15 Wrestling Hookups That Happened Behind Closed Doors

Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage were one of the very few wrestling couples the fans knew back in the day. With the wrestlers of yesteryear maintaining kayfabe even outside wrestling arenas, fans hardly knew about their personal lives, and the Attitude Era, which saw the business transform in so many ways, also changed the ways how they acted. They began showing unforeseen interest in wrestlers’ personal lives around that time, with the advent of the internet aiding their gossip-mongering.

Wrestlers now are open books, with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss’s relationship with an NXT wrestler and Sasha Banks’ marriage to a lesser WWE employee well-known. The internet, however, has ensured that the fans now know about parts of wrestlers’ personal lives they never intended to open up about, ever. Plus, given the fact that the wrestlers themselves spill the beans sometimes while speaking on podcasts and shoot interviews, it’s not surprising that we know more about their personal lives today than we’ve ever wanted.

The following article is on one such subject: the 15 most notorious behind-closed-doors hook-ups in pro-wrestling history.

To ensure CM Punk, Lita, Matt Hardy and Sunny don’t appear multiple times, we've mentioned a wrestler only once. If you think a more high-profile behind-closed-doors hookups should be on the list, you can mention that in the comments section.

Some of these hook-ups here have been confirmed by various credible sources, including the involved wrestlers themselves. However, we advise you to take these with a grain of salt, as some wrestlers are known to make up stories to spite others.

15 Ric Flair and Halle Berry

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Here’s one story you should definitely take with a grain of salt, for one of the persons involved in this hook-up has claimed there’s no truth to it. Ric Flair said in an interview in October 2016 that Catwoman-fame Halle Berry took a ride on Space Moutain shortly after divorcing her husband David Justice in 1997. The internet exploded shortly after, with Fox News, Daily Mail, The Sun and Maxim reporting it. Her representatives, however, called his bluff, even stating that she’s offended.

Although he told the interviewer during the said interview he wasn’t lying about hooking up with her, The Nature Boy has yet to comment on the incident again. He hasn’t stopped making outlandish claims, though, as he recently stated that he’s slept with over 10,000 women.

14 Kurt Angle and Jacqueline

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Forty-eight-year-old Kurt Angle had been married when he entered the wrestling industry in 1998, to Karen Smedley. The insiders from Attitude Era, however, have often claimed that the marriage didn’t stop The Olympic Gold Medalist from sleeping around behind his then-wife. He apparently hooked up with his female colleagues who themselves were known to sleep around. Fellow Hall of Famer Jacqueline was his on-road girlfriend, but he also frequently hooked up with Dawn Marie until her marriage and WWE release in 2005.

With the above-mentioned diva duo rumoured to have even hooked up with older men such as Jim Cornette, Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler, it’s easy to figure how he had his way with them. Given his becoming a born-again Christian and marrying a much-younger bombshell Giovanna Yannotti, it’s safe to say his days of secret hookups are over.

13 John Cena and Victoria

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When you’re atop the food chain at WWE, you’re certain to have women hitting on you. Only a handful of men would turn down advances from women who look like WWE stars, and John Cena wasn’t one of those. With his wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, staying at home, he toured the world with his WWE colleagues, and Victoria, who had also left her significant other at home, to rumble, hit it off with him. At one point, she became her on-road girlfriend, with the duo keeping their partners in the dark about their infidelity. Even wrestling reporters didn’t know about their behind-closed-doors hook-up themselves until Kenny Dykstra, one-fifth of Spirit Squad, aired the 16-time world champion’s dirty laundry in a bare-all interview. With Nikki Bella now going with him wherever he does, he may not engage in an extra-marital affair.

12 CM Punk and Traci Brooks

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During his Ring of Honor days, when his sleeping around would receive much less fan and media attention than today, CM Punk milked his stardom as much as he could. Although he was in a relationship with Daffney, the Chicago-born wrestler was getting it on with ROH’s Traci Brooks, unbeknownst to the former. With Daffney then working for Ohio Valley Wrestling, she never came to know about his behind-closed-doors hook-ups, until she was released from her developmental contract.

As she asked him if he could help her secure a deal with ROH, he promptly broke up with her, stating Gabe Sapolsky wasn’t interested in signing her. This wasn’t the last time he slept with two women simultaneously, though, with numerous reports suggesting that he was seeing AJ Lee, who’s gone on to become his wife, while being in a relationship with Lita.

11 Bray Wyatt and Jojo Offerman

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Career-wise, 2017 was the best year for Bray Wyatt, with his winning his maiden WWE Championship in February, but his personal life has definitely seen better years. In July, his then-wife Samantha Rotunda accused him of cheating on her with WWE announcer Jojo Offerman and stated that he had walked out on her and his two daughters, aged 6 and 4, months earlier. Even the WWE insiders weren’t aware of The Eater of the Worlds behind-closed-doors hookup until his wife of five years, who also happened to be his college sweetheart, went public with her claims. Their marriage ended not long after the controversy, and it looks like he’s still dating the Raw announcer, as she was sidelined along with the former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion because of a meningitis scare in October.

10 The Rock and Trish Stratus

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This alleged hook-up is essentially a rumor that has been doing the rounds since The Rock’s wrestling peak. Given his popularity, it was natural that the WWE women – and millions of other women – were lusting after him then, and The Great One reportedly handpicked Trish Stratus, who was the WWE’s top female draw back then. Neither party has commented on the rumored hook-up publicly; doing so will definitely not benefit them in any way, as they’d both been with their long-term partners during the time they both were colleagues.

Hardcore Holly is the only wrestling insider to have openly commented on the hook-up, as he asserted that the WWE Hall of Famer’s relationship with The Rock was one of the major reasons why her WWE career was as long as it was.

9 Paige and Xavier Woods

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Secret hookups often leave a lasting stain on the involved wrestler’s careers in the event of the hook-up becoming public, but this one hook-up has only been one of the many major reasons why a promising wrestler’s career has stalled. Paige, during her rookie years, had a reputation of sleeping around, but her sexual tirades with The New Day’s Xavier Woods have unfortunately been documented and made open for the WWE fans to see. By the looks of things, she was in an open casual relationship with the UpUpDownDown host. Her hook-ups with him were largely unknown to the pro-wrestling fans until her private pictures with him – and Brad Maddox – were released earlier this year. She’s now recuperating physically and mentally, as she now works on her way back to the ring. Here’s hoping WWE Universe and her colleagues don’t make things too awkward for her when she eventually comes back.

8 Sunny and Dolph Ziggler

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When one discusses WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, they should always expect to learn something utterly bizarre. Her hook-up with SmackDown Live’s Dolph Ziggler, however, was something no one saw coming, for the former Intercontinental Champion only became relevant years after Sunny had become crazy. In November 2010, The Showoff began texting her via Facebook and went on to flirt with her via texts for several months before finally getting it on with her. Her accounts state that the couple engaged in a seven-hour romp. They haven’t been together since, however, with his moving on to other relationships with women such as Amy Schumer and Dana Brooke. With his now becoming single again, perhaps, The First Lady should probably try and slide into his DMs sometime soon.

7 Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly

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A lot about Chris Jericho’s life has been discussed in the million autobiographies he’s written, but he’s hardly mentioned his hooking up with Kelly Kelly. Various dirt sheets in early 2009 reported his behind-closed-doors fling with WWE’s in-house ring rat Kelly Kelly, after images showing the duo kissing and the former ECW stripper grinding Y2J became viral. Neither wrestler has elected to comment on the rumor, but it’s said that the representatives of the female talent contacted her fan sites in an attempt to remove those explicit pictures. What has had a good number of Jerichoholics frown upon the rumoured fling is the fact that he was then married to Jessica Lockhart, whom he has remained married to since 2000.

This is the only well-known extra-marital relationship Y2J’s been involved in, as he’s stayed clean otherwise, even mentioning his wife during interviews and taking her with him during his The Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance.

6 Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce

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Given the number of couples WWE now boasts, the company has resorted to never introducing real-life couples as on-screen couples. They’ve even separated Lana and Maryse from Rusev and The Miz, respectively to make Maria Kanellis and Mike Kanellis look unique, so it’s unlikely that they’ll ever mention Tye Dillinger’s ever hooking up with Peyton Royce. Many pity and some ridicule him for staying in NXT for as long as he did, but he likely doesn’t have a lot of complaints as he met up with the Australian beauty during his time with Triple H’s brainchild.

They’ve now been dating for over two years, and it looks as though they’re still going strong despite the couple now travelling separately. They’ll be able to reignite their love should she earn a move to SmackDown Live, but it doesn’t look as though she’ll earn a main roster call anytime soon, with her compatriot Emma gone and the women rosters looking packed.

5 Nia Jax and Byron Saxton?

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When WWE pushes wrestlers as monsters, they hardly ever bring up their personal lives. We know little about the personal lives of Kane and Big Show, and Nia Jax was supposed to be no different. Twitter, however, had other ideas. The internet was told about her relationship with Josh Woods, a wrestler whom she’d met during her NXT stint. A twist of fate has seen them walk in different directions in life, with her now working as Raw’s main female monster and his performing for Ring of Honor and other indie promotions after being released from WWE in 2016.

It remains unknown if the couple are still together, but WWE’s Ride Along showed the fans that Byron Saxton has been trying to slide into her DMs for a while now. Rumors have floated as to why Saxton seems to be so flirty with Nia Jax, with many speculating they used to date and Saxton has tried to win her back.

4 Johnny Ace and Kathy Colace

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With Brie Bella married to Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella engaged to John Cena, it’s not a secret that the Bella Twins have now become two of the most marketable female talents in the history of pro-wrestling, ever. However, they aren’t the only women from their family to be romantically associated with a world-class WWE wrestler. Their mother, Kathy Colace, is now dating a huge WWE personality herself in Johnny Ace, who’s now known as John Laurinaitis. WWE haven’t chosen to keep mum about their relationship, as their relationship is often mentioned on Total Divas and Total Bellas. The Bellas were at least semi-decent in the ring and on the mic, but their mother has been able to get her ounce of spotlight by merely dating a huge WWE personality and giving birth to two attractive women.

3 Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber

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This hook-up was one of those that no one besides the involved persons should have known, but Leighla Schultz made it public in February 2015. The said wrestler was then engaged to Seth Rollins and found his texting – or sexting, if you will – WWE colleague Zahra Schreiber. Unlike most adults, she decided to release their private pictures online, calling him out on his infidelity. The Shield member issued a public apology, and many thought that was the end of his monster push, but WWE proved that they wouldn’t care about the mistakes wrestlers do in their personal lives as they proceeded to put the world title on him before making him 2K18’s cover star. The Architect has been dating Sarah Alesandrelli since December 2016, and he looks set to remain a main-eventer in WWE for an eternity.

2 Pat Patterson and Steve Lombardi

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Many wrestlers has commented on this truly bizarre rumor but, as nobody has proof and the involved wrestlers haven’t opened up either. It’s not a secret that Pat Patterson is homosexual, but who he was hooking up with while travelling with WWE remains one of pro wrestling’s biggest secrets. Many wrestlers have claimed in shoot interviews that it was Steve Lombardi, who is also known as The Brooklyn Brawler, who was his on-road boyfriend. Some insiders have also claimed that the jobber’s longevity in WWE was due to his close relationship with the WWE Hall of Famer, who has been with the company since 1979.

It seems as though there’s some legs to this rumor, as he, a jobber who’s never won a title, managed to work for WWE from 1983 to 2002 while a more entertaining jobber in James Ellsworth was sent home after just one year.

1 Charlotte and Alberto Del Rio

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The authenticity of this Flair family hook-up isn’t verified, so we ask you to take this one with a grain of salt. Rumor has it that Alberto Del Rio was hooking up with Charlotte Flair when his marriage to his ex-wife Angela Velkei was on its last legs. Given the fact that the multiple-time Women’s Champion has been single for a long time now, it’s not surprising that she’s rumored to have hooked up with a former world champion, but what makes the situation quite awkward is the common belief that the hookup caused friction between Paige and Charlotte. Neither party has commented on this internet rumor; we likely won’t ever get their comments as well, with their comments on Paige’s relationship with him now holding more news value.

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