15 Wrestling Storylines That Destroyed Real Life Relationships

Wrestling is all about characters and putting on a show for the audience. This means that wrestlers are put into couples that are sometimes not real.

The Miz and Maryse and Mike and Maria Kanellis are married couples. But Alicia Fox and Noam Dar were never really together. This was just a couple that WWE thought would work well together so they decided to pair theme on WWE TV. They then had to create chemistry to make their relationship believable.

Sometimes this chemistry can cause problems. This is because many WWE stars are married outside of the company but when they are busy faking chemistry, real emotions surface and before they know it, their entire real life relationship has been destroyed.

Of course, this isn't always the case. Sometimes rumors surface about relationships and then it is hard for the star to prove that there was nothing going on when they are portraying a couple on WWE TV. This has happened more times than the WWE Universe are probably aware of over the past few decades. Here is a list of just 15 times that on-screen wrestling storylines have managed to come between real life wrestling couples.

16 Goldust and Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels and Goldust worked together on WWE TV for a number of years when Terri was known as Marlen. The couple married back in 1993 and seemed happy until Marlena stopped working as a valet for Goldust and instead began working closely with Shawn Stasiak.

Terri and Shawn took their on-screen relationship too far and then began having a real affair outside of WWE. Runnels and Goldust had a daughter named Dakota Avery. But despite trying to smooth over the cracks following her affair, the couple still decided to divorce in 1999 and were said to be unable to communicate in an adult fashion for a number of years following their divorce. The couple have recently been able to put their differences aside and remain friends.

15 Bret Hart And Julie Smadu

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Bret Hart was perhaps more of a victim in this one. Even though Bret was guilty of cheating on his wife of 16 years. But it wasn't the cheating that caused the real problems in this relationship. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had a number of issues in the 1990s and one of them was Sunny.

Sunny and Shawn Michaels were involved in an affair and Michaels felt so guilty about it that he accused Bret Hart of having 'Sunny Days' during a promo on WWE TV. This was something that then caused huge problems between Bret and his wife Julie and the couple then decided to separate in 1998. The couple tried to fix the cracks over the next few years but then decided to divorce in 2002.


13 CM Punk And Lita

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CM Punk has quite the dating and cheating history when it comes to his WWE career. But back in 2013, he was seemingly in a happy relationship with former WWE Women's Champion, Lita. AJ Lee and CM Punk were good friends backstage and later became part of a lengthy storyline where Punk and AJ were seen as love interests.

AJ wrote in her autobiography that she knew that Punk was the one the minute she first kissed him on WWE TV. It then turned into a real life affair between AJ and Punk, that obviously then destroyed the relationship between Punk and Lita when she found out. Lita was said to have held a grudge afterwards, but it seemingly ended well for Punk and AJ who married back in 2014.

12 Zack Ryder And Emma

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Zack Ryder and Emma were seen as one of the cutest couples in WWE for a number of months before the Brand Split was brought back in the summer of 2016 and the duo were drafted to opposite rosters.

It is thought that the time apart ,as Emma was on Raw and Zack was on SmackDown, became too much for them. Shockingly, their split was never officially documented and only became obvious when Zack began sharing pictures of him alongside his new girlfriend and former Tough Enough competitor Chelsea Green earlier this year. Emma and Zack have remained on opposite brands despite the recent Superstar Shake-Up and could be the first of many couples that weren't able to deal with so much time apart as the brand split continues to be a successful idea for WWE.

11 Triple H And Chyna

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Triple H and Chyna came together when they both became part of D-GenerationX in the late 1990s in WWE. This led to a lengthy relationship between the two. That was until it was decided that Triple H would then go on to be part of a WWE storyline with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie and Triple H worked closely for a while, which led to a relationship between the two. Triple H then made the choice to break up with Chyna and pursue this relationship with the boss' daughter. Chyna didn't take it well and she ended up losing her boyfriend, her job, and a lot of her friends following this. Something that Chyna never managed to forgive WWE for. Would the same thing have happened if Triple H and Stephanie were not put together creatively?

10 Matt Hardy Ashley Massaro


Ashley Massaro was the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner and the first woman that Matt Hardy went on to date following his well-publicized split with Lita. Ashley and Matt shared a number of cute images online and looked like the perfect couple. That was until Ashley was aligned with SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London.

Kendrick and London used Ashley as their valet for a number of months and this is where the relationship between Ashley and London first began. Matt didn't take the news very well when he found out, and this led to a lot of heat between London and Hardy for a number of years. It got to the point where Hardy and London still hate each other more than a decade after the incidents took place.

9 Marc Mero And Sable

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Sable was brought to WWE by her boyfriend Marc Mero. And she later became a star thanks to him. Shockingly Sable managed to become a much bigger star than her boyfriend, which caused a lot of problems for the couple both on and off screen. Mero was thought to have been held back from his true potential because Sable was able to become the bigger star instead.

Sable's popularity became a huge problem for Mero and even though Sable left the company and returned before the duo finally divorced in 2004, it was a continuous problem between them. Marc adopted Sable's daughter Mariah while they were married and the couple have remained friends for her sake ever since. Sable has since moved on to marry WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and the couple have two sons together.

8 John Cena And Elizabeth Huberdeau

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John Cena married his first wife Elizabeth Huberdeau back in 2009. The marriage was something that wasn't meant to work for Cena. The former WWE Champion was put into a number of storylines with the women of WWE including Mickie James, Eve Torres, and Maria Kanellis. And Cena was unable to remain loyal.

His marriage lasted just three years when the couple's divorce was finalized back in 2012. It was reported that Cena had affairs with a number of women backstage, many of which he was never in an on-screen storyline with. It was Cena who then filed for divorce, but their relationship had reached the point where it could not be fixed thanks to Cena's cheating. Cena has since moved on to become engaged to former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella.

7 Chris Candido And Sunny

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Sunny is considered to have been the first ever WWE Diva and is a WWE Hall of Famer. During her time in WWE she was dating fellow wrestler Chris Candido. But Sunny never had any respect for her boyfriend or the loyalty she should have had for their relationship.

Sunny was aligned with a number of tag teams and has since talked openly about the number of men that she had affairs with in the WWE locker room. Further proving that she didn't actually care that much about their relationships either. Chris Candido apparently knew about much of the cheating that Sunny was doing, but didn't actually do anything about it. Sunny had him wrapped around her finger, which was the beginning of her downfall.

6 Kenny Dykstra And Mickie James

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Mickie James and Kenny Dykstra began dating a few years after Dykstra was brought to WWE as part of The Spirit Squad. They were engaged not long after that. Mickie and John Cena were then part of a WWE storyline together and even teamed up at one point. That's when Mickie had her head turned.

Mickie and John then began an affair that ended up costing Kenny his job in WWE when he found out and went after Cena. Mickie wanted a relationship with Cena but he didn't want anything more to do with Mickie and arranged for her to be drafted to SmackDown out of his way. Mickie and John teaming up on Raw managed to cause a lot of carnage in WWE in the events that followed.

5 Batista And Angie Bautista

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Batista and Angie were married in 1998 and seemed happy for a number of years, with Batista helping Angie through her various medical problems. But that it all became too much for Batista back in 2006 when he was made part of a storyline with WWE star Melina.

Melina exchanged a few minutes of here time backstage so Batista wouldn't face MNM later that night. But Batista still went ahead with the match. The duo were seen "hooking up" backstage and this then later led to a real affair between them that Batista revealed in his autobiography. Melina and her boyfriend at the time John Morrison managed to work through their problems following the affair, but Angie and Batista's marriage ended in divorce later that year.

4 Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth

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Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are perhaps one of the best-known couples in the history of WWE. They were the couple that the WWE Universe always rooted for and wanted to be together despite the obstacles they faced. So it comes as no surprise that their on-screen romance led to a real life relationship and then their marriage.

Savage began to become very jealous of any man that was near Elizabeth in the later years of their on-screen career and at one point locked her in the locker room and wouldn't allow any male talent to look at her. Savage became a huge problem for Miss Elizabeth and this later pushed her into the arms of Lex Luger, which could be seen as one of the biggest mistakes that Miss Elizabeth ever made.

3 Edge And Lisa Ortiz

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Edge and Lita Ortiz married in 2005 and was the second wife of the Rated R Superstar. The problem was the fact that Edge was then aligned with Lita on-screen in WWE merely months after his marriage was made official and it was later revealed that the couple had been having an affair.

Edge's wife filed for divorce as soon as she found out about the affair, something that was later used as a storyline in WWE. The couple's divorce was finalized before the end of 2005, meaning that it lasted less than a year. If Lita and Edge had never been put together on WWE TV while Matt Hardy was out injured, then two real life relationships could have been saved, as you will see further down the list.

2 Robbie E And Brooke Adams

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Robbie E and Tara Strauss have one of the strongest marriages in professional wrestling. Robbie and Brooke Adams were made part of a storyline together on TNA TV which led to them facing off against each other a number of times. This also led to a real life affair considering Robbie was married to Tara at the time.

Robbie left his wife for Brooke and the couple then spent a number of months together before they decided that a relationship just didn't work for them. Shockingly Robbie E's wife then went on to welcome him back and they have recently welcomed twins and even remarried. The storyline did destroy their relationship for a while, but Robbie E's wife must now be most forgiving women on the planet.

1 Matt Hardy And Lita

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It is perhaps one of the best-known cheating scandals in WWE history and one that WWE themselves decided to turn into a  storyline. Even though it was a storyline that began the entire scenario.

Matt Hardy was out injured back in 2005 and the company decided that rather than keep Lita off TV while he recovered, they would put Lita with Edge for a while. Lita and Edge's time together then led to them having an affair. When Matt Hardy found out he went crazy and was actually fired from WWE. The company welcomed him back when they found out that they could create money from this real life problem and the duo then managed to figure out all of their differences in the centre of the WWE ring.

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