15 Wrestling Relationships You Probably Never Knew About

Despite WWE Superstars living their lives in the public eye and allowing all of their personal information to become public knowledge, there are some relationships that are able to remain private.

Some stars decide that they don't want the WWE Universe to know who they are spending their time with or they don't want the WWE Universe knowing all about their private life when they are only playing a character on WWE TV. Their character is more important to them and remaining within the kayfabe of that character sometimes means that they keep all their personal facts to themselves.

Shockingly, this means that many WWE relationships are able to remain a secret until after they have broken up. There are many of these that have been kept under wraps just because the stars involved decided not to post all about their relationships on Instagram or Twitter.

Despite the Internet and Social Media becoming much bigger than it was a few years ago, it seems that the WWE Universe are unable to track the relationships of their favourite stars.

The following is a list of 15 WWE relationships that the superstars managed to keep a secret and managed to hide from their fans.

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15 Wade Barrett And Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion in her own right and back in 2010 Alicia and former Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett became an item. The couple seemingly worked well together for a long time before Wade made the decision in 2015 that they wouldn't work together moving forward because he didn't see a future for them.

Alicia wasn't happy about the split but went along with it anyway. This boiled over on an episode of Total Divas when Wade returned to WWE and Alicia didn't like the fact that she had to see him every day. The duo had a heart to heart and decided that breaking up was probably the best option. Wade has since left the company and began focusing on an acting career.

14 The Miz And Layla

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The Miz recently became a seven-time Intercontinental Champion and is well-known for his marriage to former Diva Search contestant Maryse. But Maryse wasn't the only female that turned The Miz' head when he was hosting the contest with rumours stating that the Miz and 2006 Diva Search winner and former WWE Divas and Women's Champion Layla El were actually dating for a short amount of time.

Layla isn't a stranger to dating backstage talent as there were rumours about Layla throughout her time in WWE. It is thought that this happened at the beginning of Layla and The Miz' careers before he began dating Maryse. The couple subsequently married, but it is a relationship that the duo managed to keep quite, since not many of the WWE Universe actually known about their encounter.

13 Jeff Hardy and Mickie James

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Jeff Hardy has been dating Beth Britt ever since the duo met in a bar back in 1999. And the couple now have two children together. Mickie herself recently married and welcomed her first child, but  wrestling is not the only thing that Mickie and Jeff have in common.

It is reported that at some point during Mickie and Jeff's careers, after The Charismatic Enigma made his WWE return back in 2006, the duo had some kind of encounter. There have been many rumours circulating surrounding these two stars and Mickie after her affair with John Cena. It seems Beth and Jeff could well have been on a break at the time but they have been able to move forward with their lives despite what was probably a blip in their relationship.

12 Batista and Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes became a veteran in WWE following her lengthy stint after. She also came through WWE thanks to the Diva Search. Rosa has recently become engaged to the father of her daughter Jordan, but before she met Bobby Schubenski and decided to retire from WWE, Rosa had a number of relationships with WWE stars.

One of the most notable relationships was back in 2009 following Batista's divorce from his first wife Angie when  the couple decided to have something of a fling. Rosa has also had interactions with Santino Marella, Michale Hayes, and Eddie Colon before she finally decided to settle down with Bobby. Batista himself married professional pole dancer Sarah Jade back in 2015 after he departed from WWE to concentrate on an acting career.

11 Justin Gabriel And JoJo Offerman

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Justin Gabriel is a former WWE Tag Team Champion and has been making a name for himself on the Independent Scene over the past few years after he was released from WWE as part of budget cuts. When Justin was part of the company, he started a relationship with JoJo Offerman after she was signed to WWE as part of Total Divas.

The couple were featured in the first few episodes of the E! reality show where many of JoJo's close friends were telling her that Justin Gabriel was too old for her. JoJo was just 19 at the time and the age gap became too much of a problem for the couple since their relationship ended in mid-2013 when JoJo instead began dating former NXT star, Jake Carter.

10 Joey Mercury and Mickie James

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Mickie James has quite the reputation backstage after her engagement to Kenny Dykstra and the subsequent affair with John Cena. But before she became engaged to Kenny back in 2006 she was in a long-term relationship with Joey Mercury.

Joey is best known for his time as part of MNM with John Morrison and Melina who are former Tag Team Champions. And then his recent stint as part of J&J Security alongside Jamie Noble as part of The Authority. The duo met before Mickie joined WWE's main roster in 2005 and dated from 2003 up until mid-2004. Mickie has since gone on to marry TNA star Magnus while Joey Mercury has gone on to date many other female stars over the past few years.

9 Mike Knox and Melina

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Melina and John Morrison were one of the best-known relationships in WWE when they were together. Even though both stars have since moved on from each other, they also have history with other wrestlers from before they were officially seen as a couple.

Melina was dating former ECW Superstar Mike Knox for a while back in 2005-06 when ECW was still in its infancy. This was the time when Melina and Morrison decided to go on a break when Melina and Batista had their well-known encounter. Morrison has since moved on from his 12-year relationship with Melina that ended in 2015 and is currently dating fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie. Melina has remained on the Independent Scene focusing on her wrestling career.

8 Test And Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have become the picture perfect power couple in WWE over the past decade, despite the fact that Stephanie and Triple H's relationship began as an affair behind Chyna's back. But WWE has tried their hardest to forget the fact that Stephanie was in a relationship with former WWE star Test before she was aligned with Triple H.

Stephanie and Test worked together on-screen and Test later moved on to date the likes of Stacy Keibler and Kelly Kelly before his untimely death in 2009. WWE have done everything they can to distance Stephanie McMahon from the relationship she had with the former WWE star before her marriage to current husband Triple H. The couple have been married since 2003 and have welcomed three daughters over the past 14 years.

7 Bobby Lashley And Kristal Marshall

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Kristal Marshall is another WWE Diva who came into the company thanks to the Diva Search. Kristal was positioned on the SmackDown brand that lacked female competitors and saw many matches between Kristal and Jillian Hall at the time.

It seems that memories are not the only thing that Kristal took away from her WWE career. She was in a lengthy relationship with former WWE, ECW, and TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley from 2007 until 2010. The duo have two children together with their little girl being born in April 2011. Kristal and Bobby also worked together for a time in TNA until Kristal announced on her Twitter page back in 2010 that the couple had decided to go their separate ways, with Bobby concentrating on his wrestling career.

6 Alex Riley and Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly may well be a former Divas Champion in her own right, but she has to be one of the best-known female wrestlers when it comes to her antics backstage with other male wrestlers within the company.

Kelly Kelly has dated the likes of CM Punk, Randy Orton, Test, Batista, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho during her short stint with the company. But one relationship that Kelly managed to keep under the radar was her encounter with former NXT star and commentator Alex Riley. The couple weren't together for long as with many of Kelly's relationships which may be why it is rather unknown. Kelly has since moved on to marry former NHL star Sheldon Souray with whom she is the stepmother to his two children.

5 CM Punk And Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix is now a WWE Hall of Famer who is currently married to fellow Hall of Famer Edge. The couple currently have two daughters together, but back when she was part of WWE, she was another female who seemingly dated a lot of stars in the locker room.

One relationship that went relatively unnoticed was the one between Beth and CM Punk. It was only when Punk was later asked about Beth when he sourly talked about how bad the relationship was and how Beth just really wanted a boyfriend and didn't care who she ended up with, that their relationship finally came to light. CM Punk himself has made quite the name for himself in the locker room, but even Punk has recently settled down after he married former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee back in 2015.

4 Randy Orton And Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly once again comes up on on this list after her short term relationship with Randy Orton managed to bypass many of the WWE fans who are reportedly "in the know."

Kelly and Orton managed to find some time together in the middle of Orton's divorce from his first wife Samantha Speno, his relationship with JoJo Offerman, and his subsequent second marriage to Kim Marie Kessler. Orton was a busy man and he and Kelly passed like ships in the night. Orton was another number for Kelly Kelly at the time as she was the same for him. Luckily both stars have since turned over a new leaf and are now married to their significant other and have children as part of their relationship.

3 Cody Rhodes And Layla El

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Cody Rhodes and Brandi have been together now for a number of years with them being thought of as one of wrestling's power couples. But long before Brandi was brought into WWE after a stint in FCW, Cody was already part of the company and apparently dating other women.

One of the women who Cody managed to date before he met his wife was 2006 Diva Search winner Layla El. The couple dated from 2009 up until 2011 when they seemingly parted ways. Layla has since gone on to marry Richard Young who is also a professional wrestler. The duo tied the knot back in 2014 just before Layla decided to part ways with WWE. Cody has since married Brandi and the couple have also departed WWE as a duo and have instead begun working on the Independent Circuit together.

2 AJ Lee And Jay Lethal

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AJ Lee left WWE back in 2015 and has left a huge gap in the Women's Division ever since. The former Divas Champion went on to marry former WWE Champion CM Punk just before her WWE departure as the couple has become one of the most popular duos in wrestling.

What is relatively unknown about AJ and her personal life is that during her time climbing through the ranks in the world of wrestling she was actually dating former Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal. AJ and Jay were together from 2007 until 2010 just a year after AJ signed her developmental contract with WWE. It seems that long distance became too much for the two stars and it was easier to end their relationship. Jay also helped to train AJ at the beginning of her wrestling career.

1 Nick Mitchell And Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson became a well-known female wrestler during her lengthy spell with WWE where she was also given the opportunity to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine (twice). Torrie was in a relationship with former Spirit Squad member Nick Mitchell from 2006 when she began working on her own clothing line called "Officially Jaded."

Torrie had previously dated and married fellow wrestler Billy Kidman but the couple's divorce was finalized long after they had officially split in 2008. Torrie and Nick split after five years in 2011 and since then Torrie has dated former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriquez. But that relationship came to an end back in 2015. Nick hasn't gone on to date after Torrie, so it is reported that both former WWE Superstars are now currently single.

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