15 Wrestling Villains That Are Actually Even Bigger Jerks In Real-Life

In the world of wrestling, there are heroes and villains and sometimes there are the occasional tweeners, but for the most part fans are led to believe that the bad guys are just roles that are played on television.

Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Sure promoters want their talents to continue playing their roles as much as possible outside of the ring, in order to make characters that much more believable, but in this day and age of the internet and social media, it's not always the case.

However, that doesn't stop the following fifteen individuals from taking their heel roles a bit too far in the ring, backstage or in the public, as encounters with fans and fellow wrestlers have included less than positive results. Whether these gentlemen (using that term loosely), are using their positions within the company for political power or have a negative interaction with fans in public places or are just straight up crazy and have no idea when too far is too far, a combination of inflated egos, disrespect and lack of compassion for others have led to their spot (clipboard ready....pen clicks) on THE LIST! Enjoy the article of these 15 real life wrestling villains!

15 Batista

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He's played the role of a face and a heel on television, but in real life, Dave Bautista may have taken his on-air persona a bit too far. Upon returning to the WWE in 2014, fans voiced their displeasure at The Animal for winning the Royal Rumble (they wanted Daniel Bryan to win) and, in turn, Batista gave them a verbal piece of his mind with a few four letter words as part of his rant.

Infamous for his backstage battle with Booker T over the lack of success of the SmackDown brand, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star was deemed to be very arrogant with his fellow wrestlers and fans. And let's not forget his rumored extra-marital affairs as he got himself involved with Melina (maybe he was hypnotized by her ring entrance), while he was married and she was involved in a relationship with John Morrison.

14 The Miz

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The "most must-see Superstar" on TV, Mike Mizanin is not only one of the best heels on the tube, but he translates that same attitude in real life. He kicked off his celebrity status on a series of reality shows, including The Real World, in which he "played the role" of an obnoxious jerk. Since joining the WWE's main roster in 2006, The Miz has played both a heel and a face, but has found ultimate success as a villain.

While it was no fault of his own, The Miz received a quick push towards various title scenes despite being very raw (excuse the pun) in his earlier days. Backstage, Miz did not make a lot of friends at the start of his career, as his arrogance followed him from his reality show days and his persona in the ring. While it has been noted that he has calmed his frat boy ways, the old adage of first impressions still carries a lot of weight with fans and fellow co-workers.

13 Kevin Nash

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Sure he has had his fair share of popular spotlight moments as a member of the nWo or The Kliq and he may have well won a great number of championships during his twenty-five year career, but that didn't quite mask the fact that away from the ring he was a jerk.

Whether he was after pocketing more money from various promotions or getting into fights with his own son, Nash found his name on the wrong side of the tracks numerous times. During his runs in WCW and TNA, Nash was often cited as one who would abuse his powers and his name in order to get special privileges. As for his interaction with fans, there are countless stories of his lack of appreciation and willingness to engage in any conversation or autograph signings with them.

12 Ric Flair

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He may have been stylin' and profilin' in the ring, but away from it, The Nature Boy has been known to be a limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin' (just ask Halle Berry), wheelin' dealin' son of a gun jerk.

Flair has been known to shortchange fans at autograph sessions, whether by being rude to their face or just flat out not showing up, despite supporters paying anywhere between $50-$100 to get have the 16-time champ squiggle a sharpie on a piece of paper.

There are countless stories of Flair slamming (not figuratively) fellow wrestlers, including Mick Foley, Bret Hart and Kevin Nash, three Hall Of Fame talents that have impacted the wrestling world in some fashion. On a personal level, Flair has been through a marriage gauntlet of ladies (five in total including his current partner). If these stories weren't enough to prove Flair's complete level of "jerkness," let us also remember the champ's inability to handle his road rage in a situation that ended with two misdemeanors, assault & battery and damage to personal property.

11 Brock Lesnar

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The Beast could very well be given the moniker, The Jerk, judging by Lesnar's demeanor, whether it be in the squared circle or the octagon. Simply, he gives the impression that his poop don't stank.

Stories of Lesnar not willing to interact with fans or even fellow wrestlers backstage are plentiful. The thing is, this type of behavior doesn't seem to phase the former UFC Champion. As for the business, in which many wrestlers give their blood, sweat and tears, Lesnar seems to be in it just to cash a payday, make demands on his television and PPV schedule, his sponsorships and controlling his house show appearances. Considering how much Vince has bucked up to bring Lesnar back into the fold, you would think he would be a bit more gracious.

10 Scott Hall

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Years after the man was given the character Razor Ramon, demons would take over and with that a world of trouble. As time passed, Hall would become an arrogant jerk in the locker room, a place in which he started to use his political influences and connections to look out for numero uno.

Then when you also take into account the number of arrests for being intoxicated and domestic violence, The Bad Guy was also a real life bad guy. While being dependent on the bottle and pill is no joke and credit is given to Hall for trying to change his ways, the amount of times that Hall has embarrassed himself and disrespected fans in public is nothing short of legendary.

9 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Whether you want to call them The Dudley Boyz or 3D or whatever they have been tagged with over their Hall Of Fame career, the fact is, both Bubba and D'Von have earned respect around the world for their accomplishments. However, that doesn't mean that Bubba hasn't been the nicest guy along the way.

Whether he was being a bully to youngsters in the ring through shoot fights and non selling, there are a number of stories of how reckless Bubba was and the injuries that resulted from his carelessness. Just ask former WWE stars Chris Nowinski or Rene Dupree what it's like to be in the ring with Bubba, two wrestlers who suffered major injuries at his hand.

You know you're a jerk when even your long time tag partner acknowledges it, telling stories in which he would be engaged with fans and Bubba would be less than cordial, just sitting there doing nothing and saying nothing despite fans being eager for an autograph or conversation.

8 Triple H

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Hunter Hearst Helmsley has used his family connections to help improve his position of power within the WWE and the funny thing is, everyone knows it. Just like Shane McMahon, HHH has found a way come every April to make himself part of WrestleMania, whether it's warranted or not.

But abuse of power is not the only reason why Hunter makes this list. Add in being a backstage bully to such names as Chris Masters and even the harmless Lillian Garcia. With a history of calling out fellow wrestlers like the Road Dogg and RVD for drug use when he himself has been under the spotlight for enhancements, the Executive Vice President Of Talent has no problem being hypocritical. As part of the infamous Kliq, Triple H is also known for burying any up and coming or more popular wrestlers just to make sure he gets over himself. To Hunter, it's all about winning The Game!

7 Vince McMahon

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Like many successful businessmen throughout the world, sometimes in order to get into that position you have to step on a few people along the way and possess a cutthroat attitude that does not make you many friends. Not only has Vince belittled many of his employees both on and off the screen, be it Trish Stratus or Bret Hart, nobody was safe.

Whether he had wrestlers rolling around in Thanksgiving gravy or kissing his rear end (literally), Vince has taken the position of authority to a whole new level. While the WWE has been a success for a long time, the micromanaging role that Vince holds over all of the employees often leaves little to their own credibility.

Away from the squared circle, Vince has had a number of legal issues including sexual harassment accusations brought before him by various parties and the infamous steroid controversy in the early 90s. Add to all these stories the countless rumors about backstage shenanigans and inappropriate conduct with wrestlers trying to get ahead in the business and Vince is easily a shoe-in for this list.

6 Hardcore Holly

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Bob Holly started out his wrestling career with a series of jobber roles before taking on the persona of Hardcore Holly. While he would wear the Tag Team Belts a number of times, he was more known for capturing the WWE Hardcore Championship seven different times.

Mostly known for telling it as he saw it, Holly was never one to pull punches when it came to action in and out of the ring. Numerous stories are abound of times in which Holly would work very stiff matches with opponents, intentionally adding in a few extra licks here and there to make sure that the rookies and even some of the veteran wrestlers knew that Holly wasn't taking any crap. Just ask former Tough Enough contestant Matt Cappotelli, who through no wrong doing of his own, felt the wrath of Holly.

5 Randy Orton

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Maybe because of his last name, The Viper thought that he could get his way at any moment, leading to being one of the most difficult wrestlers to work matches with, especially if you miss your mark (see Kofi Kingston).

Outside of the ropes, Orton has had a hard time figuring out which voice in his head is telling him right and wrong. Stories of his past interactions with pulling inappropriate pranks and verbally and sometimes physically harassing the ladies backstage are a far cry from the more mature professional that Orton is now.

Don't think for a moment that those pranks and misbehaviors are limited to the squared circle, as Orton, a former member of the Marine Corps, was on the receiving end of a bad conduct discharge after disobeying orders and going AWOL on a number of occasions.


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John Bradshaw Layfield may have been one of the biggest heels in wrestling history (minus his later role with the APA), but that can be said both inside and outside of the ring. A bully backstage, Layfield often disrespected fellow wrestlers with derogatory comments and name calling, while trying to suck up to management in order to improve his place on the card.

If you want a prime example of the jerk that JBL was, just ask longtime ring announcer Lilian Garcia, whom he dumped a bucket of ice on while she was sleeping during an overseas plane flight, just for giggles. Not enough? How about the time during a tour of Germany when Layfield thought he could bring more heat to his character by performing a Nazi salute to the crowd. You would think at some point, people would realize when too far is too far.

3 Scott Steiner 

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Oh Scott Steiner, what would the wrestling world be without his plethora of nasty shoot interviews where he buried numerous wrestlers including Hulk Hogan, Triple H and Shawn Michaels to name a few. Steiner has an enlarged ego and that's been well documented over the years, judging by some of his comments.

He was a big time heel for WCW during the final days of the company and it seems like his villainous ways carried over to real-life. Steiner's been said to be very uninterested when it comes to meeting fans, only caring about the money, according to witnesses that experienced a meet and greet with Big Poppa Pump. He's burned a lot of bridges throughout his career and it remains to be seen if the WWE will ever acknowledge his body of work with a HOF induction. What do you guys think, yay or nay on the HOF?

2 Abdullah The Butcher

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The king of hardcore may have had his following of fans, but for many the draw and appeal started to get out of hand. Long known for his willingness and desire for blood, Abdullah took things to a whole different level during his career. Stories from former wrestlers tell of Abdullah doing anything to get over with promoters.

Unfortunately, this would come at a cost for his opponents, including several that he transferred the disease Hepatitis C to after blading himself and then using the same bloody object to attack his opponent. Whether it was razor blades in his finger tape or a random object, The Butcher certainly took his name to a whole different level as he had no problem slicing and dicing his fellow wrestlers.

1 New Jack

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There is only one thing (okay, maybe a couple of others) holding New Jack back from being part of any major wrestling organization and that is the fact that he's a certified nut job. Aside from a six year run as part of the original ECW, New Jack (born Jerome Young) has been touring the independent circuit throughout his career.

Let's start with the infamous Mass Transit event that led to a young man being cut up so badly by New Jack that he passed out from loss of blood and severed arteries while yelling racial comments and death wishes. We can then move on to the various times in which New Jack sought to permanently and intentionally injury other opponents with his staple gun...yes that is right, a staple gun.

And then we get to the extreme end of things in which New Jack stabbed an opponent anywhere between nine to fourteen times with a makeshift metal blade. Of course all incidents involved legal action, something that signifies the ultimate jerk (and that is just using the nicest term that we can on a PG site).

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