15 Wrestling Hotties You'll Never See In WWE Again

Beauty, as they say, rests in the eye of the beholder. While it is true that physical attractiveness is subjective depending on who is judging the beauty, it is also true that great success can come to someone when a bunch of beholders find them beautiful. Not just any beholders, but the right beholders who hold open the right doors of opportunity. This has been no more true than it has been in the wrestling industry. Especially back in the day.

Back in the day, wrestling talent came second to beauty for everyone in the Women's Division. It's always nice to see a female wrestler who could actually do her job (aka wrestle), but if the crop of backstage figureheads didn't find her attractive, that female wrestler could say "sayonara" to any possible significant push. Those were reserved for the models who came in with no experience, but were super hot.

My, times have changed, haven't they? And for the better no less. While WWE still has its fair share of beautiful women among their roster, every woman who steps through those ropes is a highly skilled competitor. The same could not be said of WWE's women's roster five to ten years ago. That is just one reason why we won't be seeing many hot faces of old in the future. There are other reasons afoot, and so we are going to name off a few beautiful wrestling faces of yesteryear and explain why we shouldn't hold our breath about a possible return to the ring for any of them.

15 Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme made audiences jaws drop during the 2004 WWE Diva Search, which included a segment where Hemme sat butt-first into a pie. Strange methods aside, she won fans over enough to win the whole shebang, and a WWE contract to boot. Despite the fact she only spent a year and some change in the company, she accomplished quite a lot.

In that one year, she was briefly mentored on-screen by Lita, had a Women's Championship match against Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21, was a Playboy cover girl, and managed a revived Legion of Doom. Then, apparently because WWE had no other plans for her, she was released by the end of 2005. There was also a rumor claiming that she was released because of an affair with McMahon heir, Triple H, and if that's true, then we certainly won't be seeing Hemme in WWE ever again.

14 Rosa Mendes


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Many WWE fans liken Rosa Mendes to the female version of JTG in that both had lackluster singles careers, contributed nothing to the product, and many wondered why WWE kept them around on the roster for as long as they did. Despite losing the 2006 Diva Search while in the final eight, Mendes received a developmental contract.

Despite never getting the hang of wrestling enough to become a decent in-ring competitor, she was called up to the main roster in 2008. From there, she flip-flopped between a number of roles (wrestler, Beth Phoenix's assistant, manager, etc.) without any of them sticking or getting over. Finally, after her pregnancy and a failed stint as a WWE.com correspondent, she was finally released and retired in 2016. Still, it's absolutely shocking to think Mendes spent ten years in WWE.

13 Aksana

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Despite her lackluster wrestling ability, Aksana built a decent reputation for herself in developmental after becoming the first woman in FCW to simultaneously become the Queen of FCW and the FCW Divas Champion. When she was called up to the main roster in 2011, Aksana was expected to have a bright future. It was clear from the get-go that Vince McMahon was quite keen on pushing Aksana as a major player in the Divas Division, perhaps as the next big thing.

And yet, the most memorable moment of her career was when she injured Naomi (who at the time was pegged to be the next top contender for the Divas Championship) during a match after recklessly dropping her knee onto Naomi's eye, cracking her orbital bone. Unsurprisingly, Aksana was released shortly afterwards and with a reputation like that, she likely won't be back in a WWE ring ever again.

12 Shelly Martinez 

Though she's remembered more for her, ahem, "assets" than anything regarding her wrestling ability, Shelly "Ariel" Martinez did have a few tussles of her own while taking up the managerial services of Kevin Thorn while working under the ECW brand. In the middle of 2007, she was released from her WWE contract.

She went on to dispute in 2013 that her release was due to a bad verbal confrontation between herself and Batista. One would think that would be reason enough as to why we'll never see Ariel in WWE again, but even if WWE were able to look passed her past backstage issues, she still isn't exactly a sought after commodity in the wrestling industry. Not after Martinez had what many argue to be the worst match of 2016 against Rebel in Impact Wrestling.

11 Gail Kim

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If there is any woman who WWE fans would like to see return to the company, it's Gail Kim. She stood out in the early 2000s as one of the few women who had exquisite wrestling ability that matched her beauty. Even when she was released by WWE in 2004, she went on to become the face of TNA's Knockouts Division. She would return again to WWE in 2008, but she was so unhappy with her run once her contract expired in 2011 that she vowed never to return to WWE.

She went straight back to TNA, where she would become a record six-time Knockouts Champion and a TNA Hall of Famer, and given how she recently announced she'll retire by the end of 2017, it seems as though she'll be ending her career there.

10 Cameron


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Say what you will about her general knowledge of the wrestling business--Alicia Fox against Melina is right up there with Austin versus Rock if we're being honest--and criticize her wrestling ability all you want because she really was the drizzling sh*ts in the ring.

Cameron was quite the looker in the looks department. Her beauty is a big reason why she was asked to join the cast of Total Divas and an even bigger reason as to why she stuck around in WWE for so long. Unfortunately for Cameron, she didn't have much else to offer as a wrestler. Despite how hard she tried in WWE, Cameron never had the knack for wrestling and was released in 2016. Unless she manages to somehow become a wrestler that can stand on par with the current crop of main event female wrestlers in WWE, a return from Cameron isn't likely.

9 AJ Lee

There is a reason why AJ Lee spent so many years as the face of the Divas Division. In a time when WWE was still bombarded by women who were pretty but couldn't wrestle worth a damn, AJ Lee stood tall in all departments. She was the best female promo worker, in-ring wrestler, and it helped that she still happened to have a pretty face. All of this attributed to her three reigns as Divas Champion. She reigned supreme among the Divas Division until she left WWE in 2015.

The only thing keeping her from returning to WWE is the same reason why she left, CM Punk. In the wake of her husband's premature departure from the company in 2014, Lee decided to trail behind him in solidarity once her contract ran out. Unless CM Punk changes his mind and makes a comeback to WWE one day, don't expect AJ Lee to make a comeback to WWE herself.

8 Ashley Massaro 

After winning the WWE Diva Search in 2005, Ashley started slowly being pushed as the company's top female babyface. First she was paired in 2006 with Trish Stratus, who was at the time the top female babyface on Raw. Then, she was moved to SmackDown to manage Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Upon getting over, she became a Playboy centerfold and wrestled for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania. From there, she continued to be pushed, but she was never as over as she used to be and in 2008, she was released from her contract.

Granted, she was popular enough to warrant a return to WWE, but due after joining a class action lawsuit against the company in late 2016, it doesn't seem like either parties are keen on collaborating in the near future.

7 Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson had quite the lengthy run in WWE from 2001 until her release in 2008. Considering the fact that her career included titillating feuds with Dawn Marie and Sable, being a two-time Playboy covergirl, and a receiver of WWE's one and only "Golden Thong Award", Wilson had quite the accomplished WWE career without ever even earning a Women's Championship run. Considering all of the success and popularity that she had back in the day, one would think that she'd be a shoe-in to make a WWE return.

However, we have to consider the shape of the WWE Women's Division currently. The division now is extremely wrestling oriented and while many found Wilson to be attractive, she was in no ways fondly regarded for her wrestling ability. Without a good in-ring acumen to her name, it would be hard for WWE to find a spot for to comeback and so she likely won't be coming back at all.

6 Candice Michelle 

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A former Women's Champion, a GoDaddy sponsor lady, Vince's Devil, a Playboy cover girl, etc. These are just a few of the accolades that Candice Michelle accomplished in her five year run in WWE. She also was the very first Diva Search competitor to ever win the Women's Championship before being released in 2009. What she lacked in actual wrestling ability, she made up for by having an energetic attitude that hyped up the crowd whenever she stepped in a WWE ring. Oh, and everyone thought she was hot. Being hot helps in this industry.

Although she did make a recent WWE Network appearance for their Table for 3 show alongside Molly Holly and Michelle McCool, it's unlikely that Michelle will actually appear in a WWE ring again. She's busy taking care of her three young daughters for the moment at least.

5 Stacy Keibler

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Best remembered as a manager to The Dudley Boyz, an on-screen assistant to Vince McMahon, and, well, her legs, Stacy Keibler has been a busy bee since leaving WWE in 2006. She has worked vigorously in the fitness industry, modelling, a Dancing with the Stars contestant, an actress, and briefly a co-owner to the now defunct Hollywood Fame, a 2006 expansion franchise of the new American Basketball Association. All over the course of the last decade.

Keibler also dated Hollywood mega-star, George Clooney, up until 2013. Shortly after, she started dating Future Ads CEO, Jared Pobre, and the two are now married with one daughter. Keibler has been awfully busy in these last few years with plenty of business endeavors, none of which point in the direction of wrestling. Keibler has clearly moved on and has no desire to return to a WWE ring.

4 Eva Marie

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WWE tried really hard to get Eva Marie over, didn't they? At first glance, it made sense. Marie did have a unique look that provided potential to make her the face of the Women's Division and the general public did find her insanely hot. Too bad that every time WWE tried to push Eva Marie, the only thing that ever stood in their way of getting her over was Eva Marie herself. She was just downright terrible. From the moment she stepped foot in a WWE ring, her promo skills were horrendous and her in-ring ability (even in a time where WWE were still surrounded by sub-par models posing as wrestlers) looked even worse.

The funny thing is that Marie nearly did get over as a heel in 2016, but her 30-day suspension put a stop to all future plans for her. In fact, WWE haven't even mentioned her since the suspension and she has yet to return to television. It seems as though WWE may be waiting for her contract to run out before releasing her for good.

3 The Kat

The Kat is one of the many examples where WWE pushed a pretty faced woman merely because she was a pretty face. It also helped that she was married to Jerry Lawler at the time of her WWE run. In just two years of working under the WWE banner, she became a Women's Champion and worked major angles with the likes of Chyna and Right to Censor. However, she didn't have nearly the in-ring ability that matched the credentials of the face of the Women's Division. WWE only pushed her because the backstage hive mind considered her attractive and she added a ratings boost whenever she flashed her breasts on television.

In light of her nasty backstage attitude, she would be released from her contract in 2001 and leave the wrestling business from there. Even if she managed to repair broken bridges for a return, Kat doesn't have the in-ring work acumen that matches the solid work that is currently the norm among WWE's Women's Revolution.

2 Sable

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Whenever wrestling fans hear the phrase "sex sells," the first example that normally springs to our minds is that of Sable. As a staple of the Attitude Era, Sable's presence as a sex symbol made her into one of the most popular stars in WWE at the time. WWE often used her as a secret weapon to gain substantial ratings during the Monday Night Wars and more often than not, it worked whenever WWE promised Sable's body in a WWE ring.

The three time Playboy cover girl filed a $110 million lawsuit against WWE upon leaving the company in 1999, citing sexual harassment as the reason. Interestingly enough, she returned in 2003, but left within a year's time to raise a family with husband, Brock Lesnar. Since her husband happens to be the current biggest box office draw WWE has to offer, one would think that a return for Sable is imminent. Although, with her motherly duties of raising two young boys (aged seven and eight) on her mind, a return is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

1 Sunny

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Sunny is the original embodiment and definition of the WWE "Diva". Shortly after being asked to join the company in 1995, her image was all over the product in no time. Within a year's time, Sunny would be globally recognized as the most downloaded woman on the internet, which considering how few people in the world had access to the internet in the mid-90s, that is no small feat.

Despite the controversy which Sunny produced behind the scenes, she made a big enough lasting impression on fans that she earned a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2011. However, thanks to some recent controversy regarding Sunny's foray into the adult entertainment business, the adult-oriented Skype sessions she has with fans, and a handful of legal issues, WWE is actively steering clear of anything Sunny related on their programming.

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