15 Wrestling Stable Members You Never Knew Hated Each Other

The factions in the world of pro wrestling have created some of the best moments in wrestling history. Hulk Hogan leg dropping Randy Savage to turn heel and form the New World Order changed the indust

The factions in the world of pro wrestling have created some of the best moments in wrestling history. Hulk Hogan leg dropping Randy Savage to turn heel and form the New World Order changed the industry. Triple H replacing Shawn Michaels with X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws to start the next era of D-Generation X was a major step in his ascension to becoming a top Superstar. WWE made three main eventers when the legendary run of The Shield ended with Seth Rollins hitting Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with a steel chair. Don’t sleep on how pivotal stables have been to the wrestling world.

Wrestling stables are presented as a group of performers working together with the same goal. Everyone appears to be best friends on the same page with the hopes of accomplishing feats together as one. That doesn’t always correlate to the backstage aspect of the business. Many stables feature good friends being placed together to showcase their chemistry, but it isn’t necessary. There have been instances of wrestlers to actually hold strong disdains for each other while working in the same group. We’ll take a look at that side of wrestling history with the fifteen wrestling stable pairings that actually hated each other.

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15 Rick Rude and Shawn Michaels (DX)


The early days of D-Generation X featured Shawn Michaels leading the group with his best friend Triple H and Chyna as the three core members. Rick Rude was working as the enforcer for Michaels and earned a position in DX by association. Rude's wrestling career ended early due to injuries so he had to find a new role.

Rude unfortunately did not like working with Michaels. At the time, Michaels was a pain to deal with backstage due to his ego running amok. The Montreal Screwjob was the last straw for Rude. It led to the historic occasion of Rude appearing on a taped Raw and live Nitro on the same night. Rude cut a promo with WCW ripping Michaels and Vince McMahon for “screwing” Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1997. The promo made it clear Rude had no respect for Michaels as a champion or a person.

14 CM Punk and Serena Deeb (Straight Edge Society)


The Straight Edge Society is one of the most underrated factions in recent memory. CM Punk started to move forward with his “straight edge” heel character running down those who drank alcohol or consumed drugs, as his faction was essentially a cult that got clean through the following of his ways. Female wrestler Serena Deeb joined the group and shaved her head to prove devotion to Punk.

Deeb did not show devotion to the message outside of the show. Fans saw Deeb at a bar indulging in alcohol after the shows and it apparently upset Punk. Once the news broke online, Deeb was kicked out of The Straight Edge Society on television and released from her WWE contract in real life. The rumors are that Punk requested she left the group and WWE let her go due to his disdain for her refusing to keep kayfabe alive.

13 Eric Bischoff and Ted DiBiase (nWo)


Ted DiBiase joined the New World Order in a great role as the financial backer to help the group compete with WCW. His in-ring career was over and he needed to find a new position. This was a dream scenario where he could continue his Million Dollar Man character as an arrogant wealthy heel and be the talker of the stable with his outstanding promo skills.

All of his momentum was halted when Eric Bischoff decided to join the group. Bischoff blurred reality and fiction by revealing his power in WCW and stating he was the one helping the nWo gain control. This made DiBiase obsolete as he just stood in the background until he was officially removed from the group. DiBiase had choice words for Bischoff in his autobiography and clearly had a very low opinion of the man in charge of WCW.

12 Raven and Stevie Richards (The Flock)


Raven became one of the top stars in ECW with his brilliant heel character. The Flock was the stable that followed him around with Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie as the main members. WCW signed Raven and Richards came along with him to the much bigger stage. The company clearly viewed Raven as a valuable commodity and had plans to start a new version of The Flock.

Richards didn’t realize his position in the company. The first angle featured Richards speaking on behalf of Raven and being treated poorly on camera. That followed to the backstage life. Richards shared on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD that tension grew between the two. It culminated in an argument with Raven cursing out Richards and telling him his place in the company was as a lackey. Richards eventually left WCW and the two rarely worked together again.

11 Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera (The Mexicools)


The Mexicools stable was a terrible idea for a faction and it sunk the WWE careers of three talented wrestlers. Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera made up the group playing into stereotypes, but it did not connect. Psicosis and Guerrera worked together for many years in Mexico and WCW. However, they did not get along for quite some time due to changes in Guerrera’s attitude.

Juventud started to develop an issue with drugs, alcohol and an inflated ego behind the scenes. This caused the former WCW star to act out and annoy those that worked with him. Psicosis has stated he didn’t like working with Guerrera and likely could have done better in the WWE without him. Guerrera alienated a lot of his old friends, including Rey Mysterio, but Psicosis is the one that had to team with him in a stable.

10 Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner (Immortal)


One of wrestling’s biggest rivalries features two former stablemates. Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner were in the New World Order together during the WCW days. Everything appeared to be fine between them for years until they started working together again in TNA. Hogan was given control of TNA by Dixie Carter and Steiner didn’t enjoy it. It likely got worse when Steiner joined Hogan’s faction Immortal.

Following his time with TNA, Steiner went to his Twitter account and absolutely trashed Hogan. Steiner claimed Hogan represented everything wrong with the wrestling business and was responsible for TNA losing momentum. The war of words would get more personal as time went on. Hogan accused Steiner of harassing his wife at an airport during the weekend of WrestleMania 31, but Steiner said it was a lie. Steiner still wants to fight Hogan to this day and some of us would love to see it happen.

9 Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman (The Alliance)


The Alliance stable with WCW and ECW wrestlers trying to take over the WWE featured the group of Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman leading the way. The story had Heyman sell the rights of ECW over to the new owner of the company, Stephanie. Heyman still worked beside the new McMahon children as one of the minds that tried to get revenge on Vince McMahon for stealing all of his talent.

Heyman and Stephanie never got along. You could see Stephanie talking down to Heyman in The Alliance promos rather than speaking to him as an equal. The dislike between the two continued when Heyman joined the writing staff. Stephanie was directly in charge of the creative team and they butted heads quite often. A popular belief is Heyman originally quit the WWE in 2006 partly due to not wanting to work under Stephanie any longer. Stephanie and Heyman appear to be on better terms today with a positive working relationship.

8 Ken Shamrock and Triple H (The Corporation)


Triple H has made his fair share of enemies over the years, but slipped under the radar for a long time. His heel turn by leaving D-Generation X saw him join the hated Corporation faction in the next step in his career progression. One member of the stable that didn’t like him was Ken Shamrock. According to recent Shamrock interviews, Triple H held a grudge over being one of the first wrestlers to take a beating from him.

Shamrock believes Triple H held onto the moment and used it to harm Ken's career. WWE has yet to bring Shamrock in for any appearances since his departure from the company in 1999. Shamrock hopes to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame or make some sort of return, but Triple H’s power makes it a tough sell.

7 Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan (The Heenan Family)


The majority of wrestlers and wrestling fans loved Bobby Heenan for the greatness he delivered throughout his career, as Heenan had the reputation for being the absolute best manager to build up wrestlers that lacked personality. Anyone with Heenan in their corner was automatically more relevant for it. One man that felt he didn’t need a manager was Rick Rude when he joined The Heenan Family faction.

Rude didn’t want Heenan to overshadow him or steal his spotlight. It is understandable since Rude had a great deal of charisma unlike the rest of the wrestlers managed by Heenan. Rude was displeased with Heenan during the time of the faction. Heenan claimed he had no problem with Rude, but it was clear there was an issue on the other side.

6 Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan (nWo Hollywood)


Hulk Hogan is a lightning rod for drama in the wrestling industry. Hogan's success led to him gaining power that he used to stay on top. One example of Hogan playing politics is when he refused to lose the WWE Championship to Bret Hart in 1993. Hogan instead dropped the belt to Yokozuna and left the company. Hart held a grudge and never forgot about the disdain he held for Hogan.

Hart's move from WWE to WCW joining Hogan saw him have an open mind. They tried working together when Bret joined the nWo Hollywood faction as the second biggest star in the group under Hogan. Hart has nothing but negative things to say about his experience working with Hogan in both companies. The hatred lives on today with Hart absolutely trashing Hogan any chance he gets.

5 Sid and Arn Anderson (The Four Horsemen)


The Four Horsemen saw many wrestlers rotate in and out of the faction. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson were the two most important members that held the fort down as the names most associated with the stable. Sid Justice was given the opportunity to join the group early in his career. It was a huge spot, but Sid apparently did not take it seriously.

Sid's lack of passion towards the wrestling business is something that followed him for many years. Following the end of his time with The Horsemen, Sid and Anderson got into a brutal fight in a hotel that resulted in Sid stabbing Anderson with a pair of scissors. Obviously, there was tension between the two to cause such a violent act to occur. Sid and Anderson worked together when Sid returned to WCW and Anderson was a backstage employee, but there was no love lost there.

4 Randy Orton and Manu (Legacy)


Randy Orton has been a top star in the WWE for over twelve years now. WWE decided to have him lead his own faction in 2008 with other second generation wrestlers learning from under his wing. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. were the other members of Legacy to team with Orton in many noteworthy matches against the likes of the McMahon family and D-Generation X.

Manu joined the faction a few months into the formation as the son of Afa. Unfortunately for Manu, he never fit and Legacy appeared best suited as the original three members. Manu did little of note and was randomly kicked out of the faction. WWE released him shortly after that. Orton chimed in during interviews saying Manu had a poor attitude and was lazy. The vocal star buried his former stablemate and likely was the reason for Manu being removed from Legacy.

3 Triple H and The New Age Outlaws (DX)


D-Generation X always came off like a group of close friends having fun in the wrestling ring, as you have to at least be buddies with someone to have such authentic fun. Well, Shawn Michaels and X-Pac were his best friends. Chyna was his girlfriend when in DX together. The New Age Outlaws were the only wrestlers he wasn’t close to before they joined the stable.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn grew close to Triple H during their peak, but resentment started to form. Triple H has said the other members of DX were upset when he decided to work towards a singles main event push and put the group on the backburner. Both members of The New Age Outlaws trashed Triple H right after they were released from the WWE during various shoot interviews. Everyone is at peace today with Triple H hiring them both back for backstage roles, though Gunn was released from his duties.

2 Ric Flair and Paul Roma (The Four Horsemen)


The Four Horsemen delivered several new stars for WCW with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson always at the top. One young prospect with talent that WCW wanted to push was Paul Roma. They decided to have Roma join The Horsemen under the belief he would learn from the legends and move into a bigger position. Roma quite frankly didn’t have talent like Flair, Anderson and just about every other Horsemen member.

There was a strong disdain between Roma and Flair that has lasted many years. Roma trashed Flair and Anderson for years, stating they were jealous of him. The ridiculous notion came from Roma believing they were intimidated by his looks and potential to surpass them. Flair has made some dismissive comments in response to Roma, saying he doesn’t view Roma as a legitimate member of The Horsemen. Most wrestling fans tend to agree with Flair on this one.

1 Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage (The Mega Powers and nWo)


Hulk Hogan is back on the list with the definition of a love/hate relationship in the world of wrestling. The two most popular stars of the WWE in the 80s were Hogan and Randy Savage. Every fan of the era has strong memories and feelings towards both men. WWE paired them together as The Mega Powers and they worked together again in WCW as members of the New World Order.

The relationship between Hogan and Savage went back and forth with Savage developing a strong hatred for Hogan at various points. Savage believed Hogan played a part in Miss Elizabeth wanting to separate from him. The rumors still live that the black eye Hogan was sporting at WrestleMania IX came from a backstage punch by Savage. Following their time together in WCW, Savage revealed a rap song dissing his former friend proving the hate still existed. Hogan claims they made peace before Savage’s death and his brother has confirmed, so let's hope these two giants found common ground before Savage sadly passed.

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