15 Wrestling Moments That Bordered on Sexual Assault

Soap Operas do it, heck there's an entire Law and Order franchise dedicated to special victims, so why wouldn't wrestling promoters try their hand at the occasional sexual harassment angle? Plenty of fans think these bits are in poor taste and they most likely are, but don't begrudge Vince McMahon and other bookers for trying. After all, there have been plenty of great dramas on the subject; Jodie Foster won an Academy Award for her role in the Accused.

Buuuutttt....this is wrestling we're talking about here, it's supposed to be "real," right? So when such-and-such wrestler takes on such-and-such wrestler for "control" of their valet for thirty days or roofies the boss' daughter, it kind of crosses a line. Unlike many of those shows and dramas that tackle the issue, where the good guys and the victims get retribution, seldom do the bad guys in wrestling ever get their comeuppance for their actions.

Combine no retribution along with many of these angles just being in poor, poor taste and you get a recipe for disaster. There's only one angle on this list that is passable and that's because few people realized what was going on. Besides, this is wrestling, and wrestling fans usually just want pure escapism and acts of surreal athleticism. We're not trying to be reminded of the evils of the real world. You decide what's worse, these fifteen angles or the fact that there were plenty more to choose from that didn't make this list.

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15 Eric Bichoff / Stephanie McMahon

Let’s start the depravity with a topic Vince McMahon loves–putting his daughter in uncompromising positions. Here we have The Billion Dollar Princess and Vince’s Monday Night War adversary, Eric Bischoff. On a Halloween episode of SmackDown, while there was an intense bidding war for Scott Steiner (don’t worry, we’ll see him later), witchy woman Steph met a Vince mask wearing Bischoff, who informed her that Big Poppa Pump was heading to Raw. Steph went for her world famous slap but was caught by Bischoff’s lips instead, which she didn’t seem to enjoy at first and then seemingly was into it. For those of you keeping tabs at home, Bischoff, who began the segment wearing a Vince McMahon mask, forced himself on Stephanie McMahon.

14 Dean Malenko / Lita

In an attempt to give one of the best grapplers in the world some character, they made Dean Malenko a pretty sleazy guy, who had lust in his eyes for Lita. While few could blame the guy for his taste in women, many could blame him for his ideas on courtship. He’d surprise her in the shower and stalk her around backstage. Then, they wrestled and if Malenko won, he got to go on a date with Lita. Clearly, she couldn’t beat Malenko and found the Iceman in a hotel room. Just as he (and we) got a taste of Lita in her lingerie, The Hardy Boyz would assault Malenko and get Lita out of the room–one of the few instances of a wrestling slime ball actually getting what for.

13 The Undertaker / Stephanie McMahon

Once again, Vince put his own daughter in harms way, both as head booker and in the storyline as The Higher Power. “Where to, Stephanie?” has become one the WWE’s inadvertently quotable lines and references a period of time when The Undertaker was an evil satanic cult leader. He and The Ministry of Darkness had abducted the then-innocent little Stephanie in an attempt to marry her and gain control of the WWE through a sacrifice. Luckily, even though he despised her daddy, Stone Cold Steve Austin was a man of moral integrity and rushed to the ring to break up the black wedding before anything could be official.

12 Batista / Melina

The scene – MNM faced Rey Mysterio and Batista. Melina asked Big Dave not to hurt her team and The Animal was happy to oblige, provided that Melina allowed Batista to be an Animal with her. Cut to commercial break. When we returned, the caliente chica is finishing getting dressed, leaving the roaring world champion purring like a kitten. What did that get Melina? Not a damn thing, Batista reneged on the deal and helped Rey–Rey obliterate Mercury and Nitro. What’s worse is that Batista was one of the WWE’s top babyfaces at the time and the crowd cheered his actions. Of course Batista reneged and Melina sued for sexual harassment.

11 Edge / Beulah McGillicutty

When you’re the Rated–R superstar, you have to be raunchy and rowdy. Edge’s antics had gone way off the deep end by the time the 2006 One Night Stand rolled around. In a hardcore, six–person tag match, Edge, Mick Foley, and Lita took on Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, and Beulah McGillicutty. After decimating their opponents with a barbed wire table, Edge would grab Beulah and simulate some pumping action, which was interrupted by Funk and a barbed wire 2 x 4. Over fifteen minutes of hardcore craziness and it was still the pin that was the most lascivious. After a spear from Edge to the Mrs. Dreamer, the future Hall of Famer would mount her missionary style for the pin and win.

10 Terri Runnels / Meat

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Despite snickers from inconsiderate d-bags, men can be victims of sexual assault as well. Shawn Stasiak, aka Meat, came to the WWE as the plaything for the female group, pretty Mean Sisters (P.M.S.), specifically for the little she-devil, Terri Runnels, who continuously would run the guy ragged until she was satisfied. The reason why male harassment is hard to prove? We're supposed to think Meat was being tortured by having to pleasure the vivacious vixen. Aalas, the poor guy couldn't get a win and was made to wrestle in his undies. Through Meat, we all learned that no gender likes to be treated as such.

9 PMS / Mark Henry

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Speaking of male harassment, PMS struck again, this time with Sexual Chocolate. Long before he was splitting wigs, The World’s Strongest Man was attempting to break hearts, but PMS decided to break Henry’s spirit instead. Henry thought he was about to create the beast with two backs (plus a back or three), but, instead, the PMS ladies lathered the big guy up in chocolate, whip cream, and proceeded to start whipping the future world champion into submission. He became another victim of his own sexual addictions and the Pretty Mean Sisters.

8 Kane / Lita

Nevermind Snitsky punting Lita’s baby into the crowd, which led to the Lita joining forces with her abusive husband Kane; how about the fact that Kane had defeated Matt Hardy in a “Til Death Do Us Part” match, which meant The Devil’s Favorite Demon was now allowed to marry Lita? Storylines like this are usually looked down on by fans because they just make no rational sense to anyone, except those in the wrestling world, where it is perfectly normal to put your girlfriend on the line. With Lita carrying the demon seed and biology being the same in real life as it is in wrestling, there’s only one conclusion – the current Head of Operations sexually assaulted the Hall of Fame Diva.

7 Scott Steiner / Stephanie McMahon

As mentioned above, when Scott Steiner came to the WWE, there was a bidding war between the Raw and SmackDown GMs, Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon, to secure him for their respective show. It seemed that The Billion Dollar Princess had all but locked up Steiner to be part of SmackDown. After being jilted by Steph on Raw, Freakzilla came to SmackDown to try and get Steph to be one of his Freaks, but while Stephanie was trying to conduct business, Steiner was trying to conduct “business” and attempted to make sure Steph joined the Freaks, much to the delight of fans. Yet another instance of a supposed babyface treating a lady in a not so babyface way.

6 Kurt Angle / Sharmell

In a truly scumbag move, Kurt Angle not only sexually assaulted Sharmell, but also proceeded to claim she violated him and called her a gutter slut, before threatening to dominate her after dominating her husband, Booker, T in the ring. The Olympian would clarify that he has a thing for gutter sluts and it is not an insult, as he would send her handcuffs, lingerie and proclaim that he wanted to have perverted sex with her. At one point, Angle would break into the future queen’s dressing room, mount her and cover her mouth to muffle any screams. He might have at one point made out with Stephanie McMahon, but here is Kurt Angle and the WWE at their creepiest.

5 Eric Bischoff / Linda McMahon

Because putting his daughter in torrid situations isn’t enough, how about the other time Vince had Eric Bischoff terrorize a McMahon woman, this time–his own wife, Linda! This time, Bischoff was pissed off at Shane-O-Mac for buying WCW and thought it would be a grand idea to break into the McMahon house while Shane was looking for him at Raw and plant one right on Linda’s lips. Another truly uncomfortable moment that shouldn't have taken place.

4 Heidenreich / Michael Cole

For some reason, Heidenreich would take his crazy gimmick to new lows when he kidnapped Michael Cole right from the broadcast booth at SmackDown, before dragging him to the back and sexually assaulting the announcer while telling him that he’s been watching him for some time and that they have a lot in common. The only wrestler crazier than Snitsky then proceeded to share a poem with him about fear and being misunderstood. Other segments came close or inferred that sexual assault would take place, but this one might be the only one where there’s nothing to infer.

3 Brian Pillman / Terri Runnels

Brian Pillman and Goldust were both pre–cursors to the Attitude Era, so it was only natural for the two to engage in a hot feud in the fall of 1997. Pillman and The Bizarre One wrestled in an “Indecent Proposal” match, where the winner would win the services of Marlena. Brian Pillman won and we were “treated” to the weekly degradation of Terri in videos called the XXX Files. The Loose Cannon was hell bent on constantly finding out where the line was and then seeing how far he could jump over it (re: “Pillman’s Got a Gun”), but sadly, Brian Pillman would pass away before we could see Goldust get any retribution or see just how far Pillman and Terri would go.

2 Triple H / Katie Vick

What, you didn’t think sexually assaulting a corpse (or inferring) could be considered sexual assault? Well, here is the WWE’s lowest storyline ever. While Kane was battling with Triple H, The Game unearthed some horrific news - Kane had accidentally killed his best friend and high school crush, Katie Vick, in a car accident. To exacerbate the situation further, The Cerebral Assassin not only implied that Kane fornicated with his friend’s corpse, but he would dress as The Big Red Machine and reenact the scene for all of the WWE Universe to see. The Katie Vick storyline was so poorly received by fans that it was all but forgotten by the time Kane and HHH locked up in the ring.

1 Triple H / Stephanie McMahon

This is the reason we have a real life Steph–HHH marriage, contributing to both the future of the WWE and the trainwreck formerly known as Joanie Laurer. It all started with a drugging, a forced marriage, and a forced consummation of said forced marriage. While Steph was a wholesome babyface girl, she was set to marry Test, but The Game had paid off the bartender at the bachelorette party to drug her. HHH would drive her to Vegas to get married. In real life, the marriage is annulled and HHH spends the rest of his days in prison. However, this is the WWE, where this was just another way to court a girl, giving birth to the McMahon–Helmsley Era.

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