting up to with Sabu while her boyfriend Chris Candido was looking for her at the bar. As much as Sunny has denied her relations with Sabu, there are many wrestlers who have confessed that they have seen Sunny and Sabu in compromising positions when Sunny was using him for drugs.

14 JoJo Offerman And Bray Wyatt

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JoJo Offerman has done a great job of staying under the radar ever since she quit Total Divas back in 2013. The current Raw ring announcer was recently embroiled in an affair with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, that seems to have lifted her back to the attention of the WWE Universe.

Many of the watching audience couldn't understand how two people as different as Bray and JoJo ended up together. Bray's wife wanted to keep JoJo out of the papers when she filed for divorce, but she changed her mind later and revealed the name of the woman who was having an affair with her husband. She even revealed that she had looked at their phone records and the duo were obviously still in close contact.

13 Stephanie McMahon And Randy Savage

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This may still be considered a rumor by many of the WWE Universe, but it was reported a while ago that the McMahon family were going to come clean about the entire situation, and never did. Many other stars are of the belief that this actually happened as well, which means that this is all but confirmed to be true by Stephanie herself.

It is perhaps one of the most disturbing hook ups that has ever happened behind the scenes in WWE and this is because Stephanie was believed to have only been 14-years-old at the time. Randy Savage was much older and seen as one of the biggest stars in the company at this point. It is thought to have been the reason why her father wouldn't allow him to return to WWE and why he wasn't inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame until after his death.

12 Sunny and Shawn Michaels

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Sunny admitted a long time ago that she always wanted to sleep with Shawn Michaels. She finally got the chance when Shawn was in something of a state in the 1990s. At the time, he was having an affair with Sunny, who was still dating Chris Candido.

Sunny confessed all the men she has slept with in a lengthy social media post earlier this year when she talked about how Michaels was the best that she had ever had. It is perhaps not something the WWE Universe want to be reading about a WWE Hall of Famer. The fact that Sunny delights in revealing the kind of sordid details that some people may find inappropriate just shows how low she has managed to sink in the almost 20 years that she has been away from the WWE spotlight.

11 Sherri Shepherd and MVP

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MVP had a fantastic gimmick on WWE TV. But he will be remembered for his "hook up" with TV personality Sherri Shepherd. The couple denied it for a long time before it was made obvious that they were together. Perhaps because Sherri had only recently divorced her husband when the couple were seen together?

As a couple they just didn't go together. Sherri was much older than MVP and outside of the ring he was the complete opposite of his WWE persona. MVP and Sherri just didn't fit together and they didn't last together for very long either. Sherri has a child that she now has legal custody of and she needed a stable foundation for that and it seems that MVP couldn't give her that.

10 Amy Schumer and Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler doesn't have the best track record when it comes to his personal life. Amy Schumer's confessions after they split were much more disturbing that the couple actually being together, despite how short it seems that their fling actually was.

Amy is a well-known comedian and took full delight in stating that the reason that she broke up with "The Show Off" was because the sex was far too athletic. Schumer revealed the details of just how much Dolph's physique kept her in awe, but it was just too much for her and she couldn't keep up with him in the bedroom. So she decided to break up with him via text. Which is just harsh, and definitely not something you should be bragging about.

9 Paige And Alberto Del Rio

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Many of the WWE Universe hoped that this was just a hook up. But the couple have now been together for more than a year and they have had a number of ups and downs. Paige is much younger than Alberto Del Rio and at the time the couple first announced that they were dating, Del Rio was still married and in a beneficial arrangement with Paige's PCB teammate Charlotte.

The couple have recently been involved with the police after an incident at an airport was made public and they have postponed their apparent wedding three times now due to fights between them. Recent pictures of Paige show that she isn't doing too well either. This entire relationship has been one bad move after another for Paige.

8 Hellena Heavenly And Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose has told many stories about his ex-girlfriend, who he doesn't talk about her in the most glowing of terms. Ambrose's past consisted of a lot of drugs and beer. Hellena Heavenly once brought Ambrose some beer so he thought that meant that he had to sleep with her and then he couldn't get rid of her.

Ambrose himself has said that there was time in his career where he regrets a lot of the things he got up to and this was all mostly beer fuelled since he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Luckily Ambrose has changed since then and is now married to WWE broadcaster Renee Young who seems to be keeping him on the straight and narrow, and away from the wrong crowd from his days as an Indie sensation.

7 Melina And Batista

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Melina and Batista are perhaps one of the best-known affairs backstage in WWE. The couple were said to have only slept together once when they were part of a SmackDown storyline back in 2005. Batista then confessed everything in his autobiography that he released the following year.

Batista was married at the time and Melina was in a relationship with John Morrison. Neither person cared about the people that they were hurting and it was later revealed that Batista's wife was struggling with a cancer battle while he was busy trying to force a divorce by cheating on her with any woman he could find that would agree to it. This story is more sickening than gross, but it just shows that some people really do only care about themselves.

6 Ric Flair And Halle Berry

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It is still unknown as to why Ric Flair decided to tell the world that he had once slept with Hollywood star and former James Bond Girl Halle Berry. But this is what The Nature Boy decided to do back in 2016.

Halle obviously was shocked by the confession when she heard about it and was forced to make a statement to her fans by saying that she had no idea who Ric Flair even was so there was no way that anything else happened between them. It is well-known that Flair liked to party in his early career, but it is unlikely that he was ever lucky enough to encounter someone like Halle Berry on his drink fuelled missions. We will just chalk this one up to wishful thinking Ric.

5 John Cena's Less Than Professional Past

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John Cena may be the face of the company now and well aware that everything he says in interviews can be used against him. But when he appeared on The Howard Stern show a few years ago, Cena was open to discussing all aspects of his life.

Cena even revealed that he had once slept with a 280-pound fan just because the boys in the locker room dared him. Cena said that the boys said he wouldn't do it, so he went ahead and did it. He said it was a great night and he told himself that he would enjoy it if he was going to do it. Cena also talked about a night he spent with six ring rats as well. He has really enjoyed his time on the road.

4 Sunny And The British Bulldog

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Sunny recently revealed all of the men she had slept with who were professional wrestlers in a lengthy social media post and one of the men on that list was The British Bulldog. The sad part of this confession was that Bulldog was married to Diana Hart at the time which shows that both Sunny and Bulldog had no problem with doing something like this behind her back, which probably didn't sit well with the Hart family.

Sunny and Michaels were also linked together at the same time this caused a few problems between Bulldog and Michaels backstage. The claims also caused problems for Bulldog with his wife, who filed for divorce back in 2000 and Bulldog then sadly passed away just two years later.

3 The Stalker and Kurt Angle

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Being a professional wrestler comes with its problems. At one time, Kurt Angle and Ric Flair were stalked by the same woman. Angle admitted to having various affairs while he was with his first wife Karen before she then cheated on him with Jeff Jarrett.

One of the women that Kurt confessed to sleeping with then turned out to be a stalker. She even offered to kill Kurt's wife for him if he thought that they were supposed to be together. It was a shocking confession from the Olympic Gold Medalist but he made the right choice when he decided to call the police instead and the stalker was then arrested. Angle has since found happiness with his new wife Giovanni with whom he already has three children.

2 Paige And Brad Maddox

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Paige hasn't had a great 2017 and all of her problems began back at the beginning of the year when her personal tapes were leaked. Itwas revealed that she was once in a relationship with Brad Maddox.

Brad left WWE back in 2015 and his relationship with Paige was over long before then. The sad part of the entire saga was when Paige's family stated that Paige was only 18 when she and Brad actually met and he had taken advantage of her young age when many of the videos were made. It's sad to think that something like this was happening behind the scenes especially when Paige has been having an already bad year. None of Paige's family claims have been verified, but the videos did confirm that the duo was once together.

1 Sunny And Dolph Ziggler

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Sunny has been on this list a number of times because when it comes to "hook up" confessions, she is now the queen. The worst thing that Sunny did when she confessed her list of conquests was include Dolph Ziggler.

The former World Heavyweight Champion would have got a lot of abuse backstage for sleeping with Sunny, especially since she went into detail about how long it lasted which was an incredible seven hours, and the fact that Dolph is definitely more than a little "different." Some things shouldn't be revealed in a public domain without permission and it's sad that Sunny has to reach new lows to remain relevant in a world where she was once desired by many men who made up the WWE Universe.

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