15 Wrestling Pairs That Currently Have Beef With One Another

2018 is here and there are still many wrestlers taking part in drama behind the scenes. The tension between wrestlers has been a frequent thing in the wrestling business. Egos are in play more than the average form of entertainment and the political environment causes wrestlers to develop issues with each other. 2017 saw many new wrestling feuds behind the scenes start. The issues in recent months to start has given us quite a few instances of beef between wrestlers. There are also the stories of hatred that have existed for many years. Wrestlers involved here have enough disdain for each other to keep it going for a long time.

We'll look at various stories regarding why these specific wrestlers have issues with each other. Some of the instances features tales of one wrestlers having more of a problem than the other. Meanwhile, there are a decent number of rivalries that contain two wrestlers having equal levels of hatred for each other. It is your job to decide who is in the right for each story of wrestling drama. Time will tell which wrestlers are able to make peace in the future. These are fifteen wrestling pairs that currently have beef with one another.

15 Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns

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The popularity of the Bullet Club has made it one of the hottest acts in wrestling today. Roman Reigns even referred to them in a negative manner during a 2017 interview. The comment of Reigns saw him say wrestling didn’t need these guys walking around and doing the “too sweet” gesture like it was the 90s. Cody Rhodes was a peer of Reigns in WWE and didn’t appreciate the comment.

Reigns took more shots at Rhodes on social media by laughing at the idea of Rhodes saying he was the biggest draw in business for bringing Ring of Honor business to new heights. Rhodes responded by cutting a live shoot promo on ROH PPV trashing Reigns for being jealous and for failing a drug test in 2016 leading to a suspension.

14 Bully Ray and Randy Orton

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Another recent wrestling drama between a Ring of Honor wrestler and WWE Superstar saw two veterans expose their beef. Randy Orton took aim at the wrestlers today that work a fast-paced style with lots of dives. Bully Ray joined ROH in 2017 and started working more independent dates after his WWE contract expired, so he decided to defend the “dive” aspect of the argument.

Orton retorted by getting savage towards Bully taking aim at his age and weight. The comment from Orton indicated he could understand dives from young wrestlers hungry to show their talent, but he made sure to note he felt Bully was an embarrassment. Both guys apparently developed a dislike for each other when working together in WWE during Orton’s early years.

13 Bret Hart and Seth Rollins

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The issues between Seth Rollins and Bret Hart come down to a difference in wrestling generations. Hart believes Rollins is reckless due to the high-flying moves that often provides a risk for him and his opponents. John Cena and Finn Balor suffered serious injuries from Rollins’ moves in back-to-back years leading to Bret calling out Rollins not protecting his opponents.

The honesty of Hart saw his words get harsh saying Rollins needs to become a better professional. Rollins revealed on Chris Jericho’s podcast that it hurt his feelings to have one of his wrestling heroes completely bury him publicly. The criticism of Hart isn’t something Rollins felt was relevant and he essentially said he was ignoring it. Things will likely get awkward the next time Rollins and Hart are in the same place at a WWE event.

12 Nia Jax and Lana

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The ladies in WWE have had many issues through the years. There used to be very few spots for the women with only program per month. That caused tension with everyone competing for the limited role. While it is different today with more opportunities, it is still wrestling, and drama will occur. Nia Jax and Lana proved this a few months ago.

Jax requested time off from WWE due to being frustrated with her role. Upon returning, she joined the Raw team for the Survivor Series match against SmackDown. Lana decided to trash talk Nia by calling her out for going home. Jax didn’t take this kindly and insulted Lana for spreading false information as the “dirt sheet queen.” Lana already has quite a few enemies in WWE and Jax is now one of them.

11 Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett

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Impact Wrestling has provided more negative moments than positive in their history. This is still the story as 2017 was another abysmal year for the promotion. Matt Hardy left at the beginning of the year and new management wasn’t happy about it. Jeff Jarrett led a movement to block Hardy from using the “Broken” character he and Jeff created in Impact.

Law suit threats prevented WWE from allowing Matt to be the character that made him the hottest thing in wrestling during his time away. Hardy and his wife Reby Sky trashed Jarrett on social media for being the one responsible for this. Jarrett ended up having to go to rehab and lost his spot running Impact. The company has changed their stance after letting Jeff go and Matt is now “Woken” on WWE television.

10 Baron Corbin and Finn Balor

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Two current WWE stars that dislike each other are Baron Corbin and Finn Balor. Both guys are on different shows following the brand split, but they spent a few years together working in NXT. Corbin showed his dislike for Balor by randomly insulting him for his size. Balor posted an image of his abs leading to Corbin saying it was a product of being so tiny.

The reaction of Finn was more savage calling out Corbin for wrestling in a t-shirt due to his physique. It was revealed around this time that Corbin had issues with a couple of wrestlers in the company. Balor was the public target to make it more known. Both guys are in the same tier in the pecking order of their respective shows, so it would be possible that they work together if one of the two switches brands.

9 Buff Bagwell and Teddy Long

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A bizarre wrestling beef to get exposed in recent years features Teddy Long and Buff Bagwell. Long worked in WCW as a manager during the time that Bagwell was a wrestler. They rarely worked together but clearly didn’t like each other. Long was asked about Bagwell in an interview back in 2016 and stated that Buff had a terrible attitude backstage that always held him back from going further.

Bagwell fired back in a very recent interview when discussing the WWE Hall of Fame. When asked if he wants to be inducted, Bagwell said WWE has shown the Hall of Fame is not credible if someone like Teddy gets inducted before Lex Luger. Buff specifically naming Long as the person that most hurts the Hall of Fame was an elaborate shot at Long for his enemy.

8 Alberto Del Rio and Triple H

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Alberto Del Rio has consistently trashed Triple H in the media for quite some time since leaving WWE. The second run of Del Rio ended in complete disappointment. Triple H apparently was the one against the idea of Del Rio dating Paige and WWE tried to keep them apart. Del Rio eventually requested his release and had been trashing Triple H since then.

A recent interview featured Alberto claiming Triple H was the one to fire him during his first WWE stint for striking an employee making racist comments towards him. Del Rio has also accused Triple H of being the one leaking Paige’s sex tape and even challenged him to a fight. Now that Paige and Alberto have broken up, nothing is stopping him from taking his Triple H hate to the next level.

7 Lisa Marie Varon and Tessa Blanchard

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Lisa Marie Varon is highly respected in the wrestling business for her runs in WWE as Victoria and in Impact Wrestling as Tara. The in-ring work of Varon helped bring a level of competition that didn’t exist in WWE during her time. Many of her matches were considered among the better performances of that era in WWE.

One young wrestler reportedly didn’t appreciate her insight when it came to advice. Varon shared a story about giving advice to the female face wrestler in the match of a show she attended. According to Lisa, this woman showed zero respect and scoffed at the idea of advice. It didn’t take long to look at the card and realized she was talking about Tessa Blanchard. The second generation Blanchard has huge potential but didn’t value Varon’s advice.

6 Harry Smith and Kenny Omega

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An under the radar beef to form in 2017 focused on two New Japan wrestlers. Kenny Omega was clearly the breakout star for NJPW leading the promotion to huge success in North America along with the Japan popularity. One of his matches in 2017 focused on comedy during the G1 Climax against comedic wrestler Tory Yano.

Davey Boy Smith’s son Harry Smith decided to chime in with his opinion. The comment on social media saw him refer to Omega’s match as a “load of crap” siding with veterans against Omega’s style. Omega showed no chill in his response by stating he’d rather be a successful comedic wrestler than a failed wrestler trying to be serious. Smith is a tag team wrestler in Japan with considerably less success than Omega making it hurt even more.

5 Booker T and Jason Jordan

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Booker T has made it clear on commentary that he genuinely dislikes Jason Jordan. The role of Booker sees him defending and supporting most of the face wrestlers on the roster. Jordan is one of the few faces that earns the negative side of Booker. There is no story or angle involved here aside from Booker thinking Jordan is overrated and not on the level of other top names.

Booker has revealed on his radio show that he states his real opinion on Jordan during commentary. The fans tend to agree with Booker as they boo Jordan out of the building most weeks. Jordan has not spoken out publicly nor on the show regarding Booker trashing him on a weekly basis. WWE seems to find it entertaining as Booker rants without a filter any time Jordan is in the ring.

4 Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar

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WrestleMania 32 is considered one of the most disappointing WrestleMania events in recent memories. The match between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose is a major reason why the show is considered a bust. Fans had high expectations for Ambrose to have a star making performance in the hardcore match against Lesnar.

Instead, the match was a bore leading to Ambrose losing momentum. Ambrose blamed Lesnar for the match and went as far as to call him lazy regarding putting the match together. Brock didn’t respect Ambrose and went for the easiest match imaginable. One year later, Lesnar worked a program with Goldberg that started with him getting destroyed easily. Rumor has it Brock grew tired with working against guys like Ambrose and wanted a veteran to oppose for his next ‘Mania match.

3 Roman Reigns and Enzo Amore

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One of the more controversial stories to hit the internet over the past year featured Enzo Amore becoming the most hated man in WWE. The abrasive personality of Enzo rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way for quite some time. Roman Reigns stepped up as the leader of the roster to kick Enzo of a tour bus during a United Kingdom tour.

Enzo was reportedly talking loudly on a phone call insulting the wrestling business and bragging about how much money he was making to a friend. Reigns wasn’t having it and booted him off the bus. An interview with Roman revealed the story was true and he felt he should step up on behalf of the industry that fed him as a child. Enzo is still talking trash and reportedly changing in a different locker room after being kicked out by the boys.

2 Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss

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The beef between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss is one of the most personal in wrestling today. Both ladies spent a few years together in NXT before getting called up to the main roster. Banks was the bigger star in NXT, but Bliss has surpassed her on the main roster since moving over to the Raw brand. The war of words between the two has gotten quite public over the past year.

Banks clearly doesn’t like Bliss and feels she lies about her desire to get into the wrestling business. Bliss states she was a fan growing up, but Sasha has stated that’s a huge lie. One memorable comment came when Banks claimed Bliss didn’t know the difference between Matt and Jeff Hardy. Alexa has referred to Sasha as being jealous of her success. These two ladies will likely never be friends but will have to work together more times as both are young in their WWE careers.

1 Rusev and Ryback

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Ryback has gone after multiple wrestlers since leaving WWE and starting a controversial podcast. Instead of trying to prove he is a successful wrestler in other promotions, Ryback spends his time blasting other wrestlers in the podcast world. Rusev was one of the targets of Ryback when insulting the concept of Rusev Day with an expletive along the way. Ryback commented on Rusev’s Instagram also making fun of the lack of weight he was lifting at the gym.

This led to Rusev responding to Ryback with a more personal shot. Rusev replied with a comment stating that his workouts were all natural implying Ryback was taking part in using steroids. There was clearly heat between the two big guys during their time in WWE. Now that Ryback is out of WWE, they are taking the gloves off and going at each other on social media.

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