15 Wrestling Sweethearts Who Posed For Scandalous Pics

The following is a list of 15 women who were seen as sweethearts to the WWE Universe but have some skeletons in their closets.

The women of WWE will always have a reputation because of the women who came before them and competed in Bra and Panties matches, Pudding matches, and even Fulfil Your Fantasy matches when WWE viewed their female wrestlers a different way.

This has left the current roster attempting to change the perception of the women in the company, but some of these women don't have the clean past that WWE would have hoped they would.

There have been a number of women in WWE in the past that the WWE Universe has taken to as they have become sweethearts to the fans.

Despite the fact that WWE has built these women up as likeable characters and ones that can be seen as role models to the little girls who are growing up watching wrestling, there are actually images that these women have posed for in the past that wouldn't fit in with their squeaky clean persona.

The following is a list of 15 women who were seen as sweethearts to the WWE Universe but have some skeletons in their closets which means that they probably would fail to fit in with WWE's PG Era.

15 Sunny


Sunny has made a name for herself for all the wrong reasons over the past few years. But back when she was in WWE, she was considered to have the "Girl Next Door" appeal with almost every male member of the WWE Universe wanting just five minutes with the blonde beauty.

Since she departed from WWE, Sunny has sunk to a whole new level when it comes to the things she will do for money. There are now a lot of scandalous photos that can be found online when the WWE Hall of Famer's name is Googled. Sunny turned Playboy magazine down while she was still part of WWE, but she did frequently pose nude for Missy Hyatt's Wrestling Vixxens website. Sunny has reached a new low lately,  almost to the extent where WWE wants to take her Hall of Fame induction away from her.

14 Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle was another female wrestler who came through to WWE after she was part of the WWE Diva Search. Candice was the first Diva Search contestant to win the Women's Championship when she managed to defeat Melina for the title but was always seen as an underdog in the Women's Division.

Candice posed for Playboy magazine back in 2006, this lead to a feud between Candice and Torrie Wilson, but it also meant that the WWE Universe didn't take Candice seriously for a number of years, until she focused on her in-ring skills and attempted to make a name for herself inside the ropes rather than outside of them. Candice has since left the company and become a mother to three daughters, so she probably regrets the decision to pose for Playboy now.

13 Ashley


Ashley Massaro won the 2005 Diva Search after she gave her phone number out to the WWE Universe and became one of the most popular contestants on the show. She then integrated herself in with the likes of Trish Stratus and Mickie James and was always seen as a face on Monday Night Raw, playing an integral part in the build up to the feud between Mickie and Trish at WrestleMania 22.

Ashley didn't achieve a lot during her time in WWE and one of her biggest accomplishments was when she posed for Playboy magazine back in 2007. This also led to Ashley being given a chance to wrestle at WrestleMania 23 when she took on Melina. Sadly those were Ashley's main career highlights after she left WWE a few months later to look after her sick daughter.

12 Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn was the winner of the all-female season of NXT before she was moved over to the main roster and became part of an incredible feud with her real-life friend AJ Lee. Kaitlyn was always a well-liked Superstar throughout her time in WWE and even asked for her release from the company when it was made apparent that the company had no plans for her moving forward.

Kaitlyn has gone on to start her own company called Celestial Bodies and actually decided to pose naked for last year. While the photos were tasteful and purely so that Kaitlyn could show off her muscular figure, man that were leaked online of Kaitlyn in late 2016 were not as tasteful as the former Diva was another victim of hackers.

11 Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly's main job in WWE when she first made her debut was to put on a strip show until she was stopped by a member of the ECW locker room. It was WWE's way of promoting ECW as different from the main roster. Kelly was seen as a more youngest coming through the ranks and was later joined by Brooke Adams and Layla as part of Extreme Expose.

When it comes to photoshoots, no Diva has ever had any as risky as Kelly Kelly. Despite being a well-liked star and one that would later become a Divas Champion. Kelly has since married and is the stepmother to her husband Sheldon Souray's children, which means that she now probably regrets some of the scandalous photo shoots she decided to agree to when she was still contracted to WWE.

10 Brooke Adams


Brooke Adams was another female wrestler that was made known to the WWE Universe through the WWE Diva Search. Brooke was sent to ECW to join Kelly Kelly and Layla as Extreme Expose before she was released from WWE and became known as "Miss Tessmacher" in Impact Wrestling.

Brooke gave permission for images of her to be released after she was part of a nude photoshoot on a beach that was also released as a video. Brooke has never been asked to pose for Playboy magazine throughout her time in the spotlight with both WWE and TNA but it appears she would be open to it if the company approached her in the near future.

9 Lana


Lana is one of the most beautiful women on WWE TV at the moment and has recently been able to be made part of the Women's Division after spending a number of months training down in NXT. Lana's Russian background has all been made up to allow her and Rusev to work cohesively together because Lana's real background is not one that WWE would want to advertise.

In her early 20s, Lana was a dancer, singer, and actress and decided that the easiest way to kick-start her career was to show that she wasn't shy when it came to the camera and posed nude. These images are now easy to find online, which means that most of the WWE Universe was already aware that Lana's Russian story was fake, WWE just didn't want to admit to signing someone like Lana in a PG era.

8 Christy Hemme


Christy Hemme was the first WWE Diva Search winner to earn a contract with the company and was then introduced to the WWE Universe with minimal wrestling training. Despite this, Christy was still part of a match at WrestleMania 21 against Trish Stratus and would then go on to have a lengthy career with Impact Wrestling, winning the Knockouts title a number of times.

Christy made the decision to pose for Playboy magazine in April 2005, just before her WrestleMania match. This gave her the worldwide exposure that she was looking for and has allowed her to stay on top in the wrestling business for more than a decade ever since. Christy is now married and has recently given birth to her first child, a son called Charlie, so it seems that this life is now behind her.

7 Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson came to WWE after she was scouted from WCW. And despite never winning a championship in WWE, she is still one of the most memorable female wrestlers of all time. Torrie and her dog Chloe were let into the hearts of the WWE Universe and it seems that Torrie still remains the well-liked star.

Torrie may look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but she made the decision to pose for Playboy magazine twice throughout her career, once alongside fellow WWE Diva Sable. Torrie was part of some of the most scandalous WWE storylines in her early career. One of the worst one being alongside Dawn Marie, but it seems Torrie has put all that behind her now as she hopes to continue to work on her own fitness brand.

6 Velvet Sky


Velvet Sky has been a constant fixture in the Impact locker room over the past few years and has been able to work her way through the company during that time. Velvet started out as a member of The Beautiful People, before deciding to go it alone, and has always been seen as one of the most beautiful women on the TNA roster.

It isn't just WWE women who are able to pose for the most scandalous images. The Impact women are also used to these kinds of shoots and Velvet has some of the most scandalous, which is shocking considering the fact that WWE wants to sign the former Knockout's Champion. Her images would be hard pressed to be considered PG.

5 Stacy Keibler


Much like Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler was unable to lift gold in any format during her stint with WWE. But she is remembered for her incredibly long legs and for being an integral part of many storylines at that point in history.

Stacy may have never decided to pose for Playboy magazine, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been part of some less than PG photo shoots in her time. Stacy was part of an era in WWE when women were still lowered to wearing school girl outfits and forced to take part in bra and panties matches. S it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Stacy has some scandalous images out there. After all, she didn't wear a lot of clothes on live TV at the time.

4 Paige


The Anti-Diva made a name for herself by being the woman who didn't want to be a cover girl but wanted to "cover girls in the middle of the ring." That was who Paige was when she first debuted in WWE. But behind the scenes, she was taking a sending a lot of images of herself that she would never have wanted the WWE Universe to see.

Paige never gave permission for her images to be released online earlier this year. Instead she was hacked by an unknown person who released a number of photos and videos of the former Divas Champion that prove that despite the person she tried to be on WWE TV, she was the person she was completely against all along.

3 Charlotte


The daughter of the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has made quite a name for herself in WWE over the past few years. She has managed to become a four-time Raw Women's Champion as well as a popular star with the WWE Universe ever since she made her debut in NXT.

Much like Paige, her former PCB teammate was hacked earlier this year and her private photos were released to the WWE Universe online. Despite Charlotte not giving permission for these images to be released, they are still able to be viewed online and Charlotte was definitely posing and sending them to someone. Many of the WWE Divas have been sending pictures like this over the course of their career since they have been victims of hacking recently.

2 Maria


Maria came to WWE after she failed to be chosen as a finalist in the 2004 Diva Search. The same Diva Search that brought in The Bella Twins and Candice Michelle. But Maria was used as a backstage interviewer instead and came across as a bubbly, likeable airhead.

When Maria was used in the ring, which was rare, it was always as an underdog. Then, Maria was approached to do Playboy magazine and she agreed. Maria's Playboy magazine was reported to have been one of the worst selling issues of the popular men's magazine in history. Maria has since moved on from this character and it seems that she is trying to build something new on SmackDown Live right now, alongside her real-life husband The Miracle Mike Bennett.

1 Mickie James


Mickie James makes number one on this list because she not only decided to pose naked before her WWE career began, but she posed for some graphic images that WWE would usually frown upon.

While Mickie was working her way up through the Independent Scene, she decided to pose for some adult magazines including Leg Show and Naughty Neighbours. Despite these images being taken more than a decade ago, they are still easy to find online which show that Mickie isn't as squeaky clean as she would like to be. The former Women's, Divas, and Knockouts Champion has managed to brush her past under the rug for most of her career, which is where she would rather these pictures stay until the end of her WWE career.

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15 Wrestling Sweethearts Who Posed For Scandalous Pics